From grassroots webmaster to perfect network

recently, about the search for my name in Baidu and Google, there are a lot of articles, they also don’t know that my QQ and E-mail where every day received a lot of emails asking me how to "success". Today take this time to write a little personal feelings, in hopes of new friends and my juniors have a little help or inspiration.

personally, I’ve had a hard time this year,


last year this time, I was thinking about the candidates where a company, I still apply for time is occupied by class time and worry, today at the moment, I just finished the general meeting of shareholders sitting at the desk to summarize this year difficult. I feel very deep at this moment,


first wants to talk about personal management. I think everyone’s success has one thing in common: good at self – management. This is the conclusion I have drawn from many successful people. Everyone has a bottleneck, and good self-management is to break through their own bottlenecks and achieve self-improvement. I can’t say I did a good job of managing myself, but at least it wasn’t bad. I get up at about six every morning, and there is no exception. This can be confirmed by my friends. Of course, I said that this does not mean to let everyone every day at six o’clock, but to tell you must manage themselves very accurate, including the very wide, covering the living habits, work style, work and rest time, and even can be considered in the dress. I am treasuring the people. I think the most precious thing in life is the time, so I arranged my time very tense, nervous, even to the toilet time, I used to see the news. A friend said a word to me, and he said that the heights which the great men reached and kept were not flying, but that they climbed up step by step when their companions were asleep. I think it makes sense, so I’ve been climbing up and down while someone else is sleeping. This spirit comes from self management, and I feel that a good self-management is the foundation for your success. We must never see the successful side of a great man, but the most important thing is to see the hardships and struggles behind them.

has done personal management and wanted to talk about the distance between ideal and reality. The ideal and the reality so far, really far, never expect you to achieve your ideal! I say it could be a lot of opposition, but I ask: ten years ago you achieve your ideal? If true, twenty years ago you achieve your ideal? Your answer may be to prove that you just want to compromise yourself! Never compromise yourself! You want to do what you must do, then put your energy into all come in, this is a success, regardless of the outcome, you have triumphed over their


a year ago, when I was working for the perfect station, I was just thinking about the fun. I just wanted to know what I could share with the Internet, and then I poured my feelings. I think the perfect station