Ma Yun too many bad luck shows your extraordinary influence

open five feet tall, a piece of earth’s face, a witty remark, epigram, raving full mouth, and a childlike smile, really impressive. As for Ma Yun of Alibaba, it is easier to describe its image than thousands of times to explore it. Although everyone is such a rule, but Ma especially prominent, it is difficult to explore such a body mass is not large, the body contains many superhuman energy and crazy ideas.

until now, Ma is still not "Crazy" word completely draw a line, although he never think so. Ma Yun’s speech: he is not crazy, clear thinking, and very clear. His speech is still sparkling discourse style and magnanimous calm momentum, only the "Crazy" characterization of less obvious. This is not intentional convergence, but Alibaba and jack up to the present inevitable.

in fact, Ma any comments on the outside world, the judge is basically soft or hard, or directly or indirectly refuted. With his eloquence, even if he agrees, he will find a different story. For example, he does not admit what crazy, but some do not like the idea; he does not admit that he is successful, it depends on the success criteria and definitions; he does not admit that he is clever, people who are smarter than you more to go…….

but no matter what he says, nobody thinks jack is a success except himself. Ma Yun and his team known in the Internet community situation. Success, wealth, and even life, history, etc., is undoubtedly the charm of Ma Yun.

qiaosheruhuang "Ma demonstrated its extraordinary influence at the same time, but also to Chinese demonstrates a new connotation of entrepreneur.

1 and "men’s looks are inversely proportional to IQ,"

The words "

" made the horse feel a little sour, but the horse always proved it to be true to him. But I feel like I’m in direct proportion to me.

2, "after so many years of business, I have encountered too many bad things, but as long as there is a little good, I will make myself very happy, left hand warm right hand."."

life, not sorry for my conscience, nor of course against my own body


3, "if I could succeed, then most young people would be successful,"

this sentence is more suitable for people born around 80s, this age who have never suffered, the general home even if not what relationship and money, also try to let the children have a better life, so the children of this age are more likely to meet these people’s success is the key point is that if you can, to establish their own ambitions.

4, "today will be cruel, tomorrow will be cruel, the day after tomorrow will be nice, but most people will die tomorrow night."