The webmaster will know how to solve the problem of website jump out rate!

! website positioning accuracy

why is the keyword of the website positioning will affect the website jump out rate? I believe you in the habit of looking for information mostly will come through the query input keywords, when the search results come out to see which information the title of best meets their needs, and then click go to view the information, if it is found that the information of the title and the contents do not match, then we will not directly to the information to find other closed, in line with their own information; I remember a friend before they do notebook printing, so he went on his website on the layout of the title keyword search volume printing printing, although large, but to know the printing the range is very wide, so when the user when he found by printing website, if the user is not doing notebook printing Bounce rate is 100%, then I suggest he printing add notebook, website bounce rate results to solve the

second: the need to provide users with valuable content

third: the website needs reasonable planning in the construction of the chain

what is the value? There are many webmaster friends that provide original content is valuable, indeed the search engine algorithm has been changing, this love Shanghai spark plan released has been in the fight against spam, the low quality of the pseudo original content, original content of more attention site. Then as a webmaster we need to understand our content in line with the search engine, but we have no content for the user to consider? We provide content is not valuable for customers? If we are content to the customer is of no value, can not give the customers to solve the problems, so I believe the user will jump out rate is very high

website problem!

title to

then as a webmaster if we solve the problem of website jump out rate

?Keywords: the first

a lot of people may think that the construction of the chain is important? Really can solve the network.

can be said that the search engine to judge the quality of a site of high and low is very largely what examine a web site audience, and these users give website bring jump out rate of the number of page hits, users in the residence time and site access ZhengZhan, search engine through these data of the comprehensive analysis can determine the quality of the site quality and whether to give the site the weight of high and low, after a long time of data analysis, find your jump out rate of high and low will directly affect the quality of the data of each website, for example: a user to enter our website the home page, directly out of our website, then browse this website for the residence time of the website, zero is zero, so that to improve the whole website The weight settlement sites out rate is the core reason.


Why love Shanghai every update keywords ranking unstable

server is stableIf your

1, the web site structure

The quality and quantity of the chain of

affect the keywords ranking, each love Shanghai update, especially big update, the chain has the potential to greatly increase or decrease, if the chain reduced greatly, stable keywords ranking nature, keywords caused decline in the rankings, because this website should pay attention to the quality and quantity of the chain the chain is reduced, the chain survival period, the author thinks that the chain of more than three months survival is outside the chain of high quality. If you love Shanghai in front of the chain, behind the delete chain, is very big to the influence of the keyword ranking.

this morning search keywords ranking, love Shanghai today updated, every webmaster friends love Shanghai update door are relatively tight, some rose drop some key words. But some web site keywords ranking is very stable, no matter how love Shanghai update, keywords ranking is very stable, of course some small changes. Today I give everybody to analyze why love Shanghai update keywords ranking is not stable, if you pay attention to these aspects, keywords ranking fluctuations will be reduced to a minimum, each basic love Shanghai update, keywords ranking will be very stable.

changed the link structure and the site of the title, the author of a station, changed the title of each article, followed by the name of a company, the love Shanghai update time, a large number of put out after updating the article, causing a certain degree of decline in keyword ranking. To keywords ranking stability, site structure stability is a must,

site structure change, ranking keywords will not soon influence, love Shanghai has a buffer time, timely capture updated content is not immediately obvious, accompanied by a big update a small weekly and monthly update performance. So if you change the web page title, description, keywords, are likely to cause the love Shanghai update, change keywords ranking greatly.


4, high quality original content

server is not stable, often not open or open speed is very slow, if you stand just to catch up with the search engines to crawl your website, the website does not open, impact on the search engine is very big, think you have problems, at least not love your station. In the next update time, may give you down the right, natural keywords ranking fell. So the website optimization choice space of time, you have to take a stable and fast space on site optimization is very favorable. The author here by the way again, the same IP site is down right or have certain influence on other sites, so try to choose the same host IP store website less, if the conditions allow the best to buy a VPS, an independent IP, this is also very good website optimization.

do not only do the chain.

3, the chain is stable


Rookie into hard and confused Shanghai Dragon Industry

often on the network or some training institutions in the study said Shanghai Longfeng have no trouble as long as you can type will open the computer you can, I want to say is true! If I ask which God enlighten me!! Shanghai dragon is a long and boring things, this for many novice webmaster is scratching, but also a headache, more anxious! Because the novice has not contacted, no success, no experience, but in the time war, also in a psychological battle.

if you are still learning Shanghai, I want to say to you, please do not worry, as long as you now is a good starting point, I believe that behind you will also better, just a period of time we need it, there may be half a year is probably two years are not allowed to say, so please enter this line and do this for friends in it must think of how to get to the road! You can go! You can go far! This is all you want? We will encounter many problems in Shanghai Longfeng road! For example: do you have time? You know have professional knowledge and so on??.


I’d like to tell you some and Shanghai Longfeng not very relevant experience today! Why do I choose this profession! Mainly from me in the university read a book about Shanghai’s love is possible! Then a get out of hand and school every day to see this book. Later also bought many related books. I’m really into the industry of the time in 2010 March. It may also be a fate! That is also true of Shanghai dragon network was understanding, in this regard learning video rarely. Only through the book or other articles, then according to the operation.

first you must put the mentality, not instant enterprising, opportunistic, this is not feasible, we see the network of many successful people, you have thought about others! Others when you play at home with the computer to update their own articles, or learn professional books. Are the same day like others too but others have more interesting.

often give up halfway people is most unfortunate is the most tragic, hard step you will succeed, but you will eventually step out the last step and choose to give up, then vowed to tell your friends that don’t do that, can not succeed, I have experience.

the following talk about this experience I just contacted the Shanghai dragon industry at

called the hardest, is the truth, as long as the beginning persist, then is making great strides, every day you should do the things done seriously, so naturally success is just a matter of time.

time will urge people to be old, time will urge the old people, everyone can not bear the loneliness and solitude, but if one day you stand, then you are not far from success, when change is our attitude, work well.

The key point of the successful operation of the B2B website

constantly improve the user experience of

the user experience of the website is to issue a commonplace talk of an old scholar regardless of what type of website, have to pay attention to the user experience, the user experience is not only the content, and the user experience, our website design is reasonable, the user can quickly find what he wants in the post, the user will normally be what kind of content browsing, browse the order of what is, if you carefully observe these words, will slowly find, you can improve the user experience of the website. The details determine success or failure, only you in all the little details for the user account, when user convenience, slowly improved user experience to your website.

above is A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team and the webmaster friends.


industryNo matter what type of the


B2B website, it should establish a brand in its own industry, become one of the best brands in the industry, at least to their own people in the industry are aware of your site, and the thumb of your firm. Of course, brand building is a long process of development, cannot do without the content of the website construction, more cannot do without staff pay, pre investment only to establish a brand to pave the way for a brand, but the brand value but set up, soon will be reflected, the so-called brand value creation.

B2B website has also been a serious impact on the love of Shanghai revolution, although the form is not the same, but in general is the web site overall decline in the beginning, many owners think that included down it is difficult to be restored, but acknowledged that the SITE query returns an incorrect value from the last love Shanghai official after B2B included site was once again returned to normal. For this event, many owners expressed their views of love, Shanghai official also issued a statement, after this incident, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) more profound understanding to the success of the operation of a B2B site is how difficult, but despite the difficulties, we must strive to to do, try to successful operation of the B2B website, the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team to diagnose several key points and common exchanges under the successful operation of the B2B website.

enhanced the contents of the original

love Shanghai when the B2B site in the beginning, claiming to improve the user’s search experience, allowing users to see more high quality content, no matter how the truth, but we can still see the development trend of the future love Shanghai, for a large collection of content, pseudo original, low quality of the site, the search engine is love Shanghai not love, want to site long-term in an invincible position in the search engine, it should strengthen the intensity of the original content of the website, do the content on the website construction, allowing users to see meaningful contents.


Determine the seven dimensions of a keyword competition


3. before the three page page number. This is a very important index, namely the search keywords out of the first three pages of SERP if a lot is the home page ranking (whether the domain name top or not, but love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent and other major portals except), then a large extent can directly determine the key words in the degree of competition is fierce.

8. experience. Experience is the most subjective and difficult to quantify but the method is one of the most useful judgment keywords intensity.

Shanghai index. This point should be no need to explain it, most can directly see the number of search index, but there is one point to note is the temporary news keyword is not.

4. top five website data. Shanghai Longfeng data can see the website ranked website judge competition keywords, the main observation as follows: domain name age, chain collected, etc..

source: 贵族宝贝tu17贵族宝贝 map Yaoqi photo sharing and fashion


7. related search term correlation. The correlation of the search term greater competition is relatively large.

keyword bidding number 1. More sites to participate in the auction, the more the keywords, the number of bids is unnecessary and sufficient condition for a, that is not a fierce word auction, but the auction number must be very competitive word.

2. key words are segmentation. We search for a keyword if the SERP page keywords rosy is part of our search, there is no word segmentation by the keywords, competition is not weak, but is unable to determine the key competition is fierce, because in most cases the keywords in Shanghai before the three page is not the word.

5. love

6. page number. Search a keyword search engine will give a number of related pages, refer to the index itself is of little significance, but in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company inside or often referred to, according to the price index.

is usually the first step in Shanghai Longfeng work, an important factor in choosing suitable keywords is Shanghai Longfeng success, because the words are too simple, no one is searching for Shanghai Longfeng work has no meaning, choose keywords if too fierce do not meet their forces, Shanghai dragon made a very good job is in May, then determine whether a keyword of intense competition, mainly from the following seven aspects:

7 yuan ad collection! Release to buy!How to make use of information asymmetry to make money for webs

is the webmaster can also use the reality in many ways to make money to make money, such as many Daoye way to make money, there is information asymmetry between the two sides through the way to make money! And on the Internet, the information asymmetry is relatively easy to make money, here we come from what is the information asymmetry to start

to meet the requirements of the website or blog, as long as participation in the activities, in the thread behind the post forum.yigao/viewthread.php? Tid=1093& page=1& extra=page%3D1, working days will be within two hours to reply or buy.

you know the so-called asymmetric information is a useful information, but others do not know, but others know that you don’t know, this is the typical asymmetric information, because many factors affect the exchange of information, if you want to achieve a completely symmetric information that is basically impossible!

of course, in addition to some trading products, you can make use of information asymmetry to make money, in fact, many other types of websites are also possible, such as many >

now we come to talk about why the information asymmetry will bring you wealth? We get in front of the sell rape this thing to explain, since some people can spend money to buy a piece of rape, if you go to the wholesale words, may be as long as 5 hair would be able to buy a pound, if the hands of farmers perhaps, as long as 2 cents a pound, once can make use of information asymmetry, can be a few cents a pound of rape to sell a few dollars, the information asymmetry can bring great wealth, and now a lot of garlic ginger your army, these are the use of information asymmetry plus some speculation the price, make up! Some people actually spent only a few cents of the cost is to sell a few dollars, nearly ten times the profits of

was stimulated to attract more advertisers to sign up for $7 $1 a day.


then why is information asymmetry? We give an example of the vegetable market, many people buy the same small rape, some people spend 2 yuan a catty, some people spend 3 yuan a catty, and spend 1 yuan a catty, why is there such a situation? We can explain from two aspects, one is the value of the consumer products this information is not clear, he did not get the relevant information, on the other hand, businesses in the original may sell 2 yuan a pound to sell 3 yuan a pound of the vegetable price, so that some do not know the price of the basic information it spent three yuan to buy this dish, which will bring huge profits! And so on, there are a lot of asymmetric information now, many businesses is the asymmetric information in the

and the Internet are full of information asymmetry, some people in a web site to see the same price is several hundred dollars, and see on another site price is tens of dollars, so how these asymmetric information use, it can give the site to bring great wealth as now! Taobao has been able to make money off is the use of the information asymmetry, while Taobao mall was able to make money, but also the use of the information asymmetry, so long as you take the time to dig information asymmetry profit point, it will be able to earn a good fortune!

purchase probability basically 100% Oh,

as long as your website has a little traffic, you can take part in this activity. Blogs can also take part,

, everybody, hurry up and reach the goal, that is, stop!

to make money!

, extra=page%3D1


three, the fire is not enough, plus one.

!For more details, see: forum.yigao/viewthread.php, tid=1093&, page=1&,

How to network poineering project ecological farm customers hit the marketWhat are you Alimama repre

two Preface: the arrival of alimama has shocked many advertising associations, and they have to be asked to review their relationship with the vast majority of web owners,

who wants to make a monopolyThe …

uses local well-known forums to find customers and market enlightenment

Preface: webmaster to be as a son, but as a pig to sell

welcome to visit: www.coolxl


is in the content of the post editors should pay attention to and pay attention to realistic illustrations, pictures and text attractive, let a person see the purpose, this is the first step of success; two is to monitor the feedback often inside the post, the people put forward to timely reply, do maintenance; three is to carry out long-term implicit marketing in the forum, through the sharing of ecological farm organic vegetable growth process and farm scenery photos, increase the exposure rate, arouse people’s interest and attention. When the initial development must be experiencing market enlightenment stage, so we need to actively publicize and introduce the characteristics and advantages of more people, to the introduction of ecological farm products, food safety problems in today’s background it will resonate, get more customers intent.

and friends founded the ecological farm project after two years of training, has now entered into a profitable stage, due to the "ecological farm", there may be a lot of friends had not heard of, but in many places it has become one of the most popular rich project and entrepreneurial projects, characteristics and advantages of it lies in the face the current food safety worrying environment, more and more people have been aware of the importance of food safety, gradually turn to organic products, is produced by planting and production process without pesticides and other harmful substances, contracting a certain area of land cultivation as origin of organic vegetables, specialized production and sales, this is the core meaning of ecological the farm project, at the same time it also has many development projects, such as the real version with a happy farm and popular city families " The "happy farm" project, and the farmhouse project, are extensions of the product on that basis.

we site within 1 hours from the big city suburb, ecological farm management target population is local to the big city, so the network marketing will first find the famous local local forum, by paying the way of cooperation, made a soft top posts in the forum, we introduced organic vegetable farm happy farm and farm products etc.. I believe that the legitimate advertising post is the first step, but also more important in the latter stage of maintenance:

had been years of experience in the Internet, and friends to do the natural ecological farm project cannot do without using the network topic, especially in the early stage of development is facing problems to find customers, more is to look into the active network, like us from the network business to entrepreneurship and offline friends in a few, write some of our experiences and problems, and more is to have the same experience or interest to offline business friends to communicate and learn from each other, today to talk about is the focus of how we use the network to find customers and create a market, are some practical targeted the skills and practices.

webmaster news list www.admin5/top

above is just my personal opinion, each one according to his lights.


then the system adjustment after a series of course, in order to perfect, but as " Zhu Xinli " said, enterprises should keep as a son, but when the pig sells.Alimama this is also the first lord, by all means the majority of the network website owners, through some preferential some policies to attract advertisers, on these basis and began his " " plans to sell a pig; advertisers set CPC for each click of not less than 0.08, then the actual income of the main website or even 0.03, advertisers do not need to pay what the technical service fee, then the main site every month to pay the cost of not a technical service fee, this fee policy seems to be a head. But the fluctuation of income in the main site, will soon be closed. This is undoubtedly a advertising alliance Another Microsoft.

alimama is relying on a strong background in Ma, the majority of the site owners immediately occupy a favorable psychological space, advertising alliance many website owners are independent gradually turn through such big credit. In the beginning we are undoubtedly attracted by such cooperation: to see the day the income effect in the fixed day time to receive the money, there are some minor activities by

Brief analysis where is the outlet of stationmaster class kind of website

this is the best of times, but also the worst of times. And in this era, there is such a noun, often brought to the Internet heavyweights, that is the webmaster. They have miraculously developed and miraculously survived the internet. They are free, they put a lot of time to the website; they are often so pragmatic momentum, update the article until two or three a.m..

, in this magical Internet nation, stationmaster kind of website appears more peculiar, no matter be the quantity of website or replacement speed. Throughout the domestic webmaster website, first of all to the mind should be the webmaster’s home and A5 webmaster nets, they in their own way barbaric development.


webmaster home relies on cnzz, as well as a series of related sites, in traffic has an overwhelming advantage, as well as source code, query, data statistics, Alexa and other tools, also accounted for half of the country. In addition, website information, and a magic weapon is stick webmaster.


relatively speaking, A5 webmaster network is more grassroots webmaster, technical webmaster. And the advantage of A5 is soft Wen contribution, the construction of the chain, to the webmaster an unlimited play and don’t give up the platform. At the same time, on the other hand, the webmaster trading platform to say is another highlight, strength of excellence, for the development of the site to provide awesome power.

in addition to the positioning of the site, I believe that the founder of the development of the site, the impact is also very large. Webmaster home can think of Yao Jianjun and Qiu Song, A5 can think of figure king, good generals create good products and good user experience. However, throughout the whole of China, the webmaster class website is far more than their two, but can be familiar with the station and profitable, probably only them.


for discuz and phpwind, they are all free source providers, have the webmaster group of natural needless to say, continue to introduce new applications, upgrade new functions, beginners to learn knowledge master station here, here to make technology veteran answer. At the same time, they are in the process of development, in all parts of the country to carry out the webmaster assembly, but also gathered a batch of another batch of webmaster.

is so keen on what reason, webmaster webmaster kind website, advertising is to earn commissions? Is no alternative choice? Is to divide the world into three parts to get a piece of land? No matter for an idea of what you can try to do it, but in the blind hot blood, you have not thought about how to kill them,

in thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers?

often in Webmaster conference, hear big brother said, big and all web site to do already very difficult, the webmaster’s next direction is local, vertical industry. Do portal, think >

After the merger, it is still worth 15 billion. The masses will not see the future, or even more sad


these two days by the United States group and the public comment on the merger of news and comments brush burst of friends circle. A friend said to me, "look, the positive news of group buying has never been so violent. The last time it was maxed out was the take out war, and this time it was a merger.". There is some truth to this idea, but the old man left a sentence called "good things do not go out and bad news travels far away", which is worth deliberating. But is it a bad thing to merge the two? At least not a good thing, or a CEO.

from the circle of friends to see, the merger of the two seems to be mouthing the voice of the upper hand, this can not help but think of micro-blog when I was seen when the decline. But at the time, Viagra was strong. What was it like at last? So, this time, there are still some opinions about the merger of the two. Let’s say something simple.

merger is still worth 15 billion, the valuation fell in that the capital can not see the future

even if the two sides in order to finance and do a more extensive layout, and tell a better story, but the market valuation is a discerning eye can see the problem. In July this year, the US group announced a new round of financing to raise more than $1 billion, making it likely to exceed $15 billion. But now the valuations are still $15 billion after the merger, and there may be a certain amount of moisture in the middle. It’s a feeling of being naked and hitting your own face. At the same time, this also makes some insiders confused. The problem is:

first, why is the valuation of the merger as little as compared with before, you know, this is the two valuation of more than 10 billion of the group, the valuation of the merger after the same amount, which means that two valuations have plummeted. Then, in the future, the valuation is likely to continue to fall. There is no expected valuation rose, the estimated investment institutions and the U. S. group, the public comment on both sides already understand this point. The merger will usually have two purposes, one is to combine powerful forces to seize more markets, and the other is to tide over the difficulties together because of difficulties encountered by the two. Obviously, the joint of the two sides does not want to fall into the same category as the fast merger. The fixed valuation after the merger of the two parties can be regarded as a case in point.

Since we know that after the merger of

two is not too low valuation, why merge? We can ask you to estimate this one looks, the merger is likely to be the capital operation. The institutions involved in the capital operation, there are two purposes: either to the enterprises after the merger is stronger, to reap more benefits; either in the hands of the investment project when the future development of hopeless pain, get cash back to the. So, this is not to exclude investment in institutions under the interference of last resort to a marriage. In the future, whether listed or cheap, after seeking investment, will be the capital side of the interests of planning as the main purpose of maintaining operations. If you really go to this step, I must say the sorrow of two families.


How can the local talent website be PK comprehensive talent portal

  talent website has entered the competition intense degree, mode of development and future prospects so explore talent website, it is necessary for us to compare local talent website with comprehensive talent portal, so that the future mode of favorable development, the long entrepreneurs, is a very important thing, therefore we explore this topic, it is necessary to the development of the local talent website for analysis, it is even more necessary to portal on the comprehensive talents in-depth study, so as to obtain the positive conclusion of this issue to be discussed.

advantages of an integrated talent portal

in the Chinese market, comprehensive talent portal can basically be defined as Zhaopin, worry free recruitment, Chinese talent network

, this is the current Chinese network recruitment market but the giants, we all know, these sites are rich, because they can be filthy rich, huge advertising promotion, and quickly occupied the national market, which launched with its development goal of coordination of brand operators, therefore, in the domestic market, the development is the big 3 is a scene of bustling activity. Not just because of the rich and powerful, reliable background, not only financial advantages, they also occupy most of the domestic first-class talent network, the advantages of human resources, launched with the market competition ability of technology development and technology promotion, through technology development and technology promotion, gradually squeezed out of the small workshop of those trying to enter the comprehensive talent portal that is a combination of the official talent + money. In spite of this, but we should see the comprehensive talent portal in hard-edged also show soft le of its development, especially in the bar Zhaopin website directly to the development of such soft Le climax, this can cause our deep thinking.

Disadvantages of

two comprehensive talent website

we all know, a comprehensive recruitment website has been reported huge losses, these reports showed the development of weakness comprehensive talent recruitment website, the reason is very simple, the online recruitment market has entered the "King" of the times, in such background conditions, we are more comprehensive discussion on talent website what are the disadvantages? Obviously, comprehensive talent network, there is a common problem is that leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, the area involved span is too large, obviously not adapt to rapidly changing market. We all know that comprehensive talent website once entered the two or three line of the city, its malpractice completely unmasked in website with local talent, the PK horse lost the premise, because the master and be familiar with the local affairs of the local talent website has shown a strong momentum of development in the future, the ability to maneuver quickly and quickly occupied the market, so as to find a in line with the actual development of the business model, this is afraid is a comprehensive talent website to "patients". Based on this consideration, we will discuss the advantages of local talent websites next.

three local talent website advantage


local talent website has relied on its good mobility