Share six aspects of spider crawling and grab (two)

sixth, copy the contents of detection: there are a lot of topics in the Internet, after all, sharing is a major feature of the Internet, so this characteristic determines the existence of a large number of similar pages. So in the process of crawling and grab, detect and remove duplicate content is usually an important part in the process of pretreatment, when the spider found a lot of repetitive content, will be given if you delete the content on the website are a large number of repeat, then your website many might not give high weight the. Sometimes the site collection site will also be included, but a us to check, search engine has been deleted, it.

share: six aspects of spider crawling and grab (a), respectively from the three aspects of common spider, tracking links, file storage and summarized the above today from three aspects to attract spiders, address library, copy detection share. Hope that through the six aspects of the whole article can let everyone have a more in-depth understanding of search engine. Well, to today’s text, if there is wrong, I hope you do.

Address: fifth,

fourth, attract spider: through the above we know that although the spider theory can crawl all pages, but due to the limitation of the link and the complexity of time, often only a part of the spider crawl on the Internet web site, if we want to get good rankings, so we must find ways to let the spider to grab a spider. General will grab more important page, the page is important? Is a page weight high, the old site qualification will be considered more important; the two page is often updated pages for frequently updated pages, spiders will be more frequent access; three is the import links more pages, no matter what kind of page and if you want to visit the spider, there must be four links; and is closer to the home page click on the page, because the weight of home page is often the highest, so the distance The home page click on recent distance is often considered the most important pages.

base address database is very important to search it, the number of pages on the Internet is huge, in order to avoid repeated crawl and crawl web site, search engines will establish a base address, the address database main record has been found but has not been grab page, and the page has been captured. The address of the library, can make the search engine more efficient, URL addresses in the library often have several sources: one is the manual entry of URL; two is to crawl and grab, if crawling to a new URL address, no library will be credited to visit the database; three is through submission many webmaster will take the initiative to submit the page to be made. The spider will visit from inside the URL to visit the address, crawling will delete, and stored in the database to access the address. But we also need to understand, we go to take the initiative to improve the search engine website, does not mean that he will visit and included our pages, search engines more love crawling on their own discovery of new URL, so we still have to do the web content and external links.

In the

Analysis of the construction site outside the chain of high quality diversification mode

when the website operation gradually on track, then you should pay attention to the chain optimization on the web page, the reason for this is.

two, operation began to focus on creating the mid chain


three, operating on track to build the chain of

a home page, the chain is the site optimization key early

at this stage is generally longer, is also the focus of the site optimization, in fact the website optimization is to optimize the core content of long tail keywords, the optimization of the column page is to create more from the search engine entrance, also can further enhance the website traffic conversion rate.

The duration of column page

how can better improve the quality of the website chain? Many optimization personnel think leaving the website homepage link on the platform of high weight can be, in this way I believe that only understand one thing, the correct approach should be adopted in the construction of the chain of diversified mode of high quality, specific to from the following aspects.

a website in the new stage, as far as possible to enhance the website visibility, because the home page for the site, is the most important part, is also the site of the highest weight part, recommended to the website home page through the platform of those high weight, can obviously enhance the weight of the website, this is the most direct and effective, generally on the site just on the line, and by writing quality articles to some high weight site, with links to their web page, even text links, also often play a multiplier role, not more than a week this new station will be included.

love Shanghai innovation site outside the chain is one of the important factors to judge the quality of the target station love Shanghai, because the way to Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. website ranking is the most fair principle, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is the love Shanghai algorithm principle, using the garbage the practice of the chain, let the chain many website looks rich in number, also has the effect of diversification, but it is not the quality of how high, causing the site’s ranking and declining with the updating of love Shanghai algorithm, which is obviously the website optimization failures.

when the website operation period, this time the website has accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but also get some rankings in the love sea, but because home competitors too strong, if optimize the home page chain blindly, have a negative effect perceptibly at this stage will, at this time to build according to the website, began to build more entrance website on the Internet, that is to say through the optimization model of long tail keywords, the chain website column page recommendation to the high weight of the platform, and the specific recommendations and method of entry is not to spend money to help others and contribute, website construction at the same time, they can also get some help.

No matter how the algorithm

Adsense site should be user experience.

five, stationmaster should have the determination to persevere

this problem is the webmaster to face things, speed and stability of a website is very important, so we started to choose space at the same time you should put the stability in the first place, here I recommend the webmaster can choose the space station network flat-share, for browsing the membership is certainly the site speed the sooner the better, the stability of the space should also pay attention to, especially when every night network is very peak, then there cannot be unable to access the situation, so to improve the site access speed and stability is one of our webmaster will do.


Two, keep the home clean 404 page web site

site every day to the webmaster to update and maintenance, this is a must do things every day, although it feels relatively simple but practical operation has many difficulties, because people are inert if you keep doing the same thing to repeat who will feel dull as ditch water every day.

, enhanced access speed and stability of


is the soul of the website website content quality, we have to spend a large part of the time to update the original, I believe that the original web site is many webmaster are headache, now many webmaster is to false original, copy and paste, the website wants to capture the main development rarely does a relatively high degree of difficulty and because of the lack of originality and readability of the content is essential, users would like to see the new content and information, who is not willing to go to see the same content online.

now the webmaster every day is around the keyword ranking, the website included quantity, website snapshot update time to discuss and explore, basically all the webmaster ignored the purpose and mission of the establishment of the website, we are generally in order to be able to give domestic users to provide some necessary information and data, can let users in the process of finding information and data can be more convenient, so today to share with everyone we webmaster how to do the user experience of the website.


is a web site’s home page is the first impression to a user’s browsing, so we can do in the home under a lot of effort, we must first ensure not to have some brightly coloured ads and pictures and the like, and not on the home page to add some Flash animation, we give the first impression is to visit the site visitors browsing very fast, allowing users to look the whole layout of the site is very clean and clear.

a good website must do 404 pages of one of their own, because some inevitably encounter unable to access the page and some dead links, so whether we are standing on the perspective of the user experience in the search engine’s perspective, a 404 page on the site is very helpful.

four, website content and readability of the original

Su Di Kang significance and training of independent Wangzhuan scamAunt Zhang Dayi is how to become T

why "Wangzhuan training is to get money"

2, big net red growth process

, this stems from the Internet training industry is not self-discipline. Due to the lack of supervision, many unqualified training institutions have opened their training doors and attracted students by various means. In the course of time, training tarnished the reputation of the industry, the formation of the so-called "Wangzhuan training is absolutely".

brought the net red economy, Zhang Dayi is the first beneficiary, or even change the rules of the industry. At the same time, there are many such as "big Yi" in general young girls, with their own efforts, subtle impact on the electricity supplier industry.

1, big red net Yi, who is

Wangzhuan training is not the insurance company

in early 2009, Zhang Dayi as a fashion model active in the sight of the public, she worked for Maybelline, GREE, Coca-Cola and other well-known brands filmed commercials, often appear in the "Ruili", "Mina", "Xin Wei" and other fashion magazine pages dress version.

2015 is a year of meteoric rise to Hong Kong’s economy. Only a short period of one and a half years, the number of micro-blog fans Zhang Dayi will rise from 250 thousand to about 4000000, she operated by Taobao C shop in 2015, double 11, become the only one in the red net store into the category list of shops, more in 2014 to create a single billion dollars in annual sales. In 2016 the double 11, the Taobao store "I like more wardrobe" is the only one who reached the Amoy platform boutique business outlets selling ten red net store, ranked tenth.

a more acceptable example is that each of us has gone to school and studied books. You pay tuition when you go to school. It’s a business process – paying tuition for a specific education. It’s not that you don’t go to school and you don’t get the knowledge, but you say that going to school is more likely to be systematically educated. Take the SEO training as an example, the domestic SEO training is capable of innumerable, regardless of whether or not the ability, dare to open shoutu. As a result of being afraid of being cheated, many people chose to teach themselves. The disadvantage of self-study is that many of the information that comes into contact with it is out of date, even wrong. The biggest problem is that knowledge is not systematic. A long time of self study saves time but saves time. If you participate in a more reliable SEO training, you can fully accept SEO knowledge of the system within a period of time, quickly get started. Therefore, Su flute Kang suggested that we seriously take charge of network training.


Abstract: in the net economy brought about by the live broadcast, Zhang Dayi was the first beneficiary, even the people who changed the rules of the industry. At the same time, there are many such as "big Yi" in general young girls, with their own efforts, subtle impact on the electricity supplier industry.


Da Yi, born in 1988, 2015 Sohu Fashion Festival annual electricity supplier model candidate, network reds.


2015 double 11, big Yi with its own network of red power, sold into Taobao ladies TOP business, opened a year shop four crown, micro-blog fans among millions of big, now has 4 million 700 thousand fans.

, Internet charging training isn’t an insurance company. It means, don’t expect network training

as model debut, Taobao Su Yan contest first winner, Zhang Dayi, in addition to "Ruili", but also often appear in "Mina", "Xin Wei" and other fashion magazines in the pages of clothing collocation. She said he was just a little when the new Shuabing PW founder. Her private match in the social platform by fans love, its electricity supplier shop on-line new products, 2 seconds, that is, customers "second light", the monthly sales reached millions. That is to say, within three days, the pretty girl can finish a year’s sales of the next line store. Created a sale of Internet electricity supplier myth.

, so is Zhang Dayi

on the Internet, "liar" is always a headache for everyone. A lot of people stumbling in Wangzhuan along the road, along the way, always can encounter so many crooks. In this atmosphere, a lie slowly, gradually grow into Wangzhuan Road, even the most terrible lies on the Internet: Wangzhuan training is to get money.

Su Dikang I also participated in some online training, such as Jiang Hui Wangzhuan training SEO for the training, teacher training, Zhu Ze Rong, also contacted the teacher Cardiff SEO training and teacher Wang Tong SEO marketing training courses. Some time ago, I also got some information about foreign trade from one of my predecessors. Overall, the existence of network fees training is reasonable, in other words, Su Kang Kang on the existence of network fees training, held a positive attitude.

is the first Ruili magazine model line, then opened the Taobao store, and catch up with the first wave when the rise of red net dividend. In the eyes of many people, Zhang Dayi in just a few years time to complete the multi hop life, skin white beauty, life, earning large quantities of gold each day is often used to describe her.

understand that training is always the most profitable wangzhuan. The benefits of training is low risk, high return, so many have even half long technical proficiency in a particular line, people have held an apprentice, making money online training development with vigour and vitality. Because a lot of non-standard behaviors, "Wangzhuan training is to get money" is becoming more and more popular "". The typical performance is to share their experience, a lot of people Wangzhuan, do not forget to add a section of their own experience of being cheated, Shundaizhao remind the novice to have nothing to do with charges of training, because the "charges of training are deceptive".

Wangzhuan training rationality

Sad share the 10 possible reasons for my website being K

why my website zero "shocking" PR3 has been K? This problem has always been a headache for me, since last year by K until now have not recovered, but occasionally a few times intermediate recovery, but not to the day was K, I was puzzled the. I was K from the day began to check my website why is the cause of the K, but also do not check out, also called some friends to help me do analysis, no analysis of what is the reason? Once a Baidu keyword is ranked first, very high weight website at once hung up, I always wanted to why not my website will become so


, what about my website from the K to the present? Please master to help me analyze, in the end what is the reason? Thank you for your advice. Thank you very much for your help.

about 08 years from the end of 08 at the end of the year: at that time my station "zero shocking net" do the words "shocking, shocking, shocking joke" all about shocking keywords is the first row of Baidu, once found suddenly someone deliberately and malicious Trojan at that time, the site all normal, it is because that I killed the horse. The horse also can’t consumption down, so not a way to find some friends to help me solve the horse but are not resolved, so they want to change the system only, but for some system risk, but still choose to change the system. When you change the system that heart ah, is really sad death, means all over again, what’s the original article that actually do not pass up the data, too, came to pass a few days and nights, so I chose to give up the original upload those articles, he had accumulated hard the article just brush without effort, so in vain. After a period of time, the entire station data increasingly rich, Baidu also included the normal, but when you pick up bad, really yiboweiping another one morning in the online site website, ignorant, and be K. How was dizzy, so I? Check the website in the end what is the reason, why was the K? And then analyzes the possibility of the ten most common reasons:

1, keyword density problem

2, friendship outside the chain was K

3, violation of bad information

4, same host IP website question

5, site content cheating,

6, server

7, site source code

8, site construction

9, the site was attacked

10, IP search lock

       ;       these conditions >

Real testimonials after the trial of the blue mans CDN

our website Zhaopin recruitment because of the northern Shanghai in the vicinity of the user and the user more, our server in Dongguan telecommunications room, many customers say slow reaction site.

so holding the attitude of trying to find a more well-known domestic CDN supplier, Xiamen blue mans do CDN test.


website began testing at 9 in September 23rd and was tested at 14 in September 24th and found many problems. Originally decided to test for three days and found the following problems, the company decided to terminate the test ahead of time.

1. site traffic is true and accurate, because according to their flow chart shows, at 15 p.m. traffic is particularly large, but from the cnzz statistics, there is no obvious change.

2. site synchronization, a customer released the post, re login after the position can not be found, but we can clearly see the job information in the background and foreground. Later, after deleting, post normal.

3. cannot resolve pan domain names.


4. really have an acceleration?. Many of my friends and customers have tested it, and only one Unicom customer said it was much faster than before, and that the local customers were almost twice as much from the original 10ms to 20ms.

5. price is too high, at present in the Chinese market to do CDN acceleration of the company is not a few, the price is not very transparent. There are two ways to pay for blue awn, by traffic or by bandwidth. According to the results of the day test, every day 3G traffic, we need to spend 3G*30 days per month *50 yuan /G=4500 yuan, or choose bandwidth charge 400 yuan /M, according to 5M flow calculation, also need to spend 2000 yuan per month. And our average daily traffic is about 10G, speed up the day, the site is only 6G traffic, plus accelerated 3G basically belongs to the normal state.

, but not so much after the monthly investment.

blue awn CDN quotation sheet:

1, 1G-100G 231, 50/G 1. are available to the user traffic monitoring system

2, 100G-500G 531, 40/G 2. provides customers with real-time self-service CDN

3 500G-1000G 1031 30/G 3. CDN self renewal system provides users with

4, 1000G-5000G 1531, 20/G 4., charged at actual usage, fair and reasonable,

5 5000G above 2031 20/G 5. does not limit the time, the price for one-time purchase flow price

How to restore a closed web site

said the Jiangxi Telecom BLOCKOUTS event, the station also affected, thought quickly through the two audit, look forward to every day, every day of the advisory service, do not know what time to restore the site, think of the time when the webmaster, extremely depressed! I believe that many owners feel the same, I site at the end of March on the line the middle has a space for use before the foreign space, because the feeling after going to domestic development, oh, that big. The move once felt, bosses have to search, or more diligent, in the early stages of development, updated every day, because my site is relatively new, is also popular, so I feel less influence.

The 60th anniversary

Festival, since some illegal information at the beginning of December CCTV exposure, suddenly the webmaster also "festive", not worth mentioning…… Anyway, we do regular stations, and do not involve any bad information of the webmaster, they have been "harmonious" a bit. Network instant chaos, was written China network back in N, perhaps N years later, most people will recognize this event, after all the network clean-up operations imperative, illegal information network between the ship too, I have this action point recognition, but also a lot of problems, after all illegal the site is one of the few, innocent old friends are a happy

, alas!

09 years in December 29th, my website finally opened, I urge every space business, also know this is irresistible, the discourse is more polite, I finally in time and again after the transfer of the server, to Shandong, and was again before the last scan, ha ha, after a lot of hard work, finally on the line, sweat, typing tired, just the day before yesterday, I stand by Baidu "festive", more than 10 days open, ha ha, rare ah, finally can not hold on, picked, but Google in Polygonum to the second page, happy, secretly since Hi, this actually could not open the page from sixth ran to second pages, ha ha,


that friend to help add a link it, Polygonum multiflorum, I hope my station will soon recover. To a QQ:185918285, there are problems to consult me, ha ha, master float.