Looking at pseudo originality from Shanzhai culture

            recently, the Internet published a blog of Han Han: "the copycat piracy and separate copycat culture is for entertainment, copycat culture, network to stimulate the mixed, Public opinions are divergent., netizens have different opinions about this problem. And Han Han adhere to the same point of view, many Internet users support the development of cottage culture, folk creativity, popular love of "Shanzhai" culture, said it should be encouraged and protected. In addition, there are some eclectic, tolerant and normative attitude towards Shanzhai culture, which is reasonable. The popularity of "Shanzhai" is regarded as an entertaining way of life. However, even more, there are still a considerable number of people think, "cottage" wind blowing too rampant, false, copying, piracy, harm is too great, we must resolutely put an end to. In this regard, I would like to express my personal opinion.

everything has two sides, and Shanzhai culture should be subordinate to civilian culture and grassroots culture, and it seems to contain no official jurisdiction. Nowadays, Shanzhai culture is used in the production mode of digital products. It is an industry phenomenon initiated by people. Its main characteristics are imitation, fast, civilians, involving mobile phones, digital products and other fields. "Shanzhai" culture is deeply branded with innovation, KUSO and non mainstream.

for innovation, we must support the village, and spoof of the exemption can be exempted. Do not rule out Shanzhai products more or less suspected of counterfeiting or counterfeiting, there is a risk of infringement, to some extent, to weaken the momentum of innovation and change of Internet users. We take the construction of website, website is a shell, rich content need flashy without substance, to enrich and decoration, the face of other people’s works we can use, for other wisdom is a kind of recognition, appreciation of others, but just put on a name that make only superficial changes for their own use, not suspected infringement the. This is equivalent to the type of copycat indulgence spoof wantonly spread, others tried to get the brains, fruit is not only cruel labor abuses, and "right and proper". These to have others personality, causing loss of reputation of the copycat, we must resolutely protest, and to be a halt.

in fact, copycat culture creation, if there is value, good things, should also be included in the scope of protection, after all, copycat culture is the folk innovation strength, wisdom and experience of the public setting. As the old saying goes, "is the country based on the people?" and it can also be effectively extended. That is, the Internet is based on Internet users. In fact, as long as the cottage and piracy distinguish, this matter is solved. Can not deny the "copycat" spirit also has the beauty of it, is not limited to imitate, but stand to achieve the transformation of low cost in the "giant" on the shoulders, as our website involved, everyone in the promotion of content, original works will attract eyeball killer, we can by way of imitation, to its essence, then.

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