Remember the first time Shanghai anti love alliance action

medical PPC friends have the same feeling, malicious clicks, some columns were gone love Shanghai bidding.

because some owners also rely on the survival, suggest that high profit target, the enterprise station medical diet.

from the commander of the answer:

open computer, one thousand words omitted, log QQ, found in dozens of webmaster group are also on a topic:

Shanghai and the webmaster should feel love with win-win cooperation "


YY quickly open dry: 91629160 night 8 pm set everyone notice! The United Front, uniform point of explosion, explosion of people consulting

also here is from the wartime command [- YY] united front channel news, there are a lot of stationmaster the courage to speak, with record several main points:

B: This is love with Shanghai to ah. The medical treatment is too much, do not vote. So, love Shanghai to earn less. Because of the recent fall in love with the sea K station is too much.

from the group figures should radiation thousands of people browse to this information, check the website like me intoxicated guess, login QQ, received information should be a lot of bitter youth. I know these days in the Q group and forum pass [small owners and love Shanghai war news] more sublimation. With several friends to talk about this thing, first find a few friends to do medical bidding, when it comes to this topic, they are very sensitive, said recently the malicious click very much. Here are a few friends said:


webmaster suggestions: to do the overall control click, click ads, try to avoid error click.

Back home after work, with

said that today is the first time, the preparation is not very comprehensive. It is suggested that the joint media, authorities to solve, in order to expand the influence to win the right to speak. The point above a starting point of anti love Shanghai Alliance Party command.

A: the webmaster is clever, Shanghai is not out of love ah, a loss that is no way ah, really no time to suspend for a period of time to promote

record today thousands of webmaster love Shanghai cluster click ads,


this command, after strict screening, according to different regions selected advertisement title, URL, click to determine the target. In addition, our starting point is not the cause of panic, just want to find a platform for dialogue and love of Shanghai, in the overall process, we have asked every webmaster to click on ads from the advertising station must be in contact with each other, with each other that we are from Shanghai [anti love union personnel, invite your station we support, for the benefit of all suspended for a week on the love of Shanghai] if advertisers bidding, then temporarily stopped running, then we won’t click on the ad.

Sogou index optimization keyword index.

again the same soft to become a news source, but also to see the publication platform to decide, to release the news is the fastest submission, but the probability is very small by the news, some news is because the format is not in conformity with the platform or channel, and the news quality lead news rejection. Can only choose to post, post is news requirements to reduce a lot, basically as long as.


index is the most attention of every webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, the heat index is a representation of words, if the site index rose said frequency of your site search, but it does not mean that your visitors increase, because some owners from the brush index of the thermal degree, to deceive their own behavior. Why is cheating yourself? There are two reasons, the webmaster only brush out the index of users is not going to query the index of the heat, and since the brush does not represent the users search index index. The heat index from the brush, once stopped falling from the brush index words heat order, and if it is found that spiders index over the search number, search engine directly to the site down right treatment. Why case in Shanghai Longfeng ER related people, don’t be such a grey cat, but does not rule out some webmaster, in order to avoid competition and use brush to disrupt the opponent’s idea of judging keywords.

of each search engine included news standards are different, has its own set of news included mark. Were included in soft is considered news, then the value will increase, ranking natural will improve. Now look at the mark Sogou news included and rules, please see the relevant news Sogou index on the right, these are normal news tips for improving site index. Please see the relevant news sources below two time trend information, you can see here are in line with the sign of news news.

first need to query and index in Sogou web site keywords, in accordance with the query mode, Sogou search index is the default index. In view of stationmaster first at the level of related search terms, because the relevant key word index system according to the default ranking is often the user search and accumulation of rankings, not stationmaster often brush out of the index, while the fastest rising search term is likely to be painted. Not recommended for reference information. To know the retrieval words related to colleagues, we need to think about is the hot trend of news media index, which is the user search index search in time, such as the search volume found some time there is no search volume or search volume is very low, you should consider, is can do reference keywords information to optimize.

How to improve the



find the laws and marks Sogou news included

normal optimization and self brush index of the advantages and disadvantages of

soft release platform is different because of differences in very large

Sogou index includes the following three points, such as news index, search index, site index,

Poison do Union chief information Qihoo townFor BBS shlf1314 Adsense optimization suggestions origin

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

has been recognized as a phenomenon, is the forum is not suitable for shlf1314 Adsense, because click through rate, unit price is low. Can we only accept this helpless reality? Shouldn’t we put shlf1314 Adsense ads on the forums? GGAD believes that if you optimize your mind, the forum can also do a good job of shlf1314 adsense. The following is my summary of the "forum for shlf1314 Adsense optimization recommendations", hoping to help you. This article is original for ggad.5d6d. Reprinted please indicate, thank you!


Basics: improve the Forum shlf1314 Adsense hits suggestions

1, home page and post list page don’t put shlf1314 Adsense ad

2, post shlf1314 Adsense, and choose the right place to launch

a, the title of the post and the text on the first floor, this is definitely a golden location. Especially for Internet users from search engines. Practice has proved that the click rate of this position is between 1~5%

b, below the text of the first floor of the post. After reading the thread of the text, the members tend to think about what to do next. If the ad just caught his interest, he would click it subconsciously. For those posts that do not respond to many forums, the first floor of the post is often the focus of attention. Be sure to try this position
c, post, every page, below the last floor. Ibid.

d, by < div; style=" float:left" > shlf1314 /div> < Adsense advertising; the typesetting method, let the ads in the post text ads are left floating, body sides around.

      later, poison will be more Adsense understand the actual effect of site advertising, to better serve you guidance. Share your experiences and you will find that you earn more money! Love life, love bills ~ Admin5 every day, do the station will be more open road!

      unannounced visits to a music station webmaster, specific web site is not published, please understand.

      make unannounced visits to stationmaster: my station is music class, display PV about 400000, currently serving Qihoo alliance alliance forum code, every 140 to block it. The reason I keep putting them on is that they pay for it in good time. No procrastination.

      Qihoo alliance price is very low, but the click rate is high, but do not feel so with other deduction amount, the high price of the alliance is the same code. And I explain to myself is that the Qihoo alliance advertising when I the editor, they also updated several times a day, and money is also complementary, Why not?.

      the following is a Qihoo alliance webmaster real speech!

The role of the chain of love of Shanghai dragon Shanghai new algorithm is more prominent


in 2012, after several algorithm of big love Shanghai baptism, the vast majority of people think that the chain era has ended, website content determines the Shanghai dragon, Guan Jian word ranking, but it is not so, that no one is able to give a precise answer. But today I want to say is that the chain is still important, it is important not only to affect the ranking of the site itself, but the conversion rate for the company’s products. We have been discussing the long tail word Guan Jian, said a site traffic not only on the main Guan Jian words, Guan Jian is a large number of long tail words determines the site traffic, basically decide the product conversion rate, of course, long tail word Guan Jian is not necessarily our traditional thinking that long word. As there are no index or index is very low the Guan Jian word can also be called long tail word Guan Jian, for most of the sites, in addition to the Guan Jian word several core words, specific product basically is the long tail word, these words have some index, some do not, but most are not, but although there is no index, but the site are basically relied on them,

pictured above, this is Guan Jian "an enterprise of the company’s station, our company is aluminum, the core of Guan Jian’s top word is aluminum, aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum but is familiar with all know, aluminum classification is too much, such as the above list to 7075 aluminum. 2024 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum, 5052 aluminum prices are some mainstream products, customers really search are some specific types of word or word of these specific models and prices, or the search is in addition to the region, such as Shanghai customer search, Shanghai 7075 Shanghai 7075 aluminum plate, aluminum price so, the real climax aluminum core word is too broad, but not very strong pertinence. See below:


believes that often made outside the chain of friends to see that, above the station is all electronic commerce chain of the B2B station, really belongs to their own businesses are basically no, see, this is what I said of the importance of the chain out of it, last year, a number of algorithms to love Shanghai after the gradually emergence of this phenomenon is not high, some index word search, is basically is the chain station, of course the chain station is how specific ranking, this does not yet have specific research, but to listen to people say that link stations also can do the ranking, some companies specialize in the chain, the chain station basically has shops, a shop with a website, and is generally used in the chain domain two domain name, the weight in the following The bearing itself is has the advantage. So sometimes start to rank quickly here, someone will ask you, this is not too restrictive, it is not.


WordPress blog system of Shanghai dragon ten optimization skills

To include postname. general < >

Many Optimization of


put a robots.txt blog in the root directory of the file, you can specify the search engine only included the specified article.

users in the use of WordPress system to build a blog, will be the default installation using the default template, although its function is quite perfect, but in fact the search engine is not friendly, and no good design for search engines, below I introduce some techniques and methods can make the WordPress system more search engine for friendship, in order to facilitate the search engine better included.

titleOptimization of

, the optimization of URL link structure

two, the blog title streamlined

WordPress Title is the default "blog – article", the user experience is not very good, the search engine is not too love this title, I think we should use "the column name – blog name" in the form of a man named All in is recommended to install the One Pack plugin Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Title, can automatically optimize and increase the Descriptions and the Keywords Meta label.

three, Title, and the description of the

Optimization of

four, robots.txt file privacy

in the title of the article contains the best keyword key, do not use meaningless title, for English Blog, a man named Shanghai dragon Slugs best plug-in enabled, the plugin will automatically the, in and other "useless" word delete post slug, in favor of Shanghai Longfeng. In Chinese in his blog, the best set the manual, put some words or adverbs deleted, do to streamline the title. Such as:,, this is welcome, such words do not need to leave.

Permalink inside the server supports mod_rewrite function, this function can be used to optimize the Permalink (permanent link), set in Option-Permalink Common options, I tend to use the ***贵族宝贝/boke/%year%%monthnum% /%postname%.html link structure, a link directory is only two, to the index, and the link structure of link structure and consistency Blogspot and Movable Type, more conducive to the smooth migration or switching system. The use of postname English, if it is to write English Blog, the system will automatically post slug for the postname.

From the net profit of 2 billion yuan to the besieged on all sides from Dong’e county 10 years tonic

3. actual sales of RMB 100 thousand or more, partially divided into 15%.

what kind of logic, positioning and strategy behind the achievement of Dong’e Ejiao?

please note to members: in February 1st, when 00:00-24:00’s data returned,

dream Barbara Shakespeare to thank members has been actively launch and promotion, at the dawn of the new year, especially improve the percentage of commission, time: February 1, 2008 –2008 year in March 31st.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Dong’e donkey hide gelatin, nourishing health first brand, leading to create nourishing market;

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

from outside to inside thinking: positioning, leading strategy,

3. market capitalization from 2 billion to 35 billion.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

summed up the development of Dong’e Ejiao in the past ten years, borrowed from a popular concept nowadays, just in line with what we now call supply side structural transformation. In the past ten years, the practice of Dong’e Ejiao is the strategy of supply side reform. This is not only to the pharmaceutical industry, but also to the whole of China’s business sector provides supply side reform, transformation and upgrading model.

in this live, Deng Delong to Dong’e donkey hide gelatin as an example, for everyone to analyze the Dong’e Ejiao ten years of strategic course.

was still recorded in the original proportion


first looks at a set of data:

1. actual sales amount below RMB 50 thousand including 50 thousand part, divided into 9%.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

below is Deng Delong’s fourth live featured selection:

2. actual sales amount below RMB 100 thousand including 100 thousand part, divided into 12%.

dear League members:

1., the net profit of Dong’e Ejiao increased from 100 million in ten years to 1 billion 600 million in 2015, and is expected to reach 2 billion in 2016.

– Peach Kyi gelatin cake, the first brand of gelatin cake, a leading beauty snack market.

December 22nd, China’s first person to locate, Trout, China partners Deng Delong as pioneering dark horse, "entrepreneurial laboratory tutor", in the dark horse learning, APP conducted fourth live broadcast.

what’s the reason? It’s simple. The Dong’e Ejiao can drain the drugstore and bring customers. It has a strong ability to create customers, and constantly bring good revenue and profits to pharmacies. Therefore, pharmacies naturally give the best location to Dong’e Ejiao, which is a common phenomenon. Pharmacies throughout the country have this feature, will be Dong’e Ejiao as the flagship of the first brand, placed in the drugstore’s most prominent, the most gold position, which is the embodiment of brand influence.

, however, if you want to see this change more intuitively, you can go around the drugstore to visit, it should be easy to find: the best location of the major pharmacies, almost all placed in Dong’e ejiao. And this gold location in pharmacies is not someone who wants to get it.

compound donkey hide gelatin pulp, the first brand of Qi and blood health care, leading the establishment of health care market;

December 21st tenth "donkey hide gelatin Festival" opened in Shandong County, Dong’e. Ten years ago, Ejiao face category marginalization, the risk of extinction of the industry, and now in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other health centers, Ejiao has become a high-end crowd nourishing the first choice of health.

Dong’e Ejiao ten years, the biggest achievement is to have three major mainstream brands, leading three high-quality market:


update rate:

records, when the settlement will be unified adjustment to new proportions, please rest assured that orders.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

2. brand value from 2 billion 600 million to 14 billion 200 million;

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

Dong’e donkey hide gelatin, ten years metamorphosis,


Wangzhuan teach you a few tricks to judge the Wangzhuan liar methodWhere is the Taobao road Combine

Since the recent

, what is the Wangzhuan liar

: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, Wangzhuanqu

register from 2008 A5 station network, also sent hundreds of articles, I am also a lover of what is called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan,? I personally put him to the network to make money, that is through the Internet to make money I think it is Wangzhuan, including to A5 so powerful station. Now the Wangzhuan liar a lot, but there are many, I teach you the recipe for judging the Wangzhuan liar method;

3, the website program, hacking ability.

network fraud tricks in the ever-changing, these are the basic method to judge the Wangzhuan project. Beginner as long as these methods to choose Wangzhuan can greatly reduce the probability of deception, those who want to pay it.

This is

Taobao started off really so many people earn money, but now, I think it will be more and more people are unwilling to get their wedding dress. Now do spam on Taobao’s API website

two, judgment method of higher project

directly to sh419 and shlf1314 search, to see how others evaluation of this Wangzhuan project, if the vast majority of people that can operate, otherwise also should pay attention to.

1, those who do not pay commission fees are cheats project.

Since the

actually, at the beginning of May, I found that Taobao customers were having a problem. I had two numbers. One was for my personal website, and the other was for Taobao. At the beginning of colorful female net not much income, this is understandable, but another number is surprisingly quiet, there is a problem, originally thought that May may low volume, then go to Taobao customers look at the forum, I found that we all have to reflect this problem, it shows that Taobao guest is really a problem the. 5 early, to see shlf1314 on the new user to join the advertising plan to send 350 yuan promotion, for the female network to apply for a while, good luck, passed. Take the money to do promotion for my website, also specially for a special page weight to do propaganda, because there are Taobao customers link through the shlf1314 promotion effect is very good, there are about 100 IP per day through the search to bring traffic, very happy, because the search in the purpose of the purchase is relatively strong, but I found that I was wrong, until now, I was not at the end of April 10 a day a few more days IP, now a single, most of the time is up 0, it really makes me fainted.

if the website design looks like a problem can be out of order, imagine the webmaster or attitude, or bad, then the program Fanghei ability is definitely bad, even if he will pay now, generally not long website big have preventing Trojan / hacker attacks.

2, word of mouth / evaluation

it’s been almost a month since there’s no administrator to explain. Have made a lot of grassroots webmaster started, forum posts at everywhere, but I think they have to say these things, you know a lot of things as clear as noonday, but they turn a blind eye, which makes people disappointed, many people buy things now in Taobao, Taobao is using its own passenger link in the transaction, but the transaction has been finished, the Commission, such is too obvious. A single behavior, call customer service, they will ask you to provide your PID queries, check for hundreds of years, to the last is settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

The design of This article from the

1, do you have the latest billing chart

this method is very useful for the novice Wangzhuan: if there is no real cash, according to my experience of this project is a project which nine out of ten, afraid to say good also to be careful.

2, you should invest a certain cost, and then tell you can easily earn a lot of money not lose money, the probability is very high. These are typical uses of beginners, petty gains and unearned rewards. Such as playing lottery, playing cash games etc..

? project?

has a variety of patterns that make you feel like you can make a lot of money: for example, an email for $1; hang up for $8 an hour, $1 for each click, and so on. You do not give you the amount of money paid or paid directly to K, say you cheat. These are the typical psychology of beginners who want to make more money easily.


Taobao customer estimates are found in May, significantly reduced income, but Taobao customer forums there are a lot of people are reflected, but did not get an explanation, single out quite serious, this is a long-term problem of Taobao and Taobao customers, customer data is not open. Or not even a single system, since this month I think everyone’s confidence has begun to gradually decline, if it continues to estimate Taobao customers someone will not do, hard promotion are lost again, repeat do not know the so-called credit claim. The rise of Taobao two years ago, led many grassroots Adsense Taobao customers, but since the beginning of this year the establishment of Taobao alliance, problems continue to appear, Taobao may also cooperate with large customer to the website, the station has disdain, doesn’t care about us these grass-roots cries out there.

4, analysis of Web sites for profit sources and costs

in-depth analysis of website: general profit sources and cost, if a website profit < cost, you can be sure that there will be only two results: either collapse or is running.

A few happy tears Baidu big update some of my thoughts

Baidu recently came to a big action, tentatively it is said to do a big adjustment, Baidu algorithm (because of these profound personal technology basically is an idiot, right here if you forgive me), believe that everyone in this action is also deep. This update to a I feel the deepest is: a few happy tears. To get a good ranking webmaster of the jubilant natural ranking sharply webmaster rush about telling the news around spreading, perhaps only to drink, eat shriveled become dejected and despondent.

"Every dog has its day!" to describe this stage of our webmaster can be biased, after all the time too much difference, but maybe we can be similar to the described: "Baidu update before the first Baidu, Baidu updated one hundred and one". Many sites in the update before and after is a great difference, as far as I know, many of the original ten pages of the web actually ran to the home page, or even the first, and the original in the home page site, but have been expelled to 100. A few happy tears from here and some webmaster chat as can be imagined, in time, they also say that your web site has a large fluctuation, but the majority still mixed, after all, many webmaster hand have more than one station.

in the face of such a puzzling phenomenon, I began to be very confused, but then more of this big update brought me thinking. I try to find some clues from this update, and then find a bright direction for my future SEO work. In the process of thinking, I asked myself three questions:

, 1, Baidu to such a big adjustment, what is the purpose of it,


Baidu why to adjust, this problem, we really can not guess. Perhaps it is because some expert cheating angered it, not long ago the "s" stations may be good in a complete mess? Baidu in some new algorithms for their experiments, who knows?! perhaps Baidu exhaust, ha ha, this possibility should be very little! But in general, the adjustment of Baidu is certainly want to make the network have a good environment, not by some spam flooding. Baidu wants to make its users the fastest and best way to find the answers they want, and it doesn’t want some opportunistic black hats to play with users and play with it.

This is not

our hard-working webmaster mind? We are steadfast in doing SEO, do not play those false false things. We may lose in this adjustment, but this is only temporary, and for a while, Baidu will certainly give us a good answer. Therefore, our webmaster should not worry too much, Baidu will give us webmaster bring much harm, but insist on how to do, how to do, should not do not do the principle.

2, Baidu big adjustment, our webmaster should do what work?

also mentioned in front of our webmaster what basic work, or to continue to do, and better than before. Of course, these are often Laosheng >

Common links trick secret

A ring

is important as a website to promote the exchange of Links has become a compulsory homework all the webmaster, many webmaster friends through Links group QQ, take the initiative to apply cooperative advertising way hard exchange Links to get higher weight, higher PR, but there is always some people only. They don’t want others to link, want their website links links to other sites, so they racked their brains through various means, try to exchange with others at the expense of the Links, if the owners do not look good, it is easy to move and unaware, flying pig finishing several links here scam common work. And share, according to the degree of difficulty and common to list, so the seven common link trick:

one, the website is blocked by Baidu, still have PR.


webmasters exchange friendship link, only consider a Google PR a factor, as long as the PR to meet the requirements on the good exchange links, but some sites, because of excessive SEO and other reasons, Baidu has been blocked, not search the site in Baidu, however, still exist in the Google index, and pr. Many of these sites are crazy for links, to expect to be Baidu included, however, my article "in an article on the secret search engines" are mentioned, and this site exchange Links more harm than good, it is easy to suffer from associated penalty. At the same time, the majority of owners need to pay attention, there are some sites, although is not blocked, but Baidu has been blocked dangerous, you’d better not exchange links, such as the page was keyword stuffing, PW station etc..

two uses jump links instead of using direct URL links.

Self Links system

many online, his Links is not directly to the cooperative website, but a link to a page itself, through this page to other sites, it is the most in number, click on the monitoring Links however, this kind of approach to cooperative sites but may cause the risk, first of all as a direct link, the link quality on the second, if you do not use the 301 jump, may also cause unnecessary trouble search engine rankings. Therefore, if you encounter such a website, the webmaster must strive for the use of direct links, rather than using jump links.

three uses the JS statement to output the link code, or uses I to include the link page

due to the vast majority of search engines did not grasp, so the analysis ability, JS statement, the JS statement output link code, search engines cannot capture, at the same time, the search engine is not a good grasp of the contents of I, so the use of I contains the link to the page link of friendship is also cannot be crawled by search engines to this, the two links are invalid link, a simple way to judge is to see the other side of the link to the page source file, if you can not find the address of the page, it should be used.

6 suggestions to help you do an English station

‘s personal webmaster rely on Google Adsense advertising, obviously reduce income than in the past two years, so many webmaster to do English station, in order to obtain the high income for new friends, do not English station can imagine in the brain as simple, not simple to use Yahoo Goole Chinese text translation or translation tools translation you can, you need to face a lot, Chinese do foreign stations, is the most important linguistic problems, suggest that we do stand after the first to find a foreign friend to see to do the next step.

many of my friends have said, the biggest problem is to do English station domain name and space, it is one-sided, the real problem is the value of English station in foreign countries, only the valuable website they will be viewed, in their eyes, the access time is money. In this way, the biggest problem comes out, how can we get more foreign friends to visit?. This is our Chinese said traffic problems, some people say do English station with China traffic, I tell you, do you, but advertising will not have significantly increased advertising costs will be high only foreign IP click after the. Now, I will share my experience with you, and I hope you will gain some benefit from it.

first: domain name, space choice.

this is the last point, is a point of this article is not the main, many of my friends do not know, do English station with best international domain name com, net, org, as to which of them with this is not important, but you should abandon the Chinese Pinyin completely, all foreigners cannot read Wangluo the meaning, because they only know network, then think abroad do not (I want to) is a good domain name; another point, don’t care about the length of the domain name, the domain name meaning is more important, seen webmaster-talk? Website-hit-counters seen? The domain name with the development trend of the website can be. Space, it is better to use foreign space, in the access speed is guaranteed. By the way, if you want to know how you stand in the foreign access speed, recommend a tool (specific methods: Click to open the URL below, enter your URL information you enter, all sites are displayed, and you can find a lot of information on your site in a lot of countries of Europe and the United States web, FTP, content etc.).

second: English station must have accurate construction strategy.

The design and production of

English station must conform to the style of foreigners, cultural habits and the way of using Internet to search information, and follow their psychology to make. For example, do a forum, in the choice of procedures, do not feel popular discuz, ww> (, phpwind