Grassroots article station from the daily average of 1500P to 8000P point of experience

first make a self introduction, I grassroots Adsense a, the current operation of the small station is "80 inspirational network", and many grassroots webmaster, the site’s profit source basically rely on Baidu alliance income. In June this year when A5 published a "4 of the weight of the grassroots webmaster website how to talk about the inspirational operation and optimization", then your daily traffic of about 1200~1500IP, after six months of operation, the current flow is basically stable at around 8000~9000IP. The average daily income of 100 yuan a little more, although not much income, but from 500 a month to 1000 a month, 2000, 3000, looking at monthly income is gradually rising, for grassroots Adsense, is a great motivation. Here are some of the recent data from the web site:




my site is the integration of about 80, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other aspects of the inspirational article sites, many webmaster to this website called "content station", content websites compared to services (such as games, tools, etc.) technology website viscosity is relatively low, these articles mainly for visitors read, read the one or two articles on general visit off to leave the service, technology, such as web site is to help visitors solve problems for the purpose to get some more visitors browsing depth. Improve the flow of the site, earn more money is every webmaster hard to do optimization, update the purpose of the article. The following six years to share the experience of improving the flow of the site, the level is limited, not good, but please criticize me.

summed up a few of the ideas that had been published before. Let’s say the following. For individual webmaster content management station, my advice is: 1, site positioning clear, try to do fine do fine; 2, the contents of the original or not is not important, the key is to resonate; 3, by the early mining long tail keywords improve website weight, this article has beenincluded favorable.

Here’s the topic of

: how to improve website traffic.

one, try to increase the number of articles


is content sites, the relative number of other types of websites will be much more, because the content does not depend on a keyword to improve traffic flow, most of the source is not from the home page, but the page content. My station is about IP1500 per day, and the monthly income is about 500 dollars. At that time every day and ran A5 to see the others where the use of SEO technology, H1, where the use of H2, where the increase keyword density, which places should pay attention to alt with no keywords, layout is right…… I look at these things every day, but I’m confused. I haven’t figured out 456 yet. By chance, I asked a webmaster who had done better to say how to flow