How to claim APP in the application market

Although the

claim is well understood, but why is there to claim this operation? And the need to pay attention to what application market to claim their own application? The bean family network editor will be combined with the actual above simple introduction, I hope to do at the beginning of the APP operation to help a friend.

1, why is it claimed


before answering this question, we need to understand the domestic application of the market inclusion mechanism. In theory, take the initiative to submit application market included mainly from the developers, but when a market just on the line, do not have enough level, application market through their own operations team will automatically or manually add applications. The manual mainly refers to the application of market editors through their own judgment and occupation sensitive to other markets such as Google and PLAY have included the value of APP download, and then upload the manual shelves to own market. The automatic addition of the application refers to the application market through technical means, such as reptiles and other operations, will not be included in the application added to their own market behavior.

then this will be a problem, such as a market application is included, and the application developers not to the market to submit their applications, when developers try to take the initiative to submit will find submission is not successful, because for the application market can’t exist at the same time two package name for the same application developers to submit applications, upload the corresponding APK package, the market will determine if have the same package, developers will not be able to continue to operate, because the package name is unique. And this time, developers need to claim it.

2, claims how to operate, and what issues need to be noted

At present, the domestic market Android

small there are dozens of well-known, the audit mechanism, operation mode and other aspects will be different, so different to claim the application market operation will be slightly different. Bean family network editor to millet application store and Sogou market as an example, describes the attention of the claim operation.

1), said that millet, if after the upload prompts: "to claim your application!" that has been claimed by others or grab this, then you can follow the prompts to claim, if companies need to send emails, including company name, application name, package name and information. If you are an individual, you need to sign a certification, namely: the APK package was not signed after the signature email millet stores, to the completion of the audit can be claimed by.

2), while Sogou market claim is relatively simple, developers in the application to claim the first to enter to claim the application package name, find the unknown results can "claim the application", then check the Copyright Clause, upload an updated version of the APK package can submit claim review, when the market audit staff after the shelves can be normal.

needs to be aware that many of the early APP operators don’t know what a package name is, >