End of the exam the website will learn to transposition flow increase

senior high school entrance examination ended, came to this with the Internet, began the journey, the third day before the winter vacation, he made a profit of four digits, for the purposes of their own, the number of the standard of success is not money, but their breakthrough for their topic. Temporarily stop here entered.

for transposition, say easy and difficult to do, and there are several webmaster can really do for users and thinking, for the user and service. Often do station often have a misunderstanding. I simply list a few.

site initially wanted to make money

money, you first think about you because of how to make money? Flow? Or…? only do these, do not blindly make money to " " Web site, you should forget early to make money, but to make money before focusing on capturing some, such as traffic? What was the promotion, promotion skills learn a lot, you can learn about, in many places, do.

two. Do not think customers insist on

for example you opened the game website, but I love the smell of your book, what is your website interface with color or color. This game books need to be clear, the website not to do it for yourself, do to others, do stand as the dress, you love others not necessarily love. Everyone has his hobby, more turnip green vegetables, communicate with your friends, do not blindly to ignore the views of users, if you can, you can also do more investigation, look to improve what, improved.

three do less meaningless things,

nothing to do less, this point is very important, for example you are sports site, don’t waste time in beauty forum, you get a day is not necessarily a few traffic. You do anything prior to consider, consideration must be transposed, thinking will not have the effect of.

for others

four can endure, then endure not dry, don’t focus on

site early, Baidu is not included, the PR value is 0, the flow is not high, then the advertising nobody wants, no one seems to link, is being blocked. If not calm, perhaps even to abuse. However, this must not be impatient. You should transform anger in his own stand and become another driving force, to the website, if you will be angry, why don’t you think others, if Baidu is not included, PR is 0, the flow is not high, you are included in Baidu, PR is 3, the traffic volume is high, you will make a link with others? After all, the new station there is a scene of bitter history.

five continuous optimization, continuous efforts,

You see

Tencent, Admin5, Chinaz these large, big enough? Can they home in change, optimization, from time to time to give people good to hear or see psychosomatic pleasant feeling, then you still have to transposition, if you are the users of your site, you want the site change? Only grasp the information, the website can >