Baidu is not immortal do not deified Baidu

a few days ago in Webmaster nets saw an article, generally speaking, wrote a corrupt Baidu Bowen, was Baidu punishment, and wrote a praise Baidu Bowen, immediately restored included. Plus, someone in the message has the same experience, so the theory seems to be confirmed.

after reading the article, I was happy for days. If so, what would SEO do? Find a few people to write a pile of Baidu’s flattering words on the web site will not do. If so, I will make a beautiful page, Baidu and Uncle Lee in the middle, burning incense, put offerings, always worship, this website Baidu must love, then I sell a link, let everyone get a lot of fairies, included, you can multi point living expenses. But is it really that simple,

?Although Baidu

is involved in artificial audit, which also makes Baidu have read the article may know what is what is called boast of his own, but the vast network, "hundreds of millions of daily growth, Baidu has so much to see


in fact, the author of the article might have been hit by a coincidence. As everyone knows the search engine is very unstable, any small change can be big changes, perhaps the days of Baidu debug it, just hit you corrupt Baidu, then Baidu and debugging a bit just to meet you praise Baidu. This contingency exists.

most webmasters now worship Baidu, or revere Baidu and deified Baidu. Indeed, Baidu can bring a lot of traffic to the site, but we can’t live without Baidu? Before Baidu Google, the Internet traffic is Money, I believe in the future of Baidu Google also has disappeared, the Internet traffic Money. Why now the webmaster from Baidu can not live? Baidu included reducing swearing talk, included on the dancing. Our website is for Baidu. Taobao blocked Baidu, and traffic continued to grow rapidly. Last year’s turnover was 5 times that of WAL-MART. Baidu left the embrace of Taobao, like the occupation of online shopping half of the country. In the final analysis, content oriented and service-oriented.

and our awe of Baidu is virtually stronger than Baidu. The more the stationmaster depended on him, the higher his position, the stronger his ability, the harder his wrists became. If you can be like a boycott of French goods as against Baidu, he is so tough? Of course I don’t want you to give up the Baidu, but don’t pay too much attention to Baidu, don’t put too much focus on SEO, for the site to create some practical value, such as improving the function of the website, the content of service, etc.. I like the new game: infinite line for four days, not included in Baidu, I do not worry, do their own, updated daily propaganda, I believe that users of love is the most true, and the site quality up, Baidu has no reason not included. Hope more webmaster can do the same.

Baidu is not God, do not deliberately praise him, flatter him, and do not deliberately pursue him