Exploring data to offline recruitment model requires more new vitality

innovation ability has been our evaluation of a product excellence index, because now the face of the impact of capital pressure, simple presentation mode and not well fit the needs of the development, the user can love you, but not necessarily because you lose the opportunity to choose, as now, ecological and inclusive so strong, very to separate applications will not need to replace the others.

as a network to recruit people from the industry, their own understanding of the industry although not deep enough, but how much has its own personal experience, polished for so long, not as reckless as before. The separation from the original three, then the network of excellence decline, 100, failure to network and now the line with the new model, the network bidding industry is looking for a new breakthrough in the throes of transformation.

of course, things are not as simple as we say. First of all, there is a big drawback to the Internet development model, and this disadvantage will not be solved at one and a half. As we now say innovation is nothing more than profit, will be disguised advertising package, called innovation, but time is nothing more than a superficial reform.

from the Internet recently frequent capital acquisitions, the future is not just a problem of data, but a product system through time, flow from one port to another port, for a variety of in the middle of the cash, instead of the accurate flow based approach, will expand the scope, let consumers choose service. So what’s the inspiration for net trick?

and a few friends in Yixing before it is tried to recruit network industry theme in the form of transformation, is no longer a simple job resources were presented, but by our customer to choose, choose the third party, for members to subscribe to businesses and to love yourself, and your suggestions and feedback through the ideal this data to do the next step index, this preliminary model results were good, but when the late development is relatively deep, we will find that capital and product system is essential for supporting ideas.

first, no capital injection, it is difficult to improve website service coverage; second, above model for funds a lot of pressure, it can be said that we do not make money with a behavior to bet on the future, but this does not mean that the flow has no value, the product chain will be more or less use of the hands of the resources in the to a certain extent; third, is also a problem of data analysis, how to best place to flow, not to waste every flow is what we should think of something.

employment talent network can not get to the top of the pattern of success, but we more or less can find their own future from the shadow, will put more initiative to the user, make full use of them to give us data thinking, then contact the next line of business, through such a seemingly strange playing mode to achieve innovation a development of ideas.

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