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The wiki

content page: Taiyuan wiki Shanghai Longfeng submission can get 100 yuan – New Year red envelopes construction sites in Taiyuan, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon consultant Research Center – Wikipedia (training content page title can also act as "Taiyuan Shanghai dragon wiki submission can get 100 yuan new year red envelopes – dimensional base Shanghai Longfeng research center", or "Taiyuan Shanghai Longfeng wiki contributors can get 100 yuan.

page title is a very important part of search engine optimization, whether in Shanghai or love this noble baby and other mainstream search engines are equally important, the title tag is generally placed in the HTML code in the page header (head) tags (Figure 1), if a user searches for a keyword there, your page in the search results, then the title will usually be in the first row shows that the user search keywords Su will be bold or standard red display, which helps the user to distinguish this page and whether he had to know the subject (Figure 2).


4. long but meaningless Title

on our website as an example




Figure 3


Keywords large accumulation of


Figure 2

so when we write the title should pay attention to what? What kind of title is a good title. This and other mainstream search engines actually also does not have what difference, need to have the title accuracy and uniqueness, accuracy can make your title effectively convey the content of your website, and it is unique and can make the search engine is very good for all of our website page to separate. In addition to the title if to streamline it as concise as possible, because the title search engine can be displayed in bytes is limited, more than the number of words will be an ellipsis (Figure 3).

titleNothing more page title don’t

5. in the title, this in the past for keywords ranking is very helpful, but at present only as a kind of punishment standard.

3. of all web pages have the same title, which is now most enterprise website the most easy to mistake.

Figure 1

2. do not use such as "Untitled", "next page", "on the page" default document title.

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The chain where you want to go to a bowl to

three video chain. A chain form is phlogistic video outside the chain now is the fried. The chain can do video display as a foreign website image, enhance the visibility of the site. Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the customer experience of love. The propaganda promotion website to large online video website platform Youku potatoes, with our web site. Can be very good for our website to provide an advertising effect. Now some companies are doing video marketing, huge traffic using video station to marketing products, in effect is very awesome.

classification information platform. On behalf of the 58 city and Ganji, people network, these sites daily release of information is very large. Search engines crawl is quite awesome. A lot of people in the chain on the classified information. But more subtle. There may be a lot of work for Shanghai dragon in 58 friends or go to the market for a lot of resume but did not receive the interview notice. In fact, many enterprises in the label is for network marketing, website editing, while watching the day update, but in fact do not recruit people, only in the chain. This information is updated every day. So many job seekers are fooled.

four Links. This is the most primitive way chain, now love Shanghai introduced a new green basket algorithm. A lot of links by selling meal website (ALI slightly etc.) are greatly affected. However, the non monetary transaction nature of the normal link love or friendly Shanghai. A5, Chinaz these large Webmaster Platform have special Links exchange forum, when nothing can go and see. Find the right link exchange.

six bookmark favorites. There is love on behalf of Shanghai collection, Cape of Good Hope, music collection such as ping >

is a blogging platform outside the chain. The chain blog as a chain way compared to the original, accompanied by a variety of blog chain group tools, slowly toward the end. But the blog platform is not a vegetarian. Take a lot of mechanisms to curb this behavior, the blog group software now has no original so crazy. But some large blogs such as Sina, NetEase, and so included are considerable. Here I suggest that you also set their hands tired related resources. After all, this era is the era of resources. If you do not have the resources is very difficult to do this one.

two Links exchange platform. This kind of platform can increase the chain of our website. Can also increase the exposure of our website. Moreover, after the information out, people can contact you to stay for your site and link. It is a very good method to release the chain. The representative of the site such as GO9GO.

either as a novice or for a period of time engaged in website optimization practitioners. The chain is one of the stones of each heart, a lot of people out of breath. Today, I will analyze what are the embodiment of the chain.


Kwong Jinhua 3 aspects 2011 Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to

attention to the user experience is always the webmaster pursuit of user experience optimization better, the conversion rate is high, the relative site stickiness is high, the bounce rate is low. In fact, these problems we all know just what to do in the tangled problem. In front of Jinhua to grasp the degree of competition in the target keywords in the article mentioned a point: empathy. First, starting from their own, they go to visit a website will feel what is not easy, for example, to find contact information, the buy button, which is the user experience obstacles. There is your website main service is what, then use the backward form, from the results of a push forward, will eventually form a complete and effective user experience chain, and then on this basis as much as possible to reduce the operating costs of the user, this is also a good way.

high quality original content

a lot of personal blog is always complaining about his article was not the copyright reproduced or copied to be out of order, resulting in original blog reproduced included but not included. In fact, Jinhua is trying to say, Never mind, this is just a short-term performance. The search engine will continue for a long time by some other factors to determine exactly which is the original. And those reproduced and copied the website will be punished by a search engine.

has long been Shanghai dragon ER as one of the major concerns of the most core. The core of a website’s content, and the quality of the content in the website internal links and other factors to remove the chain structure, the outside is can directly affect the performance of the search engine. Google Shanghai dragon numerous studies in May 2010 Mayday update when the nobility baby statistics, in the search ranking algorithm to update the key reason is "the quality of the content, this update also seriously affected the long tail keywords ranking of many of the old station station. And Google big update 11.8% this year the impact of low quality content sites, it is to let us know the importance of high quality original content.

Jinhua is a relatively perfectionist, when making their blogs are also as far as possible to achieve the ultimate, so that visitors can prolong the residence time and comments, this is my purpose. Due to the limitation of the blog, bloggers can only through the excellent blog to attract more.

in China more and more people search engine optimization work, long-term research direction are Google and love Shanghai ranking optimization, and the two have a situation in an open and a closed. So most of Shanghai dragon Er will study Google appropriate method used in will fall in love with the sea. In 2010, Google algorithm partial update in the previous article are listed, Jinhua feel very value, recommend everyone to study. On 2011 Shanghai dragon Er where the direction of ZAC speech PPT last mentioned three direction, but also in Jinhua to talk about his own views.

focus on user experience

The original content of high quality

Shanghai dragon in the Links and one-way links to use

Since the If

link in search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) so important, is not open around the topic? The answer is simple: because the search engine only links.

what is the value? Is the value of can meet some needs. A person wants to prove his worth, in addition to meet the needs of others, no way out, this is the reality. Life does not believe in tears, only believe in social value.

link is a search engine based survival, then rely on search engines to provide links to support, this is the big tiger. Let the big tiger milk is the mother, the tiger is a plump, have the ability to, to the site to report the Yongquan phase.

link is link influence, is the value of the link is the search engine to the survival of the big backer behind. The search engine is based on the hill link foraging survival in the tiger. Link = = Tiger Hill, search engine. "Depressed by dog." what is the meaning? Means cannot do without the tiger hill, then the search engine naturally also cannot do without the link.

why others are not reliable? Because there is no link on the Internet, the dark, who can not see who. The Internet is on the link to link, search engine spiders also rely on links to find new sites, new content.


links, links, or links.


in the realistic society, a person to prove their value? The answer is: by establishing relationship with other people, other people recognized by other people, "link". Unless other people and establish a relationship, or a person may not have the value that a person can not be self certified. A person has no value, not by what they say, is to rely on others to say, he said it is not. Before the establishment of a relationship in the absence of other people, only one potential value, did not play out, it is not worth. The enterprise is hold together to form a clique of people. People oriented enterprises, is the needs of the.

why only links? Because the search engine can only trust link, the other is not reliable.

therefore, to some extent, can be so extreme that search engine optimization [link] = = Shanghai dragon do. The essence of Shanghai dragon is the link, the link is the principle of Shanghai dragon. If you notice Shanghai dragon is a verb, you will understand the Shanghai dragon to >

link is the search engine’s backing, then use "Qiaoshanzhenhu" to achieve the purpose of Shanghai dragon.

Since the

if the Internet, adult social metaphor, then the relationship between people is linked in real society.

= = the Internet society, then the link relationship value identity. The relationship between people and society is. Never mind, no society. Similarly, there is no link, there is no network.

Part of the dating sites illegal profiteering, take matchmaking earn trafficHow to maximize visibili

are those that are most likely to attract visitors to notice and take up most of their time.  

is moving, so make sure your ads follow the content. Take a closer look at the design and layout of the web page and identify the places most visitors can see,


for them " too dazzling " and by the viewer ignored.  

here are some tips to help you get this click rate.  

        violators have been included in the monitoring

The real advertising positions for


, like I said, you want to put ads on the subject that attracts viewers, not where no one can see them. Visitors to the site will follow content

                                                              & nbsp;

5.1 : where do you put them?

        according to the first national network marriage survey, there are currently more than 7 of the respondents think that increase the opportunity to make friends through the Internet, more than 8 people can accept complete marriage of love in the process through the network.

marked these places as possible ads.  

; when more and more people through online dating sites "marriage", few of them know that these sites are not qualified to provide matchmaking service. Reporters learned yesterday, in order to obtain profits as soon as possible, some dating sites frequently ultra range of operations, and even a few of the special behavior to earn social insight. For those who are not in the dark, they not only pay a lot of money, but even disclose their privacy.

        business opportunities lead to a swarm of people

position is everything. If you don’t see the audience in the first place, even the most beautiful advertisement in the world is a blank sheet of paper. But after so many times,

really intends to map ", rather than blind click through rates.  

        most do not have matchmaking qualifications

determines the reader’s reading patterns. What attracted them first? What makes them click?

5.2  move with

        but this does not prevent these sites under the banner of "making friends", privately or openly carry out matchmaking business. A "Diamond bachelor marriage network" days before had held up 28800 yuan tickets rich collective marriage. Lin Kewu, deputy director of the marriage registration administration of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, pointed out that the matchmaking activities held by her marriage bureau are not in accordance with the scope of their business licenses, and are illegal activities.

        prediction shows that by 2008, China’s online dating market will reach 653 million yuan. No one knows how many dating sites are in Shanghai, but sh419 will find at least a hundred or more.

once they are captured by these interesting content, it is possible to read and click on relevant advertisements. This is exactly what shlf1314 needs; "

        marriage registration management office director Zhou Jixiang told reporters that the day before they had and the relevant departments jointly, on a suspected foreign marriage "word-of-mouth network" of the investigation.

        on a website, a "love development" training costs marked as high as 58800 yuan. An industry source told reporters, if you rely on membership fees, dating sites and not much profit. If you want to make money, you must use stimulating activities to attract people to participate."

        most dating sites are registered in industry and commerce with "Network Technology Co., Ltd.". There is no "marriage introduction" in the approved scope of business.

in fact, shlf1314 has provided a " for us; image ", it can help us to do this work more efficiently.  

‘s shlf1314 Adsense is released, I want to tell you that the most visible location doesn’t always mean the best. In fact, probably because of

you can skillfully use graphics, tables, and other layout tools to create several " on your web page; ", to attract visitors.  

        "the state law expressly prohibits engaging in foreign marriage service." Zhou Jixiang pointed out, "at present, >

Webmaster should from three stages self-discipline soft writing level

said to write text, I believe that many owners are very troublesome, we as a grassroots in website early belly can squeeze the water out, but more to the back feel no content can write, reprint the rely on search engine that we get throught a thing carelessly, but the strange temper, this idea can only be buried in the heart, every thought but to write some articles like white boiling water, do not blow self-confidence, but also a waste of time. I love studying soft, wrote a "network promotion combat tutorial is very lucky to be", A5, was very excited, feeling the soft level is very good, and then wrote a few articles, but have been deleted, still upset why my article not carefully think about. Write your time to understand, I write "old" tender it, I began to analyze the article why included, finally summed up the characteristics of their own text, also to the direction of high quality soft wen.

In fact, each

came into contact with soft webmaster is the need to practice, good harvest does not represent good soft, small sand that from a new soft, transition to the master still need to experience this three period, claiming to be the "trilogy", during which time the practice platform portal blog, the reason is very simple free, and high popularity, not too bad, well can help your site to increase the chain, a lot of good ah, do not talk nonsense, below, under the three stages to practice.

The first step:

reprint period, during this period, I believe that many owners have experienced it, but don’t think that is the reprint someone else’s article on your blog was wrong, every time you choose an article all visitors need to stand on the point of view to think about the problem, your traffic is to visitors, must let them be taken care of in your blog, even if they know your article is reproduced, but see your content to give them a great help, loyal support still give your blog, this is not a carp, but a habit, develop good habits when the customer experience will let you in the future the stage is easier to get traffic than others.

The second step:

transformation period, is actually a pseudo original period, many of my friends are very talented they can make the transformation, improved the classic without losing its charm, become their own, but how many webmaster can do it, just change the title, bad words, the destruction of thought not to say, the quality is also plummeted this article is written, is also the network will gradually eliminate the garbage. I am glad that I have done before a period of time the typist, money a few, but the real training about the transformation ability, that is to change some of the beauty, shaping the post, each thought, the beginning is very slow, one hour two, speed is very slow, but the quality of the home very satisfied, and have a sense of achievement will continue to do, then faster and faster, the rewriting is also more abundant, 2 months after the things to do, my pseudo original ability has been improved, is to follow the original soft laid the foundation, many owners may be more willing to direct >

Ancient Yue million households, micro business is how refining into

students, micro business development also has more than a year, a large coffee with white cattle, people are busy in their circle in the widening, every day business came to the door; and the mice are still in an endless scraper circle of friends, friends of their own consumption of trust value. White, do not design Tucson broken (too young, very silly, very naive), accompanied by customers playing together is the truth. The two sides have a "you come", "I’m going" can be a step closer.

1, what is "you come", "I go"?

, here’s a simple explanation. You mean the customer, and that means coming to me, the business we usually refer to. Now a lot of e-commerce to do so, especially micro business, is the original product line in the online sale, does not change the essence of commercial real, the so-called "you come to me".

you come, most of the time, businesses are playing a better role than discount customers. Because customers come to you to buy things, need a lot of problems waiting for you to solve. Customers need you to help them locate, explain, and speak in order to achieve the goal of paying the bill. For example, materials, manufacturers, raw materials, and so on.

I go, generally speaking, refers to the business initiative to go out to find customers, to find traffic to buy their products. This time is the business will generally active positioning in their customer group attributes, to understand which customer groups are their own goals, customers what needs, and then in accordance with the demand for product sales.

2, "I’m going to " bigger than" you come "

!"Why does

say so? There are three problems in it.

1; now the customer demand has been changing, not easy to understand the business needs of customers will be products produced has become a historical demand.

2; the customer does not participate in the production, do not harass the people and waste money.

3; businesses are not likely to understand all of the customer’s needs; this is fundamental. Therefore, the products produced only meet the needs of a small number of customers.

so frankly, most of the time, the business remains at the point of "wishful thinking" rather than "your love, I wish."".

3, refining age attributes, creating value in "play"

The age frame level of

can be roughly divided into four levels. 50, after 6 for one, 70 for two, 80 for three, 90 for four. Customers of different age groups have different characteristics of consumption.

50,60 can be regarded as an educated generation, the idea is very conservative, can be persuaded by facts. For example, even if one day they buy a piece of clothing, the quality is poor, and it is not easy to sympathize with the business of businessmen, so they will not mention it again, buy decisively.


70, most people will have higher quality requirements, of course >

Rapid increase in site traffic (for new sites)

as a new station, there is no big website (pr> 4) backing, after the initial efforts were finally Baidu, Google included, but the traffic is the biggest problem in front of the site, the original

traffic come from?

so I develop the diligence and patience style seek answers on the Internet, too rich and colorful answers, flashy without substance too much, much too much, it seems that the original editions seem to be twin sisters,

1, effective outside the chain (a silent new station to find PR so and so Web site), seemingly Arabian Nights, there is no practical significance, the site is not a lot of money, there is no way to smash advertising, give up.

2, adhere to update their content, to the original. Yes, maybe it’s really useful. Unfortunately, I’m not a talented scholar. I can’t write too many classics and originality, and I can’t get together. I can’t see the reaction of Baidu or Google for the time being.

I’ve been wondering what traffic should come from, how do I get traffic from search engines where (what is the significance of the optimization, otherwise I) I began to see the Baidu keyword heat, then for every day tens of thousands of times the search keywords, but the fact that I didn’t could squeeze into the first few pages, I was new ah, no PR, and low weight, the same thing can only rely on Baidu, the Post Bar, know all try but no traffic (poor), what to do? Face stop ranking, with no longer changes included in the page, in the face of crawler spider more and more lazy, I can only say to myself said the new station, a new station, want to have patience.

in the forum’s popularity has faded, who struggled to save the new station, tired of highfalutin SEO professional guidance, carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of the website that can actually develop potential keywords, for their own website optimization key word is of great potential, how to find good luck and hard work, I the station is the LIAN recruitment network, is for employment, so I find Baidu news and find employment, some simulation is likely to become hot words, for these words from the news search — Transformation release, remember the title must change, even to a "de" you can, must not be wholly intact copy, began to flow the tiny change, so to start building the website news.

a new webmaster, do not have to spend time looking for the real master SEO and SEO professional articles above, try the one or two suitable method, unremittingly efforts can have considerable traffic, I feel the news for keywords from Baidu (Baidu index higher) than on Baidu billboard words for a new station is more suitable.

Joy 3 months, PR becomes 3

, I registered the new domain name

in January 20, 2008

don’t know what to do how to use simply to help me find the station was so slowly that hung a feel very naive to think as soon as possible to the domain name PR do 2 because I now have a domain name is PR=2 but this year will be due not to want to want to use let him off just because of their consumption is not what also understand this thing has been in my thinking to look at other people’s soft every day many people said to find PR high site connection but I am looking for a long time people did not agree with the a high site do not see it this new domain estimation for a period of time then think ah also thought so because for me such a layman to understand it is too difficult to have one day a sudden thought out do not know What others think about it,


I have seen the PR value of the operation in accordance with his way of calculating a large PR value of the site is very good to the railway station, but others are not willing to do it and connect you to find those willing to ha ha this is my method: (the site navigation station is free of charge, and it recorded in the network check on the number of terrible) so I find a lot of big station site navigation and their friendship connection to each other and they soon included I collected my so I still wait) because I don’t know how the result is

this morning, I go to the forum to see when the update is all about GG I didn’t pay attention to me the name I just checked my old domain name came back in the evening I want nothing to look at the results unexpectedly let me be startled at my new good domain name included only more than 100 pages but I see PR=3 ah excited excitement I also wonder why my website PR change so fast what I have done. Then I wanted to know is what I described above is the method of benzene solution if we feel what is not good. I hope not written anything deficiencies we understanding   network;    

Capture user desktop is master of traffic flow

I’m in the QVOD movie station. You know, it’s hard to get into a new customer. But the QVOD player has to shut down my site and pop up the official station when you install the player. This way, the new customer is still missing without remembering my domain name name. I think many of the stations have encountered the same problem, not just the QVOD station. Including all kinds of download stations.

because of limited technology, can only use simple batch processing to solve this problem, the following my method to speak out and share, hope to help everyone.

uses 3 of the simplest batch commands,

1. copies a quick cut of its own station to the desktop

copy C:QvodPlayer360 cinema.Lnk " C:Documents and SettingsAll Users desktop "

2., after the completion of the installation, pop-up your website

, start, /max, IExplore,

3. uses VBS to hide batch processing programs, so that you can install and install the same player as before, and it won’t feel awkward.

In fact, I also want to change the

batch file icon. Make him prettier and more formal, but with limited technology, he won’t do it.

my modified player installation address, Download:

hopes a master can help me solve the last difficult problem.

now say, "why did I change the previous 2?". Second, for users and for yourself is a good experience, because users in your station browsing information indeed because of the installation of a player and you stand off, play to the other stations, is affecting the user mood! Because he will have to find your station address, for some new players, think the station is almost impossible to find you.

first why change the reason is very clear, because put a very beautiful fast cut way to the user desktop, than malicious change the user’s home page is much more civilized. As long as your station does have content, can attract the user, the average person won’t delete. After this, users will often visit your station by fast way. Over time, your station will also impress users.

say this! Anyway, after using this method, I am standing more than one day. I hope you will help me after you see it. I hope the master can help me solve my problem. Or point out my inadequacy, let us these grass roots stationmaster also can have successful one day.

my QQ57662213, look forward to your master enlighten!