Decoration industry local portals should be how to make money

I do local decoration portal, is a small city, we open the Jiaxing decoration mesh (, this is my website, it is not difficult to see, like our area decoration industry portal is already in the subdivision subdivision. Of course, there are big benefits, small and small benefits, the more refined decoration site, we can make the content of our website more professional.

below is the decoration of the site’s current profit points, share with you:

advertising profit point

is a subdivision of the decoration net I think website promotion advertising mainly lies in the webmaster line of publicity, to attract some decoration companies, building materials businesses and designers in your website with pictures advertising, advertising to show the benefits of doing so, the user viscosity can increase the net profit of these enterprises and can increase the station business the invisible also created brand publicity.

decoration bidding section

in almost every decoration portal can see this section, it must have its unique value. Personally believe that the decoration bidding should be a relatively large site to make money. Need to decorate the customer groups through the release of information at the same time decoration, webmaster recommended to ensure the quality of decoration decoration company and eventually signing success, decoration company must give rebate.

home building materials group

owners renovated the house not to purchase Home Furnishing and building materials, building materials business owners and or Home Furnishing enterprises reached a cooperation mode, to ensure the quality of customers and get certain concessions, puerile, give businesses a commission. As a businessman, what can he do if he can make money?.

value-added services

is now part of the decoration site is mainly by the sale of the site itself value-added services to make money, such as the opening of their own independent shops, senior member, to join the site through the credit certification and so on many aspects in the decoration on the station.

finally, I think there are a lot of website ways to make money, is not limited to these aspects, characteristics and cultural development for their own personal webmaster can place some of the activities, as long as we work hard to do, success will be closer and closer to us


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