Struggling with Clunk, Click, Knee Stiffness or Pain?

first_imgFacebook3Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Penrose Physical TherapyKnees can often start to make some loud clicking and clunking noises. This may be the start of some early changes in the knee joint where the cartilage may start softening. If you are 40+, you may already be aware of these knees that don’t let you sneak up on anyone anymore. There are some simple tips you can do to help you knees. Sometimes it is that the tissues around the knees are tight and create extra stress and strain at the knee. Regular stretching of the muscles that attach around the knee will help reduce the stress at your knee and even decrease the clunking and clicking. Secondly, your knees may actually need more help from your greatest shock absorption: your muscles around your knees! Strengthening your muscles in ways that do not stress the knee joint can be tricky, especially if it hurts to exercise and move. Take this simple knee quiz:1.  Does it hurt to get up from a chair?2.  Does it hurt to go up or down stairs?3.  Does it hurt to fully bend or straighten your knee?4.  Do you find yourself placing more weight on the other leg? If you answered yes to any of those questions please contact us for a free report which outlines some simple tips on helping your knees.Penrose Physical Therapy sees people every week with challenges regarding knee arthritis and the difficulty in exercising without stressing the knee joint. We would love to help you overcome your challenges with your own knees.last_img read more


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