Game mode to think about forum operations

said the game, World of Warcraft is estimated to be the most fun, although I did not play, by observing the roommate in the play, feel the whole game building too well, if in his class set is very good for him at every level have let you learn something new, a new target, often clear.


forum and combine with game, here I want to say is not the game forum… I want to say is to learn his model to operate the forum, do tutorial learning websites for me is so natural that the learning class operation, each station are not the same, only hope you get inspired.

okay, start pulling.

first, the forum sets three kinds of money: gold, silver, and copper. Background setting money conversion ratio is 1 gold, =100 silver, =10000 copper. Exactly according to World of Warcraft’s setup, huh?.

forum is divided into several sections, need a certain level to enter the next section, I mainly here different grades of tutorials classified. In World of Warcraft, if you don’t have enough level to enter Outland, you can’t learn advanced skills.

and then set the forum for the time to order, in order to allow members to look down from the top, not to the back, the front of the top off. We can also do a better job of grading the tutorials, and the members just follow the tutorial. The players at World of Warcraft will know exactly what their next destination is.

next, each corresponding post is the appropriate tutorial. As long as this tutorial is completed, the moderator will add points to the members. Of course, each post to increase the number of points should be in the post when it has been decided on, because the job is good or bad, so when you customize a ceiling, for example 10~50 copper, as the difference of 10 copper, 50 copper good review, the moderator grasp. When members reach a certain score, then the foundation is also played well, then you can enter the next section of the study. This process is like World of Warcraft’s task experience.

in the middle of the post, we can set up some high-level tutorials [tasks], as long as the completion of this tutorial, you can reward the medal of honor. World of Warcraft’s task is not only to experience, but also to reward some good equipment. Medal here = equipment.

such forums need a lot of thought to do, and if you have talent, you can arrange a story for each tutorial. Let the member experience the infinite pleasure, unconsciously ascended to the high grade, moreover has learned the course which he wants. If you really build such a forum. I believe the stickiness of users will be very high. But the idea of upfront fees will be very large. If there is such a forum, I think I will go to have a good experience.

well, basically, it’s over. The above is only a general idea. It is not so easy to make. There are many details to note.

such as medals [equipment] can be sold and gold coins can be traded