Look at the future development of webmaster giants by networking

during the Chinese New Year with friends or relatives to eat, often referred to " " network; the word, said before his friends how much, now changed to " network; how wide, " I remember the first time remember the word contacts is 05 years, the financial channel access CEO Tang e-long network when the US " I can be in the United States; half an hour to raise $15 million " that is to say, a few phone calls to the host, said " your relationships make you very easy financing ", was not to doubt whether this person lying, " connections; " but the word from arebrandedon my mind

Not to mention what the distance

, Microsoft, Sina, Baidu….. Too far away from us, you often see the webmaster giants, A Fei, graph king, fish……. He said the three typical. There can be no doubt that graph king Admin5 contacts the most widely. It is not guesswork on.Admin5 the compliment is too much, what the most generous " " " map "..CHIANZ, the boss;… In praise of A Fei is very little. Although the station was very big, now has not left behind for a long time, the reason will say next, thus both in self speculation on the map by having certain Kung Fu and Wang the gap between

analysis from the following aspects:

(1): appearance: TOBI was beautiful eyes show, tall and thin, like a man, that is done before the technician was born, because the cost of studying technology a lot of work, so in the development of interpersonal relationship inevitably has its limitations

Wang, brown fat, fat, where are the smiles, looks like an arena hunzai, but it has many benefits, at least looks like people can deal with.

fish: it looks so serious. Deep glasses can’t be seen. Deep down, maybe he thinks he should have the boss’s

(two): from the attitude of strangers,

last year was called to consult the ads on CHINAZ, customer service said, QQ, I and QQ, and then I asked, the details page text ads for example, can change the title, said a big section. Boy, let me wait for 30 minutes, etc. 1 " en " ", I am surprised, this company is really busy busy so many false? Move several customer service? "

then called Admin5, graph king answered himself, nor what the front desk customer within the way, so what can direct that, later added QQ, directly, do not need to verify, also consult some words, but because my station is not the type of IT station, eventually give up Admin5 advertising later. "