Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization should avoid these two mistakes

you know, love Shanghai pays great attention to the website authority, that is to say, the more authoritative website, more easy to get keywords ranking, this is the consensus. So, why are there so many people have in the fight against the Shanghai dragon, with so many authoritative websites, and there is still a chance? In addition to unremittingly efforts to make their website more authoritative, the possibility of opportunities exist where is


two, Jianwai chain anchor link

keyword ranking things!

chance, when I check the site outside the chain, left found previously in the A5 published the article "small website profit information product evaluation model" is part of the cervical vertebra health supplies chain text. It is foreseeable that this article is not only by the chain, gained the love of Shanghai Pro gaze, and text but collocation anchor link chain, and finally let love Shanghai trust this column and give a ranking. But, as we all know, love Overseas chain found is the pure text outside the chain, it is enough to love Shanghai for text value chain.

from the opposite side to prove the optimization, keywords, website more often than the column page to column page article pages more often than easy. So, especially when we are still small website, once a keyword is column page or web page in the front row, don’t hope to take a page to fight, even if the word index is very low. Because of you, usually for this keyword in the number of the chain, row up the chance is very small. Of course, if the row in front of the article page, then you according to your article page, dedicated for the chain, have a great chance to row up.

Although column

in fact, the more the big site, the less likely. So, after Sina, Sohu and other portals, with 39 healthy, with Youku Video etc.. That is to say, we can through the small website, use website to segment, and portal station channel confrontation with columns to the page with portal access against keyword ranking.

onlyThe author This

said that Shanghai dragon is very simple, eight words: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Is the core reason Shanghai dragon really so simple. Whenever you are, to win in the details, and today we want to talk about the details, is two little-known Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, especially love optimization in Shanghai. Understand and avoid these two mistakes, perhaps can let you Shanghai Longfeng work more effective, so you win in the details —


, a page against the website or

e different, cervical spondylosis, after 3 months of effort, has finally had a lot of keywords ranking. But I remain perplexed despite much thought is just the cervical column page health products won the "health cervical pillow" ranking, and other columns such as "the prevention of cervical spondylosis" than "cervical health care pillow" index words failed to get low ranking. Because of the author for the chain, each column is almost even keeled.

Google Shanghai Longfeng FAQ 2013 edition website Q&A (Shanghai Dragon & Web traffic ranking is blac

1, such as 贵族宝贝 inurl:forum& safe=strict; second. This type of search results, the emergence of a large number of words, should be how to deal with, in addition to the robot file handle, what

? ? ?

– A: usually noble baby will according to the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) and server address to determine the site of the target countries / regions. If the customer wants to put the.Cn domain to other countries and regions, you can use the location positioning tools webmaster tools, is located in particular countries / regions to inform the nobility baby website.

What a good way to find the entrance to

– if there is no certain criteria to modify the page content? Why do some time to update the content on the page (absolute and related:

– A: owners can refer to our search engine optimization help documentation https://support.贵族宝贝/webmasters/answer/35291 hl=zh-Hans, but the noble baby? Optimization for search engine, suggest the webmaster don’t hold the idea of instant success, is very easy to cause the site to be punished

– A: for the website was hacked, we in Webmaster tools has a new feature "security issues", if the noble baby found your site may have been hacked, will display the contents of the sample. The type of intrusion, etc.. If the webmaster has been aware of their noble baby before the site was black, then the best on your site investigation, deleted black content

Shanghai dragon introduced hummingbird algorithm

— English station optimization where to start


– A: first study if optimize the structure of the website, HTML tags, page layout, site navigation

: Q: Hello, I would like to ask a question, be changed to increase website malicious web site,

– A: hummingbird algorithm does not affect any white Shanghai dragon, his role is to understand the user and website better, high quality websites will get good rankings. So the webmaster should pay more attention to the quality of the website and user experience.

this kind of website

2, search engines crawl records is not record access sources, we find this kind of Web site internal generated is also very difficult, do you have

Q: how can we do

-.Cn domain name English station in贵族宝贝 can be discharged home baby aristocracy, a customer because brand needs to insist on using the.Cn domain name let me be ranked in the noble baby贵族宝贝


– question: in addition to this site content, how to get fast

Q: will B2C ?


Let the website with the search engine and the integration of user experience

The , thank you!

site was built in line with the search engine and meet user experience, then save for the content is to do to deal with. You want the user to stay, then you must be able to attract what he. Then the content is the best bait, as long as the content of your website, good enough capacity enough to produce the interaction between users, so even if you are half success.

first website optimization, should first consider the website source code, it is recommended that you have cleanliness to design with DIV+CSS. Another point is the use of the weight of the label, such as H, B, Meta tag tag tag description, each page should be clear. Let the user enter the site after the first one that your website is what, then tell the user what he can bring good or fun, then tell the user why you choose, finally is to find ways to retain the user, get them involved in the interactive.

Optimization of

you must remember the main content at the time of writing, must be left to be user vulnerabilities, don’t say what detail, quasi accurate, so your article even more wonderful can not produce explosive arguments. So the core contents must be clear and clear, the vague content must be vague, allowing users to understand the core, let users doubt, then your article on controversial.

first we should consider is the website design must conform to the standard search engine, but also need to meet the user experience. Then we will let users nod to our website, and not let the user nod shook his head, means that the site layout must be down in the end, do not be able to let the user shook his head to see, so that it can meet the standards of user experience.

site itself is the most important, both the layout and the content, finally all is for the purpose of profit, unless you are a public website. Otherwise you all the optimization work must stand on the user’s point of view, but also meet the standards of search engine at the same time.

this article belongs to cool movie network (贵族宝贝dyleku贵族宝贝/) are all welcome. Reproduced please indicate the source and author

many webmaster in optimize the time to the site, the site of the structure to get out of order, is standing in the perspective of search engine design, which leads to very poor user experience, the user viscosity is very poor. According to my previous experience, although such sites can get good rankings in search engines, but will lead to the site’s ranking floating is very large, search ranking unstable factors. Let me teach you how to solve this problem.


if you have any questions about my experience, welcome to correct me, as long as you say the reason I’m willing to accept, welcome to attack.

From pandering to refusal, why do entrepreneurs abandon the 90 whitewash labelAs a programmer for th

4 years ago today, I naively registered a company and tried to do something interesting. In the past 4 years, there have been several transitions, some dreams, and some hopes. I don’t know how exciting or difficult the road ahead is. I just know that I still have a team that works hard to admit defeat and a heart of blood." In June 6th, Yin Sang wrote in his circle of WeChat friends.

especially when he saw that, with their own shows and software development of Mike. Slade, and finally embarked on the management, created a large number of companies including ESPN, a good friend of Jobs, the kind of loss is inexplicable strong, has all of his original lust for comfort, not on the management annoyed. Is it a matter of technical management or continuing to be a programmer?

When the

in 1994, when I had the opportunity to choose a career direction, you can manage technology, you can continue to work as a programmer. I chose to be a programmer because the job was simpler. Today I realized how wrong my choice was, even though I had been involved in many great projects during my 20 years as a programmer. It would be a much better decision if you had chosen the chief technology officer, CIO, vice president of engineering.

The main reason is that the

titanium media note: This is a "one false move may lose the game" story. After 35 years of hard work, programmers realized that the power of programmers was too small. No matter how badly you write a program, it is hard for you to have the power to really change some failed products or failed projects.

is about 20 years ago, I was faced with the intersection of a life. At the time my second companies were going downhill, and we had developed a five year Deltagraph software project for a publisher client, because the other wanted to move to the burgeoning Internet world. I worked as a programmer for 13 years, and for 9 years or so, I was involved with management as a management company.

this article was compiled by titanium media from The Codist blog, Yue Heng / translator, Joyce/ editor.


two years later today, when the fairy tale opened the story is not so good chapter, people just suddenly realized, the original "90 entrepreneurs" is only capital and entrepreneurs in order to

"after 90 entrepreneurship" once became a perfect entrepreneurial story in the excellent situation of entrepreneurship and capital environment. "Genius boy", "overbearing president" and "business genius" seem to be everywhere.

Abstract: if you are a program monkey, you have the opportunity to choose your career direction, you can do technical management, you can continue to be a programmer, how would you choose

February 3, 2016 was a tough day for Yin Sang. When the distance from the Spring Festival a few days, everywhere exudes a reunion festive, but Yin Sang through internal mail announced the project shut down the news. "Writing that letter must have been painful, too, because I’ve been doing it for three or four years. I thought then, that would be a memorial service for myself." Yin Sang later recalled.

I don’t want to take care of these two jobs. Earlier, in 85 to 87 years, my first company not only developed a new electronic reporting software, but also got the software release. I led the company, interviewed by the media, maintained the relationship with investors, and the basic corporate affairs I did, while I was one of the 3 programmers and UI designers of the whole company. By the early 87, when I finally released the product, I was so nervous and excited that I finally got into the hospital. It’s overloaded work to do both leadership and programming at the same time.

I was too young, too naive, and even wrong at the time. Apple Corp returned after a year of Jobs’s return to the Internet Storm

from a certain point of view, it is more like a magnifying glass, young entrepreneurs are the unique characteristics of infinite zoom, become the focus of investors, such as earlier access to the mobile Internet, quickly receive and digest new information, thinking and not sticking to formalities flexible, well versed in the younger generation of new consumer demand. And when some of the entrepreneurs are negatively attached such as magic department stores, super curriculum, etc., this trait in turn becomes the biggest weapon of destruction and may lead to project failure fuse.

Yin Sang’s friend, also called at the time of 90 entrepreneurs face adorable CEO Guo column in the later when talking about the matter firmly to the Tencent said Yin Sang not because of this thing refers to the project shut down was not done, he will continue to start.

today announced the shutdown distance sing has been the past 5 months.

shut down unexpectedly not smooth financing. At that time, Yin sang has reached an agreement with an investment institution in terms, valuation and financing. Only the two sides signed on the investment agreement. Unexpectedly, investors to sing along with cash flow on the grounds of concern, decided to postpone investment, and that time, Yin sang has been confidently purchased a large number of hardware equipment, the remaining cash on the bill spent clean. "Later it turned out to be a judgment error".

that’s true. Now, along with the company, the company has reduced its workforce to more than 170 from the peak of 600, retaining only the core products, research and development, and designers, while continuing to seek financing while achieving profitability.

around 1995, I worked in the Gulf of San Francisco for a year, the latter half of which was at the Apple Corp. Apple Corp seemed to be going out of business at the moment. I didn’t want to see my favorite company fall apart, so I left for Dezhou.


Second-hand car electricity supplier I see (1) mainstream model inventory, profit space review

lead: This is car 101, founder Luan Xiaorui, "comment on used cars" third. Used car electric providers in the end what mode fly,



text / car 101 founder Luan Xiaorui

2015, second-hand car electricity supplier is still hot, this year, Baidu and Tencent have been in the used car electricity supplier in the field of heavy money. However, the second-hand car electricity supplier in the end what model reliable? Today we will take inventory of China’s used car electricity supplier several modes:


, an individual consumer, puts the car on the platform and sells it to the dealer. The model on behalf of the company has a good car safely, happy to help sell the car set treasure, and recently, the car is easy to shoot is also carried out for personal income car business, at the same time the new group purchase platform "car network" also set up second-hand car auction platform. C2B this model is not available in the North American and Japanese markets, and Europe has recently tried out a new start-up company. This mode belongs to China’s first model, why is the most mature North American market is not the model? Because the scattered Chinese car source, are held in the hands of consumers; and the North American market mechanism is the main source of car. The core of C2B is to provide individual consumers with a platform for bidding and selling cars to meet the demand of selling high prices. But is the consumer’s core demand selling high or selling fast? Selling fast in the country is clearly the first demand. So the problem of this model is self-evident, and it is difficult to set up as an independent business model.


, that is to help 4S shop wholesale car to the field of cattle and car manufacturers, on behalf of the company car easy to shoot and excellent letter shoot. B2B on the American model is the United States and John (Manheim) says, was established in 1945, the annual auction vehicle at around 10 million units, accounting for 25% of the entire second-hand car market, basically belongs to monopoly. Says the pattern is the mechanism car source upstream (car rental companies and car leasing company due to financial institutions handling vehicles, vehicles, government and company vehicle) auction to the lower reaches of the 4S shops and second-hand car dealer. The Chinese B2B auction is the purchase of the policy based on the pressure, to help the 4S shop second-hand car auction for foreign car dealers and cattle, upstream of the 4S shop, the downstream is remote cattle car business, model is completely different, so the supply of upstream source of Car Co., the first scale is hard to do, no profit second. At present, the volume of two shot together will not exceed 200 thousand units a year, not as much as 2.5% of the total used car market transactions.


helps car dealers sell their cars online to consumers. At present, the pure B2C electronic business platform has excellent letter group’s excellent letter used car, as well as second-hand car professional buyers platform, car 101". B2C is currently the mainstream model for used car retail transactions, but the pain is how low – cost, used car deals are cost – effective

Passion burns again

said to me very ashamed, access to the Internet has been for many years, but in the past ten years has been focused on the field of graphic design, to the establishment of the interest in the last 07 years is gradually mature, thanks to friends, then see a lot of paper was determined, especially figure of Comrade Wang, although not met with, but are confident that he is very promising, as can be seen from the started his strategic vision, can be seen from his insist he is a trustworthy person, I passed in April 30, 2007, he purchased the domain name and space, and the opening of my first website: display art network.

this is a professional website, because I think the design on the website is very much, a display design, display art website aims at creating a design field of market segments. Because usually busy work, the domain name space after the convenience of 51 days of the vacation to do a few pages, quickly passed up, I thought, and then use CMS to do a complete site, and then pass up.

I can’t do SEO. Fortunately, about half a month later, goolge and Baidu have included the art gallery. The day after I have used CMS to study many times, want to do a complete website, also pay attention to the site a few days, found that there are ten or twenty traffic sites each month, the heart anxi. But later, because of work and family reasons, really busy, the site just like that, and never asked.


between a year and soon, a year to rent a space will expire soon, so today to check the Internet, is also considering whether to do it anymore, don’t know, a look surprised, especially in the months of the end of last year, the monthly traffic has to more than 300 for me, this is a novice, it is actually really happy ah.

, that’s why I feel so ashamed. For nearly a year, I’m sorry about my website,


more importantly, the few pages on my website have not only never been updated, but also have poor content. I don’t believe we can go and have a look at them., it’s really rubbish.

today, I was ashamed, and re ignite passion and dream of my website, I not only do I display art network, also want to plan the new site project, because the unit opened a new strategic project last year, and his wife was pregnant, so work and family are too busy, not too busy working now. The baby is almost half years old, is to take some time.

then I’m going to find a space graph king continued, the display art network formally, and then apply for a new domain and new domain name space, what to do, for confidentiality, etc. make up, with all the sun.

Case study teach you how to design a movie director’s studio home page

1, final effect and PSD file


PS: because the file is relatively large, so I will design PSD source files placed in the flying fish sonar group shared file, welcome to download. Group number: 168083758

two, design requirements

creates a film director’s home page to reflect nostalgia and loneliness. No Logo, no pictures, all material collection.

three, design ideas and material

according to the design requirements, we can imagine a scene, a room with the pan old floor and mottled walls of the room, a director chair empty quiet in there, beside the chair stood in the film Mike and abandoned the film, also a leaning against the wall, quiet lying in the dark corner. A beam of light fell down from the top and landed on the chair and floor, making the whole atmosphere even more lonely. Based on this idea, we collect the following material to create this scene in our mind.



crack brush

director chair




film brush


related fonts (font, Xue Jun, pixel font)

four, create method

followed by specific implementation steps.

1, open Photoshop, create a shortcut Ctrl+N 960 pixels wide and 800 pixels high empty document, use the move tool (V) in the document on the left and right sides of the reference line is pulled out, and then select the image canvas size > command, in the dialog box will change the width to 1400 pixels, click determine. So we have a blank document with a width of 1400 pixels, 800 pixels high, and a reasonable reference line. Next, all of our designs are developed within these two reference lines, so it is important to create the reference lines in the first step. As shown in the following picture:


2, press the D key to adjust the foreground and background colors to default and the previous black and white States, and then use the Alt+Delete key to fill the layer with black. Using the file >, the insert command imports our already good floor material into the document to create the first element of the entire scene. Since the floor material file is very large and exceeds the size of the document, you’ll see that the placement command automatically adjusts the picture to the right size. In addition, this command also uses floor pictures as "smart >"

A grassroots plus fool’s webmaster self crit

  I can say that a fool type stationmaster, really is a fool, can not fool anymore.

  three months ago, I read a few articles at the stationmaster’s house and searched the information casually. Think you really are what have learned, understand everything.

thought it was as easy as Taobao to do web site, and made a program in the background, just to find some code to paste it up and find a picture to send it. Hey, when thinking of very light grin, think so can earn 1000 yuan per day. Not long before it can be wanyuanhu mechanism.

results, in this way, registered space, bought rice. Everything has been done well, and the application for the record has been filled in. However, because of other reasons not to do so, so a waste of more than two months, finally at the end of November to keep up, but the problem came again. What exactly is HTML? What is CSS?. No, I have to find a tutorial, study, and learn.

 , but I’m a impatient man. I’m tired of learning to learn. You can not give up, but had experienced   a lot of difficulties and finally persuaded the family to let me do, now I did not give up the face to see their ` ` ` I think, I really do not know how to is good. Learn slowly and impatient.

 . At this point, I happened to find something called CMS.. Hey, I thought the saved. So, again on the side of the rich dream, while downloading, DEDECMS, installation.. Too bad! And will not install, and like a headless ants everywhere hit, hit the forum, hit Baidu know. But there is no way out. A nice drop of MM was known to me, and she was learning to stand as well, DEDECMS. These days, the local installation less a few detours (here I want to thank the MM)… After the problem can be said to be countless ah, what is the template (we do not know, do not laugh at me, I really was a rookie besides typing what would not) really, but I had to add an advertising system to delete and delete. Hey hey, I just look at what, like what on the hand, no big deal, delete the reload.

so it was difficult to finally do like a website, then that happy. It’s impossible to say.

who knows, the problem is coming again. I wouldn’t have passed the station to space. (I used to have local). It’s hard to do. I can’t help but ask the technician of the space business. My people are not what advantages, is thick skinned, so look for some of the West and the East, and now finally stand ready!!

well, there are lots of interesting stories, and now we don’t have to. And then have the opportunity to write slowly, to share with you.

Grassroots webmaster talk about website ranking, SEO optimization (on) traffic chapter

to have traffic, you have to understand the optimization, SEO optimization, many people say, here I say their experience, the following directly into the topic:

1, TITLE Title Optimization


page < title> < /title> part is very important, many SEO all know, Google will give priority to match text, so a lot of websites crazy here to write a bunch of keys, hoping to increase the probability of search.

doing this is a little smart, too, and I think TITLE Title Keyword repetition rate control in less than three, is conducive to ranking and optimization, auxiliary language excluded.


part of the head of the page optimization

< refers to the head of the page code; head> < /head> part of a specific point is < meta> the Description (description) and Keywords (key) "the two part, this part is the SEO are relatively took place, a lot of theory! Summed up is:


1 and the "description" section should write a text describing your web site in nearly descriptive language. In this case, you should repeat the features of your site appropriately to highlight, such as:

< meta content=" keyword Station – this station is on keyword, keyword related content analysis of professional SEO station, please always pay attention to keyword station " >


2, the "keyword" part is very simple, you only need to list here you think fit, to highlight the content of the web site keywords can, not too much, 10 8, more than it is, the search engine will only browse the front few, the rest are waves fee. But one thing we should understand that the major search engines are now no longer rely on the < meta> the key, therefore, this part we just think of little significance, regular course of official duties "person, but it is better than No. And the choice of keywords is also a learning, specific can refer to online related articles.

some have to optimize the words in the key words, but also in the description, may not in the title, but as long as the correlation degree, you can have a good ranking.


link optimization

search engine why can index the world’s website, because each search engine program has a program of intelligent robot automatic "crawl" on the Internet, this robot is along the links between websites around the world, so we should set this to create a good channel for it – crawling reasonable link.

what links are reasonable? Just keep in mind the following points:


Lin Haoming tells you how local communities shape permanent residents

recently did not share the Lin Haoming on local community portal operation knowledge, webmaster to the local portal operator knowledge is very interested, "Lin Haoming the day before yesterday so I take you through the local community portal portal" and wrote yesterday "Lin Haoming told several important principles" in your community forum set to get many webmaster comments AC. Today, Lin Haoming also writes about local operations. Hope that through the blog article can help to more want to come to consult the operation of the webmaster. As a community, we are most afraid to see the cold side, and do so much to pay, but did not achieve the desired effect. We all know that there are members on behalf of the popularity, there are members of the post volume. But we should how to control the situation, do not let it cool. A community starts looking for new members, and digs out the members to find ways to retain them and find ways to make them permanent residents of your community. Finally, to create active members, because the atmosphere, popularity, flow, is brought to us by members.

how do members dig


member mining, perhaps many webmasters have different views, because there are many ways, your success represents your method desirable. But we are a new generation of webmaster, no longer years route, there are concerned about my blog webmaster also know. I participated in the "Guangdong Province, the second session of the conference of the Internet" back expressed feelings, which mentioned the Guangzhou Panyu community advocate for stationmaster years member, he spent 10 years in exchange for his website today’s success, 10 years ago, Baidu and Tencent is just beginning, I will not say with the contents inside, you see me before the published article will understand. Today, Lin Haoming to tell you is:

, established 1 potential customers

this is actually our website positioning, because the community is suitable for non mainstream users, there are suitable for young people, there are also suitable for middle-aged and so on. First of all, you must decide which community your community is on for that type of user, and secondly, you’ll also need to analyze how small your community services are to your potential community. As in some places, the economy is a bit backward, a small majority of young people go out to work, a small part of the city to further study, and some are network insulators. This shows that your community is not suitable for young people’s community, because your customer base has gone out.

2, content brings user attention and empathy,

content is the most important, there are stations, local community leaders also know. The local community from the main keyword flow is very small, you plan more than a small city, then the number of Internet users in the small city, can search this word count a day doing small. Within 30 thousand, a few hundred. At this time, we need to put the mind on the content, and show us soft ability, long tail keywords optimization skills. There are a series of users to bring to their forums.

prevents loss of membership

as the volume of community registration increases, so does the turnover of members