How to write the content of the website according to the statistical data quality

from figure three we can see clearly the website each page views and each page of the list. According to the page number of URL we can carry on detailed analysis to every page, >


(Figure 1)

first, according to the Statistics website industry and final code background statistics articles a week click on the list of data to analyze the audience love content, according to the analysis of these statistics in the website content editing process can focus on this aspect.


(Figure three)

Must we all love to see the


as shown in Figure two, you can see a list of the week and each of the independent IP access number at a glance. From here we can see the number of independent IP each article brings, can be used as an important reference for traffic volume. Can also be seen in a week in those more popular audience favorite content. With a map than long period, larger reference value. Finally, we can also carry out the content analysis through third party tools to the statistical data. For example, the webmaster friends every day in the CNZZ traffic statistics tool for. Now I give you cut a figure:

we have seen in the first picture browsing data behind it, that is to install traffic statistics in the statistical code behind each article. According to the views of the data can be seen in popularity. As the one of the important data editors can reference this data.

if the site structure like a skeleton, then the content of the website would be the soul. An excellent website, in addition to the web architecture layout good, whether this is the core of the core contents provided by the website has great value to spread. Now many sites have a large number of spam messages to the audience, not only to the good meaning of transfer and even some also to cause some negative effects.

page is beautiful and the site quality content website. This website not only the layout and website content dissemination of great value to the audience. In the website optimization and friends website promotion, A5 net and the owners of the home network must have many webmaster friends every day to see the vast amounts of information to visitors are spread useful information, not only can reference the experience of others, but also inspired from these contents.

today is to talk about how to write good content, to analyze from three aspects:

(Figure two)

is followed by a week of the website backstage statistical charts, we can see this in figure

so what to see how the views of the people, to cut a figure:

The importance of some of the details of the master of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon worker, before I self judgment that should be as long as the direction grasp the details, really do not need to spend too much time to study it. With the accumulation of work experience, more and more find that about Shanghai Longfeng details of things, the more the more in-depth harvest of things, don’t just stay on the surface, only superficial.

according to the examples above, we can simply summarize such a truth, when an industry you are in, you must know that in this industry the most basic things, yes, this is the basis of. As e-commerce (Electronic Commerce), if you engage in electronic commerce, so you even the most basic EC do not know what the words mean, even if your technology regressed, sometimes beat you is simply a tiny detail.

I just remember to enter an Internet company, in an interview in Shanghai Longfeng supervisor when the interviewer asked: do you take the Shanghai dragon spelling what write down. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is the "search engine optimization" referred to, but the specific representative of what is called search engine optimization, why do you know love, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon refers to "Search Engine Optimization". But I believe that most of the Shanghai dragon even practitioners of "S" and "E" can quickly understand and spell, but for the word "Optimization" I am sure that most are not complete written.

most of the time, and not all industry people must put details get so crystal clear, unless it is specified in a group of industry practitioners. For example, if you do Shanghai Longfeng a certain stage, promoted to supervisor, manager of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, especially when Shanghai dragon trainer. When you stand on the podium, the first class, you need to write down the specific meaning of Shanghai dragon "on the blackboard, you can not write, funny? Maybe this thing, be used only for the first time we gave lectures, but this is something you must master. Because your deep role is you must know how to. Of course, if you are a chain of the Commissioner, so don’t know is no relationship.

is today to mention about Shanghai Longfeng details, because recently in the company and colleagues discuss several Shanghai Longfeng details, technology department colleagues joked, you such discussions are very interesting and strange ah. Specifically about what the situation was, remember that the discussion is why a small icon in the ICO website will love Shanghai in search results. In fact, I think it is necessary to discuss this, why do you say, because as a professional Shanghai dragon, if your boss ask yourself what time can have the website logo, or website to achieve what kind of scale can be displayed. "

The rapid increase of the chain website using the function of sharing cheats

6, power by discuz


5, inurl:do.php? Ac= " password " again;

the above instructions not entirely useful, but should still have a certain effect. Find out in line with the conditions of the forum and then organize, best to build a XLS form, these are voluntary, after all can be used.

two, the children are interested in looking for

, a website to find out conditions

here I was honored now a member of the team or wings, very honored to the feather teacher can give a learning opportunity like this, this nonsense is not much to say, directly into the subject. The importance of the site outside the chain is not the author to emphasize, I believe we all understand. The children often bubble forum will find a lot of people in the forum to increase the chain and troubles, they don’t know how the rapid increase of the chain, the chain is what kind of high quality. At first I was very confused, so that you feel at the moment. Our team in the practical optimization, teachers specially pointed out to us the chain content in this area, the author here to share with you, we want to help, if there is a better way, but also hope that.


2, inurl:space-home.html

is not registered;

1, inurl:space.php do=top

4, inurl:do.php? Ac= " "


we love Shanghai in search forum. These forums, although many are using discuz, but there are still not many, we find that one of the words, heavy workload and trouble, then we should be how to quickly find the target forum, here I want to borrow the successful team members. Using some search instructions here need these instructions, we should not be unfamiliar.


forum is now like a raging fire, various forums a lot, but most of the forum is with the discuz program, careful people may find in a lot of forum members who have personal space, personal space in a shared section, many people may have used, but is not specifically to study, in fact I also like. Until the teacher told us, I know. Here we can use up, the number of each forum, a forum to share the use of both, then the number of our chain is quite powerful. Many people may say that the heavy workload, difficult to complete, I want to say here is the need for execution. Believe that the webmaster of this problem should not. Then the author introduces the steps.

3, inurl:space.php uid

said these many a person to do work.

The 25 day of the new site Wangzhuan experienceShao Jingjiang analyze the business models of adverti

cheating and anti cheating

to draw more owners to join, union must pay higher commissions, which means that their alliance profits will be more and more low, finally forced the league only through the deduction amount to interest, although it is not on the table to get the operation, but for now it is the most feasible means of alliance at present, it has become an unspoken rule of alliance. Everyone in the line knows that it’s just a little more than a deduction, and if any League says it never stops, do you believe


was established at first, sh419 is not included, in accordance with the content is king, adhere to the principle of updating, I have been sending articles every day. After half a month, in April 5th, suddenly included 45 articles, and finally happy. We have a selection of women’s team, is the clothing to have features, or monthly sales of hundreds of thousands, or to the store on the short end of a single foreign trade. As a result of good positioning, posted items began to have commission income, only in April 9th to sell 16 pieces a day, I am pleased. Adhere to update today, the amount of sh419’s collection is also very quickly reached 98. Compared to many master to convert what, and I’m a rookie do so, he has more satisfied.



began to do shellfish cool, because first know the Taobao customers, this help Taobao King treasurer recommended commodity earn commission model attractive. In March 20th the site set up, using the Digg PBdigg program, specifically from the online screening sales or the end of a single foreign trade of Korean women.

do stand for 25 days at the admin5 to master learned a lot of things every day to see the new article, in Admin5 and then to find the PR value high site exchange Links, optimize and update the site keyword density. I believe in a few months, traffic will be greatly improved. With the shlf1314 advertising revenue, there will be more and more income.

Union has a strong customer service team and customer service for the alliance, the real work is a salesman, in the start-up period, customers need every day plus a number of these webmaster webmaster to join, but also to different vendors to negotiate advertising alliance cooperation. In the late stage is the daily K webmaster account number, buckle Adsense money, and at the same time appease webmaster said they are innocent. At the same time, we must ensure that the relationship with the manufacturers to ensure that cooperation can continue.

customer service

the last alliance to ensure their own profits in the last line of defense is through some bad practices in general user code sneaking plugin or dark shells is not easy to be found some illegal means to get a lot of profit. Of course, these aspects of the alliance would be in Shajiquluan, others found a time when the door is the union.



League has a short survival period, perhaps in a few months, after a large advertiser has finished advertising


plugin, dark bomb,

has been an alliance before, and has worked in an alliance. So there’s some understanding of advertising associations. The most common pattern is to go to the Internet to collect some of the remaining advertising and traffic, mainly for personal websites and small and medium-sized enterprise website, these websites because there is no strong flow and profitable brands want to difficult! So there is such demand, they need to find a very low threshold, quick income business model however, advertising is a positive response to the demand! They have tens of thousands of individual website advertising collected and traffic channel total these resources are those ads with large manufacturers! And then distributed to these small stations to do with the difference of profit. Of course, this is only a manifestation of the situation, the real project is still very deep water,

because of the interest driven, there are always those who want to own a group of little smart to get more advertising, so that some webmaster alliance will move crooked brains, find some loopholes in the system, operated by means of cheating. But advertising is not a fool, they want to do this project must have some means to identify these cheating stationmaster, otherwise closed long ago! Therefore, alliance will continue to upgrade the development of anti cheating function, and dare to try to keep more powerful cheating off the hands, which became a permanent game a webmaster alliance with

Save network let save into every household

              thrift is an ancient topic, but also a worldwide topic. The world, whether developed or developing countries, all in the waste, save to save human homes mentioned height. In this atmosphere, Jilin Province, there is a group of "little people", feel from the daily basic necessities of life to "waste everywhere" in reality, study and work summed up the "everything can be saved" the truth, then founded the germination of a "save" concept, as echo on the strategy of governing the country from the national leadership put forward, make oneself become a practice thrift walker, become for the construction of a conservation oriented Society for pawns across the river.    

Novice webmaster site three months a little feeling

is a new station owner. I just set up my first small station this year. I would like to say something about the past few months.

at the end of last year, snow storm everyone knows, it should be this reason, failed to get married, so there is the idea of doing a web site, after finding the right source program, it started building.

I found a 2 open source program to do a stock information station, and is not very good, but I saw the group function in the program, so that I can build a system similar to shares, such as is the beginning of modification in this program is based on the entire station layout, structure, all according to their own needs to be revised. The general novice love directly applied to other procedures, don’t even change a little bit, I think that no features, imagine someone with such a long program, you now take over with, the effect is not so ideal. I think we should establish some distinctive things according to their own ideas, not to say beyond the old station, but when people visit the website to see the novel or the characteristics of things. Chinese in order to build the socialist China, we need to have their own website construction .

modify the program, this is not very difficult, but a little bit of trouble, I know a little bit of ASP, HTML is still familiar with, modify the time is still smooth, almost finished the year, the program is also done. So began uploading, opening.

this place, I think I made a serious mistake, is the new sites put up there is no data, but later added, resulting in a very long time to Baidu not interested. So, when the establishment of the new sites is best to fill a certain amount of data on the inside as well. Now most of the station with the acquisition, so the first to collect data, and then the opening should effect will be good. I opened after the data collection, do not know the reason, after the first time Baidu included more than 500 pages, but soon cut into more than 40 pages, for a long time to stay in the figures, let me very depressed.

During the period of

was pulled out of the hair, I stop using the acquisition, human began to add data, so people do not live ah, very tired, very hard. But after struggling for a long time, finally included Baidu began a weekly update delivered from oppression, and I also saw hope, otherwise I could not insist quickly is coming at a good time.

from the station to now have more than 3 months, during the wave folding very difficult, I want to give up, but also to the old webmaster asked, here also thanks to my help one of the old webmaster, they encourage me to survive, although net station traffic is not high, but the trend is very good, increasing every day, these are my motivation, let me continue to stick to it.

writing is not good, written in a bit confused, the theme is to think of the same as me and the rookie station, said: "build their own characteristics of the station, and stick to it, we can also do very well.". >

Eight kinds of common anti cheat technology in online advertisement

1, IP prevent cheating

general billing method is in accordance with the only IP within 24 hours, you can each IP into the database, the next access IP and the database already exists IP, at the same time, it is not billing. Now the Internet is generally dynamic IP, cheats through the dial-up device offline to achieve change IP address, you can through the C section IP to identify, such as a large number of 218.175.11.x, the same C section of the IP number, you may cheat. Can be submitted by IP encryption, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record storage, you can put an end to the use of analog data submitted to cheating.

2, COOKIES prevent cheating

when you visit a page, COOKIE will record, and when you visit the page next time, and submit a same COOKIES parameter, you can judge repeated non charging. The flaw in this approach is that it is easy to change physical information for cheating, such as clearing COOKIES through the INTERNET option.

3, click rate online settings

average rate from 99 years in 5% dropped to less than 1%, of course, there is still the need to cross rate of object oriented and visitors to the page advertising, the higher the correlation said the page and advertising more, click rate is high. The rich media ads in 2% to 5%, 0.1% to 1% in the general picture, and picture of creativity, can be set when the click rate exceeds a certain percentage may cheat. The most common way to improve click rate is to simulate WINDOWS system prompts, analog closing buttons, and seductive pictures of beautiful women’s passion.

4, combine ALEXA data to prevent cheating


ALEXA is not a standard, but it is an excellent reference tool, when a ALEXA value is very large site has done a very high amount of clicks, there will be doubts, traffic come from?


5, source statistics to prevent cheating

1, record the click of the antecedents of the page, that is, advertising placement page address, you can manually check whether the ad placement is correct, check whether there is a guide next to bad statements. 2, record antecedents placing advertisement page, each site search engine always occupy a large proportion of antecedents, if not the antecedents of the page, this page can determine the flow of non connection flow, can be obtained by two ways, a browser, direct access or access favorites; no antecedents statistics two, pop traffic. There may be a popular pop rogue plug-ins. In this way, you can also find the final page where some Adsense put the advertising code in IFRAME.

6 prevents cheating by unique arguments

network card, MAC physical address and serial number of hard disk, generate machine code through this kind of software and hardware information. In this way >

In the development of the Internet under the influence of marketing is how to go

in the high-end market diversification development today, we can clearly see that in the development of the logistics network, and the progress of science and technology and the change of marketing and innovation, the market environment shows the trend of competition. Many enterprises are facing the pressure of expanding market sales, seeking new growth point, so that marketing presents new trends. Today I write about these changes in the marketing planning industry.

one, marketing center of gravity down and planning change

in the market competition continues to intensify, marketing costs of course also follow the rise, but the profit is also in the network and price war slowly diluted. One or two stage of the market sales growth trend is slow, so many enterprises in order to avoid the one or two cities competition pressure, looking for new growth point of sale, so the focus of marketing channels moved down to three or four cities. At the same time, in the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has become a trend. And this trend, many other enterprises will also pay attention to here. And this kind of marketing channel is a kind of new marketing channel, and it also needs the support of planning ideas and skills. If you do not make changes in the planning, or the same as traditional marketing planning ideas, then there will be no new breakthroughs in sales performance.

when an enterprise in marketing channels and planning ideas have changed, then marketing management must also be changed. When the marketing channel of the center of gravity to the three or four level city, and pay attention to network marketing, the management must be classified as distributors marketing management system, in the operation of the market, promotion policy, publicity and other series of marketing work start focusing on the three or four secondary market supply and management. At the same time, we should have independent management and operation mode in network marketing.

two, marketing channel refining and specialization

in order to obtain more market share and seize a larger market, many enterprises have refined and specialized marketing channels. In the increasingly complex social division of labor, the marketing channel needs to be refined and specialized. If it is the case in marketing agents, dealers, and the terminal processing have to figure out a good, clear frame. For network marketing, how to refine and specialization? First of all have to clear the industry, this is a big problem, can not digress, irrelevant, no good. For example, the law of the net is a special legal website. Then, in the refinement above is divided into many kinds of laws and regulations, as to how to refine, the author will not say more, interested can understand. Finally, what we should say is specialization. In the field of specialization, the law of the net is invited by some lawyers to answer for some people who want to consult some laws. In this way, it is more trustworthy and more professional. Is a more successful website in network marketing. As for how the site is successful, the author is not specific because today’s focus is not here.

three, marketing regionalization and product items series >

How does the Yongzhou talent net work out

these two years, with the talent network springing up, I saw the talent network prospects, through the talent network industry for many years experience, in September 2009, decided to set up their own home talent network. At the same time also want to seize opportunities for the home and make a little contribution! In order to distinguish and talent network the same name, I will site himself as a network of excellence, decided to start from the brand awareness! With the Yongzhou network of excellence across the board on the line, I hope, in the local network recruitment industry and is not very familiar with the situation of investment in TV a large number of advertisements, the advertising to under the wanton Yongzhou talent nets brand will quickly on red, but did not think that the network awareness of mainland enterprises relative to said coastal city is too large, they are a skeptical attitude to complete online recruitment, even some companies say that we are liars on the other hand, with the advantage of resources in the official Yongzhou talent network and on-line operation, which brings huge impact to the newly founded Yongzhou network of excellence, accompanied by huge advertising investment After the low return rate and strong competition pressure, at this time I almost to despair when the moment the company financial accounts was the most serious and even a penny, the company’s sales personnel of normal wages are difficult to maintain, Yongzhou talent nets can develop today completely rely on everyone’s solidarity and hope for the future. Here, I would like to thank all the staff who have come with me and say thank you to them,

the second half of 2009, the company timely adjustment of marketing strategy, for business users, we had invested in advertising costs spent for enterprise recruitment and selection of talent recruitment effect, 100% of enterprises that in any talents intermediary advertising are not important to the recruitment effect, we let the customer experience just to the effects of network recruitment and our service, for individual users, we use low cost propaganda posters, campus activities, sponsorship, and registration of individual members to send gifts activities related to the collection of personal meaning member, the first member of the sincere service.

in 2010, after more than a year of time to explore, Yongzhou low-cost mode of operation and effect of enterprise recruitment 100% guaranteed by the network of excellence, Yongzhou talent net market share far more than the Yongzhou market similar recruitment company, Yongzhou talent nets have accounted for the recruitment of the intermediary industry market share of 45%, to become the first brand of Yongzhou talent intermediary. With preferential prices, high-quality services, 0746YC these words firmly occupy the Yongzhou region’s large and medium-sized enterprises HR heart. With the Yongzhou network of excellence brand, some of the original was not related to IT industry, traditional industry bosses also had a great interest in our website, a group of company executives in Yongzhou had we promised willing to spend 50 thousand to buy Yongzhou talent nets. In fact, this is a huge network of excellence in Yongzhou * *, although in recent years the rapid development, but the profit is mainly used for promotion on the company’s actual and not what money after reflection we resolutely refused the boss’s intention to purchase. The development of Yongzhou talent network in recent years

Garbage space business to life advice, small and medium-sized webmaster

has been doing it for years, never so angry today, for the reasons below. Please also ask the brothers in the street to be patient and read it and remember my advice to you.

When the

in April, the website of a Motorola mobile phone (, was due to lack of server bandwidth, virtual host to buy a space of 300M+100MMYSQL, the reason is the scope of this station is too small, also with not too big space.

May Baidu began to include the station from the beginning of the starting point is not to rape engine to bring skyrocketing traffic, therefore, did not do any optimization and cheating, only in accordance with the conventional written title and introduction.

June, relevant keywords began to gradually rise, Motorola mobile phone, Motorola, Motorola and other words have very good rankings, because the relevant site traffic is not great, but in the two months to the first page, is a very gratifying thing.

July, on GG advertising, although the income is not much, but after looking down this station the cost is more than sufficient, then the nightmare begins, the website in July after the open, keywords began to drop right, then, in the case of unknown cause and gradually restore stability.


site in August because of illegal websites during the recovery, a space provider’s server, is a 5 IP, after the replacement of a IP, because the uninterrupted updates are restored weight. Just recovered, nightmare began again, space providers in the case of not asked, put a few not record site, resulting in broken network processing. Then, the server was sent to Jiangsu, Taizhou, and announced the new IP, after I referred to the domain name to the new IP a day later, and told the server was sent to Xuzhou, re replaced the IP. Yesterday, the site has just been able to access, from the network was broken to the present, has been 4 days. Today, the site is cleared by Baidu.


wants to say: brothers, what you need to do is to be a stable environment. If it’s like my experience, then you can’t do a good website any time. I advise you, would rather spend some money, but also to buy a stable server, with service on the IDC, do not lose the greater.

finally told: Baidu search team, my station did not cheat, the server can not open, not my reason, you can see, under the fair review, I was restored.