Love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon account real name authentication should be how to play


Tencent to do social networking, has the largest account system, Ali electricity providers do also need to login to shopping, the only Tencent second account system. Micro-blog, Jingdong, NetEase, Ctrip and other platforms are able to attract user login service.


for the love of Shanghai, has been looking for opportunities to make up for in terms of account system and the Tencent and the Alibaba of the gap, the state vigorously just by the Internet real name system of the machine, to improve their own account system, it is possible.

"no real search" has not sub Weakness lends wings to rumours.

As everyone knows ?

Abstract: in May 9th, Shanghai announced that since June 1st, love love Shanghai account requires authentication, or affect the daily use. A message, immediately caused an uproar in Internet world, have discussed the advent of the Internet real name system. Future love Shanghai Shanghai dragon play

took the opportunity to establish and improve the system of Shanghai love account?

only love Shanghai’s core business is not required to search user login, most users are not accustomed to using search log love Shanghai.

as everyone knows, love is the core business of Shanghai search and advertising auction is to protect the love of Shanghai’s largest source of income. However, in recent years due to the love of Shanghai alleged false advertising by advertisers to tolerate some lawsuits, considerable damage to their own brand. Therefore, the love of Shanghai launched the "plan" to protect the interests of users, in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

therefore, love Shanghai has been the lack of a complete account system, fortunately, SkyDrive know, Post Bar, experience, library and other products to help Shanghai improve the account system of love.

May 11th, Shanghai love love Shanghai official account real name authentication real intention. In order to make the site

love the Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users to implement

also has some bad voice. Anecdotal rumors said: "if not real name authentication, you cannot use the love Shanghai search." The phantom blog feel is very strange, buying a kitchen knife to the real name system can understand, buy a train ticket real name system makes sense, even web search to the real name system unbelievable?.

users is the core assets of Internet Co, however, only active users, but no account system means to establish a deeper and longer unable to communicate with the user.

May 11th, the love of Shanghai announced that the real name system is required in order to implement the upcoming June 1st the formal implementation of the "People’s Republic of China network security law" the relevant provisions, because the search itself does not need to log in, so there is no "no real name authentication can not use search". However, Post Bar, SkyDrive needs to complete the login product, must be the real name system can continue to use.

Analysis of enterprise website how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization from four aspects

: a web site layout optimization and the appearance of

enterprise website both in Shanghai Dragon

for the enterprise website is concerned, in fact, keyword density is very easy to control in a reasonable range, such as 2% to 8%, because when the business involved in the presentation, it is easy to control, but if you do not pay attention to the control, it is difficult to achieve reasonable keyword density of key words usually! The density of serious thin, or keyword density is not serious to stack the website optimization.

enterprise website has now become the main force of the Internet, after all enterprises relative to individuals, regardless of the strength and financial resources are much more than the individual, once the enterprise website operation force, its influence cannot be underestimated, but the enterprise website after just a transition from the traditional to the operating platform based marketing platform, or the difference between great, so many companies appear a variety of problems in the operation, especially in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often become the bottleneck of enterprise website development, optimize the construction of Shanghai dragon how to do enough business website

good website title, keywords and description of these three elements, mainly divided into two aspects, one is the home page, a column page, for home page, usually using the name as the title of the website, did not appear to have what problem, but this will undoubtedly reduce the searching scope of enterprise website, so better the method is the site keywords, long tail keywords and the name of the enterprise together, as the title of the website, so it can increase the search scope at the same time, also can let users more accurate find websites, but for keywords and description of the two aspects, and basically similar title, we must seize the main aspects play the advantages of long tail keywords,

keyword ? !

a lot of company website favorite website dressed to the nines, extensive use of flash, java small program and so on, these technologies, has now become the edge of the web technology, can improve the appearance of the website looks, but in fact has become the bottleneck of the development of the website of Shanghai dragon, in fact the site appearance is mainly simple, clean and tidy, beautiful picture can not help what busy, in order to improve the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, distribution should do the site keywords, layout reasonable standard, another website should use more text, it is more easy to search engine crawlers! The only way to become a basic qualified enterprise website

for the website column page title, keywords and description of the set, of course, also need to follow certain principles, such as a column is a keyword, relevant content is done around the keywords, the best is the title page title is expanding, ten million cannot be the same, the same is true for the description and keywords


two: the three elements of the



three: the distribution and density of

Zhou Hongyi’s three advice to entrepreneurs financing is more important than price!250 million cash

— Speech at the dark horse race in Nanjing in July 6, 2013

on November 21, 2016 evening, Chinese online announcement announced that the listed company to 250 million stake in Guangzhou barrage Network Technology Co., Ltd. Acfun, accounting for 13.51% of shares. Upon completion of the capital increase, the Chinese online will have the right to nominate 2 of the 7 seats on the A board.

in the semi annual report this year, Huace also disclosed a sum of 50 million yuan of investment in A station, but not to the A station of the valuation, and financial data have detailed disclosure. It is worth noting that, in the A station shareholders list does not appear Huace figure.


I tell you a personal example, my first company when there is no point of financing experience, then VC just for the returnees, later I finally saw a IDG, there are a lot of rumors, IDG asked me how much money do you want, they expect me to be the 200 Wan Meijin. But I fear in mind, said enough 2 million. They asked me, "2 million dollars?" I said "RMB". He was oppressed heart joy that investment 2 million, to 25% of the shares, this condition? Certainly not good, but I have never regretted it, even I never complained of his IDG, from my company earn more than 100 times the return I still feel very happy, because why? I do not think that the money I would not have access to the Internet, there is no later attempt.

A station revenue list as the financing exposure

real financing success, will pay the price for the high price of financing, such as the high valuation, investors do not feel safe, it must do with him on gambling, which often leads to a lose lose situation. For a fledgling entrepreneurs, I think the most important thing is to make money fast, fast work, the product to do it fast, bring the product to go fast, finally prove your value is not your financing price, the value of time but what you do after the success of mergers and acquisitions of listed or you. High financing prices do not represent real success. Financing is only a means. The most important thing is to do a good job in your products and markets.

investors like me very much because they all make a lot of money from me, but I also feel a lot of help from them. I remember Liu Shaoji said a word, "throw a sprat to catch a whale, some people are Zhanxiaopianyi suffer." So, I think the early entrepreneurs do not understand the financing does not matter, slow down does not matter, be wiped out of oil


according to the Chinese online investment notice content, A stood in the current round of valuation after the investment reached 1 billion 850 million, this figure exceeds the old friend B stood in November 2015 when the round of financing. According to the information disclosed by the media, led by the Tencent, Chinese culture, H, Capital and investment in the D round of financing, B station after the valuation of 1 billion 700 million yuan.

what qualities should an entrepreneur have? In fact, a lot. But I want to say two things: mind and pattern. I’ve been talking about one of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make – the lack of an open mind and a cooperative, shared mindset.

through the Chinese online investment, the outside world to see the current A station "burn money" speed. According to the announcement, the A station in 2015 net loss of 113 million yuan; the first 9 months of this year net loss of 146 million yuan, calculated according to this ratio, the loss in 2016 may reach 200 million yuan, an increase of almost 2015 loss times.

thanks to the Chinese online 300364.SZ investment, for the listed company’s investment letter Phi regulations, so that the outside world to A station’s financial situation has a clear understanding.

‘s three advice to entrepreneurs: financing is more important than price,

A station is a former executive in the evaluation from the financing of listed companies, for this stage of the A station, is the largest in the meaning of the financing, frequent "turmoil", also can get not a small sum of money to finance a good valuation. Now the internal "turmoil" has subsided, so that the industry can stand A second place.

, however, since then, news has leaked that B’s latest valuation in 2016 has reached around $1 billion, but this view has not been proven.

I have seen some entrepreneurs have good ideas, just like holding a gold doll, I think the whole world has only one person, I can think of myself, this idea into the money will certainly be successful. So many entrepreneurs in the early days, with many investors on the care of the go, if you can not raise the company’s financing price a little higher, I feel I do not have the face. I’ve always argued that entrepreneurs at the angel and A rounds are the ones who want to get money quickly, and maybe you won’t be able to get the money for the first time because you don’t have any experience.

according to such burn speed, Chinese online sent 250 million cash is almost enough to maintain the A station a year of operation, and whether the business collaboration between the two as usual is still a huge question mark.

Although the

A said in an interview with several entertainment DreamWorks public ID:D-entertainment that the A platform and the online Chinese language platform are hardly

recommendation 1: financing is more important than price,

A former executive at


Personal Adsense to do the best way to Taobao shop

, about Taobao, I’ve only recently begun to focus on it. It’s a chance, too. Once in the webmaster nets see an article about Wangzhuan articles found in do Wangzhuan people, do Taobao customers in particular, so they have to understand how to use Taobao to make money off. The next period of time, continuous in Ali mother League and some share to do Taobao guest experience in the site, saw some posts and articles, for Taobao guest have certain understanding. Therefore, I would like to talk about how the personal webmaster to do Taobao customers, Taobao guest promotion in the following forms, search promotion, channel promotion, page promotion, shop promotion, single product promotion, window promotion. For a personal webmaster who has a website, these forms can be done. But because most of the personal sites are smaller, less content, less original, so it can not talk about stable user structure and considerable traffic. Such a website to do Taobao customers, can barely put single items and window class promotion content, for turnover is difficult to guarantee. So to explore personal webmaster how to do Taobao customers, the most basic must do the analysis from two aspects, one is the analysis of personal ability and personal contacts with resources, the two is a combination of the first analysis to make a difference for Taobao off several promotion way. Stationmaster individual ability basically also is this a few respects, it is technical respect, two is promotion respect, three is talent respect. Personal ability, most people are at the same level, it is difficult to open a larger gap. Therefore, things about human resources seem to be more important. Has the network resources disparity, sometimes can become the personal stationmaster to make the Taobao guest success or failure the decisive factor. For example, some personal Adsense is a forum moderator, or is on a certain type of products have a deeper understanding and so on… So…, only their advantages and disadvantages clearly, to grasp the focus of the website content and how to use the site to provide services to the user.

with the above analysis, you may ask if I technology, promotion, talent three aspects are very general, also do not have what good human resources, so I can not do Taobao off? Clear yourself, although it did look pale, but do not be discouraged. After all, the world is still ordinary people, fewer people wear underwear outside. Here I will give this kind of webmaster provide a model, that is to do shop navigation, mainly to promote Taobao online store, similar to the cool cool Pavilion shopping network, this website is not high for the technical requirements, the general webmaster can do, the shop link as the content, also do not have to worry about the content. This can save time to do promotional work. Because the main service object of this site is the regular shopping in Taobao and want to shop at goubao on but not a lot of time to pick the crowd. Therefore, in the choice of promotion shops, we should spend more effort to compare, select some of the better quality. After all, we provide a service, only the service is done, to retain users and develop new users, we can reflect the value. In that case, the web site >

Method for increasing flow in early stage of personal website

first of all, talking about the site, we naturally will associate traffic, yes, a web site, traffic is its soul, no traffic. Any web site to do better, can not discover his true value, you may pay more than others, but you may end up working so hard, what is not. Today I will focus on how personal website operations start with traffic, and bring your website to success.

traffic can be distinguished as follows: one is the latest traffic. One is the fixed flow.

fixed traffic with a number of factors, including: the site’s domain name, site name, site type, content update speed, the content of the attraction, the amount of Web site operating capital and so on. Pull too many variables, this is not the focus of my study today, I am mainly talking about how the personal website at the beginning of how to increase the flow of new problems.

In the early days of the

website, how do we upgrade the site’s new traffic? I usually do the following to implement my plan to rapidly upgrade ", the latest traffic ".

1. first of all, you have to have a perfect program, try to use the PHP language, the database to make use of SQL, of course, you cow B to use more advanced language and database that better, and try to use your program to generate htm.

2. SEO, it is necessary to master every webmaster, do not ask you a very specialized, but need to get familiar with the SEO, you do not know how to optimize it, title? If you really do not know can come to Wen Kanliang, or


3. site links, this way is the lowest cost, and can play a long-term, lasting and stable role, it is recommended to establish links with the professional self-help link platform.

4. advertising interchange, which is a variant of the link mode. The initial site does not want to profit, so when you feel that the exchange links can not attract more links, then please do not mean, and take out your advertising position for exchange. Everything for flow. A petty thief can never accomplish a great deal.

5. builds one or more other non hosting sites for other domains and publishes IE viruses by buying cheap pop-up traffic. (everywhere on the Internet, it’s easy to make a little bit of assembly knowledge.

6. in the major sites to leave your site links traces, please see clearly, I just ask you to leave traces can, not to call you crazy to send spam, advertising. The most common way is to leave your site link in your personal signature in a large forum.

7, your operator must install the Alexa plug-in.

8. watch your program files carefully, and you’ll have to have statistics on every single page, and every day

Xu Tao 301 redirection for the importance of URL standardization

for 301 redirect, I believe many webmaster is not strange, in Google administrator tools help, there is a paragraph below,


301 redirection feature is especially useful in the following cases:

you have moved your web site to a new domain and want to complete this transformation as smoothly as possible.

people visit your web site through different web sites. For example, if you have access to your home page through a variety of ways, such as, or, then choose one of them as the preferred (standard) target web site, and through the 301 redirect from other web site traffic is sent to the preferred site, it is a very good method. You can also use the webmaster tools to set the preferred domain.

you are merging two sites and want to ensure that links to overdue URLs are redirected to the correct page.

but I found that many webmaster only in the replacement domain name or a web site, there are two domain name when using 301 redirect, and ignored the Google help in the second note. In fact, Google administrator tools second help, for us in the website optimization, especially the website PR value promotion is particularly important. I will give you the following Laoxu specific explanation:

Google administrator tools second actually tell us, not only in the site has two domain name, use 301 redirect, for we only have a domain name site, should also do a 301 redirect. We wonder if we have only one domain name. Is there a situation like this –


these links all point to the same page (Xu Tao website optimizes blog home page):

, but the process of sending requests and returning web content from URL looks different from one another in URL. For the above URLs, the Web server can return completely different content. When the contents of these URL are the same (usually the same). And this leads to: the PR value of your site’s domain name is spread to several other URLs.

, while Google collects your website, you need to select one representative from the above URLs and ignore the rest. Well, URL, which was chosen by Google, is a standardized URL. The process of Google’s choice is called standardization". If you redirect three other URL with 301 redirects, www.x>

A why do you scold the Wangzhuan always can’t earn money

if you join the Wangzhuan army for a long time, but not to earn money, do not feel ashamed, because a lot of people like you, do Wangzhuan are not making money, let alone one day a day a few hundred, are not up to.

you say he doesn’t work hard, he works hard every day he spends a lot of time for his dream in the online forum to Wangzhuan, learning, people see the sun income share, can be passed dry cargo, and he still can’t make money.

what’s the reason? Because he’s been learning, but he never really worked on one or two projects. Or they may have been exposed to many projects, which do not pan good money project, but they have not encountered a little problem, difficult to feel no project or project is not suitable for them, and to look for new projects.

takes some of the new projects that are not recommended by the blog, such as a game money making project, and I see less than 10% of my recommended friends. After 90% people registered, may look, do not know what reason, never go to the operation, but also a person registered, there have been few members of half a month from the game to make money in the project total withdrawals 100 yuan, while the vast majority of the accounts, is always zero.

see here, some users may have to sniff at, "Wow, only half a month to earn 100 yuan, but fortunately I did not make this money to do, I would rather spend time watching movies playing games." No blog said, indeed, half a month to earn 100 too small, but the use of half a month to earn 100 yuan of users, in the future will certainly be Wangzhuan road than you. Look, a lot of money will not make people want to fly higher and farther.

why? Money is not much, but when these projects he operation, will certainly come into contact and learn that you never know these not to operate knowledge, such as some project skills, say some promotion methods, not much money, but it is the most valuable experience and methods. And, for a higher people, don’t ask what a blog: a new start can Wangzhuan the daily income of several hundred yuan? Are you? No, is me, I’m not, cattle B such as Ma Yun, is also the experience of the others he love to ignore the experience, will have today let other people can not afford the achievement.

has an analogy, and a person’s wealth, from 0 to 1 million, may take 10 years, but from 1 million to 2 million, it may take only half a year. So do Wangzhuan, from 0 to 100, you may need to make, or even half a year time, but from the day to earn 100 to earn 500, you may only need two or three months.

so, don’t look around all day, against a hoe dug everywhere, choose the one you think for their own projects, fold life pain for three months, if not to earn money, not to scold you on this blog.