Keywords Enterprise Station mentality January quickly love Shanghai Google home

. The content of the website to update: This is needless to say, I believe we all know! But some enterprises built up and then update the two on the shelf, there is a good ranking that love Shanghai certainly not! The website wants to love Shanghai Pro Lai, updated every day the best original content is essential. The contents of my; now I usually update two or three articles, three or four products, basic love Shanghai five minutes included are now updated articles; there is a tip: if you do that you will love Shanghai keywords in the news search, then there will be a day of the earliest news, the news network on this website a revision to the title, content, and a little changed published in your station, pseudo original high, love Shanghai included too fast;

four. Links: essential quality Links; of course as a new enterprise in order to obtain high PR Gao Quanzhong, one is not easy! You can add some sites in different regions of the same industry Links; if the company money can go to buy some high weight links is also quite good; there are a lot of Links trading platform, there are sold and exchange, you can go to see

two. Insist on the chain: A5 forum to do outside the chain where a push 28 push BBS forum, WHY forum, Shanghai dragon and so on; the signature leave your own web site, and then post in the forum, of course, not recklessly Oh, the spirit of learning the spirit we can communicate with each other at the same time. Increase your chain;


May 26th love Shanghai included in the seventeenth page, June 22nd two keywords are on the home page, a fourth bit of a fifth bit, here I share with you this month I have to do, specific actions we are only talking about the actual

three. Wikipedia, know I do love Shanghai: encyclopedia Wikipedia, SOSO encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, know: love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer; the love of Shanghai know Soso Ask the weight of very high, love Shanghai now more stringent, leave the chain also depends on the skill and good luck, and Search ask leave link probability in more than eighty percent, and released the same day can be included and will have a good ranking;

blog: six. To a relatively high weight of the blog message or comment, because personal blog.

five: a few years ago. Blog blog promotion have been webmaster familiar, some webmaster have ten hundreds of blogs; here I recommend NetEase blog, blog, blog, and love Shanghai love Shanghai space space, of course to be careful, too much advertising words easy to be blocked in recent years; to micro-blog, everyone will be more respected Sohu micro-blog, indeed its weight is very high, but included fast, I just registered in my first blog on the micro-blog keyword Sohu just row on the first page, we can try to do micro-blog every day, there will be a good harvest;

The old domain in the medical website optimization really do have a role

because these do not dump the old domain what ranking or flow, just keep playing, so never optimized, have no time to do optimization. The station had included over yuan, also experienced by K home page ZhengZhan even by K’s tragedy, but has not shut down any one station. The station gives me more experience is proved some general rules:

peak has reached over 10000 included.


two: the importance of persistence, can imagine, these have a little history of long-term collection and maintenance station, there will still be collected and updated snapshot, at least proved the importance of persistence, although this result because the content of garbage is lost more than half.

old domain name in the end there is no use to talk about the problem is an old growth, there are pros and cons. This is actually a simple practice will have the answer.

of course, this does not mean that the old domain name do stand will be successful, the detailed summary of the future articles will continue to analysis.

is below the current usage in the medical industry to summarize the old domain. In fact, from the first entered the medical industry promotion, except for the hospital name protection must be registered the domain name, the rest of the station especially optimization station I use more old domain name do stand, the first is the aforementioned cost is not high; the second is the old name really good. Because early do the old domain hospital station no screenshots, said effect wucongkaozheng. Screenshot two last month this month old domain name registration, ranking gradually advancing.

have no effect? ;

, content is king, even the old domain, long-term acquisition and maintenance, and also does not work, out of the mix always has

old domain name so roughly divided two kinds, one is from the registration date has been renew real old domain name, the domain name is generally expensive, especially more than 10 years; two is the initial registration expires earlier, was registered by the domain name, domain name registered by the old cost is not high, such as 22 to grab a 70 note A5 yuan, domain name trading area general goods with cybersquatting with record number, but also a lot of seventy or eighty dollars. Of course, the best products, or residual chain except extreme overbearing. The network describes the old domain benefits but there are so few, the domain name history old love Shanghai included early, there are also some weight, with a large number of the chain, then these so-called benefits in the end of the old domain name to do the new

is not in love with "brothers

has been one of the best on page third.

two domain names are registered last month.

a few years ago I just entered the network or white, with a domain name, but mostly for the tuition fee. But it also saved some old domain and made a number of stations. In recent years, because of work reasons, I made the station have become station group software maintenance station and at least two and a half years. Here are some of these old garbage station today included a screenshot of the domain name:

Shanghai dragon Er to talk about the learning experience

1: faith, before we do anything, we should have such a belief, what should I do? How to do? Then determined, you will find that when you are determined to do something, you are very passionate, so you are determined to never move towards the first step to success. If there is no determination, I believe that you will never learn a foreign technology.

second: action, determined to make good going to perform, so you need to have a strong executive power, the executive power is what? If we you can earn 1 billion to five years, then you would do, if I said I might accomplish nothing, if you still do it, then you is a powerful executive who, perhaps, to not have a harvest, but do not work hard will not harvest. But we can not blindly, but planned to carry out, Marx once said, has no plans to study nonsense.

this is my experience in Shanghai Longfeng operation, and share, Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon (www.gdwzjs贵族宝贝) Shanghai Longfeng manipulation share, reproduced please keep this link contact QQ:595976867

third: habits, Shanghai dragon Er daily compulsory is website update, the construction of the chain like, this is what we are doing every day, just like every day to eat like a normal, many webmaster can begin to insist, but feel dull as ditch water but think carefully, we can not, every day there are different exciting, do what are used to, a qualified Shanghai dragon er not because of his mood and decide whether to do these things, a good mood is a lot of updates, bad mood not to ignore it, this is not feasible, is not recognized. So in our every day these seemingly ordinary or indispensable things, find deficiencies, and then Jinyi refinement, continuous improvement, to seek a breakthrough.

in middle school, our teacher told us such a word, I still remember, this is such a belief: the sown, the harvest is a kind of action, take an action to be sown, the harvest is a habit, a habit sown, the harvest is a kind of personality, when you have a sense of responsibility character, you will reap a golden life, today I put words to all Shanghai dragon Er, today I write is not about skill type articles, you may not believe that the so-called "dry cargo". But I want you, no matter what, a good attitude is essential.


fourth: character, it is easy to change his spots. In fact, I did not agree with this view, perhaps the character was born, but a person’s personality can change as the environment changed slowly, so he is black, I think this is the meaning. We stand like our children, only take care of, he will thrive.

The real purpose of love inside Shanghai launched statistics

now to the real purpose of the love of Shanghai launched traffic statistics tool, very simple, first ask ourselves why install statistical tools, a lot of people will tell me, is certainly in order to analyze the data. The problem is not solved, we install statistical tools in order to analyze the website data, love Shanghai to not? In this regard, Google has spent a lot of energy to do some of the plugins, is to collect data and analysis of users for the website, this is the only way in the shortest possible time to users want to present the results to the user. Love Shanghai launched traffic statistics is that, before the love of Shanghai did not launch statistical tools, it can only monitor to search traffic from past love Shanghai, but not to the monitoring site from other traffic, if you are installing love Shanghai statistical tools, it can monitor all traffic to your site. But it may be due to the collection of the data is not perfect, yet the algorithm fully play out, but to be is just the tip of the iceberg. So I suggest you do the dumpster, the user experience is not a good site do not install love Shanghai statistics, it will adversely affect your website. If you are a regular website, user >

traffic statistics is each site needs to be installed on our website, the monitoring of all aspects of the data that is too important, some time ago also launched the love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics, in this respect I believe we have to understand, in fact love Shanghai statistical function is relatively perfect, especially thermal click on the map, it is useful. But the Shanghai dragon suggested recently launched a bit off, everyone absurd listens, anyway, not too channel on the line. In fact, when Shanghai launched a love statistics I just think, what its real purpose do statistical tools, but also have a little idea in this regard, yesterday in the group with the Shanghai Dragon Master also communicated with some of my views, we are quite agree, here we give you about me how to really love Shanghai launched the statistics.

            you can see from the above picture is love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics Jiqiu popularizes, so take a way, if you do not install the love of Shanghai, you can’t really know how much is your site included. So the webmaster forced to use love Shanghai, love Shanghai really. There is a bit of speculation is the love of Shanghai let us to analyze others sites more difficult, let us not easily understand the search engine algorithms, of course, I think a lot of people will refute me, included the influence of the rankings is not large, this is just a personal point of view.

give you two pictures,

believe that we can see from the picture, the webmaster tools query data with statistical query love Shanghai access to large, usually use the webmaster tools query included more than seen in the background in statistics Shanghai love much less, give us a look at a map,

Give O2O entrepreneurs some cold water, be careful of the destruction of capitalsh419 space ranking

2 and space station http://22.5d6d

introduction: only the calluses, can be worth all the impetuous and industry cycle.

people often ask me these days: "want to have a O2O project. Do you think this one is OK?"

1, lure Dance Workshop: www.son

for-profit: this station heard that the best time to make about 190 thousand a month, but then mainly because of GG’s PISACA. At present, it is estimated that profit is a world of difference, can only be registered with some of the mother and Ali maintained. Just looked down, Ali mother does not seem to show, and continue to pay attention to the

and the front method: at least a full collection of content before menstruation, listen to the stationmaster is unintentional but shady. The main station he did was a game station. The whole day was spent on the game station. The station only took a few minutes to pick up the contents of the JIA, but the game didn’t stand up and it got up. At present, the main reason is not even a lot of external. Now webmaster also began to pay attention to content, mining less change more.

for profit: sh419, first video, mother of Ali, and notes

anything hot and hot, followed by a terrible rupture, especially investors speculative mentality too heavy, the killing of hot money is particularly terrible. The rise of the Internet portal in 2000, after the hot people witnessed the collapse of the Internet bubble, many people never leave the Internet did not return at that time, hot money is never throw the Internet, now really Daniel is the field of Internet through the long winter to grow up.

content and front method: the content of this site is mostly modifying the title of other people. It can be said to be an artificial article. The front is mainly a few big sites are connected, you can go to the next, he and the celestial pole, Zhongguancun, X animation, sh419 boutique URLs and some high PR little game site is connected to the title in the name of the space, another reason may be the site open earlier, there are for more than a year.

content and previous methods: YWF site, most of the call FLASH module, a little more original. The site title to write special, have interested friends can study, the main promotion I think his FLASH are not issued in connection to connect with others, it is invisible to others; some of you should be able to see it, he stood on the base of the friendship connection write is behind the title keyword I think, the most important is because of this, the key also follow up.

O2O is really hot. Every day to open the circle of friends, are all kinds of O2O projects melt into the money news, and the amount is very high. What do you think of such a crazy O2O,

can make money? The content of


Internet development for many years, the flow of information to shorten the production enterprises and the touch of the user between the chain, once greatly save the cost, improve the efficiency of the Internet, remember the early experiments about 1999, on behalf of China city level leading Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou held a science fiction means "the survival of the Internet the full":. The Challenger lived in a closed room for three days and three nights, and everything that remained could only be bought through a computer in the room where he could access the internet……

profit: from the current situation, the site profit point is more miscellaneous, click, pop everything. Pre GG income is good, in the current low price of the subordinates, the highest income is estimated that the pop-up, click on the day I can not hear. The alliance with KEY, UNIONSKY, shlf1314 advertising, as a new Union Pacific, listen to the webmaster said one day can Pacific hundred dollars of income, then the main advertising more attractive, the Pacific above promotion pornographic, and now seems to click is not very good.


must be a little older Internet users, this experiment must be deep memory. The miracle we look forward to seeing in our lifetimes is actually the norm for life in a few years.

missed the 80s business, missed the 90s stock soared, missed the twenty-first Century real estate, miss Taobao, missed all this wealth of opportunities, you still bear to miss this wave of O2O making the rich tide? "And under the overwhelming propaganda and brainwashing, if not now open mouth and O2O that does not claim mixed circle in business feel shy.

this round of O2O dagankuaishang rhythm glowed so familiar taste, the tide comes, everyone in, but you have forgotten us to catch the tide of O2O intention: the online world to the real world, let people return to the real life.

O2O, O2O, Cuozao hostesses tickle O2O, massage O2O, online memorial family O2O…… Not only some people think, but also really someone doing, investors are hearing O2O, come up to ask the situation.

I remember when the stock market is can’t help six thousand points, to go out to buy a dish of vegetables of the old man will ask you now what stocks to buy

today got nothing, to write an article on the sh419 space ranked website currently profit method and front cheats, veteran don’t take bricks hit me! I am here only a simple analysis, ask you to dig deep.


but when this "fantasy" finally came true, we discovered: "man"

3, www.son

After 90 student entrepreneurship story do not see Yu Jiawen, this will only bragThe white hat veter

Figure 1 Figure photo

Luo family: some exaggeration, the family just have relatives is one of the founders of the first generation of China information security company, so grew up around. Elementary school began to study network security technology, reverse through the CIH virus, modified with WPE game packet, using Softice dynamic debugging software cracking, and gradually began to love this industry.

reporter: ask Luo Zong to introduce the safety research that he was engaged in at that time.

a few days ago, several 90 students my friends to participate in the overseas colleges and universities information platform "the largest Internet education service platform owned by Chegg Zinch China" a micro-blog poll, the selection of their minds, the worship of science and technology Idol ", more than 5 thousand 90 students scattered all over the world students express their attitudes towards" technology Idol "by voting. Eventually, Mark, Zuckerberg, Robin Li, Bill Gates and other tech leaders became the top three in the voting list.

Shanghai Songjiang, a cafe, at two o’clock in the afternoon, when Luo Qing basket came through the door on time, it seems the entire cafe are a lot of cold air.

talking about "technology Idol", my small partners on the road of entrepreneurship generally believe that "Idol" is not a distant object of worship, but has a common experience of pioneering predecessors. For example, Robin Li, a pioneering entrepreneur, seized the opportunity of Zuckerberg and popularized the standardized Bill Gates of the operating system. Looking at the domestic 90 entrepreneurs raging like a storm, I have a I want to write about this group of overseas buddy impulse, although they are 90, but overseas background, so that they may be the story and domestic are not the same, but the same is dedication to the dream and insist on.



: a comparative study of love, began to reverse my personal technology, wrote a number of security tools in Xiaofeng Ju released, estimates that few people remember the name of the site now, ha ha. Then there is a domestic hacker magazine named the "hacker defense", their editor Wu Tianfeng WTF was found in me to write some articles, later I became a contributing author of black anti, a much better understanding of the circle of friends, then especially honored to enter the industry.

reporter: I see, material introduction, Luo total in 2005 in the anti-virus field has won a number of awards, is often called genius boy, high school won the entrance qualification,

has over thirty years of age, still full of passion with your spirit. Business for decades, he preferred to call themselves as white veterans. Now " white hat " this group by the media on public opinion in the teeth of the storm, he still choose at voice. He said, in an era of a group, always need someone to stand up, stand there, hold on.

for Wang Yin, studying abroad is for the sake of love, "curve save the nation."". To read English at home before MBA, Wang Yin secretly made 2 years of occupation eSports players. Because love online games, parents once wanted to send him to addiction school, accept withdrawal. Junior year Wang Yin courage and parents to discuss business plans, ideas of traditional parents rebuffed "gaming" of this "Wei"

recently the Internet circle is really not calm, can be said to be 90 entrepreneurs scraper. Chen Anni, who wrote comics last week, painted Yu Jiawen last week with micro-blog, "I’m sorry, I’ve only lived 1%", brushing our screens again and touching countless onlookers.

Ronaldo: overpraise, was his junior high and high school, basically did not how to learn all the time, every night of network security. At that time, unlike now, network security is not a lot of laws and regulations, so that I feel really very free, such as the famous Win2000 RPC overflow, basically do not write a exploit can enter any human machine. So then >

talking about "technology Idol", my small partners on the road of entrepreneurship generally believe that "Idol" is not a distant object of worship, but has a common experience of pioneering predecessors. "Those who boast a powerful and unconstrained style annoying", maybe not the last mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, Kwame to Haikou, publicity of wayward entrepreneurs, but with real skills, the deep internal strength "astepping-stone to success" as more sincere business people.


, an overseas student who has studied in the UK for three years, will be 23 in 10 days.

stepping on the tail of 80s, driving the first bus born in 90s, I was surrounded by my classmates and friends. When I talked to them in depth, I found that their attitude towards entrepreneurship seemed more rational and mature than the rumors, and the cult of "entrepreneurial Idol" was not blind.

"Internet addiction patients" Wang Yin: its mediocre, better toss

reporter: Luo total Hello, I see material introduction, said Luo was born in the family of information security, research security for nearly 20 years, but also regarded as China’s early generation of information security enthusiasts and practitioners.

Shanghai in August, with the air difficult to resist heat, all things are because of the burning sun and become soft.

and vulnerability bank founder and CEO Luo Qing basket some talk, talk about entrepreneurship, talk about investment, talk about ideals, talk about life. But he was talking about, he is still the white spirit look up to as the standard.

How to do a job well before running an educational website

1, determine your site’s target

is a website to have long-term development, must have a clear goal of profit model, if you just follow a station, want to go step by step, the flow in identifying target, it is easy to be listed as a garbage station, then aborted. The goal of an educational web site is easy to determine, for example:

1) test questions, provide a variety of questions to download, collect membership fees. This requires you quite early publicity, to make sure students come up why choose you, so as to give membership fees to you. This kind of website is to provide students a reference free part of the questions, let the students feel you test is valuable to the user, the turnover rate increased from 1% to 10% or more, can be considered the first let the students free registration to provide part of the test, and then mail long term marketing.


2) public welfare classes are provided free of charge in various content and courses. The source of income can be advertising for training institutions and advertising for public schools. This site will be careful not to dump, requires that the site has a very attractive part of your students can stop after all, viscosity, educational websites do good has a lot, Tencent, Sina and other sites have done very influential, to make your website to browse who left a good impression of course to have your originality. I just did 3 months of parents, the university website is in this direction (

3) platform class, so that training institutions or schools to publish courses or training information on the website, that is, to do a B2B information platform. Such sites want to attract enterprises to publish information, but also to do early publicity work, and a lot of content in the early release of their own.

2, the website wants to be trusted, especially want to make online application payment type. There are many ways to get the user’s trust. First of all, the website should be professional, and the website is not ready yet, and the ads must be flying everywhere, especially the GG advertisement. If you visit a website and develop a website, it is very amateur. Even if the content is good, the visitor will never come back, so it is essential to choose a good designer or choose a good set of templates.

in addition, the content requires more original, belong to your website unique, update in time, don’t let visitors think is dead stop. Contact details, real, will make people pay more trust you. User terms, privacy aspects should also be highlighted, so that those who stay more assured. The best way is to pay alipay. To have real-time online customer service, or a considerable number of students will be temporarily because of doubts and walk away.

3, would you most want to login to your website visitors to do the prominent content and station to guide the user towards this direction. For example, if you want the user to register with your member, then the member login window should appear in every prominent position, bold or with background color.

< >

My website promotion experience and experience

I will tell you the title refers to the Heilongjiang station network of excellence, I am not in order to promote my station, and the webmaster to discuss, website promotion and optimization is the best effect. Of course, I hope advanced experts go to see my station, but also give me some more promotional experience or SEO more knowledge.

said roughly situation to this website, this website just launched a whole year, this time last year is to play, is the feeling of talent recruitment website this cup of soup, a simple entry should we also share a cup. In A5’s "use your own experience to teach you how to clean up a good domain name", this article mentioned about domain name, of course, also includes this talent recruitment station, I hope domain lovers to see and correct.

I put this station as Heilongjiang talent net, but after about two months of inspection, this keyword seems to do not go up in a short period of time, as a medium key words. In the short run, needless to say, it’s difficult. I don’t think it can be done so easily, but other measures can be taken. Later, according to the characteristics of my domain name, and in Baidu test, Heilongjiang elite network is not very hot, but there are a lot of search volume. This station has HR in the domain name, and also domestic large talent recruitment station, Chinese talent is a little fate, so immediately change the name into Heilongjiang elite network. The result is quite obvious. In those days, almost every day, some people register information, for a new station, it is not easy to reach this step, of course, must also go through a step. Specific methods are as follows:

1, the name of the website to avoid heavy, light, do not follow the trend, not to follow the crowd.

Heilongjiang talent network and Heilongjiang elite network of these two key words, certainly the former is hot in the latter, this is not absolute, but also in accordance with the characteristics of the region to locate. My website’s localization is the Heilongjiang area middle and high end talented person recruitment website. The name is really important, it’s equivalent to a code name. This code is best able to reflect the characteristics of the industry, and have their own characteristics, even if others imitate, that is the latter. Here is actually related to the back of the friendship link. Talk back.

2, site structure.

begins with the first step in web design, and designers and programmers should take into account the structure of the site, optimization, and so on. So, I say, for modern programmers, programmers who can only program SEO knowledge are not good programmers.

3, links.

mentioned in the first point, after the name is decided, the link must use this name. At that time I probably did 5 links, then the weight is relatively high, ranking soon to the first.

4 has new content updates every day.

I don’t do this well, because when I first had a lot of bugs in this program, I didn’t update a lot, and basically I was in control

Stimulate the entrepreneurial awareness of migrant workers to build a new engine of economic growth

China has a unique group of job seekers. Every year, many migrant workers rush between cities and villages, only to make a living. Support migrant workers to return home to start a business, to solve the problem of rural areas, such as the development of power, labor, resources, not only related to people’s income, but also related to China’s future economic development.

under the new economic normal, migrant workers in employment, wages, skills upgrading and other areas facing the new changes and new challenges, and the number of migrant workers, the total wage income growth appears out of the "three down", the structural contradictions of employment and recruitment "dilemma" has become the norm. In order to support migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, in June this year, the State Council issued the opinions on the support of migrant workers returning home business, and put forward the outline of the 3 year plan of action. When a large number of migrant workers find work due to wandering in the edge of the city, there are a number of people already in the vast countryside to find their own position, they are on the return of migrant workers entrepreneurial way. So, what are the current problems of migrant workers returning home? The author conducted an investigation.


Small enterprise cluster

Airbnb a fatal move from bankruptcy to $1 billion

From the brink of bankruptcy to the $1 billion Unicorn club,

Airbnb relies on a deadly stunt: becoming a patient. Despite the Silicon Valley dogma of "code is king", employees and designers must become chief customers when thinking about issues from the user’s point of view.

text / gold wrong knife (WeChat ID:ijincuodao. Exclusive daily dry cover for 3 million tech business people)

compiles /Max (editor of case Center for minimally invasive new Institute)

"winter" is a required course for Internet entrepreneurs, and the big brother company of unicorn is no exception.

Airbnb almost broke down in 2009. Like many start-up companies, they have released their own products, but few have noticed. The company’s revenues are only $200 a week, and three young founders living in San Francisco share the big money". The company is likely to face zero growth at any time. As everyone knows, the risk of investors looking for investment projects, will pay special attention to those on the upgrade is the development curve of hockey company co-founder Joe Gebbia said, Airbnb has been development curve is horizontal, the team members have to maximize the overdraft credit card, scrape.

From the brink of bankruptcy to the $1 billion Unicorn club,

Airbnb relies on a deadly stunt: becoming a patient. Despite the Silicon Valley dogma of "code is king", employees and designers must become chief customers when thinking about issues from the user’s point of view.

put aside the Silicon Valley dogma of "code is king"

at that time, Airbnb was an incubator Y Combinator project. One afternoon, the founder and team members, try to find out the crux of the company growth, after spending time using the Airbnb web site, Gebbia is aware of a problem I noticed that the forty housing projects, a common picture is bad". It is not surprising that people take pictures with their own cell phones or download pictures directly from the Internet. It is not surprising that people can’t see the real features of their own spending room.

Graham comes up with a completely non scalable and non-technical solution: go to New York, rent a camera, and replace those amateur photos with beautiful, high resolution photos. There is no data or theoretical support for their action, but they let it go. One week after changing photos, weekly earnings increased from $200 to $400. This is the first increase in corporate income over the past 8 months. So they knew what to do next.

for Airbnb, this is a turning point, "Gebbia said." at first, everyone in the team believed that everything they did should be scaled up. They didn’t climb out of what they called "sorrow" until they realized the changes brought about by non large-scale business