By thinking of a generalized QQ transformation caused by the topic group

because there is a considerable part of the promotion personnel in the group, from the initial love Shanghai Shanghai dragon transformation to the Taobao train, Tmall operators etc.. Now Taobao chat topic increased significantly. As the train ad click rate, shop decoration style, Taobao baby station promotion, how to recruit and maintain Taobao customers etc..

1, Taobao

1, the chain resources

, 2 years ago to promote QQ group topic

I had established the QQ group, is also a small promotion rookie, only know HTML, know little about the CSS, and then write a soft wen. At first, the QQ group inside the most discussed about the following aspects.


topic spit bad love

after 2 years of precipitation, the extension workers are walking in the way of transformation. Today’s topic, probably has the following several aspects.

the 2 years ago, from the original noisy, impetuous, to today’s pragmatic, deserted, through a separate chat found that many extension workers are from the original Shanghai dragon Er, the gradual transition into specialize in one field, or their own transformation and upgrading. The deep mining of the QQ group is representative of the Shanghai dragon ER was forced to the transformation of the way.

project site

3, Shanghai

1 QQ group established


2 years ago, with a lot of Links, then keyword anchor text, according to the website allows rapid ranking. The original group will regularly have group members share their fast ranking methods, such as blog, B2B etc.. Today, few people talk about the basic skills of the Dragon Shanghai periphery, the most is a discussion of some website case.

was the author under the several chain resources in Shanghai library, and then finishing his several signature can be uploaded to the forum, a group sharing, immediately a voice of praise. Now who also came outside the chain of resources, certain downloads will be a number, but most people ridiculed.

now, do novel station, basically shut down the movie station and local service website or abandoned. But few were not optimistic about the forum, or vertical industry site has been in maintenance. >

each Thursday love Shanghai a big update, the group immediately spit bad people love Shanghai, but now most people basically very calm to look at. Most of the time, the ranking is controlled within the scope of.

two, 2 years after the transfer of the

fast ranking method

about 1 years ago, this gang of Shanghai dragon Er promotion personnel seeing peers earning large quantities of gold each day have established their own side, so the site. The statistics, in order to do novel station, movie station, photo sharing station, the main forum. Then, 1 years ago, the local service station, such as XX appliance repair, cleaning, removal and so on.

The enterprise website content sources following you have attention


second, for their products can recite fluently from memory. We know how to write professional thing, the most fundamental reason is that for the industry especially their product knowledge. The products are well aware of every detail, in the process of writing even a tiny detail features we can also be used to make a fuss, if their products can be ready to accept either course for, so that customer satisfaction can not write things.

is the author of the above ideas for some enterprise web content creation process, for the owners concerned only continue to study and learn, find some suitable way to improve their writing ability, writing is not very much time to wait more exercise to a good effect, and is the author of the above today share content from Cisco 贵族宝贝xki贵族宝贝.cn original starting Adsense nets, please indicate the copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

third, the collation and collection. The Internet is our divergent thinking of the ocean, most of the time we see the web site, look at the Shanghai news about his love of information industry, it can provide a train of thought for themselves, usually continuous accumulation and reading is very important. When we meet the quality of material must be the first time the available elements, and then combined with the characteristics of their products, industry news, company brand to modify, finally compiled articles we need.

fourth, should wash hands more exercise. The article is written by people, so the above three points is just to provide ideas, but in the end can really be very good to show these ideas to our users depends on your own writing ability, so the article to continue to practice every day, adhere to their request to write an article, your thoughts will be more if things go on like this clearly, write up will be handy, it not only speak a lot of time but also work hard to practice and practice can.

first, professional line of paper books to learn. The high degree of professional enterprises, most of the time due to the limited level of technology has limited our thinking of writing, but as a webmaster we should observe the industry related information industry, generally by the person writing the information, the quality of high degree of the original paper is not to say that we can go according to these content arrangement then, posted directly to our website. Or add your own understanding of appropriate modification methods was very good.

enterprise website webmasters, the most troublesome is the source of content, the current search engine for the user experience requirements of the continuous upgrading, as a webmaster must understand the value and significance of the quality of the site, at any time to good quality are worthy of our attention. So, how to construct the enterprise website

Different sites with different Shanghai Longfeng thinking

above is from the website optimization marketing, as a Shanghai dragon er not only consider these. Shanghai Longfeng staff of a website should also consider the site user experience. For example, a picture station must be done very gorgeous?’. Although the website is very nice to do can win a lot of users eyeball, but a very simple design of the website doesn’t have to lose. The key is whether the site inside provides the user required content, this is the most important. As long as the content is good enough, the website design is simple and will not let users have too much experience. But the problem is, but many optimization personnel entangled in website design, website that do not, if the user does not come will turn off the revised website. Although sometimes website design will affect the user experience, but not seriously affect the user experience, we should start with the content of the website and how to strengthen the external drainage from the start. Through a period of data analysis, to cause the user experience to improve it.

The Shanghai dragon >

overall, many methods of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng steps will It differs from man to man. However, even with the same method, each step will be different. This is different, due to the different ways of thinking. Often heard master introduce door, rely on their own practice, in fact, that is the truth. More ways of thinking in practice need to sum up, continue to improve in the summary.

as an optimization of the marketing personnel, the hand may have many sites need to do. If the experience is not enough rich, no matter what sites use the same way to do, the effect is certainly a gap. Why? A corporate website and a business website is certainly not to take the same way to optimize marketing; even the corporate Web site, but also in accordance with the type of division. For example, we do website optimization, web promotion website, then we will first go through Shanghai dragon ranking way, let the website keyword search results is better, so the user will believe that the strength of enterprises. If your web site are not ranked or highly ranked on the list, say it can help users to do rankings, who would believe it? Again, a web site to sell adult diapers, he may bring the sales site is concerned, the keywords ranking is not the user’s attention, it is not necessary to do. But from what website can rapid drainage to start the enterprise website, then consider search marketing. Don’t look at this little difference, the different ways of thinking, the effect is different to other.

The analysis method of

said the Shanghai dragon thinking, we all know, but really good Shanghai dragon thinking person but not a lot of. Many times we also entangled in no good way of thinking, in fact, is to hold a certain format. Because every day thinking about how to change the Shanghai dragon thinking, while ignoring the need to optimize the site itself, I am afraid this is a common mistake.

Chongqing Chen Hao Shanghai Dragon learning experience

in these two months, I really learned a lot about Shanghai dragon understanding and how to publish news, how to promote a little understanding, such as keyword optimization, keywords optimization, description optimization; global optimization, keywords layout, code optimization, key word density optimization, the optimization optimization: bottom; Links optimization, anchor text optimization etc..

is now more and more people learn Shanghai Longfeng, at the beginning, very confused, don’t know how to do, and no one to teach, always can’t find it, don’t know where to start, only one step of the study or find their own way. For veteran, will say, look at some of the forum, to learn, to ask the people, will progress, otherwise you will never progress, never learn Shanghai dragon, but you want to have, Shanghai dragon forum again a few can really understand, not too much nonsense that is too deep, it is very difficult to understand, so for the future is really very confused, I do not know where the front.

introduction: Chen Hao, is my group of friends, it is just in this line is the Shanghai dragon, he learn some experience in the process of Shanghai dragon, can hope to some just into the Shanghai dragon line to help a friend. Shanghai Longfeng exchange group: 65710850


blog: www.xiaolang贵族宝贝

sometimes is not good even one of the most simple keyword positioning, but also everywhere ask, how will the good keywords, keywords is directly related to the future of the company, and later learned to know the benefits of keywords, or keywords >

later met a classmate, he is also learning Shanghai dragon, but he than I learned early, he knew more than me a little more, so do not understand, I will learn from him, and then he told me that Shanghai dragon forum is a good place to study, there are many the master, do not know you can ask a person, they will be the fastest speed to answer your question, so I went to the Shanghai dragon forum learned, saw a group inside, feel good, and then add the inside, I know a lot of people are learning very much. So thanks to every group of friends.

Shanghai dragon is a very strange word, for we seldom contact network in this area is and is strange, for Shanghai dragon is not heard before, because we do not use this, I had studied graphic design, for this turn, will have to thank me this is the boss, he let me on the promotion of Shanghai dragon, now the study for two months, but I am a novice, no one to teach, and not what the foundation, only their own feeling.

text: life is spent in turning the life is not always a straight line only learn to turn to learn to grow up.

Shanghai Phoenix Coyotes

Remember the first time Shanghai anti love alliance action

medical PPC friends have the same feeling, malicious clicks, some columns were gone love Shanghai bidding.

because some owners also rely on the survival, suggest that high profit target, the enterprise station medical diet.

from the commander of the answer:

open computer, one thousand words omitted, log QQ, found in dozens of webmaster group are also on a topic:

Shanghai and the webmaster should feel love with win-win cooperation "


YY quickly open dry: 91629160 night 8 pm set everyone notice! The United Front, uniform point of explosion, explosion of people consulting

also here is from the wartime command [- YY] united front channel news, there are a lot of stationmaster the courage to speak, with record several main points:

B: This is love with Shanghai to ah. The medical treatment is too much, do not vote. So, love Shanghai to earn less. Because of the recent fall in love with the sea K station is too much.

from the group figures should radiation thousands of people browse to this information, check the website like me intoxicated guess, login QQ, received information should be a lot of bitter youth. I know these days in the Q group and forum pass [small owners and love Shanghai war news] more sublimation. With several friends to talk about this thing, first find a few friends to do medical bidding, when it comes to this topic, they are very sensitive, said recently the malicious click very much. Here are a few friends said:


webmaster suggestions: to do the overall control click, click ads, try to avoid error click.

Back home after work, with

said that today is the first time, the preparation is not very comprehensive. It is suggested that the joint media, authorities to solve, in order to expand the influence to win the right to speak. The point above a starting point of anti love Shanghai Alliance Party command.

A: the webmaster is clever, Shanghai is not out of love ah, a loss that is no way ah, really no time to suspend for a period of time to promote

record today thousands of webmaster love Shanghai cluster click ads,


this command, after strict screening, according to different regions selected advertisement title, URL, click to determine the target. In addition, our starting point is not the cause of panic, just want to find a platform for dialogue and love of Shanghai, in the overall process, we have asked every webmaster to click on ads from the advertising station must be in contact with each other, with each other that we are from Shanghai [anti love union personnel, invite your station we support, for the benefit of all suspended for a week on the love of Shanghai] if advertisers bidding, then temporarily stopped running, then we won’t click on the ad.

Shanghai dragon Er to talk about the learning experience

1: faith, before we do anything, we should have such a belief, what should I do? How to do? Then determined, you will find that when you are determined to do something, you are very passionate, so you are determined to never move towards the first step to success. If there is no determination, I believe that you will never learn a foreign technology.

second: action, determined to make good going to perform, so you need to have a strong executive power, the executive power is what? If we you can earn 1 billion to five years, then you would do, if I said I might accomplish nothing, if you still do it, then you is a powerful executive who, perhaps, to not have a harvest, but do not work hard will not harvest. But we can not blindly, but planned to carry out, Marx once said, has no plans to study nonsense.

this is my experience in Shanghai Longfeng operation, and share, Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon (www.gdwzjs贵族宝贝) Shanghai Longfeng manipulation share, reproduced please keep this link contact QQ:595976867

third: habits, Shanghai dragon Er daily compulsory is website update, the construction of the chain like, this is what we are doing every day, just like every day to eat like a normal, many webmaster can begin to insist, but feel dull as ditch water but think carefully, we can not, every day there are different exciting, do what are used to, a qualified Shanghai dragon er not because of his mood and decide whether to do these things, a good mood is a lot of updates, bad mood not to ignore it, this is not feasible, is not recognized. So in our every day these seemingly ordinary or indispensable things, find deficiencies, and then Jinyi refinement, continuous improvement, to seek a breakthrough.

in middle school, our teacher told us such a word, I still remember, this is such a belief: the sown, the harvest is a kind of action, take an action to be sown, the harvest is a habit, a habit sown, the harvest is a kind of personality, when you have a sense of responsibility character, you will reap a golden life, today I put words to all Shanghai dragon Er, today I write is not about skill type articles, you may not believe that the so-called "dry cargo". But I want you, no matter what, a good attitude is essential.


fourth: character, it is easy to change his spots. In fact, I did not agree with this view, perhaps the character was born, but a person’s personality can change as the environment changed slowly, so he is black, I think this is the meaning. We stand like our children, only take care of, he will thrive.

The chain where you want to go to a bowl to

three video chain. A chain form is phlogistic video outside the chain now is the fried. The chain can do video display as a foreign website image, enhance the visibility of the site. Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the customer experience of love. The propaganda promotion website to large online video website platform Youku potatoes, with our web site. Can be very good for our website to provide an advertising effect. Now some companies are doing video marketing, huge traffic using video station to marketing products, in effect is very awesome.

classification information platform. On behalf of the 58 city and Ganji, people network, these sites daily release of information is very large. Search engines crawl is quite awesome. A lot of people in the chain on the classified information. But more subtle. There may be a lot of work for Shanghai dragon in 58 friends or go to the market for a lot of resume but did not receive the interview notice. In fact, many enterprises in the label is for network marketing, website editing, while watching the day update, but in fact do not recruit people, only in the chain. This information is updated every day. So many job seekers are fooled.

four Links. This is the most primitive way chain, now love Shanghai introduced a new green basket algorithm. A lot of links by selling meal website (ALI slightly etc.) are greatly affected. However, the non monetary transaction nature of the normal link love or friendly Shanghai. A5, Chinaz these large Webmaster Platform have special Links exchange forum, when nothing can go and see. Find the right link exchange.

six bookmark favorites. There is love on behalf of Shanghai collection, Cape of Good Hope, music collection such as ping >

is a blogging platform outside the chain. The chain blog as a chain way compared to the original, accompanied by a variety of blog chain group tools, slowly toward the end. But the blog platform is not a vegetarian. Take a lot of mechanisms to curb this behavior, the blog group software now has no original so crazy. But some large blogs such as Sina, NetEase, and so included are considerable. Here I suggest that you also set their hands tired related resources. After all, this era is the era of resources. If you do not have the resources is very difficult to do this one.

two Links exchange platform. This kind of platform can increase the chain of our website. Can also increase the exposure of our website. Moreover, after the information out, people can contact you to stay for your site and link. It is a very good method to release the chain. The representative of the site such as GO9GO.

either as a novice or for a period of time engaged in website optimization practitioners. The chain is one of the stones of each heart, a lot of people out of breath. Today, I will analyze what are the embodiment of the chain.


Share some experience of their sex in Shanghai Library

he supports upload, download and support integration, manual review, but there are a lot of malpractice is not online watch, people can only see is a document, no preview and watch online download function, this can intuitively see who is not their own need to document, so interest rate will be more and more less, if this function is not added, I estimate will be a failure of the product.

4. library space as long as possible, just like in life is a library, but the library book without an article? At least, not online entity, but has been said to be the library, let you upload something like a book.

by original every day new, previously on document sharing platform only love Shanghai library and Douding nets better, there is a 360doc, the other may have it, but I also went to the horizon, recently received an optimization promotion list, do promotion when found the Sina also has a document platform, friends inside this platform like or little-known, why? Then I upload a document almost know what.

these 2. things are not necessarily your "authentic", such as I have collected some Taobao promotion skills, I do not write, I just take what summed up into the document, it is crazy reproduced a lot, called "Taobao promotion skills 100 apple not tore you can arrange" love Shanghai look at the effect, which is to seize the needs of everyone.

3. the chain not too much, the typesetting must be neat. Otherwise, the personnel will see that your advertising is not to say that, can not pass, or by reducing chances.

these 1. things really let a person look is useful, because the audit is also the ordinary people, can deceive you can in his side through basic.

say my simple use of the library, had only heard of this thing is the library can play a promotion role, is the most effective tutorial, add your website or brand name, formed the communication effect and ultimately enhance the brand effect, is in the process that the original tutorial links will become the high quality of the chain, so whether it is black hat white ash cap began to promote the use of this path, with some in a horrible mess of garbage, love Shanghai supervision is more and more strict, how can it? I summarize a few points:


first wrote here, but know the quality of the chain of love Shanghai library is very high, but I haven’t tested them, we can try to Kazakhstan, oh the green outfit marketing members of apple please keep the original starting 贵族宝贝28sem贵族宝贝/blog/rumen/1022.html

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng sex is ranked six points three points a luck technology implementation


You may see the title

first, writing content, every day you need to write high quality content, high quality content including users are most concerned about the content, can solve the problems of user content, various content of value to the users are called high quality content, but also need to continue to dig some long tail keywords, and then according to your writing dig out of the long tail keywords content.

second, the construction of the chain, a website ranking of the two most important content and the chain, this need not say much, so the implementation of the most important and the most difficult is the construction of the chain, the chain construction is the need for continued growth, because each chain is the life cycle (there are some links will disappear, along with some factors such as people put your Links withdrawal, you people in the web site to do the chain, their site closed, you do outside the chain, in the blog by reason of all aspects of K and so on all will result in the loss of the chain). For example, you do a 100 chain, this month a chain do not lose 30, then your chain loss rate is thirty percent, this will cause the site to drop right, so that the keywords ranking drop. In order not to use the site to drop right at least you have to maintain the rate of ten percent lost in the chain, if the new station in red ranking, it needs more energy to do the chain.

fourth, diversity of promotion, the pet phrase is "do Shanghai Longfeng website is a dead station, only the Shanghai dragon website shengburusi". Shanghai dragon is just a means of promotion, we can not put the egg in one basket, should look for more ways to promote, so as not to be too dependent on Shanghai dragon, not to mention the future of Shanghai, the road gets narrower, take the love of Shanghai open platform and application platform of the two open platform, grab much traffic. "

third, data analysis, but also the need for network data analysis, the user is the page from which came in, and leave the page from which the user, how long is your site in the residence time, your bounce rate is how much, how much is the loyalty of users, IP every day, how much is the number of PV. Is the conversion from these data to the structure of the web site or the user experience to make adjustments.

ask, do not do Google like this? In the end to answer (to leave a suspense). Shanghai Longfeng implementation is the most important, so I have to score is the highest, the technical level of the thing you learn is that, just at the beginning of the may need to spend some time every day, and the implementation is needed, one day does not fall, the last is also need a little good luck, the next three points to start for everyone to read.

is the most important part of the execution in Shanghai Longfeng, write the program before the website do Shanghai Longfeng, then you need to press this program to execute, execute the author here it is divided into four aspects:

Sogou index optimization keyword index.

again the same soft to become a news source, but also to see the publication platform to decide, to release the news is the fastest submission, but the probability is very small by the news, some news is because the format is not in conformity with the platform or channel, and the news quality lead news rejection. Can only choose to post, post is news requirements to reduce a lot, basically as long as.


index is the most attention of every webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, the heat index is a representation of words, if the site index rose said frequency of your site search, but it does not mean that your visitors increase, because some owners from the brush index of the thermal degree, to deceive their own behavior. Why is cheating yourself? There are two reasons, the webmaster only brush out the index of users is not going to query the index of the heat, and since the brush does not represent the users search index index. The heat index from the brush, once stopped falling from the brush index words heat order, and if it is found that spiders index over the search number, search engine directly to the site down right treatment. Why case in Shanghai Longfeng ER related people, don’t be such a grey cat, but does not rule out some webmaster, in order to avoid competition and use brush to disrupt the opponent’s idea of judging keywords.

of each search engine included news standards are different, has its own set of news included mark. Were included in soft is considered news, then the value will increase, ranking natural will improve. Now look at the mark Sogou news included and rules, please see the relevant news Sogou index on the right, these are normal news tips for improving site index. Please see the relevant news sources below two time trend information, you can see here are in line with the sign of news news.

first need to query and index in Sogou web site keywords, in accordance with the query mode, Sogou search index is the default index. In view of stationmaster first at the level of related search terms, because the relevant key word index system according to the default ranking is often the user search and accumulation of rankings, not stationmaster often brush out of the index, while the fastest rising search term is likely to be painted. Not recommended for reference information. To know the retrieval words related to colleagues, we need to think about is the hot trend of news media index, which is the user search index search in time, such as the search volume found some time there is no search volume or search volume is very low, you should consider, is can do reference keywords information to optimize.

How to improve the



find the laws and marks Sogou news included

normal optimization and self brush index of the advantages and disadvantages of

soft release platform is different because of differences in very large

Sogou index includes the following three points, such as news index, search index, site index,