Share some experience of their sex in Shanghai Library

he supports upload, download and support integration, manual review, but there are a lot of malpractice is not online watch, people can only see is a document, no preview and watch online download function, this can intuitively see who is not their own need to document, so interest rate will be more and more less, if this function is not added, I estimate will be a failure of the product.

4. library space as long as possible, just like in life is a library, but the library book without an article? At least, not online entity, but has been said to be the library, let you upload something like a book.

by original every day new, previously on document sharing platform only love Shanghai library and Douding nets better, there is a 360doc, the other may have it, but I also went to the horizon, recently received an optimization promotion list, do promotion when found the Sina also has a document platform, friends inside this platform like or little-known, why? Then I upload a document almost know what.

these 2. things are not necessarily your "authentic", such as I have collected some Taobao promotion skills, I do not write, I just take what summed up into the document, it is crazy reproduced a lot, called "Taobao promotion skills 100 apple not tore you can arrange" love Shanghai look at the effect, which is to seize the needs of everyone.

3. the chain not too much, the typesetting must be neat. Otherwise, the personnel will see that your advertising is not to say that, can not pass, or by reducing chances.

these 1. things really let a person look is useful, because the audit is also the ordinary people, can deceive you can in his side through basic.

say my simple use of the library, had only heard of this thing is the library can play a promotion role, is the most effective tutorial, add your website or brand name, formed the communication effect and ultimately enhance the brand effect, is in the process that the original tutorial links will become the high quality of the chain, so whether it is black hat white ash cap began to promote the use of this path, with some in a horrible mess of garbage, love Shanghai supervision is more and more strict, how can it? I summarize a few points:


first wrote here, but know the quality of the chain of love Shanghai library is very high, but I haven’t tested them, we can try to Kazakhstan, oh the green outfit marketing members of apple please keep the original starting 贵族宝贝28sem贵族宝贝/blog/rumen/1022.html

In the love of Shanghai blog included test

this simple test.


then take a look at my statistics! Love Shanghai after the update, the previously released blog stand ninety percent included is cleared, only a few accounts, there are a few papers, several anchor text content is still included with low quality content. Take these and included in the account, enable the same number of new love Shanghai account, daily published 8 essay collection content and anchor text. The old and new account account each side 4, a week later, all the contents of the old account is deleted, the new account number eighty percent was included in Monday, Tuesday. Don’t be happy, is just the beginning, after Wednesday not included. In second weeks, or Monday and Tuesday are included, and included rate is very high, including Thursday query included, last week, that included twenty percent of the content to be filtered out. There have been a week, and now all been filtered. Similarly, I also tested the form of link to reprint the same effect.

in the optimization of the anchor text search engine, there are many methods, such as: blog, forum, favorites, exchange platform etc.. I believe these methods all know, and for some good webmaster, know more, just like the blog can be said to be a method of anchor text in the most simple and most effective release. The next step is to link the forum issued, this method is more trouble for the novice, because most of the new Adsense to directly publish signature links, or be deleted, or banned. And I want to favorites, for the novice to know this method is very small. The latter approach is not to say, the first list of the three methods.

love the search engine, now let us do the domestic webmaster for both love and hate. This love is helpless! Who love Shanghai is the largest search engine, this hate, as long as the owners, we have the unified thought, this not much said.

believe that the novice webmaster and old webmaster including me, in love before Shanghai did not update, is love method blog anchor text, because the publication is simple, and included also quickly, especially love Shanghai’s own blog, the effect is the best. But you put all the anchor text into the blog, so in this love Shanghai update, you have the cup.

for the love of Shanghai update, I think most of the webmaster will be affected. My website is not much change, but I found my anchor text has shrunk dramatically, do not know the anchor text of your site is not affected? I often see some small sites included in the forum overnight to zero. To send so many of the anchor text, anchor text cleared overnight. Hey! Let the webmaster in hekan feeling


my site although not affected too much, but I still love Shanghai for later update anchor text this piece to do a simple analysis. Share here, deficiencies in the hope that a lot of advice.

Talk about how to get big traffic to do SkyDrive download moneyThe concept of Web site traffic stati

1, select easy to upload, easy to download, relatively high price of SkyDrive. It’s fundamental to making quick money.

3, released every day seed file, early test a week a week to see how much profit, if beyond the ordinary Wangzhuan can continue to do that.


Chengren forum to know very popular fire, the daily traffic in the tens or even hundreds of thousands or more, the posts, there are a lot of people to download your file, but your file must be enough to attract top Langyou title, enough temptation, pictures are exciting, as long as your seed is not the kind of people see the old things, then there will be a lot of people to download. At the same time, a lot of new posts as long as one, not only in this forum will be downloaded, and reproduced by many netizens to other forums, such unconscious on the formation of a viral marketing promotion effect. Therefore, the current SkyDrive download money is basically seen in the Chengren forum post to get a lot of traffic, this post will not be moderators to delete, and the moderator will thank you for posting. If your post is good enough, moderator to your desktop, the traffic is rushing to. In this way, the dollar will soon make money.

OK, we can try, specifically what SkyDrive download can make money, you can sh419, a lot of, comprehensive comparison, select a few good SkyDrive try it. This article by the Qingdao Wedding Network http:/>

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

4, making a simple and easy to download graphics and tutorials, because many people will not be similar to foreign SkyDrive download, so we have to teach you how to download.

recently discovered SkyDrive download more fire to make money, compared to traditional Wangzhuan, like the registration task, voting class, class Wangzhuan Wangzhuan hook and so on, SkyDrive seems to download money faster, also more simple. SkyDrive relies heavily on large traffic to download money, which is more common in some foreign SkyDrive, where users download just one file and usually make subscribers earn 0.0001 or 0.001 dollars. But this is US dollars, which is always worth more than rmb. Which is the key to get the download SkyDrive money flow, in fact, careful if you often hang out in the Chengren forum would you should see some pictures or video download address, the address point in general to stay for a few seconds or a few minutes, and then enter the verification code, it is different from the usual when we download files directly you can download. Like these files, as long as we downloaded, the users of the upload file is profitable, he earned $0.0001, so accumulated. Maybe you think the price is too low. Can you make a profit? But personally think it should be good. Why?

2, upload seeds new enough, title attractive enough to induce more users to download your seed, which is the key to maximum traffic.

website traffic statistics basic meaning:

?? website traffic statistics, refers to the relevant indexes of website access statistics, website traffic statistical indicators commonly used include three categories: 1 independent website traffic index, the number of users, as in certain statistical period the total number of users to the web site, web browsing, the number of each user the number of page views; 2 user behavior indicators, such as user search source website, user’s engine and keywords, at different times of the traffic situation; 3 the user to browse the site, such as the name of Internet users, the user’s browser type and version, the visitor computer resolution display mode.

?? the basic meaning of website access analysis:

?? the website access analysis sometimes use "traffic analysis", "traffic statistical analysis", "website statistical analysis" and other similar concepts, refers to the condition of obtaining basic data of the website traffic statistics, related data statistics and analysis, found that users visit web site from the law, and combine these rules and network marketing strategy, so as to find out the possible problems of the current network marketing activities, and provide the basis for further modification or re enactment of network marketing strategy.

?? thus, site traffic statistical analysis and site visit different levels belong to the same problem, their contents are different, also determines the form and means are different, accordingly, the network marketing management functions are not the same.

?? why should discuss the statistics and analysis of website traffic difference

?? on site traffic statistical analysis of value, the new competitiveness of a number of articles involved in the report on the network marketing program, such as the analysis of site traffic statistics analysis of online store management, online store value method to improve customer loyalty, the website traffic statistics value has not been fully aware of the enterprise management personnel. FAQ and statistical analysis report on the website, also focuses on the analysis of the website traffic statistics function.

?? on a number of foreign research institutions have confirmed the site traffic statistical analysis for the effect of network marketing value, but in the network marketing management practice, statistical analysis to access the site is far from the role play. According to the new understanding of competitiveness on the part of the web, and even some several years of operating history and a certain scale of the website also rarely benefit from site traffic statistical analysis, some sites even never visit the website for data analysis, more sites are just to see changes in traffic, or at best a general idea about the visitor the sources, such as through the search engine has brought the number of users, and users mainly use the keyword search and what came to the site etc..

The actual

SkyDrive download money making advice:

Analysis of the use of QQ mailbox name

follows is a direct access to the use of theme:

domain name mailbox is a personalized service provided by QQ mailbox. If you have a domain name, you can use your own domain name as the mailbox suffix. You can also choose your account name and mailbox LOGO more freely.


domain name mailbox is a personalized mail service launched by Tencent Inc. If you have a domain name, you simply can create a mailbox with your domain name as a mailbox suffix simply by setting up. It includes the following features:

custom account names and mailbox logo

you create the domain name mailbox account name can be arbitrarily designated, do not worry about the favorite user name was registered. Even the logo of the mailbox can be changed at will.


has as many as 10 mailboxes under the same domain name

When the

domain mailbox is created, you can create multiple accounts with the same domain name and send them to your QQ friend.


group function

groups the accounts in your domain name mailbox so that bulk mail is more convenient.


successfully set up the application after the mailbox landing interface is like this:


looks at the real, not processed interface:

is the home page of the mailbox management:


now estimates that there will be more and more owners do not need to spend money can also be used on the high quality of the mailbox, so Tencent are willing to and very much hope to see the effect of QQ viscosity higher, use and click will be more stable, when the number of Internet users China 800 million, what you say is that he is not a network the Big Mac


said that no good cheap goods, the Tencent to rewrite this sentence, free to get good goods! Happy friends, we began to experience, began to use it on QQ, rest assured, rest assured of my current QQ QQ mailbox, mailbox is already 32G. Super capacity!


The harvest of value behind one profit an experience from 500 to 600 of ad cost

as webmaster of us, every day must do three things: use site command check included, check website keywords ranking, check advertising alliance income.

as webmaster of us, every day the most painful three things: included reduced, keywords ranking dropped, the League seal off my account.

these, for our grassroots webmaster is the most common thing, we in addition to efforts, can only passively accept the results. For this reason, I once worried, anxious, looking at some grassroots webmaster success, thinking about why not me?. Looking at their own website built, thinking about why not make money?.

in the beginning of 2010, unable to suppress the inner dream, prepared for more than a month, the site finally on-line. My goal is very clear, according to the two kinds of people, one is blind, blind and provide information surrounding the tutorial; one is a group, let people understand the way to provide the blind, to pass the self-improvement of positive energy, there is no thinking through this site to make money, just as their doing a hobby. In the first three years of website development, I have the time to update the website every day. Besides updating the content, I also regularly collect the articles by keywords, which greatly improves the quality of visitors’ browsing. This is three years, the site didn’t bring me a penny of income, but to hear the blind because I opened the website and give them convenience, people have learned from the blind, blind and can get along better in life, these gains than I earn money directly but also happy, I know what I to the.

National Day on 2013, I received a call from a businessman selling blind products. He wanted to buy an ad for my website. He was speaking to me in part as follows:


he said, "I’ve seen your website. It’s very rich. Do you have any ads available?"

me: "where do you want ads on the website?"

he said, "can you recommend a


me: "then I suggest you put up the whole station ad so that you can see more people."."

he said, "no problem."

I: if you are a public service ad, I will not charge, but selling products, I must be charged."

he said, "that’s for sure.". We’re here to buy advertising positions."

me: "then, I’ll take you 600 yuan for the annual advertising fee. Do you think it’s ok?"

he: (silence) "we are not unwilling to give this price, but the company is now in the early stages of development, advertising fees, we have limits."."

me: "how much do you think fit?"

he said, "if you think about it, can you lower it again?"."


A pet website user mining problem novice to learn a lesson

with the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of the fullness of the outside of the natural state will be much more. And this trend also makes pet sites a lot of attention. However, attention does not mean anything. It just means that we have a market and potential, and the later mining will depend on ourselves. Throughout the pet site industry, a lot of applause, praise a lot, but really able to achieve brand and profit double harvest case is very rare. More grassroots webmaster in the hard to support this gorgeous dream. What exactly is it,

?Although the

pet website although a high attention, but the development is obviously caused by criticism, for the user cannot change the profit mode of precipitation is difficult, homogenization of serious issues are not well resolved. These Difficult miscellaneous diseases is also very good "inheritance" to the hands of novice webmaster, you always think pet station, engage in some valuable content, get a few adorable photos is enough, in fact it is not so simple. Because you are running a Tibetan mastiff station, for the content to pay far more than we imagine, but the effect is not very ideal? For pet station do not others, not self-centered, to combining with the industry to improve themselves.

pet station has always been the biggest problem is that users can not precipitation down, only the user precipitation, we can complete the next step of operation, profit or expand. However, for the user’s binding, we do not have an accurate approach. Use some of the Tibetan mastiff breeding content, do some pet show, or get a picture exhibition to attract visitors, I think this is already used by many webmaster. I personally don’t object to doing this because, as a pet station, you have to do something about innovation. Pet stations do need some basic framework support. But what I am against is that everybody does this only, because everybody in the industry is so typeset page, can give the user a kind of tired feeling unavoidably. And doing so does not bring about accurate transformations. Do not others, we want to locate the user to judgment, take me, before I love some lovely pictures of Tibetan mastiff on it, that will attract the attention of many people. In fact, a small amount of attention, why? Because the attention of the Tibetan mastiff is a number of young men, for the word "cute", they do not catch cold. They are concerned with matters relating to the breeding of the Tibetan mastiff, as well as information about breeding and competition. This kind of comparison psychology is the stationmaster must seize. To this end, I will set up special buyers show in the website, encourage everyone to get baby by forwarding point of praise and to satisfy everyone’s desire to survive, and I give up the broad process of network marketing, but focus on the line, gradually open up the gap between the use of pet game player, line based fans again expand the use of online fans, to locate their own direction of development based on user attributes.

in fact, these are just some of the changes I have made for users, and the role is to retain users. But everyone wants to go in