A note of Links

doesn’t do links, simple, who won’t?. Just because of such a simple link, it might make your site drop, or even K,


, first of all, talk about the function of links

1. let spiders along the link climb to your station, and give you keyword ranking make a little contribution (we do links, basically is to this effect)

2. passes PR, which is why, if your PR is lower than the other person, the reason why people don’t love to do it with you, people are selfish, ha ha,

3. lets people who browse the web find your site through links, but this is far fetched, and basically doesn’t bring IP

because of these benefits, a lot of people wide links, more attention to focus on quality not quantity, in the short term may your ranking, traffic will be increased, but this is definitely not a long-term strategy, pay attention to the link is a fine, don’t be afraid of small, high quality link is king.

, for example, recently a station optimization, keyword Title and Description digital display table first modify, keyword density do a little adjustment, began to optimize Links, the beginning is very random links, pictures connection, not even back, all clear, re do, actually find a connection and the right is not an easy thing, interested friends can look at this link station, www.hlp2.com currently only 10 of the chain, but the chain quality in general can also count, digital display the word natural ranking has to go up.

We will go to the

station network forum link for Links, if you want to find high quality connection, while others are looking for you to do, to do a simple scoring on other websites, we made 100 points starting.

home snapshot more than 1 weeks of -10 points, seriously can not keep up with the time, we will not consider the


chain number more than 50 -20 more than 100 -30, more? Oh, go to

search engine contains less than 10 pages of -10, less than 5 pages of -20 points (this should be based on the station, if the other side of the 5 pages, all received, is also good)

60 points pass, and then low even.

PR is also to see, although individuals do not pay special attention to the PR value, but after all, is also a web page evaluation criteria, suitable for

can do

say a K example is because just link the garbage station www.x5wb.cn a garbage dumpster not very embarrassed, at least the content is modified after the hair up, is the original, Links is not so bad, but when the traffic on the upgrade, the hair is pulled out. Analysis to should be in question link, even to so few even go to the station, there are several stations.