The enterprise website content sources following you have attention


second, for their products can recite fluently from memory. We know how to write professional thing, the most fundamental reason is that for the industry especially their product knowledge. The products are well aware of every detail, in the process of writing even a tiny detail features we can also be used to make a fuss, if their products can be ready to accept either course for, so that customer satisfaction can not write things.

is the author of the above ideas for some enterprise web content creation process, for the owners concerned only continue to study and learn, find some suitable way to improve their writing ability, writing is not very much time to wait more exercise to a good effect, and is the author of the above today share content from Cisco 贵族宝贝xki贵族宝贝.cn original starting Adsense nets, please indicate the copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

third, the collation and collection. The Internet is our divergent thinking of the ocean, most of the time we see the web site, look at the Shanghai news about his love of information industry, it can provide a train of thought for themselves, usually continuous accumulation and reading is very important. When we meet the quality of material must be the first time the available elements, and then combined with the characteristics of their products, industry news, company brand to modify, finally compiled articles we need.

fourth, should wash hands more exercise. The article is written by people, so the above three points is just to provide ideas, but in the end can really be very good to show these ideas to our users depends on your own writing ability, so the article to continue to practice every day, adhere to their request to write an article, your thoughts will be more if things go on like this clearly, write up will be handy, it not only speak a lot of time but also work hard to practice and practice can.

first, professional line of paper books to learn. The high degree of professional enterprises, most of the time due to the limited level of technology has limited our thinking of writing, but as a webmaster we should observe the industry related information industry, generally by the person writing the information, the quality of high degree of the original paper is not to say that we can go according to these content arrangement then, posted directly to our website. Or add your own understanding of appropriate modification methods was very good.

enterprise website webmasters, the most troublesome is the source of content, the current search engine for the user experience requirements of the continuous upgrading, as a webmaster must understand the value and significance of the quality of the site, at any time to good quality are worthy of our attention. So, how to construct the enterprise website

Love Shanghai snapshot not update content included five experience sharing [original]

2, the stability of the

search engine when acrawl found a large number of website structure change, severe cases may lead to site is down right, included will be slow, even no longer included, from my website "." in the beginning of operation (2010-12-1) is too anxious to line, finally forced to change, after the revision of the Shanghai love soon stopped snapshots and included, almost until after a month included slowly returned to normal, especially for the love of Shanghai, contains a relatively slow, relatively much faster noble baby. This part is the search engine, only etc.. Stop Nagato can do the chain through the weights of the high site, every day according to certain time to publish original articles, the article do text aim to restore the home page, included as soon as possible.

web server, VPS, virtual space.

1, website: because of various reasons in urgent need of revision.


released a cover his website. "From 2010 to December, as well as many webmaster, experienced by Shanghai love torture, web site is not included, snapshots stop suddenly, little spider crawling and so on let the webmaster mood change radically, really fall in love with the sea is really exhausting, some problems are indeed it is difficult to make people to understand all the webmaster, but please believe that this is only temporary, please this kind of abnormal problems without too entangled in the love of Shanghai, perhaps love Shanghai interior modulation problems. We should do is to do their own websites, improve the user experience, don’t do website optimization as an end station, that would have the order reversed. In fact, many webmaster website optimization too into misunderstanding, and so much love in Shanghai, love Shanghai snapshot not update not included are due to optimization caused by the actual combat experience after half a year, I then this, and we hope to be able to sum up under the above situation of possible problems and solutions.

for the website, the stability of the space for Shanghai dragon is not the decisive factor, but it is necessary for the long-term development of the space factor, long-term instability is very unfavorable for the development of Shanghai dragon, from my website. In the first issue is to use a VPS service provider in Shanghai that is using the way of resource sharing, because the site to be collected, often because of public CPU resource occupation is too big and lead to the death of MYSQL card, website from time to time is slow or unable to open, then there is no way to replace one-time better server, I chose VM, VM and VPS are almost the same, but all kinds of hardware resources are run independently, to the current (6-17) so far has been two months, running very normal! So check whether personal advice website During a visit to the unstable situation, seek advice taking good disposable replacement. Because if you buy cheap space resulting from time to time can not access the site or access is very slow, this is the The loss outweighs the gain.

3, the construction of the chain and content >

Analysis of the grade of drop right novice webmaster see website

for webmasters, the site is like another myself, believe that as many webmaster would do the same thing, that is every morning to look at the keywords ranking, snapshot, included, the chain, why the site is like another? When we see the search results within our expected, we work for the day the mood will be very relaxed, otherwise the day will be very depressed. Especially when we see the site light is K weight was reduced when the taste of heart is really meaningless complete ah. Here I take my own experience for everyone on the site right down the level of analysis, the hope can help some novice webmaster.

itself is not what Shanghai dragon world Master, but today’s absolute is their own personal experience and summarize the knowledge, but also master hope people don’t laugh at me. Well, I in the College of education website optimization GUI door, internal optimization and promotion of the main duty is responsible for the site, two days before the work is smoothly without what unusual, strange things happened on the third day, the morning gate network station GUI included the number has declined but within the normal range, at about ten o’clock when I almost fainted when site:www.***贵族宝贝, included into 1, that is to say only the home page, although I also understand before the site is down right or be K of the situation, but when the storm comes or some cannot resist.

three, love Shanghai serious drop right. The site is serious drop right is directly in K sea, this is my.

two, Shanghai intermediate love right down. Intermediate drop right is called when we site site appears only home, that is to say the search engine only included the home page, other web pages are shielded, but outside the chain, snapshots, keywords ranking is normal, this is in love with the Sea red warning signal issued to us, that will appear on the home page then we have to do is to find and solve problems from the home page, after the previous work can continue, this is the problem, after the author’s efforts finally restored.

: a love of Shanghai website mild right down. The so-called love is mild for the website of Shanghai warned that website optimization excessive or other unfriendly behavior, then he will be mild punishment, a common phenomenon is: the site site is not the first home page, the website included snapshot, and the chain is abnormal, then we have to do is find out wrong places such as excessive or update the optimization keywords excessive accumulation, continue to maintain daily update and the chain construction work, waiting for recovery.


happened to face and find solutions, on the Internet to collect a lot of relevant information on the site right down, finally I would say my station was really serious drop right. Why serious drop right? Because the site right down there are differentiated. (here only to love Shanghai for example)

Beware of Dreamhost and other foreign IDC free scam

meeting last year during that time, the domestic BBS line closed, my station is also a part of it, in order to protect a few BBS, I bought a relatively cheaper Dreamhost host in a foreign country, which was Dreamhost in low price and complete autonomy, has now been more than a year back. This year with the Dreamhost deal, I felt the need to remind everyone to beware of scam Dreamhost!


first registered, you have to be careful not to choose what things like, especially friends to pay with a credit card, I use the China Merchants Bank credit card, do not think that you do not enter a password, do not confirm it, in fact, DH buckle your money, don’t need you what credit card password, as long as you submit your credit card number and security code, he will be the suddenness of a thunderbolt out of your credit card on the money, I was also wondering how not confirm directly deducted money but at the time I was ` ` intend to buy, so it is not too much about


don’t be fooled by what he calls the infinite space /500G, and you always have to believe that the space you use will never exceed 10G!


don’t be what he called the infinite binding subdirectories, not limited to IIS, blandishments cheat, in fact, if you bind the domain name more than 100, then almost 100% will have problems, but do not believe what his not limited to CPU, IIS is not limited to such nonsense, I was rather baffling closed space on the way, the most serious one is I didn’t notice you close my account, even they can’t login website account, and there is no reason to say what, directly sent me an e-mail, let me go to SQL backup data, I re registered account via e-mail to negotiate with them, they give me the explanation just let me know: " use several DEDECMS program on my account of the server resources, too much…." then I insist to negotiate with them for more than a day’s time, finally buckled on " DEDECMS; Is the use of China personal webmaster in the most popular CMS program, you refuse to DEDECMS is to make the whole China personal webmaster from " the big hat was restored ~ ~ account here is a obvious scam, registered when he told you what are not limit, but is finally certainly with a " special; consumption of server resources such as ", and what is the exception; special consumption of server resources is naturally he say,

The reason why we want to

the server into the domestic and abroad, the natural environment is one of the reasons, but I think we are not taking into account the domestic IDC service attitude in this regard, many people may find their servers abroad also worry. But this point I really want to explain, not in.

Entangled in the webmaster website statistics trap

I have been learning to stand since February 2006, but I have never been able to do a decent job. In March 2008, remember to do a website on teaching. So I thought for a lot of days, do Courseware station, we do not have resources, do paper station, I can not write that high-level works. The contents do not want to move. There are too many things to follow. After much deliberation, had an idea of writing a composition.

to check online, huh?. Experts have done so early. Many years ago, someone did it. Carefully observed the writing station, found the opportunity. The big writing station is almost impossible for parents and teachers to see, let alone children. Because what? It has too many resources. The website is too big. There is no basic computer operation. You don’t want to find what you want to see. This website is strong, but for now people just a little computer basic operation, it is the clouds. I can’t find what I want for half a day. There are restrictions on individual websites. Even the dog bite the hedgehog – no way to mouth.

look at those small, almost from the station to collect content. It seems to belong to the so-called garbage station. So I set up a new site for novices to use – 5 star composition ( All the articles are from my students, too many resources. Just do it yourself and hit some words. Ha ha, this is not difficult, right? So, and colleagues said, and immediately found a large number of compositions. It’s all recommended by the teachers. Beat it slowly.

site up, how traffic? So I put on the flow statistics, as the webmaster said, every morning, one thing, staring at traffic statistics to see. Daily comparison. The results also showed no major changes. Two days a day, but it’s been a long time. A habit has formed, and that is wrong. I look at traffic statistics these days, no less than 10 times, each time less than 10 minutes. That’s two hours of wasted time. Less content is being updated. Sometimes I want to copy it from other people. But endure and endure, still insist on biting teeth, every day to write a composition update website. Finally, I didn’t copy other people’s works. Keep original at over 90%.

as for the promotion method, basically webmaster friends plenary session. I won’t say any more. Take a look at other people’s traffic statistics IP and PV why so high, because we have some webmaster friends like me, every day no less than 10, go back and forth to see statistics. Other people’s IP high, PV high, people put advertising. You have fewer IP sites and fewer PV, so you have to find ways to get some guests. So they pay for advertising. Ha ha, understand, it seems to have returned to the trap of others. Why don’t we use this time to send our own content? Webmaster friends, if you look at me like 10 times a week, I can only say one word. You’re in the trap, ~

< >

Game mode to think about forum operations

said the game, World of Warcraft is estimated to be the most fun, although I did not play, by observing the roommate in the play, feel the whole game building too well, if in his class set is very good for him at every level have let you learn something new, a new target, often clear.


forum and combine with game, here I want to say is not the game forum… I want to say is to learn his model to operate the forum, do tutorial learning websites for me is so natural that the learning class operation, each station are not the same, only hope you get inspired.

okay, start pulling.

first, the forum sets three kinds of money: gold, silver, and copper. Background setting money conversion ratio is 1 gold, =100 silver, =10000 copper. Exactly according to World of Warcraft’s setup, huh?.

forum is divided into several sections, need a certain level to enter the next section, I mainly here different grades of tutorials classified. In World of Warcraft, if you don’t have enough level to enter Outland, you can’t learn advanced skills.

and then set the forum for the time to order, in order to allow members to look down from the top, not to the back, the front of the top off. We can also do a better job of grading the tutorials, and the members just follow the tutorial. The players at World of Warcraft will know exactly what their next destination is.

next, each corresponding post is the appropriate tutorial. As long as this tutorial is completed, the moderator will add points to the members. Of course, each post to increase the number of points should be in the post when it has been decided on, because the job is good or bad, so when you customize a ceiling, for example 10~50 copper, as the difference of 10 copper, 50 copper good review, the moderator grasp. When members reach a certain score, then the foundation is also played well, then you can enter the next section of the study. This process is like World of Warcraft’s task experience.

in the middle of the post, we can set up some high-level tutorials [tasks], as long as the completion of this tutorial, you can reward the medal of honor. World of Warcraft’s task is not only to experience, but also to reward some good equipment. Medal here = equipment.

such forums need a lot of thought to do, and if you have talent, you can arrange a story for each tutorial. Let the member experience the infinite pleasure, unconsciously ascended to the high grade, moreover has learned the course which he wants. If you really build such a forum. I believe the stickiness of users will be very high. But the idea of upfront fees will be very large. If there is such a forum, I think I will go to have a good experience.

well, basically, it’s over. The above is only a general idea. It is not so easy to make. There are many details to note.

such as medals [equipment] can be sold and gold coins can be traded

Let the visitor get what he wants and you’ll get what you want

I have a "master the use of technology and idea of the monthly income of twenty thousand make a lot of friends remember, wise remark of an experienced person. Some people think that is nonsense, a bad review. Filled with righteous indignation. Now, all sorts of strange things network profit all the way, some people could ‘surprise’. Sometimes what you see is the result, and the careful planning and hard work behind it are often unknown. If that piece of writing makes you confused, and can not find something to learn from, today to share with you will be the specific implementation methods.

what is "successful web site", at the beginning of the establishment of the site, or site positioning has been decided, but no matter what kind of station, if you want to succeed, must remember two words’ value’. For websites, judging a website’s success in the future, the current traffic is just a reference. If the true value of existence, regardless of his visitors there are several, will eventually become a loyal customer, in other words, visitors will be far greater than the growth rate of speed reduction, a long time, the flow will naturally come up.

in order to avoid the emergence of empty description again, today I will take one of my website web578 as an example, for everyone specific analysis of a successful website, what will be successful?.

1, website initial planning

web578 initial site, in fact, there are some period of confusion, for the time being. Accurate positioning in May 22, 2010 played a decisive role in reducing the original 21 plates to the current 8 plates. Before the reduction, the basic station information from the Internet, the original content is less and less, although the ranking is very good, every day will have access to hundreds of people, but the statistics obtained by the results, the bounce rate is greater than 90%, the faithful visitor is scanty. Such a station, if you want to survive, must be "take the first flow. After advertising ‘this road, but only a few hundred people can bring traffic flow benefits.". With the rise of the same type of website continuously, must be caused by these limited traffic strike violently. Not that I am afraid, but that I have foreseen the result. For better survival, you have to be precise. Through the re planning adjustment, it has evolved into the current video tutorials based network marketing learning station, visitors are the industry’s novice and webmaster.

2, site content positioning

now has a word that everyone knows about ‘pseudo originality’. Reproduced content on the search engine optimization is not good, the original content is too much time, so pseudo original can meet the search engine, but also save time. This is a perfect choice. Yes, it will be good for optimization, but if you want to keep the site to stay, it’s not enough, just because they are not search engines. A valuable visitor is what the customer wants. It is for this reason that the video tutorials on site 99% are original. You may think the workload is great, but the person who wants to succeed is doing what others can’t do or what others don’t want to do. If >