Different sites with different Shanghai Longfeng thinking

above is from the website optimization marketing, as a Shanghai dragon er not only consider these. Shanghai Longfeng staff of a website should also consider the site user experience. For example, a picture station must be done very gorgeous?’. Although the website is very nice to do can win a lot of users eyeball, but a very simple design of the website doesn’t have to lose. The key is whether the site inside provides the user required content, this is the most important. As long as the content is good enough, the website design is simple and will not let users have too much experience. But the problem is, but many optimization personnel entangled in website design, website that do not, if the user does not come will turn off the revised website. Although sometimes website design will affect the user experience, but not seriously affect the user experience, we should start with the content of the website and how to strengthen the external drainage from the start. Through a period of data analysis, to cause the user experience to improve it.

The Shanghai dragon >

overall, many methods of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng steps will It differs from man to man. However, even with the same method, each step will be different. This is different, due to the different ways of thinking. Often heard master introduce door, rely on their own practice, in fact, that is the truth. More ways of thinking in practice need to sum up, continue to improve in the summary.

as an optimization of the marketing personnel, the hand may have many sites need to do. If the experience is not enough rich, no matter what sites use the same way to do, the effect is certainly a gap. Why? A corporate website and a business website is certainly not to take the same way to optimize marketing; even the corporate Web site, but also in accordance with the type of division. For example, we do website optimization, web promotion website, then we will first go through Shanghai dragon ranking way, let the website keyword search results is better, so the user will believe that the strength of enterprises. If your web site are not ranked or highly ranked on the list, say it can help users to do rankings, who would believe it? Again, a web site to sell adult diapers, he may bring the sales site is concerned, the keywords ranking is not the user’s attention, it is not necessary to do. But from what website can rapid drainage to start the enterprise website, then consider search marketing. Don’t look at this little difference, the different ways of thinking, the effect is different to other.

The analysis method of

said the Shanghai dragon thinking, we all know, but really good Shanghai dragon thinking person but not a lot of. Many times we also entangled in no good way of thinking, in fact, is to hold a certain format. Because every day thinking about how to change the Shanghai dragon thinking, while ignoring the need to optimize the site itself, I am afraid this is a common mistake.

How about love love Shanghai new Shanghai integrity authentication and integrity authentication

recently a friend asked, click on the website in search keywords suddenly found on the right side of the website to hang a "love Shanghai integrity certification security check box", are very disgusted, and click on the code or default, is affecting the overall effect of their website, like hanging small ads, but he said they had been in the background with this code, want to delete this thing but do not know how to get. There are a lot of people have asked about love before Shanghai integrity certification this thing, but not to ask how to delete but how to add wood, the Shanghai dragon would like to take this opportunity to talk about the love of Shanghai integrity certification.

3, whether the code is already installed, or just to install, should be under the state code click Check to ensure that the code is installed in the correct love Shanghai, all well after it has been opened successfully.

2, an access code, which basically do not have, because if your site has been properly installed in Shanghai (including the Shanghai code of love love love Shanghai business statistics, bridge, offline, PO) do not need to install again. Most of the site was installed in Shanghai love these codes, so it is generally OK. This is why the above friend said never add this code in the background, but the cause of love the name card of Shanghai integrity. Of course, if it is never installed love Shanghai code, you can directly click "access code", copy the code down into the corresponding position on the site can.



how to add love Shanghai


1, you must open the corresponding web site;

before they opened it directly into the love Shanghai integrity certification management page, as shown below. In the show, said the corresponding web enabled in this show love Shanghai integrity certification icon, if you don’t want can click enabled after the button to hide out, also can be directly deleted.




1, click on the new site, enter the URL and site name. Of course, this site is not just write a can, love only for you in the name card Shanghai integrity love Shanghai site promotion is effective, corresponding to you in love Shanghai promotion account web site, so that the website domain and website promotion domain consistent add, or can not open

2, in the new site can enter the domain name, domain name, level two subdirectories, WAP domain name 4 Web site, enter the URL.

love Shanghai integrity certification in fact as long as you love Shanghai to promote users to open up is very simple, only need to log in to love Shanghai promotion background into account, and then you can see what the name card credit. Click to enter the integrity of name card can be free to open.

Talking about electronic commerce website path method analysis traffic skills

is now the momentum of e-commerce website is still very fast, not only the enterprises to actively participate, many local governments have increasingly emphasized the importance of e-commerce website money, so have launched e-commerce website project, for this situation, many experts said that although the electronic commerce website money scene optimistic, but if not pay attention to specification operation and accurate operation, so it may cause a huge waste of the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, investment, for the electronic commerce website is the most important traffic conversion problem! Enhance the conversion rate, so the electronic commerce even if successful general


in order to enhance e-commerce website conversion to analysis factors affecting flow conversion rate, conversion rate and improve find soon be able to solve these problems, so as to enhance e-commerce site traffic conversion, the conversion rate of flow analysis of the best path analysis method is not the so-called path analysis! Is to establish a logical path, analysis of site visitors access cycles in a web site inside what has been done, usually including: search, browse, order, settlement, collection and feedback of the six cycle steps! Then the sales behavior into a whole, including the entrance on the way, the path and export, so as to analyze the causes of the flow out of the


1: how to build traffic path

is a path to one or more pages in a series of logic, the common path of an electronic commerce website can have a home page, commodity information page, payment page, receipt of the confirmation page of the four page form a logical, based on the IP address and the registration user name and website the visitors in the four page access track record, these data should include the registered user name, IP address, URL page, click on the time and so on, under the premise of technical feasibility, can also record some of the other pages of information, such as product type and product name! This is key technology to realize the


two: how to analyze traffic

achieved through the above technology, I believe you have collected a lot of data, but for such a vast data how to analyze? It is also very important, we analyze the data of the key nature is continued from the first page click on the path to the last page of this section, so that you can get this the path conversion of sales, I come to you to do some analysis of the example of

!If the

on the first page of a IP or a registered user click until payment page and successful payment information, it shows that this is a successful transformation, if every day on the home page click on the 200 IP, the commodity information page to 100 IP, the settlement the IP page and successful payment is only 50, so congratulations to you, your website conversion rate is twenty-five percent


uses path analysis to effectively identify which pages are having problems, affecting user experience, and then can >

Meeting purchase what makes me have the power to continue writing soft text

The soft

is currently a very powerful marketing mode, in order to write soft paper requires a certain power behind you, before I was no courage to write, because it is what I set foot on the popular "soft" road? And whether you can pass this allow yourself to write soft article more power? Let us together to decrypt the


cancel your idea that you shouldn’t have

here, I want to tell you, self-confidence is very important, no matter what you do, must have self-confidence, and only with self-confidence, you can go faster on the road to success. Don’t think my education background is not, do not think they have no experience to give up, don’t think that they have to do. Do you…? if not please don’t be so quick to make a basis, without any incorrect answers. Want to write soft Wen, please first in your mind these concerns erase, to believe in yourself, he is the best. Strengthening your self-confidence will make you better.

constantly feeds himself with "


with confidence, you have half the success, we are not afraid of no knowledge, as long as you learn by heart, I would like to succeed, will not live up to you. Learn to persist, never give up easily. Writing soft text requires a lot of relevant experience and knowledge, so we need to supplement this knowledge for ourselves. Usually go to some soft Wen learning website, see more, learn more, multi-purpose, once there are some inspiration, I want to be afraid not write out. Send a word to everyone: take the experience of others into your own experience. (this sentence needs careful understanding)

looking for power, move,

everyone will have a kind of feeling, this feeling will make you very happy, so wonderful is the feeling of "sense of achievement", behind every successful things to hide this feeling, and this feeling is your biggest motivation. Write the soft text of the power is the same, after the author finished publishing, see everyone’s comments, especially good comments, that invisible and huge power is born like this. Although everything is hard in the beginning, but the beginning is not difficult, I promote my website with a soft (met when no pre purchase) what effect, finally because I insisted, wrote the article to get everyone’s attention and support, look at my score every day from growth, let me more have the power to write text.

experience tells you, persistence is victory, growth process, plus that feeling (sense of accomplishment), in addition to everyone’s support, that is, I write soft Wen the biggest power. Confidence is the first step to success. Let’s start with the first step,

all of the above personal opinions and do not represent public opinion, if you don’t feel good if you feel good please Paizhuan, please increase the power for me. Webmaster communication QQ group: 139737982, hope everybody communicate more. This article Copyright: meet the purchase of webmaster supermarket www.x>

In the era of rampant websites, what is your website competing with others

the Internet every day there are tens of thousands of or more sites such as bamboo shoots emerge, everyone wants to have a good rankings, everyone wanted to have good traffic, you can stand the top few? The Internet in recent years more and more fire, adding more and more people, regardless of will do stand all want to come to share. Some people even do not understand the basic knowledge of website, only know to do stand to make money began to rent space, buy a domain name, to join the ranks of webmaster, after adding will only day to see traffic, but do not know how to operate, how to effectively promote the.

what are you competing against in a flood of websites,


follow the trend, always follow in other people’s back, no matter what you do, only do first, you are the boss, do second, you can only drink soup, do third, basically to stand aside. Then, in the era of rampant websites, how can we create a piece of our own? First, time, and the two is innovation. No matter what you do, drive any company, factory, time, and innovation to the top of the line.

one time,

you started the first thing, you did it first, then you easily made the first, you’re the boss. Like China’s first what, the first, what, will talk about a company, someone invented, and so on, this is the effect of time, walking in front of others.

two innovation

, did you ever think about the hot spot on your website before you set up? If everyone can find what you need elsewhere, will you come to your website? I think this will not say. Because you do not attract other people’s things, you have no innovation, only mediocre.

wants to innovate. It can only be done in an unconventional way. For example, do you know that Taobao has a seller’s shop? In Admin5, he has already checked in. "I am the monitor, my class."". They are 05 graduates from North China University of Technology. They are looking for jobs on the internet. At present, more and more severe forms of employment in China, a lot of people in danger can not find work, but how many people would think in such a way to promote to sell yourself? "Sell" although the shop twists and turns to shop success, 15 pieces of goods for sale, 15 graduates, in the shop shortly after there have been 2 graduates through enterprise interview success, has started to practice in the company. The sale of the remaining products are consulted every day, every day will receive the employer’s interview notice, I believe that soon, "seller" shop in the goods will be sold out.

did they succeed? Why did they succeed? In innovation, did your website innovate?

as one of the most vivid example, where local portal forum, I think we are very familiar with, a forum area where there may be several dozen or more, how do you walk in front of others? Now basically the forum is to learn the main work, idle away in seeking pleasure, your website who are the same to your website? Take my website "Longyan forum", the early model with others.