How to use QQ group mail brings nearly a thousand P per day for the site

now many owners are too dependent on the search engine, every day only focus on keyword ranking, website weight, collection and so on, in addition to the construction of the site itself, every day looking forward to Baidu to bring traffic to his site, once in a chat with a friend, he asked me, if there is no Baidu, the website is not flow. I was also shocked, always wanted to do near Baidu this tree, if there is one day, Baidu search engine is not, not, what will we do all the traffic? The site should be closed? China owners hundreds of thousands, each keyword has a very strong competition. Probably thousands, tens of thousands of sites in the competition that a Baidu keyword, but only a dozen of them to bring traffic, but what about other sites do? Every day sitting in front of the computer to Baidu occasionally the kindness to your site to flow?, so from the beginning of the day, in addition to the daily concern of search engines on my site traffic, I also made a lot of promotion for you today, said QQ group mail promotion, this is my most love as a way of publicity, with convenient, labor-saving, but also does not cause Others dislike. I spend 2 hours per day streaming, bringing about 1000 IP a day for my site.

want to do QQ group mail promotion, we must first understand some limit QQ e-mail group, according to my test, a QQ, a IP, a 10 letter group mail, send more easily cause QQ off. It is possible to group the content of your mail is deleted, and even put the QQ lock, so if you want to do QQ group mail listserv, you need to prepare a large number of QQ, QQ, don’t register new kind, very easy to be locked, you can buy some of the previous application number, if the power station is long, you can buy some the sun, so better. The number of problems solved, then to add the QQ group, the Tencent provides a day can apply for 20 QQ group, you can also send a group of 30, but the 10 group went out is invalid, it is recommended when the QQ group, a number of 15, the effect will be very ideal, when then apply to frequently change IP. If the same IP for too much QQ, then QQ will find that so often in IP, can make your application more a QQ group, QQ is very hateful, if you send the application is invalid, QQ never remind you that the application sent, to audit group and this is the key, can enter the group to see him through it or not, so in addition to bypass the QQ limit, we have to modify the QQ group to your personal data, so that their numbers don’t seem to be advertising, when applying for a category to the QQ group, QQ group with a number or a few applications, try to make each class QQ group concentrated, such as you want in the car class QQ group, you can put the name changed to "Harbin riders" "Aicheyizu", this seems to be love car, if it is combined with local Group, change the screen name into local character net name, change the location of your group, and the sex is also very much