The sum of the ten major points of the successful operation of Shanghai PPC advertising love

The is better?

keyword can choose: Children’s education, preschool education, preschool education. We can choose four or five words like

(a) PPC strategy:

The )Key words: keywords positioning strategySelect the location of

decision PPC keywords advertisement whether can succeed in doing. The key decision factors.

(two) PPC bidding Objective:

do Shanghai dragon or PPC, for the enterprise, profit is the ultimate goal. Overlooking the promotion of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, has a very large number of enterprises are the direct use of quick PPC. From the point of view, if the correct use of PPC resources, and the advantages of reasonable use of bidding, for many small and medium enterprises may not be a key to quickly open the market. I began to contact PPC ad from 2003, there has been a medium-sized enterprises do network marketing planning work. According to the operation of PPC advertising experience, the author will in 10 details in this paper summary on the operation of PPC advertising share success can not be ignored. I hope to give those new PPC ads help novice.


(three) PPC user location:

(six) location:

scheme of PPC strategies in a training center, a brief description, the education and training institutions in preschool education. In the education industry as the background, combined with the existing resources, we can make the following activities for the PPC scheme and Strategy:

keyword selection is divided into two aspects the main keywords and long tail word.


(five) biddingkeywords mode:

compared with the main keywords, the author thinks that we should focus on the long tail keywords, we can analyze our target user: 4 to eight years old parents search habits do combined 50-200 long tail keywords, for example: preschool education where

The following is the

is the main purpose of the expanding enrollment bidding PPC. At the same time in order to enhance the brand, to provide investment exhibition.

model of capital investment is small. Only the reasonable setting, rapid return. For this stage of the educational institutions.

brand investment is too large, in order to promote the brand for the purpose (time, as the newly established institutions will not present discomfort at this stage using

only choose accurate matching advertising model.

I am currently mainly for preschool education institutions, potential development, cultivate children’s habits as the main research direction, a collection of 4 students to 8 year old parents accounted for 85% of the students in our center users, for users PPC we can locate in: children 4 to 8 year old parents.


Before the operation director of watercress Pro Grant how to get high-quality seed users

currently has roughly six seed users, essentially covering mainstream entrepreneurial projects and gaining the intent of seed users. Each class of users corresponds to different features, and the needs of the seed users are reflected in the operational data corresponding to different KPI and different data. So it’s very instructive.

these six categories are: the construction of seed users, proof of seed users, diffusion type seed users, community seed users, marketing seed users and data type of seed users, have different value and significance.

1, a constructive seed user,

the construction of seed users, generally applicable to large UGC (User Generated Content) community, UGC community demands for seed users, want users to be able to have the quality of seed (UGC socket bacteria understand content production capacity and active community atmosphere, ability) can make a web site has a very good start atmosphere.

here is a classic story, but the story is not the seed user operation is a story, details, seed user operation is airbnb, share it as a P2P housing community, with visual appeal is very important, is to ask the photos of the house has a very good visual experience, in this case next, they found many photographers to take pictures, do so after the turnover has increased significantly.

can see from this story, this kind of constructive seed user needs to guarantee the quality of a certain original content.

then, the way that constructive seed users acquire is actually two famous websites, for example: watercress, which I used to work for, and one that knows about it.

watercress in the early days, in fact, there is very, very good community atmosphere, we all know that the most early watercress is "book" based web site. As a web site, it is not easy to get high quality, multi – dimensional book reviews and Book reviews. At that time, watercress looking for the first batch of seed users, more from the North (watercress founder Yang Bo) their own life experience.

north is actually a very famous programmer in the Pascal community in the country, so watercress’s early users almost all came from the Pascal community. The programmers here are different from the programmers now. If you are looking for some programmers to do the reading forum, I’m sure it will be a comic con. But at that time the entire Pascal community members covered a wide range of literature, philosophy books, very high quality, humanities books are covered, and the entire community of programmers at all in a product called Blog, so these members have good UGC literacy, they have very long habit of writing.

So they

these two attributes: first, they are good at writing habits and long, second, they are out of school.

Do industry website, I choose chemical industry

website when we have a reserve stage, is to do a what kind of site choice, for what people, how to realize their own profit! I believe that this is a lot like me small owners confused!

In fact, no matter what your

site, you must remember that you are most familiar with the industry, do you know the most comprehensive products, so you can not a layman, when you design a website forum to plan your site! You can go to the comprehensive comparison, to understand what your opponent is what is the advantages they do.


choose which industry to do is very contradictory thing, but if you do determine an industry to settle down, irresistible to carry on. Before doing my site, I thought a lot of industry, clothing materials, curtain industry, real estate network, local portal, information port, finally I have been rejected, and ultimately chose to do chemical, htt:// global chemical network before actually there has been a lot of chemical network, China Chemical Network in 2006 on the market, ALIBABA and HC365 are going to do in this industry, so that the industry is profitable, because in front of me have done the work related chemical finally decided to do chemical station

!In fact,

compared with many of the chemical industry has its certain advantages, many domestic chemical enterprises, the market competition is intense, and chemical products in the general market, it is difficult to see, in circulation is relatively small, and the chemical industry is relatively concentrated in the more developed Zhejiang Shanghai Jiangsu Tianjin this coastal city around, demanding more developed where the information is higher.

industry website member + advertisement model is actually my global chemical network is no exception, can not escape the traditional marketing mode, I want to change, but has always been that way, can be said that many small and medium-sized webmaster like me depressed, to seek a breakthrough in innovation, want to, but we didn’t find a way out we are still doing, his tail behind others. Want to study abroad, our understanding of foreign sales model is too small, the technology innovation, we have a professional team, we are a group of grassroots webmaster. Choose an industry, largely to satisfy their own interests to do


here in the hope that the majority of webmaster friends, do not be too tired of their own bodies, if previously had been sleeping at 2, as far as possible in 1 to sleep, good health is very important!


How does a newbie build his own web site (two)

Hussein published the first rookie Jianzhan tutorial after. Got a lot of novice station webmaster response. Since yesterday, dozens of people have added my qq. Also asked a lot of questions. Their questions are so simple that they can be answered in a few words. But the biggest feeling for me is that no one seems willing to answer their questions. May be too simple, some birds don’t want to answer. Continue my tutorial below. This time, we mainly discuss the preparatory work and some common problems.

1, psychological preparation. Building a website is a long process. The development of the website is also a long-term process. For a short period of time, individuals are unlikely to create a web site that people can love. Be prepared for a protracted war. Constantly discover the needs of users and correct their mistakes. Continue to create original content and learn how to protect them.

2, technical preparation. The most basic thing is to learn the HTML language. You can use the tool book to read any HTML code, and you can use the search engine to find the code you need when you need it. Better ability to change code bit by bit. Understand what the relative path is and what is the absolute path. Understand the database management, understand SQL language, see the website management system of dynamic web design language, such as: ASP, JSP, PHP, and so on. Get to know the current popular CSS and div technologies. Proficiency in a web site management system. Proficiency in the use of FTP software.

3, hardware ready. Buy server space that meets your needs, including access type, supported dynamic design language, and space bandwidth. Buying a domain name that matches your site’s characteristics must be good for spelling and memory. Suggest that a site uses only one domain name.

4, manpower preparation. To join some webmaster groups and forums. Make friends with some old station owners. Establish yourself in the webmaster circle of interpersonal relationships. Ask for help when you need it. Asking questions never loses.

answers to some questions:

1, static website and dynamic website distinction? Static website basically depends on HTML webpage to store website content. The dynamic website mainly depends on the database to store the content of the website. Static web sites are good for promotion and dynamic websites are good for management. The best way is to combine the two: give users a static content web page, and use your own database to manage the content of your web site.

2, where traffic comes from, mainly from search engines, other websites for you to do links, as well as the user’s return visit.

3, domain name and IP and space relations, a IP corresponds to a server, a IP can correspond to more than one domain name, a domain name corresponds to a IP, a domain name corresponds to a server space.

4, that dynamic website design language is better, you have mastered the best?. Language is only a tool, it can achieve your purpose, master one

Content management areas are pivotal in 100 companies

KMWorld every year the selection of content management (CMS / KM) pivotal 100 companies (100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management), although the original KM refers to the knowledge management, in fact the boundaries of knowledge management and content management more and more light, we referred to as content management (CMS). KMWorld the selection criteria, not just look at the company’s innovation ability, market performance, financial condition, more fancy these companies attitude toward the product, the company must improve was attached to the product, and respect for customers. The following is a list of KMWorld 2008.