April Fool’s Day is a great way to make your website traffic skyrocketing

, April 1st, let’s start with friends. Today is April Fool’s day. Be careful of being silly. But sometimes being a fool is not a bad thing. Look at that point of view. I was fooled by the information from a group yesterday. I am very glad to share it with you. I am not interested in making fun of people on April Fool’s day. Oh, it’s dry.

1. saw a message in the group yesterday, and when I got excited, I pressed the left key. I believe we can not help but click on such information.


2. click in the results. Yes, I was fooled.


3. fooled after a moment of disappointment, but also some unhappy, but after all, we are engaged in the network, and soon calmed down, this is his analysis.

first look at the "April Fool’s Day" Baidu index, there is no need to do?. The Baidu index is close to thirty thousand, and the traffic is impressive.


specific analysis, the first to see him this induction information. Choose the Qingming Festival holiday information. Because Qingming Festival is really a holiday, everyone is looking forward to the holidays, like long holidays. When you see April Fool’s day spread from 3 days to 7 days, this kind of information will be absolutely overjoyed, and can’t help moving the mouse like me. Maybe you will seriously, you wouldn’t be so silly to the point, it also depends on the situation at the time, if you are working out to see this information, scorched by the flames, you can hold your mouse hand


look at this letter on the page: "love this article, don’t forget to pass it to you 10 friends on the QQ Oh, good stuff to share with everyone" to induce people to moisten things silently like on this piece of information by QQ the most convenient channel to go crazy to spread, especially in April 1st this situation, people are more likely to have that crazy spread.

when the information forms the virus, the channels will be expanded automatically in many ways by Internet users.


through the search page URL, from the figure can be seen, the information has been extended to the SNS platform, blog platform, forum platform. At the same time, there is a variant of the induced information.

The operation of

brings endless flow of ultra high traffic. So the server has to be able to live on it. From URL can see, borrowed Soufangwang forum this platform. Maybe the brother is just using other people’s platform for entertainment. When you write this article, the page cannot be opened.

thank you very much for the brother who gave me such a lively lesson on April Fool’s day. The traffic is not just SEO, but it’s more like this.