What domain names are appropriate for GGAD accountsThe online travel business of old community touri

online travel is the hot spot of venture investment in recent years, but it is affected by two aspects. One is the development trend of tourism industry. Relative to the rich, people are willing to spend money on tourism, there are trillions of output value. Domestic booking services through the Internet is far lower than the level of developed countries, the online tourism itself has hundreds of billions of market scale, an annual growth rate of more than 60%. The second is the impact of the mobile Internet, mobile applications emphasize its outdoor attributes, just to better cut into the tourism activities.

OTA in addition to booking air tickets, hotels, travel routes and services and traditional travel agencies with the set of services including ticket + Hotel + travel arrangements, in the tourism industry also known as tourism products, or selling line. In order not to confuse the Internet products we discuss, I call this product "travel service".

often sees a lot of friends complaining on the Internet, saying that GGAD has failed to apply for many times. I feel very puzzled, don’t GG want more webmasters to do GGAD? The answer is yes, because a lot of GG’s profit is ggad. What is the real reason why many people fail to apply for the shlf1314 Adsense account? As far as I can see, the problem lies mainly in the domain name used to apply for the GGAD account.


3, you use the domain name to do the station, must have content, not too little, at least 50 or more, the interface is not bad, and make it more substantial.


of the way cattle, donkey mother, is to this mode of online sales, tourism services or can be called the tourism business. This market is mainly to line up resources and services, mainly the electricity supplier model competition.

some friends say that using a new domain name to apply for an GGAD account is generally not possible. To this end, I deliberately made a small experiment, with the latest new CF game station to apply for GGAD, the result is second days received GG reply and opened the GGAD account. Well, what kind of domain name is suitable for GGAD accounts? My experience is that as long as the domain name meets the following 3 criteria:

process of tourism activities, can be divided into three stages, before the line after the line. The main line is the itinerary, travel booking service, especially the ticket hotel; line is the tourism activity itself, the whole travel process of the user; the user after friends and to share travel experiences and spread their stories, photos and so on.

travel according to the autonomy of the itinerary, can be divided into group tours and self-help travel. Of course, in recent years, there has been a similar semi autonomous, travel agencies are responsible for air tickets and hotels, travel schedule all their own arrangements, such relatively small, tentatively placed into the self-help tour. Group tour is a tour agency that manages everything and naturally doesn’t have online travel products. Online travel product contends for, it is the user that self-help swims.

I have been doing travel products for some time. Recently relatively idle, just go out with friends, a trip back, they come to pull their own online travel products entrepreneurial views.

online travel industry chain analysis

2, the domain name must be your application shlf1314 Adsense on the real name of all


also need to remind that, GGAD account is very valuable, we must treasure. For general cheating methods, GG can be identified. Hope that webmaster friends can stand good, make reasonable income. Finally, I hope everyone can make a lot of money through GGAD!

, OTA and tourism electricity supplier are now a competitive market, and even

real name 1, you apply for a user in shlf1314 Adsense that did not enter the blacklist that is not registered and have been K, if it is registered, but you forget, not K, that can give shlf1314 Adsense group letter, explain the reason, so you can still register

so the earliest online travel tycoon, Ctrip, eLong is such a travel booking website, referred to as "OTA-Online Travel Agent". A big head of OTA or a business travel user?. But this part of the user’s commercial value is not the same, belong to another category, it is not discussed carefully.

, which can make money, is naturally accounted for the bulk of the ticket, hotel reservations. This part of the book, in the "line" part of tourism.

Based on the

How to do the analysis of several of the local substation substation mode

disadvantages: 1. applies only to a small part of several large sites such as car site of main station and substation of repeated contents less abundant information resources, 2. content to maintain the size of the information company website general died.

advantages: applicable to all sites, does not affect the master, master station and substation level included good no number limit

this way is actually on the way and is about the station without the use of the two level domain but use the directory but the two effects are high

disadvantages: less, the new station included little effect, effect of master station and substation substation number can not be too much

we agree on the website set up around the station will be more confused, I do not know what to do? Especially the master station and sub station duplicate content issue, there is a sub station model may be relatively simple and clear we may first think of is the city category website because this website without master as long as each two level domain name assigned to the corresponding sub station can be. Then the master station www by IP to judge the city by 301 to the station, for this website we don’t have to say what. We still focus on that station sub station + mode. Are the following:

Demo: specialty portal www.tutese贵族宝贝

+ content does not display the master substation substation


domain name: www master station plus two domain

technology advantages: low implementation difficulty, clear thinking, if the station content updates quickly rose too fast

Demo: www.15hr贵族宝贝

Demo: may refer to several large automotive website

there is a kind of method is not used, I have tried, not by search search because of complex structure

disadvantages: substation ranking rose slowly but long-term adherence can have good rankings, difficult to change chain

has the advantages of clear thinking, suitable for most web sites, content update does not need to consider the master station, included and rankings, if not good station competition will also have certain ranking

The main contents include: the content of + sub station

content: master the content of independent independent

+ content does not display the master substation substation

domain name: www master station plus two domain


master stationThe main contents include: the content of

domain name: www directory


with 2 kinds of similar dimension is not the same when the master station display content using station of the two domain names, but the channel and two domain names are not the same as this way in addition to > two

The chain extension of madness ranking why still defeated

and super link text links

: a comparison of

site outside the chain? A high ranking website which has a few thousand, many tens of thousands of the chain to support? So in the construction site, the chain promotion became will do things every day, and even spared no expense to buy links to resources. However there are still some websites, even with the huge chain, but still can’t surpass the competitors ranking. A lot of people will be attributed to the internal optimization is not in place, but without the internal optimization, including whether there are other factors? Ranking defeated the site outside the chain can still give you the answer.

The results of

can link to a hundred enemy? In fact, a high quality link is indeed higher than the number of low quality chain. Such as hang a URL link in Shanghai love home, the effect is absolutely higher than some ordinary.

hyperlinks and do not take the chain links you have to know how much? One can directly through the URL Click to enter the address of another user is required to manually enter to open the IE. But the search engine is how to judge and weighted? First we should know whether hyperlinks or links to common text type, the search engine can also make a judgment. In this regard, there have been part of Shanghai dragon Er: text links, search engines can not judge, but by many facts have proved that the search engine can also crawl according to the characteristics, such as "贵族宝贝", "www.", "com", these meta tags only belong to specific domain name.

analysis: if the chain resources under the same links occupy most of the site, its important right is higher than the ordinary text link site weight. Therefore, the ranking will be defeated and cicada.

: two quality links with low quality links compared to

How important is the

but the effect plays are obviously different: links, in the search engine is higher than that of normal link effect, because such links are more likely to be identified by the search engine, and hyperlinks are often emphasized page links. As for the general text links, search engines can make judgments, but link weights, but not as good as hyperlinks. But if things go on like this in optimization process and the effect brought by the XOR, both in about the same, why so say? Hyperlink general is easy to be administrator deleted, presumably not many people deny this. In a good article, with a common link probability was deleted from the links tend to be much smaller. Just imagine, the same 5000 outside the chain, but the chain link is not very stable, the overall weight brought will be discounted. While the average weight of text links, although search engine itself gives slightly lower, but when the user to manually copy the address bar, enter the open, for such URL, the search engine will be judged as "high quality links", after all, is the user take the initiative to open the page, with more confidence.

16 individual Adsense advertising allianceNew way out of 07 website income

, if you don’t want to apply for shlf1314ADSENSE ads, see how to apply for shlf1314 AdSense? wangyeba/management/wzlm/200704/6594.html

Asian friends alliance is an early alliance established. It is recognized as one of the few best reputation alliance. If you are not cheating, your income alliance will give you all. And the income is very high!!! A man registered US $1, female registration is $2 two. Money remittance a month, is a relatively good alliance should be. I’m doing.

2 energy-saving recommended index: you can feel you can feel

right now

              on the network is mixed for more than 2 years, although not how to earn a lot of money, but my life is still a little taste, here to write your recent station profit idea of it.

intends to apply, can apply for qunsee/pbregister.php


player, very timely payment 5 weeks time to account is very high in the PV station is the gospel, now is my main source of income, it can apply for the record by now! More humanization more, play a sound basic small, feeling nothing! "/p>

5: sh419 alliance recommended index: you can feel you can feel

shlf1314 advertising alliance is now one of the most reputable advertising providers. Even NetEase 163 do shlf1314 advertising alliance. Alliance should be the best, most of the domestic Chinese webmaster survival depends on him, the recent reform, the proportion of advertising has declined, but the price is higher bit. On the whole, it should be the best league in the country.

          ha ha, maybe I have reservations in front, but the person who knows will know how to do it at first sight. I will add articles with general topics, I will correspond to sell connection address with the content and the choice of keywords, although effective keywords may not bring you much traffic, but much higher than the value of his you general SEO, keyword selection problem I will not say, the novice can in Admin5 looking for.

            I will give an example right now, for example, some time ago I made a sexual health station, I do this station is designed to do 7CV sales, so I started with his choice of content is advertising, selling things related articles, each article has a specific address connected to the corresponding page advertisement, and basically search these information have a most attention to these things, so down, I did a month sales profit is still considerable, but what I did not say.

sh419 alliance should be one of the best alliances in the country

video advertising alliance: recommended index: you can feel you can feel

1.shlf1314adsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel


According to the calculation of

          these do I stand on my overall optimization, I do this station’s goal is to sell 7CV products, but I can not only 7CV relevant keywords, and I do this station is the content of gender is whole station, so I start from here as for me, is how to choose the overall keyword, you can on the stone ah, Wang Tong side of the forum to learn it, not much to say. After all, none of this will ever be said. It’s about your pocketbook, huh?.

4:: depending on the spread of recommended index: you can feel you can feel

web page, do group as the spread has been a period of time, and found very good. Do not have their own advertising. A point is 1 cents, very much. Pay in time, recommend you do a do.

      a month down, although the flow is not very high, only about 2K, but, plus I do GG income, absolutely more than you 1W I>

site also has many years, but also built a few stations, some microwave income, repeatedly tested a lot of advertising alliance, the following describes:

intends to apply, you can apply for bus.vodone

if you don’t apply, please see: the website is making friends in Asia, making us dollars, wangyeba/management/wzlm/200703/6322.html

              I also forget behind who said, do not stand before the good location profit point station is garbage station, is not pulled, but he said is true, you must first think clearly before you stand the profit point, really, do not stand now few want to make money. My literary talent is not good, you don’t mind. As for the positioning of the site, we can see Wang Tong related information, I think he can say, the stone brothers don’t scold me.

The first 3.

Talking about six experiences of making profit from micro-blogSurvey shows half of the webmaster is

in September 21st, "2006 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing, the conference will be the theme of" Innovation — opportunities brought by the Internet, as the General Assembly designated website sina.cn, exclusive release of the Internet community survey conclusion.

The possibility of

According to the second

for providing a virtual image service for community users, 38.7% owners think that "to buy with the virtual image points forum articles" best; 24.6% of the owners can think of "commodity single charge such as each garment charges 1 yuan to 2 yuan".

Internet virtual image such as show highly personalized Internet users reflect a high degree of acceptance, the profit is very promising. Asia

, I’m an Anime fan. I particularly like watching Naruto, and every time I look at the latest Naruto, from October of last year, I can find the advertisement of "Little Ninja". For a year, I searched for dozens of times because of curiosity. You think, in time, I never contact the web game people will pay attention to. Visible, implantable advertising in the promotion of the magic effect. The same reason, micro-blog, although only a short 140 words, but also can become the source of advertising. Give each micro-blog a brief ending or a brief start. As the company logo watermark, imperceptible, you can achieve very good promotion effect. Many advertisers are aware of this and are recruiting micro-blog partners.

told you today about some of the experience of micro-blog’s profits. First talk about his micro-blog, the number of fans around 20, more than 5W, there are two. I have such a number of friends are not in the minority, if you start from now on, master the correct method of operation, to achieve this level, 2-3 months can be. Today’s focus is not on micro-blog’s marketing methods, but on how to make profits through your micro-blog. Your capital has just talked about, of course, there are enough fans, your fans and the number of active fans, have their interests, hobbies, age, class, you have to analyze in advance. With these, you can expand on the following points.

micro-blog has hosted a lot of successful events, such as sending iPhone, which has been copied by countless enterprises. However, how can we get such a great deal of attention now? Of course, the big micro-blog will join us. To produce rapid and group effects of promotion. Suggest you find a few long-term cooperation of the network company, they will regularly hold micro-blog promotional activities for customers, you cheer from it, you will reap great results.

4. promotion website

2. implants ad

promotes the website to need specialized, subdivides the market quite strong micro-blog, for instance movie class’s website, can respond to movie micro


1. makes money by someone else’s micro-blog

is a very fire thing, micro-blog profit for those big bloggers, of course, have some experience of their own, but it is difficult to see how others know, timely operation, not a large number of fans, you can operate the same as any pleasant.

you have a large number of fans, and there are many aspects of your field. Of course, you can get direct benefits by selling fans. Many enterprises are beginning to do micro-blog marketing, and because of the industry restrictions, the content is not widespread, it is not easy to obtain a large number of fans in the short term. And fast fans are what they need. The resources you have become the first element of your earnings.

3. cheer for

Grassroots entrepreneurship can not leave the boot, the most important thing is to learn to grasp

as a grassroots Internet entrepreneurs, we have been thinking about their own future, to explore the way to explore the roots, but on the future road also rely on their own to go step by step, one day will become a grassroots star? What have been determined in our efforts, encountered what people experience what kind of things.

March 13th A5 version of the chat activity, invite Solomon Hin Technology Co., CEO (http://www.cnsolomo.com/), is a former Baidu advertising Butler Senior Product Manager Li Ze, share him from the grassroots, have set up their own company to become CEO’s experience. This paper arranges a dialogue with questions and answers, so that everyone can read it.

: Hello, guest, I said, you were a senior product manager of Baidu’s advertising steward. Could you share the content and the situation with us?


answer: this student seems to be curious about the content of Baidu’s work.

Baidu advertising steward is a management system specifically aimed at high-end Internet media management network advertising. Through it can manage any large website, all advertising, including regular off line advertising, scheduled advertising, according to the crowd, geographical place different advertising. Relatively high-end intelligent. Including the current A5 advertising management is also used, Baidu advertising housekeeper.

I was responsible for the online media promotion of the product, product feedback, sorting out, and social media operations for the advertising steward, including Sina and Tencent, official micro-blog, and so on.

asked: many webmaster for Baidu love and hate, curious about Baidu, guests in Baidu work for how long, is in Baidu headquarters? This work experience brought you what experience and harvest?


answer: before, in the Baidu building, Beijing headquarters, Baidu is a technology progress company, surrounded by very excellent colleagues. Baidu’s experience gave me the biggest gains in several points:

1, the work flow optimization: as our webmaster born early may have disrupted the battle in the exploratory stage, but in Baidu, a lot of work processes are standardized, can improve the working efficiency of many.

2, Internet product vision: here to receive a lot of knowledge, and master various, often mutually explore evolution and relation between products, and related products industry chain pattern, before someone joked that Baidu is the product manager of the Whampoa  military academy, is a very good reason, here. A good atmosphere. Generally, from Baidu students, entrepreneurship more. Because the field of vision is wider.

asked: "as an Internet grassroots entrepreneurs, we have been thinking about their future, that grassroots webmaster should do what?"


answer: in fact, think about the future, this includes my present thinking.

, but >

Big boss moves, teach you how to cut off the electricity supplier website, redundant customer servic

each electricity supplier website will be customer service as an important standard configuration, and with the development of the site, constantly on the customer service into manpower and technology. Maybe one day, you’ll wonder: how do I recruit so many customer service? In the cold winter of capital and the increasing cost of operation, it is time for you to think about a question: do I really need so many artificial customer service?

often around major business blog and forum friends all know a funny words: iron stores, water service. It’s about the high turnover rate of customer service. There are so many people walking, and your professional response as a manager is to recruit people. No one can cope with so much counseling. TIM tells you: "you have this kind of professional reaction that is both a good thing and a bad thing.". You constantly recruit customer service, explain the amount of consultation, good business, you know, according to the volume of manpower allocation. But you have to use ten years ago means of the operation of customer service system, but did not want people can really solve the fundamental problem of user consultation? There is no more a method to improve the user experience of


do not feel unconvinced, followed by TIM to see how the recent electricity supplier bigwigs how to play the customer service system.


1. Jingdong customer service system

big move: let customers first clear up ideas, talking, advocating self-service customer service, improve the efficiency of solving problems


two. Dangdang customer service system & Amazon customer service system

gangster moves: problem search + self-service + super big FAQ+ does not seem obvious online customer service



three. A shop where the customer service customer service system & & system; easion customer service system

gangster moves: situational self-service + problem classification + phone customer service




four. Vip.com customer service system

big move: process self-service solutions to help customers quickly solve the problem




The four big

moves are suggesting a very important message: strong self-help services are helping customers "do it"

Araki theory points out that liberal arts graduates are better at operating websites

Araki theory points out that liberal arts graduates are better at operating websites. First of all, the operation of the website is a hard job, through all these years of learning, you can see. Liberal arts students are so-called students who are good at literature. They have good literary talent, and they have lots of ink in their stomach. And what about a science student? What’s a physics and chemistry problem? What’s the 18 carbon chain, the current, and the fatty acids in the biology?. Although I am also a science student, but my writing is also good. Because I’m writing something all the time. For example, for a topic, I can write 500 words in 10 minutes. Absolutely original, and very quality. Baidu likes this kind of website, but the premise is that you really write original articles on your website. In this way, the people who come to your website will become more and more. Because with the quickening pace of life, people’s ways of thinking are basically fixed. In other words, you make it difficult for someone to write an article. There’s a blank in my head.. How terrible, this kind of person will be opportunistic, copy other people’s articles, and then change head to tail, it will become your original.


has repeatedly stressed that the liberal arts are suitable for business website? Because brain science students are so smart, when I was in school, the math teacher taught us: to think less. It means that the mind thinks, so little can be done. Such as a mathematical equation or an applied problem. If you think more, you will accomplish very efficiently. But if you think less, you will choose a slower way to solve the problem. The application of the idea of website construction operations, while also said in the past, but let a smart people, to write the article, I am afraid of them is not too easy, perhaps you can not have it both ways. Those of us who are good at writing tend to think less and do more. Baidu also updated the search engine thinking, and began to search by region. In fact, these things will not have much impact on you. As long as the content of the website is high quality, Baidu is still very good for your website ranking. Do not care too much, but also the website code optimization is not good, but also the website source code is downloaded from the Internet ah, but also the site did not pass the SEO research ah. In fact, as long as the content of the website is high quality. Baidu always gives you a good ranking.


runs website needs is flow, website flow is increased more, the website just begins to be flourishing. And I’m afraid 70% of this traffic comes from search engines, such as Baidu, skeleton, YAHOO and so on. And these search engines, after all, they are not people, only know the text. So, writing more articles will do a good job in all kinds of search. After the construction of the site, if not managed, it will be half a year without any contribution. The time was wasted and the money was wasted. We do not regret technology, there are many customers after the construction of the site, the evaluation of a month to see their website once. They think that their website is all this appearance, nothing to see. And some customers update their website every day, not to accept, Baidu attaches great importance to such sites. Because Baidu likes to return high

Fight the fight at outrance Ctrip where they are in fact poor happy

tiger sniffing note: yesterday (2 days) where to publish the latest quarterly earnings, the loss is still the same theme, and the loss of the entire industry is enlarged again, this is quite a theme, who lose more who is the winner of play. Where to go on the same day also revealed that in the last month, Ctrip has issued a tender offer, but after nearly a month of "careful consideration", where rejected the "engagement" – a war going on, or wait for the next better bid, or is hard to match.

last Thursday (28) evening, tiger sniffing "302 classrooms" invited the former Baidu senior consultant Zhou Peng, for us science: the future of the poor and happy tourism circle where?. It is just in time to detailed notes of the OTA industry and cruel play, and the entanglement between the past and the wishful thinking. Rather "occasional" is just a day, Ctrip and paralyzed, Zhou Peng presents the tension, interesting OTA formed a war history echo.

the following content comes from Zhou Peng’s lecture recording, tiger sniffing has abridged.

, speaking of the travel industry, we are not strangers at all. Usually contact the Ctrip, eLong called OTA; where the former travel vertical search, now is the OTA; ant nest, poor travel tourism is called UGC; in addition to the same way, the way cattle, these are the mainstream service providers to provide travel services on the market. You can often see some PR articles about tourism, but this information is actually less useful than 1%. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what the business of the tourism industry and the business behind the mainstream companies are, and then tell you where I see the future of the travel industry. Then everyone will understand why I say the tourism industry is actually poor and happy.

one, the beginning of online travel history, from carry Cheng, art dragon to talk about

Ctrip started, probably in 1999, through the call center booking hotel started. In 2000, the development of the Internet is no better than today. Ctrip is not the mainstream Internet Co. Ctrip mode: to help guests booking hotels, guests stay, the hotel to Ctrip back to the Commission, this is called the front back Commission mode. At that time, this technology combined with the traditional industry model, can only be immersed in their own bitter, ha ha to operate, and if you put it now, this concept of O2O has long attracted a lot of capital to an overvalued value.

this business began to do, later found very profitable, in 2002, the transaction amount to break 100 million, 03 years went to the United States listed. Elong was founded in 1999, but elong positioning is urban life information, it is burn money, bought several companies, which spent millions of yuan to buy a hundred DDT is one of them. Art dragon boss, Tang Yue is a capital master, in 2000 the market is good, to 20 million U. S. dollars sold to the Americans, in 2001 after the Internet bubble broke, he spent $3 million, and elong bought back. This time I found the original office where I bought it carelessly

It’s possible to do a good job on a website

quotes Lining ad – "anything is possible,


this year, you do stand, I do stand, we are doing the station, people do stand up, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, innumerable, but truly standing by doing family is very little, do, what is the key? I want to do website, for you the webmaster should meet at least three points:

one, innovation

innovation is very important, which we all know, including innovation of innovation and the content of the site’s appearance is novel, can not let the big guys open your station of view is the same as the template content, even at least innovation did not do that, I think this is a purely garbage station. To do a station, it is necessary to make a suitable for most people taste of novelty station, it is absolutely "money" way. Chinese station and other source station, the source program are placed above what can be done? Do? Like those * * * so "good", for you to do a website, I used to do a website, I want to ask you, you can do it? His official station occupied above 90% per cent the rest of the traffic flow, everyone should be divided up, you say, you can do it? The use of these programs is the biggest holding their own learning and practice, the other did not use what, of course, this is my personal opinion.

two, practical and applicable

is now the information age, and most people get new information from the internet. So you stand on the content must be practical, applicable, content development, to fine classification is clear, but also can not appear too messy, I like the station – eight treasure porridge entertainment city -www.bbaoz.com classification clear, although not very fine, but we are able to quickly find his own want. As for how to do these, so that their standing in the eyes of others is practical and applicable, this depends on your brain slightly,


three, to do the station to be confident,

do the above two points, there is to do their own station to be confident, do not think that their station a day, two days…… A month, standing on their daily IP or so little, disheartened, and have to give up this station plan, this is absolutely impossible. Do stand is a long process, especially now, stand more, to be down-to-earth, talent shows itself, step by step, to stand the test of time, Guizaijianchi! For a long time, my experience is more, what things are now playing the solid foundation, I believe that in the near future, stand on the traffic that is rushing……

or advertising that sentence, everything is possible, as long as we do it carefully, not afraid of impossible, everything is possible!


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