Discuss how to stop posting machine from registration check

discuz every upgrade, more or less a problem, do not say. Classic should be considered, every upgrade once, will be post machine "rape" once. More classic is that every time the rape is the most miserable is the discuz installation using the plate. This used DZ products, more than a year more than the webmaster should know.

at night will play DOTA, feel a little tired, go to DZ to see if I can help than I also rookie webmaster. Just landed, open the installation, use the plate, classic classic appeared, full screen is "looking for young lady" advertising. Nima, 25, is still on. This posting machine really strong, each place can provide for you miss ah Pro: from Heilongjiang Mohe County to the reef islands, from the Pamirs to the Ussuri River Valley more hate not from the United States around the back ah pro.

has a picture and a truth:


for a new forum, the popularity of the forum does not go up, must be worried about the webmaster, but I do not think any webmaster would like to see their own build a new forum to be occupied by the post machine. So, how do we prevent the post machine trouble? Do BBS 3 years anti registration machine experience sharing, original share, reprint need famous.

first, open mailbox authentication. Recommendation: * * *


user registration must activate the mail sent by the forum before using the forum account.

in the user section set when required registered mail. From the background webmaster column, the mail settings are opened and tested. Here is not how to set up, the official website has many tutorials. Open the mailbox for verification, most of the large chain based posting machine, can let them off, even when they use register registration, registered mail is the machine randomly generated 163, such as Gmail, Sina and other mail, he did not know the mailbox number. With this method, a part of the registration machine can be eliminated. But some people are not afraid of trouble really think highly of our forums, with their mailbox certification again after advertising, then how to do? So in the background of the UC set, the same mailbox is only allowed to register an account.

benefits: put an end to a number of the chain, as long as the forum registered post registration machine, put them in their place.

disadvantage: bad user experience. Especially for no popular new sites, users are more exclusive of this way.

second, background registration and access column, set the same IP, in a period of time can only register once. Recommendation: assumes

sets the same IP for a certain period of time and can only be registered once.

generally speaking, people have an inertia, especially when they are registered members of a forum. For example, your own QQ screen name or other forum nickname is Li Yingzheng, then register another!