Supercrawl 2015

Supercrawl is happening in Hamilton this weekend, and it’s already taking shape in the city’s downtown core. A portion of James St. is closing at this hour, as they begin setting up for one of the many stages that will line James St. North from Main to Murray. Many of the big headliners will play there, including Hamilton’s Terra Lightfoot and Monster Truck tomorrow night. Behind the scenes dozens of shops, restaurants, and galleries, are gearing up for Supercrawl. “The street has just been exploding, with more and more people coming every year.” Julie Veenstra came to James Street North, at about the same time that Supercrawl arrived. That, says Julia, was a stroke of luck. “My business has grown amazingly…six years ago, a square foot painting of mine was about $60.00. Now they’re $400.00.”Just down the street, there are opening night jitters for the new kids on the block The Lake House Restaurant. “It’s gonna get everybody a little bit nervous but in that aspect, we’re just excited more than anything. ” Chef Dan Megna is no rookie. He already runs ” The Twisted Lemon”, a successful restaurant in Cayuga. But even from that distance, he could feel the pull of Supercrawl. “The art, the culture, the music, the people…and really just the all around positive vibe that comes from Supercrawl. I mean how could you not want to be a part of it? To be perfectly honest with you, if Supercrawl wasn’t happening on this particular date, we probably would have taken another week or two to just get a couple of things done.” But the profile and exposure of this event, was too good to pass up. “What we’re really hoping is to be able to give people a real…a proper taste of who we are. A sneak preview as to what’s to come. ” And given the success of what’s already happened, who knows what’s to come, thanks to Supercrawl. read more