Share quickly find the simple method of several key words


two: the love Shanghai index, Google keywords trend analysis

first method is low, the second method is time and energy consuming. This method can be said to be the One man sows and another reaps. As a key analysis, we can analyze our competitor’s site, but the author is not to say that the keywords competitors but we should copy, insufficient analysis site keywords, then the lack of competitors on the site to become their own advantages.

keyword selection is the first step of our Shanghai dragon Er all work, find the right keywords as if to find the direction to success. Keywords for the site, the quality has a direct impact on the US site ranking and traffic. For the choice of keywords is always the webmaster has been a topic of concern, the author will share several simple method to quickly find the site keywords today, we hope to help.

three: analysis of your opponent’s site


software for us to optimize the staff can be said to be a good way to reduce our workload. At present there is designed for Shanghai dragon design software, of course, there are some of the keywords grab software tools. We can use these software of mining and mining site keywords. Of course, we can not be too obsessed with the software, after all software is just to simplify our work, and can not replace the Shanghai dragon Er, we obtain the keyword should be analyzed, and then confirm whether the site as the key words.

The relative accuracy of

if your site is Google you can use Google trend analysis, if your site is to optimize the love of Shanghai, that is to use the love index in Shanghai. The two platform can be a very good analysis of the keywords heat. We can arrange the key on the site and then carry on the analysis in Shanghai or Google index trend, and then sort out a site keyword table. This method is relatively a method is due to the manual operation, the accuracy of the keywords will be relatively high. For example, the former phase by an optimization project, received a hand when customers say they do keyword has always been a public affair, but no substantial increase in the flow of the site, the author first questioned the key whether there will be traffic, will not check not know, check jump, needless to say the background not from this keyword in traffic, even love Shanghai index can not find the words, it is said that no one search this keyword, if you have been obsessed with the words, in the end can only be empty, so I gave them the recommended use of agricultural information network, optimization in a stage the site traffic increased, and from the keywords are flow. I love Shanghai, Google index trend is a good way to find the right keywords. But the relative to more time and effort.

: use keywords capture software

Facing the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng occupation when will we have the spring

Hello, I am Xie kai. See this title perhaps a lot of people are feeling, the bottleneck of almost every occupation of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon people are hard to avoid, the occupation itself is so, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry to hot. We always follow the love of Google or Shanghai’s footsteps, rely on love Google or Shanghai live last night and a few colleagues drink, nonsense, talk to the prospects of the US occupation bitter, more and more young people joined the industry, with the pressure of competition. This industry is facing various occupation bottleneck, found in the usual communication, some friends have done a few years of the so-called chain specialist. Of course the salary is relatively hard, I also made a Commissioner of the chain of more than two years, if we do not think how to change, then certainly not many predecessors footsteps. The reason I do not long winded, everything is for money or the future.

step by step, this industry is the changing process of

environmental factors we can’t change, I do the chain specialist in a small network company, may I contact the little knowledge of the industry, the most is to listen to the leaders of a few lines, long down leaders view will become your own. In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, will let you become really well, in this new people’s most outstanding performance, many new friends can not integrate into the occupation, just a day to complete the task amount specified on the line. I want to say is that this is a good occupation, want to point in this industry, people should be more to learn and exchange, QQ group and stationmaster net is a good choice, it can gradually understand the industry. But you will soon encounter the bottleneck of their own, this time to go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, for example: writing, establishment of common sense, to learn these basic skills, the most important thing is to do something to think about, so you will progress very quickly. In short, we should start from their own reasons, too much blame seems to have much effect.

their own reasons we can change

is the bottleneck in Shanghai Longfeng people often feel confused, gradually lose confidence in the industry, and the work characteristics of this occupation is boring, whether the chain construction, or website editor, all day is a matter of repetition. But think carefully what occupation not so? Basically are repeated, I dare not say how long the industry still exist, once love Shanghai or Google algorithm change, then we can go to silently accept, but I think at least ten years will not die. Only Shanghai dragon will be more difficult, the cost will be higher, more often to pay attention to search engine dynamic we do this line of friends, and all day thinking about what moment love Shanghai will completely eliminate the Shanghai dragon, as well as to prepare for the network marketing is our way to learn this. The knowledge is not bad. In the eyes of many, this is a bitter.

regardless of environmental factors, only

A new era of mobile search webmaster love Shanghai Fu can become two development key


as everyone knows, the big opportunities for the mobile Internet has disappeared, and in December 22nd the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, Director Tan also said to be the architect of search, the mobile Internet growth has slowed, entered into the bonus stage.

era, is also facing the user open web pages load too slowly, or even can not open the page. Including the reason, the webmaster technology ability is not enough, can not achieve the optimal loading mechanism, at the same time due to various unexpected incidents, not the first time to detect the complex problem of down server, it will bring great loss to the webmaster.

two, MIP, PV, mobile web acceleration to enhance revenue to improve the clearing of

in addition to information disclosure, the website will lead to protection of vulnerable, hackers steal all users click and browse all kinds of data, as well as a variety of rogue hijacking, obviously users to access your site, they will be forced to jump to the Other Waste website, and these tampering, webmasters are difficult to find in a short period of time above, many problems have been a rough time Internet traffic growth has been facing a question.

in the second half but very focused on user experience, this situation will be more and more forbidden, love Shanghai first made an example, which opened the station station HTTPS, the encryption protocol links, to ensure the safety of users, and then the Jingdong, Taobao, 360 and other companies also follow.

in fact foreign websites in this area has been done a lot of research. Google said its once access speed reduction of 500 milliseconds, then the search volume will drop by 25%, Amazon speed reduced 10>

love Shanghai also said at the conference, which has been on the transformation of HTTPS site active protocol adaptation, based on the full support of technology, make the site to minimize the resource consumption optimization on a great deal of effort, and provides solutions in Haiyun integration, fully for the new era the ANN can Quanfu.

the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, is the love out of Shanghai, industry trends, new Fu opened, the key information for the current owners, has an important reference value.

recently Jingdong 12G user information disclosure, YAHOO 1 billion users of information leakage events once again become the focus of the media, the Internet has always been impossible to guard against hacker attacks.

But this is not

HTTPS, an Quanfu

The traditional

for the webmaster disaster, because this trend in the industry as a whole in forced to a higher quality of user experience, from search engines to the webmaster, will increasingly value the user retention value obtained from IP (New) thinking, change to PV (leaving) promotion thinking.

Discuss how to stop posting machine from registration check

discuz every upgrade, more or less a problem, do not say. Classic should be considered, every upgrade once, will be post machine "rape" once. More classic is that every time the rape is the most miserable is the discuz installation using the plate. This used DZ products, more than a year more than the webmaster should know.

at night will play DOTA, feel a little tired, go to DZ to see if I can help than I also rookie webmaster. Just landed, open the installation, use the plate, classic classic appeared, full screen is "looking for young lady" advertising. Nima, 25, is still on. This posting machine really strong, each place can provide for you miss ah Pro: from Heilongjiang Mohe County to the reef islands, from the Pamirs to the Ussuri River Valley more hate not from the United States around the back ah pro.

has a picture and a truth:


for a new forum, the popularity of the forum does not go up, must be worried about the webmaster, but I do not think any webmaster would like to see their own build a new forum to be occupied by the post machine. So, how do we prevent the post machine trouble? Do BBS 3 years anti registration machine experience sharing, original share, reprint need famous.

first, open mailbox authentication. Recommendation: * * *


user registration must activate the mail sent by the forum before using the forum account.

in the user section set when required registered mail. From the background webmaster column, the mail settings are opened and tested. Here is not how to set up, the official website has many tutorials. Open the mailbox for verification, most of the large chain based posting machine, can let them off, even when they use register registration, registered mail is the machine randomly generated 163, such as Gmail, Sina and other mail, he did not know the mailbox number. With this method, a part of the registration machine can be eliminated. But some people are not afraid of trouble really think highly of our forums, with their mailbox certification again after advertising, then how to do? So in the background of the UC set, the same mailbox is only allowed to register an account.

benefits: put an end to a number of the chain, as long as the forum registered post registration machine, put them in their place.

disadvantage: bad user experience. Especially for no popular new sites, users are more exclusive of this way.

second, background registration and access column, set the same IP, in a period of time can only register once. Recommendation: assumes

sets the same IP for a certain period of time and can only be registered once.

generally speaking, people have an inertia, especially when they are registered members of a forum. For example, your own QQ screen name or other forum nickname is Li Yingzheng, then register another!

Baidu optimization, the first step, what should I do

many webmaster to Baidu hold great expectations, want to draw traffic from Baidu. The idea is good, but compared to the number of Chinese websites, there are very few websites that really take out traffic. The fundamental reason is that the hope of holding too much, too dependent on Baidu.

has many friends asked me Baidu optimization problem, I will tell him, don’t care too much about Baidu, don’t pay attention to Baidu, don’t use Baidu, Baidu will soon included you. Baidu optimization, the first step, to enrich your website content, FAQ, LINK, ABOUT, CONTACT, COPYRIGHT, as well as your website related content of some basic knowledge, it is best to add.

rich content should change some links: for the novice, good links with the resources to find, are often sent to Baidu Post Bar address link, link to other blogs to link spam messages, forum posts and so on… Jocee I hope you do not do this, if Baidu will punish consequences very serious, may your site will be in a very long period of time will not be included.

for beginners, I suggest that you do your best to enrich your website and make your website ideal. After all, if you put your heart into a station, it won’t be bad unless you don’t take it seriously. After that, the link question can be considered to include good site applications for links. Now there are still many people see links, not pick PR and included, and only pay attention to the content of the site, if your content is interesting to them, they will certainly exchange with you.

Even if

does not exchange, add some address links on their message boards. Such links, Baidu does not think you are cheating. Note: link content should not be copied a lot, through this method, Baidu within 2 weeks should be included in your site, and Google should be included in your website within 3-5 days.

finally reminded: "


will be a website with maintenance will get the attention of the search engine, if you feel the site is rubbish, search engines will be included you? If you have very high weight of the intention to do it?.

experience source: MDT fashion digital mall

Half of the world’s Web sites have been using HTTPSHTTP to speed out

early years, the HTTP protocol transmitted data is unencrypted, that is, plaintext, so the use of HTTP protocol to transfer private information is very unsafe. In order to ensure that these private data can be encrypted transmission, Netscape Co design SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for the transmission of data HTTP protocol encryption, which was born HTTPS.


but the HTTPS agreement needs to apply for the CA certificate, generally need to pay. Of course, in order for webmasters, developers to ease the pressure, accelerate the promotion, Mozilla alliance, CISCO and other cooperation Let’s Encrypt open source free certificate also launched in September 2015.

from the latest monitoring data Firefox Telemetry, the current Internet, 50% of the site has enabled the HTTPS protocol, from November 2015 to January 2017, 1 years more than the growth of 10%.

The international

, Google, Facebook and other large Internet Co have announced support for station HTTPS, domestic Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers website also completed a total switch, can greatly eliminate traffic hijacking, man in the middle attack.

currently, users who use Chrome more than 56 will find that opening the HTTP web site presents an "unsafe" red alert in the address bar.

Look at the future development of webmaster giants by networking

during the Chinese New Year with friends or relatives to eat, often referred to " " network; the word, said before his friends how much, now changed to " network; how wide, " I remember the first time remember the word contacts is 05 years, the financial channel access CEO Tang e-long network when the US " I can be in the United States; half an hour to raise $15 million " that is to say, a few phone calls to the host, said " your relationships make you very easy financing ", was not to doubt whether this person lying, " connections; " but the word from arebrandedon my mind

Not to mention what the distance

, Microsoft, Sina, Baidu….. Too far away from us, you often see the webmaster giants, A Fei, graph king, fish……. He said the three typical. There can be no doubt that graph king Admin5 contacts the most widely. It is not guesswork on.Admin5 the compliment is too much, what the most generous " " " map "..CHIANZ, the boss;… In praise of A Fei is very little. Although the station was very big, now has not left behind for a long time, the reason will say next, thus both in self speculation on the map by having certain Kung Fu and Wang the gap between

analysis from the following aspects:

(1): appearance: TOBI was beautiful eyes show, tall and thin, like a man, that is done before the technician was born, because the cost of studying technology a lot of work, so in the development of interpersonal relationship inevitably has its limitations

Wang, brown fat, fat, where are the smiles, looks like an arena hunzai, but it has many benefits, at least looks like people can deal with.

fish: it looks so serious. Deep glasses can’t be seen. Deep down, maybe he thinks he should have the boss’s

(two): from the attitude of strangers,

last year was called to consult the ads on CHINAZ, customer service said, QQ, I and QQ, and then I asked, the details page text ads for example, can change the title, said a big section. Boy, let me wait for 30 minutes, etc. 1 " en " ", I am surprised, this company is really busy busy so many false? Move several customer service? "

then called Admin5, graph king answered himself, nor what the front desk customer within the way, so what can direct that, later added QQ, directly, do not need to verify, also consult some words, but because my station is not the type of IT station, eventually give up Admin5 advertising later. "

Local property network operation experience sharing

Hello everyone, last time wrote a Veterans Property Network Entrepreneurship Road, and today we exchange, how should the local property network operators?. This article is only for my personal experience to share with you. Hope everybody exchanges more!


real estate network pre operation

1. program. Finding a good program is the most important. It’s like we build the foundation of a house. The ground is well played. We don’t think it will be a problem to build tall buildings. I’m using the.Net program. .net is relatively powerful. And it’s easy to develop. Now many online PHP property network program is also good.

2. domain name. At first, I used the CN domain name. Ha ha, I was silly, and I began to do it. The promotion has opened. But in May 26th, suddenly canceled my record, my website also can not open, I had wanted to change the domain name idea. When I started doing web sites, I took a fancy to a domain name. It has been registered. The price is 1000. Love money, so registered a CN domain name. In fact, good. Real estate abbreviation.

at the moment the website was closed, I knew the CN domain name was not what I wanted. Bought the domain name the same day. Website also changed its name subsequently, changed by Pizhou real estate net "Pizhou house net"".

3. keywords. Keyword positioning, do not move. Key words very good, can refer to other cities real estate network keywords. Change the city name on it.

real estate network official operation

1. Outer chain. Hair chain method, I say briefly. I don’t say any of those blogs or forums. I’m using classified information to publish classified information about job search. Or housing is released in the door Huxing property network, such as 99 rooms, Amoy house, 58, go to market and so on, and finally leave your site links, links to diversity. It’s easy to pass, and you add a chain.

2. content. Baidu is hard to deal with now, but as long as you do it, update 30-100 articles regularly. I’m sure Baidu will favor your site. The domain name I used was ranked 90 in the first place, and now it’s a jump to, but the ranking has also gone up. For about half a month, 100 articles are updated every day. More information about decoration. This keyword competition is small.

3. local promotion. Real estate online line, and our reality shop is the same. What we do is local. Therefore, we should also study the entity store, so as to promote publicity. Try to maximize the publicity with the least amount of money. You can send flyers, pull banners (bus stations, railway station exit) wall advertising, these effects are good. There are posters posted on the community.

property net profit

1. real estate advertisement.


Ma Yun too many bad luck shows your extraordinary influence

open five feet tall, a piece of earth’s face, a witty remark, epigram, raving full mouth, and a childlike smile, really impressive. As for Ma Yun of Alibaba, it is easier to describe its image than thousands of times to explore it. Although everyone is such a rule, but Ma especially prominent, it is difficult to explore such a body mass is not large, the body contains many superhuman energy and crazy ideas.

until now, Ma is still not "Crazy" word completely draw a line, although he never think so. Ma Yun’s speech: he is not crazy, clear thinking, and very clear. His speech is still sparkling discourse style and magnanimous calm momentum, only the "Crazy" characterization of less obvious. This is not intentional convergence, but Alibaba and jack up to the present inevitable.

in fact, Ma any comments on the outside world, the judge is basically soft or hard, or directly or indirectly refuted. With his eloquence, even if he agrees, he will find a different story. For example, he does not admit what crazy, but some do not like the idea; he does not admit that he is successful, it depends on the success criteria and definitions; he does not admit that he is clever, people who are smarter than you more to go…….

but no matter what he says, nobody thinks jack is a success except himself. Ma Yun and his team known in the Internet community situation. Success, wealth, and even life, history, etc., is undoubtedly the charm of Ma Yun.

qiaosheruhuang "Ma demonstrated its extraordinary influence at the same time, but also to Chinese demonstrates a new connotation of entrepreneur.

1 and "men’s looks are inversely proportional to IQ,"

The words "

" made the horse feel a little sour, but the horse always proved it to be true to him. But I feel like I’m in direct proportion to me.

2, "after so many years of business, I have encountered too many bad things, but as long as there is a little good, I will make myself very happy, left hand warm right hand."."

life, not sorry for my conscience, nor of course against my own body


3, "if I could succeed, then most young people would be successful,"

this sentence is more suitable for people born around 80s, this age who have never suffered, the general home even if not what relationship and money, also try to let the children have a better life, so the children of this age are more likely to meet these people’s success is the key point is that if you can, to establish their own ambitions.

4, "today will be cruel, tomorrow will be cruel, the day after tomorrow will be nice, but most people will die tomorrow night."