How to change to high-end Web links

3: the other sites have Links modules, but must do other website links, then apply in other website or send e-mail! Resulting in a waste of time, may the other site e-mail, is a N for a long time do not log on e-mail, even happened to run into full compliance with the requirements of each other again leave QQ number, sometimes it is very difficult to get a reply, mainly because they do not think too much of Links. If the application of this kind of link, may cause a waste of time.


4: the other requirements are traffic restrictions, basically because of PR6, the world ranking within 10 thousand website >

2: the other sites do not pay attention to Links, not even Links this module, there are also several links for timely, scanty do the station at the beginning, and will not be considered for new links. This is the basic personal connections and relationships when

with the Alexa world rankings limit, so I think in the beginning is limited, a look from the top to the bottom of the beginning of the idea is provided in the home station list in alexa. Then, this is a mistake. Mainly encountered the following problems.

links, each other to my position is: PR is greater than or equal to 5, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 10 thousand, the love of Shanghai included the normal IT website. And frankly, large change link, very difficult, at that time I did not care, careful observation of the site, re positioning in the other side of the base, and only for PR is greater than or equal to 6, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 8000, the love of Shanghai is greater than or equal to 5000 sites included. Did not expect to increase the difficulty, bring me a lot of trouble is also larger.

1: the other side too many restrictions on the site, such as he is the forum website, then he can only change the forum site, the other a little bit, do not take into account. Also some e-commerce sites, it is only in the same industry, for the industry almost to the point where harsh restrictions.

How to change

to high-end Web links

change link problems in

some time ago because the public training out of the 28 push, this thing has become a pity in my heart, especially seen in the public training area, some feelings and harvest the others hair, is envy envy hate feeling. Because before he made dozens of large and small sites, so for the exchange links related matters relatively is more familiar. Today have the opportunity to do the exchange links for a well-known Web site, just 2 hours, also have a little of his own mind, so in my blog to share the encountered problems and related techniques.

The discovery process

website link changeThe

How to use the Shanghai dragon aimed at their market

since 08 years contact Shanghai dragon money, will continue to enrich themselves, his goal has been to struggle with silence, I believe many webmaster like me, is a chance to contact the network to make money in this industry. Then this article will also be on those just entering the Wangzhuan and don’t know where to start the novice is a good inspiration. Also I hope you read my story, you can immediately for your future and action.

One of the advantages of Shanghai dragon money using

and everyone else, access to the Internet is a very accidental opportunity, 08 years of college to read half, slowly began to feel the premise is very confused, who is penniless, also bought the lottery, of course, you know. At that time I decided to leave home to reflect on, because it was really in the outside reading is really very hard, think too much, tired and wanted to leave home to rest for some time, and then coming back to school to finish school. It is such a chance in the inevitable, boring at home I was in contact with the network, began my Wangzhuan trip.

: small investment, high return. In Shanghai dragon industry, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai, Phoenix is don’t need a lot of investment, you only need a website to buy space and domain name also can not spend hundreds of dollars, even 100 dollars can be done, the small and medium-sized enterprise keywords competition is not great, the human person can only 1-3. Can let friends help.

just contact Wangzhuan, Shanghai dragon does not know this thing, then through a lot of contact with some of the experience of others, understand "want to make money online, you must understand the marketing promotion". This was really ignorant of me, it is difficult to understand the meaning of this sentence. Is this, I began to study the Shanghai dragon, and a deep understanding of the meaning of network marketing in wangzhuan. So yes, if you do not have what money, and want to start, then Shanghai Phoenix would be a good choice.

by Shanghai Longfeng money advantage three: product diversity. Shanghai dragon do make money, you can choose an advantageous to their products, products or products can be virtual entities, such as technical services, virtual product design, is not required by the delivery. The solid product is much, select a solid product to choose the local people do less, have their own unique poly tract products.

use of the advantages of two Shanghai dragon money: everyone is equal, everyone can. For the love of Shanghai and Google, Shanghai dragon or more equal, the new old station are likely to row to the first page of the website, as long as you do well, even a few months of the new sites, can still ranked first, this is what we all can do Shanghai Longfeng reasons, you only need to maintain good your station, good content and publicity, I believe that the business will continue to fight over the phone.

preparation and post.


Shanghai Longfeng

Keywords mining enterprise website optimization must be careful

Shanghai Longfeng for more than two years, when the website optimization, the first consideration is the user interested in what keywords, and keyword search in these possible and what is the keyword can generate orders. This is our Shanghai dragon company can secret high fees. No matter what kind of business is looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important purpose is to bring order by Shanghai dragon, you may be in advertising says you can build brand, expand enterprise publicity, improve visibility. I believe each of these companies are in use, but we only main is order, is the direct customer. Shanghai dragon enterprise website, to do this, in-depth study of keywords is the priority among priorities. Here is some optimization of his own case, say keyword mining.

long tail keywords

website maintenance, update the article is not blindly, the mass of the chain. To evaluate the effect of optimization and re.

is the core of the word, the user is easy to have the purchasing power of the word, because the enterprise is involved in the wholesale industry, so in the latest fashion, XX brand and so on, belong to the individual keywords sell on not too much adopted. Using the directory + wholesale, how to choose the XX clothing, the more articles wholesale skills related words.

summarizes the characteristics of these words, one is direct and wholesale the word, a class is to teach people how to choose women’s words, then how the word after wholesale sales. These words are most concerned about the small wholesale merchant keywords. The transaction is a magic weapon that combination of key segments.

three, website maintenance stage, real-time adjustment of

development toolsKeywords

, a website to do initial keyword classification

two, use the search engine keywords –

subdivision summed up will have many disadvantages, such as wholesale clothing, simple search, there will be a lot of auction business, up to ten of the promotion of user, even if we do first, the competition is also difficult. Therefore, use of the hands of the keyword tool, such as the Shanghai love promotion tool, noble baby keyword tool, each keyword related to mining, study the intensity of competition. Simple to index 300 words "wholesale clothing" for several dozens of index keywords "fashion" wholesale "fashion wholesale market" name + wholesale clothing". Do it, rather than index 300 words, can bring more clicks.

clothing wholesale, this is a client site last year. Received such a keyword, you can think very much related classification and way, such as wholesale clothing, dress collocation, brand clothing wholesale, and the classification of women, dress, blouse, BianFuShan and so on. When we are planning, borrowed directly in Taobao keyword data, the apparel industry can be said that Taobao is thriving, a penny to get key data of Taobao women’s clothing industry. Then, for the word classification processing.

Share micro-blog promotion tips

three skills: micro-blog training activity. 1. find some micro-blog users to listen to them, you listen to them, usually to listen to you, but must be careful not to listen to celebrities, celebrities generally will not return to listen to you. We can also add some topics such as listening to the broadcast, listen to each other, mutual good faith, listen to the brigade joke, this method is very good, can bring a lot of the audience. 2. forwarding and comment on other people’s micro-blog, others will come back to you, so it is good to take up more interactive, interactive micro-blog active degree is high. But don’t broadcast others topic, but also not to give others to comment casually back to people, it is easy to hate.

skills: a basic set of micro-blog. Like Avatar, nickname, labels, and other basic information, here I recommend is the best practical real name, real data, real picture, true to introduce myself, because the real thing believable, increase the rate of interest, to attract more attention of fans, the general users are very disgusted with false things. There are labels set is very important, for example, want to talk about the "delicacy" and I’ll set the delicacy for the label, this is very clear, but micro-blog will recommend a common label or common interest and attention, you can pay attention to recommend to the person you are interested in, other users can also in micro-blog recommended attention you. Multi point set of tags as much as possible, so that you are likely to search on the big.

micro-blog’s popularity is very high, although the content is short, but when it is strong, allows users to publish by the author for the first time to see the content. There are many well-known companies such as Sina, micro-blog, Sohu, Tencent and so on, choose a good micro-blog platform is also very important, many users of micro-blog platform to bring you traffic will be very high, so micro-blog promotion is one of the promotion methods more fashionable now. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) this was to say that micro-blog promotion does not want to send what is what, it also needs some tips:

two skills: skillfully released micro-blog content. We want to release micro-blog content according to the public’s preferences, use the popular topic, or is a hot topic today, such as the Olympic Games, we will be the content of marketing planning into clever hot topic, increase the probability of being search to the user’s attention, attention, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. When we usually send radio, in Shuangjing, such as hot Keywords: #× × #. There are times in the new micro-blog do not promote their products, so that not only the attention of others but rejected. First we can spot a funny picture, nice video, to remind other people interested in you, let them take the initiative to pay attention to you. Slowly your audience more to promote your things, this reprint and comments your fans will be more.

From hand travel find your sister hot, look at the content of the website construction ideas

recently, hand travel "find your sister" can be described as a mess of fire, so that countless hand travel developers envy, envy, hate. Your sister is looking for a new game, just released at the end of August 2012, but this release just half of the game, the current has been downloaded 55 million times, daily active users reached 8 million, the monthly income of millions, in Android and IOS two platforms are ranked first in Mobile Games.

just half a year, a mobile game can develop to such a hot point, but also in the absence of the cost of marketing budget under the premise of the realization, there must be its killer. This killer is the content of its self marketing features. "Its core is the idea of marketing directly into the product, so that the product itself has a strong marketing force." Then, the product itself guides the user to continue to marketing products, and then to the extent of viral transmission, and eventually make the product detonated.

let’s wipe our eyes and find your sister’s game. What are the characteristics of the product in order to make it have the characteristics of self marketing?.

products are transmissible. This game has very strong style: grass root style, funny, funny. In addition, its theme is also a lot of the current network of hot spots, such as Cang teacher. These features that resonate with each other, narrow the distance between the product and the user, and arouse the interest of the user, which arouses the user’s strong desire to share and spread.

now looking for your sister, every day in the Tencent, Sina, as well as everyone sharing the platform reached 200 thousand, which are the user’s own contribution. Obviously, the product itself has the dissemination of marketing effect is amazing.

products are different. The theme for your sister’s game is the wire type, which is different from most of the game themes and styles currently on the market. It is this difference, let your sister to eyeball in many games began to attract attention. Attracted to the attention of players, for the back of marketing to open the situation, laying a good foundation.

products have effective dissemination and guidance. In the content design of your sister, the guiding thinking is outstanding and the skills are excellent. Find your sister in hanging card design, joined the micro-blog share function, after a pass, prompted players to share the results to micro-blog. Not only that, in the game’s share point design, but also carefully grasp, fully grasp the psychological needs of game player sharing, such as adding "scores" link in the sharing, rather than simply let users share the game to complete the degree. And for the users who share with micro-blog, they will be rewarded with gold coins." Measures。 These guidance measures will prompt the user to take the initiative to spread the game.

also has its own marketing features, which I’m afraid every web operator is eager for. So, to find your sister these products, content construction ideas, for each site operators, should be fully used for reference. The following aspects can be carried out.

content should be interesting, >

BBS asks the developer to look for smaller areas

read an article, in fact, very has the feeling, "BBS old, but not dead yet smaller and more segments of the viscosity of the consumer users, BBS may after the road really is slightly, looking at so many high-quality community, they are trying to hold on, but are unable to create their hope of interest and the scale of development, small and beautiful, subtle aspects of the field has become a trend, when the situation has changed, you should see the direction to go their own way, here, starting from the subtle areas, hope to create their own piece of heaven.

before: the transformation of large communities, when NetEase community published when such a report, "dear friends: the community NetEase is old, and it is time to say goodbye to you! Because of business adjustment, NetEase community will stop service at midnight on December 18, 2012, the impact of a community under a variety of communication tools the marginalized, so stop service. Look at this trend, whether you have heartache, when we see the end of the world community, how rare is crazy, we love hair above the chain, made of various types of information, but these days, in the mobile Internet communication platform under the impact of negative growth, also slowly, the user constantly loss of activity continues to decrease, so that more community faces have to change direction, when the first choice is not a forum, asked what it is the user’s exchange base? So what should be done to the forum, if you continue to create a forum, a communication platform, how to you when.

1) walk your own place, community, small environment, big style,

small environment, amorous feelings, whether you already know? When the West Temple still struggling with the layout of the community, only the Nanjing community have huge user traffic, why not change with it, please click ", must lower the figure, with a local community attitude in the face of the future" one article, when the community layout has been slowly forgotten, to learn why the 19 floor to create a mature exclusive community life, the original 19 floor, too, is the first by a couple of editors play out in the spare time of BBS, when the business time playing out BBS can have such a strong shock the small environment has become a big style, so that, in its current form, adjust their focus to change yourself, change trend and key points of this.

, and for our webmaster, to do a satisfied place, community, has been a particularly important thing, for example, the author’s hometown forum, as shown in figure


has also been affirmed with Baidu ICO icon, certainly this forum with the popularity of local Internet, will become better and better, people will be more and more, this is the landmark building, and with respect to, every webmaster should actually stand in long distance, his hometown.

Domain name why not take the story of Tencent QQ domain name

do you know what is not as deep pocketed Tencent acquisition of the domain name QQ.CN? As we all know the importance of the QQ.CN name for the value of the Tencent, the Tencent is not so rich why can purchase QQ.CN? Throughout the history of the domain name acquisition of Tencent also found that Tencent had spent a few prices a few best domain, arguably QQ.CN Tencent was able to afford, but now the query QQ.CN still found the domain name holder or China United Network Communications Corp Heilongjiang branch company of China Unicom has issued, following reasons from several aspects to secret Tencent do not buy QQ.CN.

Tencent fortune history and domain name selection

1999, Tencent launched OICQ instant messaging software, in a very short period of time, a sudden emergence of new, and registered OICQ.COM and OICQ.NET domain names. However, in March 2000, AOL bought ICQ shortly after pointing out the sword of intellectual property to the Tencent, with the OICQ, including ICQ, from the U. S. supreme Arbitration Forum (NAF). As a result, in the first domain name dispute, Tencent suffered a crushing defeat. In April 2001, the Tencent had to give up their own business has long been the brand, renamed Tencent QQ 2000, cartoon image at the same time to withdraw the original QQ head of the Tang Laoya, Snoopy, vigorously seaman belong to Disney, the cartoon image of their own design, in order to avoid intellectual property lawsuit again. Then the Tencent was lost because of the arbitration OICQ.COM and OICQ.NET domain, domain name has since been as the main site of the brand name, and for two years, Tencent has been to the domain name as an important export penetration site. But the domain name and renamed QQ far, QQ.COM domain name has been registered in the domain name, as early as in 1995 May was first registered in 1998, by Robert. China as the entrance to personal film art website, and the domain name registration for sale in a long period of time within the foreign auction site even once the auction to $2 million. The QQ.COM domain name holder for the initiative to seek Tencent Inc will not relent, the transaction prices are not too low, not to mention who knows the move is to maintain QQ Tencent brand Jedi fight.

Tencent’s first step in acquiring domain names

is to give up struggling brands or expensive acquisition? End Tencent still made a difficult decision, according to the Tencent in April 8, 2003 to a high of 10 million yuan acquisition of QQ.COM, the Tencent has refused to disclose the price of commercial secret. Thus, Tencent for the protection of the brand is still sufficient investment, but the acquisition of QQ.COM domain name colleagues, Tencent did not acquire QQ.CN and QQ.COM.CN, the following two to see the fate of the above domain names.

because then >

How does the classified information website ensure the authenticity of the information

, Haian police called me this morning and said there was a fax for me to receive. My first reaction was that the classified information website was posted bad information. Watch sb know another fax spoof, the mobile phone number posted on the site, including Qiuzu, through a few friends information, housekeeping services. The life of the publisher is affected and then call the police. The internet police asked me to provide the publisher’s IP address and fax it in writing. Ask the internet police what else to do, say you are OK, now in tracking the publisher, the information is not deleted, waiting for notification.

from today’s matter, I’m thinking about a problem. The arrival of the WEB2.0 era, a lot of website information is public, if you ensure that the classified information website information integrity and authenticity? Split illegal, bad information; real information from where we could not verify? Every piece of information feedback to himself and then through the audit? This is the need to consider and resolve the problem. When your phone and address are known, he deliberately released information, how to investigate? How much punishment,


method will be unknown for a while, first of all rely on the consciousness of the net name.

moreover, today, Nantong XX network company called me and asked if the company wanted to do Internet promotion. I told you not to. Because in 10 minutes, four people in our office have received a call from the company, very disgusted. Then I told you not to call me. The man said it was impossible, and the attitude was bad.

Author: ItBuLu

Blind takeover As commercial behavior behind the music, investigate why


recent music as a fire, this is not to say that the music in their own business on how well, but because of the music in the industry has made a controversial merger, through equity conversion and cash acquisition of the flowers television and music as new media. Your views are different, some people earn, although the paper is 1 billion 300 million of the price, but after careful analysis it is easy to find the music to pay capital and not so much, also some people said, as the acquisition of the two companies is swallowed two irrational contract for future development will be too much instability, so in the eyes of the author, as the acquisition will give his own future strategy is to promote or hinder the layout a little more


actually, we can’t say "right" or "wrong" about the Internet acquisition. Because the current vision of the future to judge the existence of instability itself, apple IOS7 and 5S touted that the market and the user is the sole criterion for testing truth. Based on this idea, then to judge music as it will from the acquisition itself as the meaning of music as soon as possible.

flower, film and television and music as the new media product attributes for music as the help, where


we all know, as music is a video company, its product selling point is mainly authorized content, super TV concept and Foxconn elements, as well as a small amount of price advantage. For this advantage, LETV also understand their own, in the fierce competition in the video industry, LETV resources and reputation is not an absolute advantage, so with the help of a certain environment to heighten the overall business atmosphere is the key. Speaking of this, we may know the intention of the author, and that is the acquisition of the two companies, as the music as the help, but also better reflected in the business improvement and brand exposure promotion, this is the key.

compared the flowers television as we all know, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and "new stories" is the editorial department of product, the market response is fairly warm, but as a newly established company, the depth of resources is not strong, but also for the flowers television channels of the control is really limited, join LETV, may more help is made of TV boxes and video content, this is probably the biggest help.

as for the new media as the music, let alone, seemingly music as a management subsidiary, the acquisition of the company’s capital requirements should not be too high,

?The driving force behind the implementation of


said it is necessary to analysis the two transactions meaning, just look at the flowers and new media resources and the depth of the market potential, the truth is really not the music, but also for LETV help is not as good as we painted. So what is the happy view of these two deals in such a case,


1 stock price promotion must be the dominant idea behind it, because as a listed company, as music needs to do some of the performance to the market to see, rather than users. You create something, make public opinion, and make the market feel

How to claim APP in the application market

Although the

claim is well understood, but why is there to claim this operation? And the need to pay attention to what application market to claim their own application? The bean family network editor will be combined with the actual above simple introduction, I hope to do at the beginning of the APP operation to help a friend.

1, why is it claimed


before answering this question, we need to understand the domestic application of the market inclusion mechanism. In theory, take the initiative to submit application market included mainly from the developers, but when a market just on the line, do not have enough level, application market through their own operations team will automatically or manually add applications. The manual mainly refers to the application of market editors through their own judgment and occupation sensitive to other markets such as Google and PLAY have included the value of APP download, and then upload the manual shelves to own market. The automatic addition of the application refers to the application market through technical means, such as reptiles and other operations, will not be included in the application added to their own market behavior.

then this will be a problem, such as a market application is included, and the application developers not to the market to submit their applications, when developers try to take the initiative to submit will find submission is not successful, because for the application market can’t exist at the same time two package name for the same application developers to submit applications, upload the corresponding APK package, the market will determine if have the same package, developers will not be able to continue to operate, because the package name is unique. And this time, developers need to claim it.

2, claims how to operate, and what issues need to be noted

At present, the domestic market Android

small there are dozens of well-known, the audit mechanism, operation mode and other aspects will be different, so different to claim the application market operation will be slightly different. Bean family network editor to millet application store and Sogou market as an example, describes the attention of the claim operation.

1), said that millet, if after the upload prompts: "to claim your application!" that has been claimed by others or grab this, then you can follow the prompts to claim, if companies need to send emails, including company name, application name, package name and information. If you are an individual, you need to sign a certification, namely: the APK package was not signed after the signature email millet stores, to the completion of the audit can be claimed by.

2), while Sogou market claim is relatively simple, developers in the application to claim the first to enter to claim the application package name, find the unknown results can "claim the application", then check the Copyright Clause, upload an updated version of the APK package can submit claim review, when the market audit staff after the shelves can be normal.

needs to be aware that many of the early APP operators don’t know what a package name is, >