The wrong content is king is not trusted not to let the content become burden optimization

for many people to understand the word content is king is the original, this is a point of view is very sad, we all know that the original site is not so good to do, but also the two month three day in and day out, month to, or even longer if you insist, not for this particular station can you really love this stick? I believe that few people can! Even if it is for a station of my earliest, also is the debut in time and slowly lost his love for his original. Another misunderstanding is that many web content are junk content, which the content is not related to the content or keyword accumulation content, these content is disdain and do in our regular do stand webmaster heart, but he is good, so some webmaster began noisy say content is king is nonsense, don’t believe such nonsense, in fact can not blame them, because they see a corner of this site of the iceberg, in fact for this site does not play a decisive role, but outside the chain, such as Links high weight, the chain, or buy some chain weight high, even some people hang a number of black chain, if we put this down to the content of this one is quite unfair. There may be other content for the wrong point of view, these views are not credible, we must be aware of this point.

content is not equal to the original, it is not only the pseudo original, but can not be copied and pasted, content is king is only for web content we have very high requirements. The search engine has a good evaluation for the website, first I think it would be an evaluation of the website content, to the content is really for the user role is qualified, then I think the search engines love some new original content, may also be so much knowledge, but more expression more, the perspective will be recognized by search engine.

If the

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. I have been busy with many things, for the optimization of catch loose a lot, many fell in the rankings, has been thinking about for optimization of the road how to better go. Recently I feel the most is that many of them will be on the content of the site is very important, high quality content search engine most likely to be evaluated as a good website, there will be a good ranking, we all know this, so we have to content "content is king" said, but this sentence it is also sometimes take out a lot of criticism, because some people think that this word to mislead a group of people, let some people live every day in pain, today I will, to this point to talk about their views on the content on the website: wrong content can not be trusted, don’t let yourself become content optimization drag.



The king trusted content of

2, content for the website content requirements of the real

content is king in the world of martial arts which should be regarded as one of the most basic > we webmaster


Yue Wang why should I build a melody network to promote Chinese folk music

wrote this article for a long time, although I like folk music, but I still do not know much about the specialty of folk music, so the following statements only represent personal opinions.

because of the folk music of love, to do their own personal website which is the web network folk tune the original intention, the purpose is to let China folk music can crowd in the network have been popular and accepted by the people, love. After the test I survey for a period of time, in various forums, to get access to the main music section and click rate is only the foreign pop songs, light music 1/100 not to, according to the characteristics of the network of young people, let me prove to listen to the sound of diversified taste young generation generally, the following fashion, while listening to music, folk music appreciation has become a kind of offbeat, it is the biggest characteristic of older. I think for a long time, why so classic folk music cannot be loved by everyone? It is difficult to really just the historical transition product, through the historical changes, the passage of time will gradually forgotten


talked about my listening to music. Folk music finally made me "dust"".


initially put out just listening to the radio songs, so-called pop songs, always love these are all sung Dongdong, read after high school, the University, and gradually have their own clear preferences, listen to everyone is not how to love rock music (both at home), found in the music in some national musical instruments, and began to listen to the music, I remember one time in his study room put a few folk songs songs, listening to the students, come to say that I can put on something big family love. This music like the dead. Ah, I was shocked. Does folk music look like this in the eyes of most people? I tested several groups in the same way, and they all turned out the same. Is it true that only people who study folk music can like it? Music is not for everyone to listen to. Is this music only accessible to those who study it?

At the beginning of the year,

heard such a great fire in Japan, and also won many awards. The record sales were also quite good. Then, I heard some news about such a "happy square". Why China myself can fire in other countries? I saw a lot of famous website makers for their evaluation, do not understand music (I was) people on their evaluation is good, and most professionals for their evaluation is not too high, and some even said that he had ruined the art. I don’t understand a can let people accept the present society of music but said, I do not deny that they may not have the level of what is now called the real folk people, but they make popular folk music, they do. We want this result, let people know this art, first of all to let people accept, but also take the folk music of the old road, will only let people who like folk music less and less.

folk music has not been the majority of the favorite, the main reason is the media website construction propaganda too little, so and so

Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes

has been standing for almost a year, and for me it’s a short and long year. This year, I learned a lot from the station and lost a lot of it. This year, I spent my time exploring, forming the purpose of this article is to share with you the experience of failure. Welcome everyone to thread communication and discussion.

get to the point, digression. Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes!.

I started the forum from the forum, and now I remember. At first, it was a whim, and there was no clear mode of operation. I think it’s a platform for people to communicate, but I don’t know exactly what it is. When I set up the forum, I gave myself 500W forum currency, which gave the forum the first user 1000W. That feeling was like the one I held in my hand. That was the RMB. That’s $… Later, when we met a girl on QQ, we talked for a long time. To this end, I took the forum positioning in the "emotional communication forum", with my 2 inch rotten tongue, her heart out of the trough, the forum moderators, later part of popularity is her.

free space spent a month, during the problem, can not visit today, and tomorrow stopped. The number of registered people in the forum is less than a day. I made a fatal mistake and forgot to back up. In the end, I decided to buy space. Space is shared, 100RMB/G, with space, not small, but also good speed. After the program passed up, spent a week or so landscaping, their daily thing is irrigation 100T. And then is everywhere to pull friendship connection, friendship connection is also high not low not; to each BBS put post propaganda, now think of these posts is AD, many BBS registered, go up once.

a lot of things are symbolic, and the results are basically not. So, after a month or so, a few days, I did not go to the forum again, and found that many days no one came, and after a few days is still the same. At that time, the preparation of the exam, there is no how to manage, I think the forum has been dying.

forum finally died as I wished. How did you die? It was like a garbage dump by some registered machines, but none of them went on. Then it was hacked, and the exact reason was still a mystery because I closed the upload and changed the database path. I certainly backed it this time, but I’m not in the mood anymore.

later, the teacher asked us to write our paper. Horse hair, philosophy, thinking, professional, social practice, a lot of. I feel like I can do a paper related station and find it on the Internet. There are many stations in this area. But there are some charges. I was positioned as a free paper station. It’s decided to start construction at once. I used the PE program to do some landscaping. People think PE the information station is very good, class, small class, the topic has the ——-> acquisition function

Grassroots new station, how to do every day

although the trend is now more and more important, teamwork becomes difficult to survive. But there are still many grassroots webmaster friends to fight a lone battle was one of the author. The following I would like to talk about the operation of new sites of the process, and in Baidu above performance is up every day. (attach a month site status query diagram)


looks at the performance, in fact, do not see the rhythm of the site every day, but through the keywords given by Baidu rankings, but can know the performance of the site. These keywords also have an index of more than 800 and an index of more than 200 and more than 300. As for the included and Baidu snapshot is because these two days, the author updates fatigue, and the chain did not do the results, but this does not affect the web keywords ranking upward trend. The following specific procedures and see the author:

1, website content update operation

first of all, the content of the author’s pre website is about 5 per day, and it never stops. Of course, if friends can maintain more articles every day, the update will be better, but I pursue the quality of the article. Explain first, the author’s article is not all original, but mostly pseudo original.

article operation is like this, first in the online search to the corresponding article, the title must be changed. Then the contents of the supplement or delete, here Baidu encyclopedia can help. Finally, in the name of the web site often appear, anchor text links to the home page, and other content pages also occasionally linked (PS: the chain not too much, otherwise optimization overweight trace, to search engine friendly). Another point is that the site map must be produced, this is very important for the site’s early collection.

two, analysis of competitors outside the chain

1, not everyone has the quality of the chain of resources, so to competitors "stealing" is also a good tool. Just domain: Rival domain name -site: Rival domain name, you can get some of the chain resources.

2, analyzes the target keyword competition degree, in order to determine own optimization strategy. We know the weight of the content page is weaker than the weight of the home page, and the home page gets the website of ranking, actually some is already abandoned station, stationmaster already did not undertake website is updated. In this way, the degree of competition becomes much smaller. So we should come to optimize the priority of keywords, first from easy to start, improve the website weight, and then optimize the key words.

three, soft Wen contribute

soft Wen contribution is a lot of webmaster friend preference, the author is no exception. Because from the years of optimization experience and experimental proof, soft Wen for ascension website weight, included, keyword ranking have very great effect. And the author is also in the soft Wen contribution period, website snapshot updated every day, included is also rising every day. So I think, >

Buy, buy, buy, stop Yao Jinbo 58 city will continue to seek investment opportunities in the vertical

Abstract: we are looking for the vertical field we have the advantage of the opportunity, such as real estate, recruitment, we will buy a certain brand influence, has certain advantages in the high-end market, the future we will follow this strategy.


58 city (NYSE:WUBA) today released the first quarter ended March 31, 2015 unaudited financial results. Earnings show, 58 city first quarter total revenue of $87 million 100 thousand, representing an increase of 80.5% over the same period last year; net loss of $52 million 400 thousand, compared to the same period last year to achieve a profit of $2 million 300 thousand.


earnings release, 58 city board chairman and CEO Yao Jinbo and CFO Zhou Hao and other executives attended the subsequent conference call, read the earnings points and answer questions from analysts.

below is the analyst Q & a session, the main content:

Credit Suisse analyst: my first question is about the company’s long-term strategy, in view of the company currently has many different brands in different vertical field, how do you intend to integrate the various business? How will you use some cross selling opportunities


Yao Jinbo: we really like this quarter acquisition of anjuke, these brands, but our main brand promotion will be the 58 city, we will use more of the 58 city to promote the brand and other brands, including anjuke and, at the same time, anjuke and in a slightly high the market of new homes, such as white-collar recruitment market supplement.

Credit Suisse analyst: the next 58 city will continue to look for what kind of investment opportunities?

Yao Jinbo: look out from the current number of mergers and acquisitions we can, we are looking for the vertical field we have the advantage of the opportunity, such as real estate, recruitment, we will buy a certain brand influence, has certain advantages in the high-end market, the future we will follow this strategy, we will focus on have an advantage in the 58 city areas, make it more in-depth, more influential for the customers.

Barclays Capital analyst: after you buy, what new plan for the company and development strategy for the future? Between and 58 city what synergies can develop? There is no cross selling opportunities


Yao Jinbo: is a very old brand in China, from 97 years up to now has nearly ten years, has great influence on its China HR staff, we are mainly to watch the basis of it. 58 city itself in blue collar recruitment market has a very big influence, and if coupled with the market network, in blue collar recruitment market, it can be said that very few people can compete with us. But our customers are likely to need a whole service, and sometimes they need to hire low-end staff

How profitable video sites Originality is the only way out

in recent years, many large and small Internet video sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in the China market, we are exploring the profit model used is "exhaust all the skills, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, and the formation of a number of clear profit model, but so far, most video sites are still in the situation of no profit among them, the most important reason is that the content of homogeneity, or the lack of the content of the original.

At the same time, these

video sites are facing a problem of how to make profits. Although each video website in 2008 2009 began to advance by leaps and bounds, income, but because of the similar content, or content of the lack of independent research and development ability, have to spend money to make a lot of content institutions purchase, which leads to the already control costs soar again.

some investment community personage expresses, 2009 is the income year of video website, 2010 is profitable year. They even think video sites are inherently profitable. First of all, video meets people’s needs. This is decided by human nature, in contrast, the things people love to see more stereo video, not love to see a single thing, and this is also the greatest charm of video website to attract venture capital "of endless"; secondly, video website has a clear profit model. Some people like to watch, some people are willing to pay. This single or advertiser, or the user himself, has spawned two basic charging patterns.

according to iResearch report shows that this year’s leading video site revenue will be more than 100 million yuan, next year is expected to break through 200 million yuan. However, the current advertising revenue is not enough to pay high costs video sites. Because in addition to the high cost of bandwidth, the cost of video servers also allow many small video sites overwhelmed. Therefore, the video site must do "burn money" Youdao, try to control bandwidth, server and promotion and other three big cost.

how to control the cost of video sites? First of all, we should select the appropriate video server and assume the responsibility of the window carrier. It is understood that the Chinese Nobel network is the leading U.S. server provider, with its strong technical skills, unique service won the high trust of many enterprises and industry peers, have independent server in Chinese Nobel leased overseas network. At present, China Connaught net has been for new network technology, 263, medium and other domestic IDC enterprises to provide high-quality overseas independent server rental.

is more worth mentioning is that CHINO America Dallas room is in the United States in the first data center Chinese by Chinese nets a total investment of 2 million 200 thousand U.S. dollars and ranked first in the world of Dallas joint venture to build the room, room area of about 1200 square meters, can accommodate about 10000 machines. At present, China Connaught network launched a cost-effective CHINO, the United States computer room series of servers, only 999 yuan / month, no doubt become the best choice to control the cost of video sites.

, but then again, cost control >

Fade buy coat, buy web site to embrace O2O thigh


fourth quarter of last year, when Groupon released three quarter earnings, announced that the transition will be electronic business platform, which means that Groupon’s main business direction will make great adjustments. As the originator of the Groupon industry group purchase group purchase mode transformation, indicates that the future outlook is bleak, the butterfly effect produced by this news is spreading rapidly Chinese group purchase market, coincidence is, the early start of the transformation of the electricity supplier platform (Wo Wo Group) Wowo mall has today submitted to the SEC IPO application, if successful, will become the first litters China life service electricity supplier industry shares also opened in 2015 takes stock of the first stock..

Groupon clear transformation, or to promote the transformation of China buy speed

as an iconic American listed company, Groupon always affects the development trend of every act and every move China group purchase market, especially for group purchase enterprises, means that the survival of the "group purchase concept" burst, if you want to seek a new round of financing or listed on the United States, will have to speed up the transformation steps. Because public opinion is bad, buy voice will only become more and more big, the overall market environment is looked bad, it is not conducive to enterprise growth.

In fact,

, China group purchase market has high consistency with the United States, even if there is no Groupon transformation of the news, the company also China group purchase have been secretly "group purchase", is now in the Groupon news of the stimulus, the market will accelerate the transformation of China group purchase.

US group actively expand the single line business, faded clothing cover obvious intention

recently, the United States Group turmoil continued, and the cause of these disturbances is just from the expansion of the U.S. mission’s business line. Since last year, although the group purchase market is still simmering, comments received in the Tencent investment, Baidu wholly acquired glutinous rice, the two events for the group purchase market pattern of new possibilities, however, after a year of competition, group purchase market structure is stable on the whole.

facts have shown that U.S. market share appears difficult to further increase, so not to have been a pressing matter of the moment with other competing products for group purchase share issues, but to be "strong" and "potential" business to do business more. So we see the U.S. group had strong business independent film made opal film, and has achieved impressive results, but recently in very heavily pound "potential" takeaway business.

recently, media reports said the group is recruiting talents of tourism industry, which is regarded as the U.S. group will be formally to kill the OTA market. Prior to this, the U.S. group declared that the hotel business has become the industry’s first, but also caused a lot of trouble, many OTA enterprises dissatisfied, and now the U.S. group secretly expand tourism, it seems to be officially engaged in the war, OTA market competition.

from film to takeaway, and then to OTA, the group is relying on group to hatch other vertical business, and the vertical Business >