Sardines catfish in search 360

is the best in the world with the Google search engine is perhaps for some reason, as everyone knows, the vast majority of people missed the best search engine, thus creating the world’s largest search engine, Chinese love Shanghai — should also be scolded by most search engines.

the next play 360 navigation, it seems there is no technical content of navigation in the webmaster, because of the huge installed capacity of 360 browser, jumped more than the old hao123, becoming the 360 shaking Qian Shu. You remember the last group purchase website advertising


according to the above statistics, maybe 360 search really is the second largest search engine after the love of Shanghai, from 360 search 17 days website statistics, in four days, from 360 search sources except love Shanghai really beyond all search engines, second only to the second search love Shanghai.

search engine has always been considered to require a higher level of technology, has been in search of soy sauce to see that the search engine is not money can solve the problem, even now, Google has been improved, love Shanghai also launched Webmaster Platform, club owners, began to lay down their shelves and exchange station. At this time to enter the 360 search may become sardines in catfish, or progress, or be eaten.

browser 360 debut, with 360 security software and other people dislike the promotion, 360 browser has become the domestic browser market NO.1.

"cannon" Zhou Hongyi only a micro-blog mentioned 360 search and reply Liu Qiangdong Jingdong. Zhou Hongyi was doing when he was 3712 and love Shanghai and now has a massive user fight hand to hand with, the 360 again launched a search, "cannon" is unusually low-key. Perhaps this is the darkness before the dawn, mighty storm before the calm.

crazy?> ?


as the Challenger Sogou, recently is very eye-catching, the repurchase of shares, traffic surge, input method, the browser, search the three rocket etc.. And now, as the industry showstopper 360 search on-line, in line for fifth days, then came news of Google, Sogou search beyond 360, become the second second largest search love Shanghai. As a webmaster, who really only care about the site to bring more traffic, as for the other, who cares


recall 360 history, Kabasiji began a joint launch of free antivirus 360, becoming the first free antivirus software on the domestic market, and quickly occupied the market, while expanding the market share of Kabasiji. Subsequently, 360 and Kabasiji have the capacity of large part company each going his own way, the 360 anti-virus, without the aid of any other resources.

The site will be down right now to change the title

1. website theme course


if a website title theme changed, so that a search engine will think you this domain name back to the station, the site as a new point of view, from the performance point of view similar right down.

title in a small area to change a move is not a problem, unless your website title changed beyond recognition, let the search engines don’t know what you really want to do. I want to change the attention we can, but don’t overdo it can. The title can be said to be the most important site where modifications must be cautious when, can be changed when do not change to security don’t modify title


2. does not stack keywords

a lot of people are for the title of Shanghai dragon to modify, often appear in the frequency of the main keywords in the title can be improved, but the control is very easy to be judged as keyword stuffing, may eventually be right down.

on the Internet a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er says website title will be right down, all points of view, and not all of the title will be right down the site, but we should pay attention to the following questions:

changes as small as possible !

What is the mode of Web2.0 website optimization

, a blog or personal community space. The blog, also known as web logs, blog or blog, is a usually managed by individuals and posted new articles website. The website itself if you can plan a >

website optimization need to Web2.0 mode? From some basic points of Shanghai dragon who is content. In the Web1.0 era, the content of the website is the basic occupation who wrote more professional articles, portals can recruit many educated editors to complete this work, but the small website or personal Adsense is difficult to do this, we can insist on every update is a problem, to attract a large number of write the user is more difficult, as the era when the Web2.0 can solve the problem of a certain significance to help. A search engine by high quality content is the simplest original, user self published content is very likely to be original (do not rule out the existence of reproduction). When a lot of original content produced by the weight of the website will continue to increase. Not only saves time and effort, but also enhance the adhesion of the user, but also create a lot of long tail keywords. But the user created content will also have some shortcomings, such as blindness, in order to have promotion with advertising, garbage duplicate content, it is necessary to have a good mechanism for the review and audit. The station optimization rises to the planning level, is to promote the development of the site as a whole through a strategy, but does not need to point to point the actual operation face to face. Then the Web2.0 website optimization model? Here are some of the common mode.

Why is

Internet is an arena, in just a few decades of development into different schools. Web1.0 is an era, came into being in three major portals led a large information content, Web2.0 is also an era, gave birth to the blog, Wiki, social networking sites such as micro-blog, a large number of users to create content based website, until now the Web3.0 generation is also very likely the trend of formation and development will tend to the mobile internet. A new era of production does not mean the end of the old era, Web1.0 website still exists, profitability continues to weaken, Web2.0 website in vogue, but some form of this mode has also appeared sluggish. Many people will look at the Web3.0, so the domestic Internet pop with a hot discussion, see Internet Co got the mobile Internet ticket. But Web3.0 is not a stable result, how to search engine is unknown in the mobile terminal, but now who would dare to guarantee that their optimal sites in the mobile search engine will have a stable ranking? So here or in the discussion has gained public recognition of the Web2.0 mode, website optimization can be said to be inseparable with Web2.0, especially when a website is needed on the flow of qualitative change, Web2.0 model will be the best choice to retain users.

As of Shanghai dragon Er three kind of situations you should have the mentality

I also want to give you a suggestion, is to change your attitude to the website ranking, this sounds may make you feel ridiculous, some people may feel that this is a failure to give an excuse to evade their own. But please listen to the explanation.

we usually only think is Shanghai dragon ER technology is very important, in fact, the technology is on the one hand, as a Shanghai dragon Er has good attitude is more important. Many times we find that why my site in YAHOO, Google, soso search engine keywords can be found, but in Shanghai can not find love, is not love Shanghai to see my site not pleasing to the eye? Before I site in the search engine rankings good, now in sight, if I search engine punishment? We often encounter these problems, in the face of these problems, it is important for us not our technology is good, but we have a good attitude.

two: in the face of the site is K

is for more highlights, as we cannot have the Shanghai dragon Er more slack mentality, when we have a few keywords ranking good, absolutely can not be satisfied, because they don’t know that your keywords ranking will be dropped, if you have the key words enough to replace, then don’t worry traffic to the site’s influence is too big. This strategy is very important in our Shanghai dragon in the competition.

In the traditional

: in the face of a decline in ranking to have a good attitude

to have a good attitude If you

optimization is a type of e-commerce site, or even your own personal website, then you have to have a clear understanding of your site in the search engine rankings or by the flow of the search engine will is not immutable and frozen, they are constantly floating. One day you find your site on the front page of the row, you can be very happy, but never assume it would have been in that position, this is the reality of the problem. As for the drop, may be just the search engine algorithm updates or your competitors to find a new opportunity, you should have a good attitude, analysis of opponents, find out the reasons for the decline in ranking, in order to find the reasons for the decline in ranking in the source.

three: in the face of success can be our attitude

as a successful Shanghai dragon Er, which did not meet the conditions of the site is K. The site is generally not K, unless you use some black hat technology optimization. The so-called black hat is through the use of some means by hiding some means to deceive the search engine. If your site is not because of the use of these methods has suddenly disappeared, so maybe this is caused by the search engine algorithm update. In order to update the site search engine algorithm and improve the user friendly experience regularly competitors emerging, fluctuating site is normal behavior. At this time there is a good attitude to face the site’s ranking is also very important to disappear.

Site turned online traffic volumeFemale college student Song Yadan, Taobao open shop, earn 3 million

network to long-term channel construction and development for the absolute industry began to get involved in or is officially enter the e-commerce market, from the perspective of Internet based services, is a strong signal to the industry, the peer is a stimulus for some enterprises had not direct competition to say, may mean a huge competitive potential. For example, the new network independent shop may pose a threat to taobao, the new shop the appeal is likely to attract in those who are already or will soon become the climate climate in the Taobao of course, including those who had no desirable platform settled merchants.

08 years in March, she kept from her parents, with the cost of living from the savings of 300 yuan,

in 2005, Song Yadan was admitted to the Zhejiang Forestry University furniture design specialty. In the first two years of college, when she was free, she went to the tailor’s shop near the school to see the tailor making clothes and following them the art of tailoring.

The new

Song Yadan bought a batch of cloth at the Sijiqing cloth market. Immediately, she began to design girls’ clothes according to their own ideas.

Song Yadan’s first business was at school. When the clothes were changed, the students thought they were very beautiful and encouraged her to sell the changed clothes and shoes. On one occasion, the school did a campus internal market, she put their own modified clothes, shoes sold out, "I did not expect, after the modification of clothing, particularly good sell."."

normal life, she is also very silly: just bought the shoes she just want to add some pattern, in order to increase the sense of beauty; she has to be modified according to their own preferences to buy clothes; students bought clothes, she will help the students change.

Song Yadan was born in 1987, she graduated from the Zhejiang Forestry University College of Engineering College of furniture design; by 2008, living expenses 300 yuan of funds saved, to the market to buy a batch of cloth Sijiqing cloth, a year for college students in the millionaire.

! "

online trading options are not many,


is likely to create another "Taobao"? In fact, for most business users, they do not require time-consuming to build a Taobao as the integrated network trading platform, they just need to be a prominent position, their products placed on the Internet such as, can lead people interested and have the transaction, many Internet users of such demand, which leads to a personalized Internet show.

the domestic e-commerce market in recent years is developing like a raging fire, in addition to Taobao but basically no climate of the enterprise, and at the same time for the user, but also a lot less choice, too centralized management mode is also a lack of individual challenges, accordingly, we need to provide personalized e-commerce service enterprises. The new online shopping template will allow users to easily build independent online stores and directly face consumers. Wang Jian, general manager of the new network, said: "the new network already has a higher level of Internet infrastructure services.". Not only do we provide bricks and mortar, we can also provide standardized finished products. Our judgment is based on the understanding that the Internet is a revolution in human efficiency, and that it is essential

communication and trading are the two greatest attributes of the internet. At present, many netizens also attribute but using the Internet in communication, Internet users access to information, information transmission and sharing of information through the Internet, Tencent and happy net business website is on behalf of the enterprise Internet information exchange. In the field of Internet transactions, the current domestic only Taobao thriving, occupy the vast majority of network trading market share.

Song Yadan said: "Xiaodaxiaonao easy, really want to make clothes, it really is not small. Rulers, scissors, sewing machines, none of these basic tools. At that time, I was really big. Later, the owner of a laundry near the school was willing to provide sewing tools free of charge

as China’s largest Internet based service provider, the new network from today 26 from the official launch of the terminal customer market, providing end customers with exchanges and transactions personalized application platform. At the same time, the new online shopping mall has been developed to provide customers with a wide range of different styles of choice. At this point, the new network, originally silent cultivation of domestic domain name registration services leading enterprises also from behind the scenes to the stage. In addition, the new network also from now on for 100 college youth entrepreneurship of talent, set the network presented a domain name, email and website space necessary entrepreneurial platform, hope they with their wisdom, using the new network platform, take off your career.

‘s small success inspired Song Yadan’s idea of starting a business. At the end of March 2008, telling her parents, will be 300 yuan, usually from the cost of living in the province down case-dough as start-up capital, in Hangzhou Sijiqing cloth market to buy a batch of cloth, started by his idea to design clothes for sale.

initially wanted to earn a living fee of

after she changes clothes at school Taobao market appeared, was immediately looted, the first attempt success, let Song Yadan very excited. After some consideration, "I just make a few more skirts and earn some living expenses."." She did her business on Taobao.

Song Yadan told reporters: "I designed the first dress is a skirt, a Lace Chiffon Skirt, is a lovely romantic princess style."." I grew to love the doll sewing all kinds of clothes, after college love modified in new clothes, new shoes or draw some beautiful patterns, unexpectedly, her classmates saw these little things turn out "all cried out," they can come up with to sell

Let personal Adsense really tangled record bottleneck

ever geometry, the record has become the network community know all about the topic, the website has become the biggest web site of the heart disease. I am in several group of friends in the past few days in the lament, in fact we are in support of the national policy for the government, but the efficiency of some local administration and ways of doing things make people too scared. Take my friend, just last month, the domain name registration, but when going to the record of the early discovery by others will record, but there is no record of success, he didn’t want to record by record, and made some telephone calls to the local information management bureau, and Fujian Bureau of the fuze communication, then a call to the Fujian communications administration, told to send a copy of personal results, the website domain name certificate and the application form, please, waste a few days finally to fax, the results of more than a month later, up to now no letter, called several times will not work, not to blame him after all, the people of Fujian is also the official fuse Bureau, people dare and Guan Dou! But has been tangled in the record, it has been unable to do, money in there, because a domain name for a domain name registration card Lord. Have a friend, to submit information, all the information is true, the others are down for a month, he would get down, then a friend advised him to spend money to find agents for the record, but a friend is not convinced, said: This is the Communist society, which is China, I keep the law by citizens, I what to buy for ah, I do not lie, do not steal two, three is not illegal, I submit the record is true and effective information, what do not give me a

audit?From these

, but we see that the webmaster is to record, also very supportive policy, but to the communications authority? They took national honors, are there any facts to taxpayers? And the so-called CCAV, you all day long exposure to those prohibited sites, they may have stopped they are not the same? And personal webmaster, who are your major background support, they do is because of pornographic websites the telecommunications sector support, those small owners? Do you think they have the ability to find Telecom cooperation? Do you think they do website just for money? God, why not open your eyes and see the vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster and they are the most innocent, the most sad, at first they hold is a fun network heart, they promote the progress of the network, but the end will be the network, To be forsaken by something, to be shouted, to be destroyed.

we hope that the media, reporters, government pay more attention to the real needs of the understanding and support of small owners, if the network can harmonious development, there is a complete chain of interest, they will be out of order to do those illegal website how


Google AdWords free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe it, it is SP fraud

Google Adword free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe that, it is SP fraud

has recently seen a lot, for free, answer to send 6 QQ beautiful date, finally send text messages in customized advertising, such as

these are those who do SP alliance tricks, as long as you send text messages to at least 10 yuan more than 30 yuan fee information is deducted from your mobile phone, do the people who can get bonuses ranging from $5~15 Mobile Corporation can get 5 yuan, the other is the SP agents of the money go pinch..

is now rich in Google to do this, at least on the income of about 5W, no information audit aware of the vulnerabilities they use awords, use the vanity of people cheat mobile phone users to make calls black money.

do not believe you can go online to search the SP alliance, a SP can see Union Commission Plan – but the SP alliance also has a routine, because SP webmaster should deduct amount in order to earn more money, 98% of the online SP alliance is a liar, which do SP alliance knows and Ma rattan period the QQ alliance, they also have value-added SMS SP business, they buckle webmaster serious. Only strongly hope that the Ministry of information industry to crack down on these SP – QQ alliance from the trickster – robber.- QQ this is the best start alliance, because the SP number is 10661700 people is Tencent’s so fooled, in fact the purchase is not 6 QQ, some of the garbage business… But this is Tencent who do propaganda people use this loophole scam. Registered a webmaster can put 5 pieces of Tencent get 3 dollars, then they registered 100 in the amount of – buckle webmaster You can earn 300 owners earn up to 100, but the number of net users of mobile phone costs? We calculate it. But a year down the astronomical

Training website operations guide website architecture chapter

refers to the so-called training site, training information website, that is to say to a certain area within the scope of the training information placed on the network, as the training needs of information service and training institutions for visitors, to promote the role of the market. In the title of the website structure, in this article refers to the site of the plate classification, layout and so on. I believe we all understand that no matter what kind of website, its architecture is very important, but also for the training site, then the author points out the venture to say people should take what kind of architecture for training site.

first point: multi City training website, should take level two domain name or two class directory?. This is a very common problem, online there are a lot of discussion about the two level domain name and directory two merits of the article, for the training site, due to a lack of city market, to set up more than one city to make the site have greater value, so a large number of open multi City training sites become the market is now common on the training site of the common market promoting way. Then, when a new city, what is the city to open a separate two level domain name good? Or give it to open a two level catalogue? Here I tend to select two level directory, this is because the weight of the two level directory can inherit the domain name the more conducive to the rapid effect of the ranking, and the two level domain is equivalent to the railway station, need more energy and manpower to promote to a certain improvement in weight. Of course, now many training sites take sub stations to join the model, so when the new city opened, the use of two level domain name, this is another situation.

second: training categories and cities should be made into parallel or hierarchical directories?. Assuming a multi City training site to take two directory the way of construction, then the city’s junior training catalog is taken and city level directory directory? Or take the city directory subdirectory? This is an important issue. In fact, both for visitors and search engines, the use of hierarchical directory approach, the structure of the site is more clear, layers of progressive, level one is more conducive to classification, browse and crawl. But I prefer the way it is city and city under the same directory take a better way, this is because each additional layer of web directory, the length of a long, deep directory on one level, this is bad for the search engine grab ranking in fact. Because the lighter directories generally get better rankings, which is a basic rule.

third: the training course information page (which refers to static processing) should follow the root domain name or follow the directory page. For example, a training course, the access address should be: ****.com/a.htm or ****.com/xian/kuaiji/a.htm should be? In fact, these two methods have advantages and disadvantages, followed by the first top-level domain, more conducive to ranking, second layers.

How far is the movie station being pulled out

these days, the movie gate incident in the webmaster made a great deal of noise, Baidu K dropped a lot of procedures built with Marx station, my movie station is not spared. Personally, it’s not Marx’s fault, it’s our fault. Accurate to say that Baidu K is out of data duplication, template repeated movie station, never mind with Marx, I believe that the manual update, the weight, without the use of Marx backstage data acquisition station should be still alive. How far is the movie station being pulled out?


now throughout the novel online station, all is Jackie, cracked version is everywhere, the next moment is put down a station, the rules are simple, write write, write please write, set up a novel station after less than 10 minutes. Then all of the novel is the endless repetition, how to make yourself and others out of the ordinary? This is a problem worthy of their brains, and now let me think deeply the problem, must not let his novels stand go Film Festival with Marx posterior, when the movie station is a mistake, should DEDE to do with the latest movie, by an Marx, wasted half the time. Last year a novel station because the GG policy adjustments that can’t make money on the sale, save the results out of a novel mother station, sorry ah, just a few days ago a novel m a little weight did not start doing novel station, a bit difficult, but still have to think about how to make the station and others are not the same, try it! Welcome to Baidu, there will be a miracle dream! Don’t give up your dream webmaster


free reading novel   welcome everyone pointing out

Be aware of the sequelae after changing the space

in the A5, often see a friend asked to change the server IP have a very serious impact, but also to see the views of many friends, mostly saying there is a certain effect, but as long as the update is normal, usually within a week will be restored, because there is also a time to have the server station. According to my own experience, that the change of Baidu server exists, but in the short term will return to normal. But recently, because of some reasons for the replacement of the server, and found that there is a serious problem of changing space, so special A5 published so that more friends see, no matter normal or not, welcome to communicate with each other.

said first premise, the recent national crackdown, I believe that many owners have been deeply affected, for not filing the site, and the existence of "illegal" information on the site are cleaned up, because no record so the station will be closed before my site "pregnancy" in the first page of Baidu keyword. After taking off immediately to change the server, anchored in the friend on the VPS server. I thought everything was still going on, but I didn’t expect it to happen.

The original

snapshot this station remained updated in 48 hours, since the replacement of space after the snapshot stay before for space, thought it was a bad effect to replace the server, not too much, but nearly a week without any time Baidu update. Since the VPS server has just been purchased and no other sites have been compared, I’ve never doubted that problems might exist in the server side. One day, when a friend told me that I couldn’t access this site, I was in the first response to a server failure, so I asked a few friends in QQ for help. The results found that all the friends were unable to visit, and I was able to login, the website backstage! In order to confirm the machine is not cached and other reasons, many tests jump without any problems in the machine and access speed is fast!


other friends can not access the situation about after a few hours to reflect to visit this station, I began to think at that time, this will also and Baidu snapshot relationship, Baidu can not crawl to the data on the second day, I again? You can move the data to another site, a dramatic shift, second days Baidu snapshot normal update a day before the content is changing the data space. Then I observed three days, found that the daily snapshot is normal, of course I don’t want to believe that space, in order to prove my guess, I returned to VPS space data migration, the nightmare continues, the snapshot stop, here, I should be compared to determine the problem in fact is a space

!I checked the relevant folder with

VPS server, to determine the relevant documents without any shielding search engine, more cannot explain when all friends reflect the station can not be accessed when I am able to login backstage (multiple exit, clean IE) without any problems. Later, when responding to the customer service, the result was normal access…… I don’t want to argue with customer service, in Application >