By thinking of a generalized QQ transformation caused by the topic group

because there is a considerable part of the promotion personnel in the group, from the initial love Shanghai Shanghai dragon transformation to the Taobao train, Tmall operators etc.. Now Taobao chat topic increased significantly. As the train ad click rate, shop decoration style, Taobao baby station promotion, how to recruit and maintain Taobao customers etc..

1, Taobao

1, the chain resources

, 2 years ago to promote QQ group topic

I had established the QQ group, is also a small promotion rookie, only know HTML, know little about the CSS, and then write a soft wen. At first, the QQ group inside the most discussed about the following aspects.


topic spit bad love

after 2 years of precipitation, the extension workers are walking in the way of transformation. Today’s topic, probably has the following several aspects.

the 2 years ago, from the original noisy, impetuous, to today’s pragmatic, deserted, through a separate chat found that many extension workers are from the original Shanghai dragon Er, the gradual transition into specialize in one field, or their own transformation and upgrading. The deep mining of the QQ group is representative of the Shanghai dragon ER was forced to the transformation of the way.

project site

3, Shanghai

1 QQ group established


2 years ago, with a lot of Links, then keyword anchor text, according to the website allows rapid ranking. The original group will regularly have group members share their fast ranking methods, such as blog, B2B etc.. Today, few people talk about the basic skills of the Dragon Shanghai periphery, the most is a discussion of some website case.

was the author under the several chain resources in Shanghai library, and then finishing his several signature can be uploaded to the forum, a group sharing, immediately a voice of praise. Now who also came outside the chain of resources, certain downloads will be a number, but most people ridiculed.

now, do novel station, basically shut down the movie station and local service website or abandoned. But few were not optimistic about the forum, or vertical industry site has been in maintenance. >

each Thursday love Shanghai a big update, the group immediately spit bad people love Shanghai, but now most people basically very calm to look at. Most of the time, the ranking is controlled within the scope of.

two, 2 years after the transfer of the

fast ranking method

about 1 years ago, this gang of Shanghai dragon Er promotion personnel seeing peers earning large quantities of gold each day have established their own side, so the site. The statistics, in order to do novel station, movie station, photo sharing station, the main forum. Then, 1 years ago, the local service station, such as XX appliance repair, cleaning, removal and so on.

On the face of confusion and to replace space

2. replacement after the host, website to keep updated every day, try to send the original article, in order to improve website weight.

The replacement of space

1. if the space you need to fill in the domain name registration access providers, so to submit relevant materials.

Reasonable arrangements for the planned

4. a few blogs help website through right down period.

slimming supermarket address: 贵族宝贝qiantu123贵族宝贝/infos/230.html original, reproduced please specify

This article by Taobao

Taobao slimming supermarket since launch, has been through the white hat technology promotion optimization. The original + the chain extension method, and finally to love Shanghai and Google today. So far, love the success of Shanghai included 38 pages, Google also included more than 200 pages. But there has been a problem that every time in the website backstage operation, sometimes less than 10 minutes to the login timeout phenomenon, this problem has puzzled me.

3. find some good weight high website or forum, to the top of the chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai through the link to find my site.

hope through the above work, make the site as soon as possible through the right down period, rankings and included are improved. Finally, I hope everyone can give more suggestions, I am indebted forever, thank you.

I always thought that the website background program, but I set the background is an hour after the login timeout, why does this happen. I to the space service providers to consult, they did not make any explanation, always said that I was backstage procedure. The first point, my site is using virtual space, as we all know, there are a lot of website with your website and share a IP on a server. So, I think, is not because of a multi site, there are many people who visit the web site, cause the server to bear these resources, so as to release. But the space service providers and I have not always a reasonable explanation.

is now facing the confusion, no way, always change, can only do the replacement related to the host. I make a plan, for your reference, such as the inappropriate please forward.

so now I am very depressed ah, want to change into independent IP host, a website with a IP, it will not be a good point? But what netizens say new sites in space on the website ranking and included are of great influence. If I fall in love with the sea for the host, K my station, which is more anxious people? I knew a single choice good will not be the case, really hate these services, money, good attitude, collect money, very cow.

5. day promotion related work.

Love Shanghai included the main domain and with index.html index.php solution

Of course, my home is the default

three: the structure of the website, there is no unified method of online home page, the God given is to unify the home page, the home page is the best place for the absolute path, directly to the main domain name written up. (the beginning I bypass this, finally found a few days or the problem)

home Xenu tool chain detection tool, this love can direct sea search, Download everywhere.

: a space without default homepage, the solution is to set index.html as the default home page, my space is all the default home page is set to index.html

but suddenly one day I found the website www.oruifine贵族宝贝 love Shanghai snapshot shows 2015-2-04, but through the webmaster tools query but display a snapshot of the time for 2015-2-17. then I site my website, found that the first page is the domain name without index.html, included time is 2015-2-14, the second page appeared with the domain name index.html the love of Shanghai snapshot, time is 2015-2-17. and before the weight is 1, now 0, keyword ranking also fell.

two: the chain in other sites made a lot of index.html, I also domain my website, my chain is the main domain name, not index.html

had been set in the browser, input.

said, this also included the domain name and index.html, then a few solutions online, so we have a try.

four: is the direct use of robots to take index.html to disable

love Shanghai also included the domain name and index.html, found that many people are asking this question, some people say that this situation will lead to the website decentralization, is not conducive to the optimization, it was also said that this is not what the relationship. But just take, so I love Shanghai everywhere see resolution.

five: 301 jump, jump to the index.html domain name (because I was white, that I am not

I use the )

I was a white, before the site is from the company website in Dali, then you want to take care of, the source took over.

more than a few solutions can refer to (how to avoid the website home page with index.html lead to weight scattered)

now I want to say is how I found the problem, and solve, because many online methods just said about, there is no detailed steps for us this white, I think it can give detailed steps for good.

How should new stationmaster do when facing website traffic to reduce day by dayThe 8 founders talke

I created, the team has a very great creative, dedicated to encouraging the sustainable use of objects. If we can contact some of the crowd were tracked for the sustainable use of the small object frequency, such as mineral water bottles used to refill with water use, reusable bags, etc.. We can build a kind of culture, let the people around that sustainable use is common. Not only is to change our habits, and we believe that the sustainability of the game will be a crucial element. About sustainable education is a key element. At the same time, we believe that the social sharing is also important. When we think there are a lot of

throughout the site now, numerous types of search websites, business website, shopping website, forum website, movie website and software website, dating websites, educational websites, games and so on many websites, website content is rich and colorful, but whether all types of websites to attract people? Whether all types of the site can be daily traffic overflowing? Whether all the website can run for a long time? The answer is negative, there is no absolute thing. The website trend in recent years, the unhealthy website we do not speak, the main types of Web sites are mainly search sites, movie website, shopping website, forum site, dating sites, gaming sites and other types of sites, perhaps summary was not very comprehensive, but this is my Internet experience several year. Search sites, such as shlf1314, sh419, I believe we all used, are not unfamiliar, the daily traffic that is scary horror online movies; TV series, this is the first thing that has many users opened the computer website love to do the most, but also the people of reform and opening up to solve the problem of food and clothing. The spirit of enjoyment; with the rise of Alibaba and taobao and other shopping sites, online shopping is becoming popular, a new era of Internet online shopping if you don’t, then you really out. Now China has hundreds of millions of Internet users, online shopping will have accounted for more than half, the average daily traffic of more online shopping website amazing; more and more resources, how to achieve mutual exchange and sharing of resources, it is thanks to the forum, the forum we can interact and share resources through post replies, share good resources will attract people, of course, more flow; with the popularity of the TV dating programs, dating sites also began to rise, make friends everyone love things, especially the opposite sex friends, friends in the network even if not for the friends, can also see hotties, no one should not love looking hotties right; the game from the past to the present, almost never neglected, basically everyone played the game, especially in today’s online games, web games, do not download Can play, of course, the daily traffic will not be less.

if we try to do this project, we will first social media training for enterprises, and then put forward the risk hidden behind those and risk mitigation plan. But this time, we must ensure that our product or service has been very mature and then into the operation of the market, so that users do not need to explain our very love this product, service. – Benish Shah, Vicaire Ny

2. we enter the market early

has good websites, good resources, good domain names and so on. But the website has very little traffic. What is the reason for the "fly" every day? We don’t promote it

had a more prosperous, more and more developed network, the website is more and more dense, various types of sites are not healthy are healthy. First of all, we don’t care what the websites are, but what we need to know is how about the average daily traffic of those websites?. The average daily flow of many sites is how to do? Daily traffic is very poor, what is the cause? This is the new webmaster must face, but also new Adsense must learn. Analysis of these problems, we should start from 4 aspects of analysis, identify the causes, overcome traffic barriers.

Council YEC of the 8 successful founder, ask them to share their first companies to create failure – and how they did

if I re create this company, I will focus on the root of the problem and encourage sustainable behavior, but only from one aspect. Now we see many companies to enter this field, but each company is focused on one point. So, a Create Company, to focus on one point, and then seek expansion. Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches

reason two: promotion problem

1. we did not focus on one point

reason 1: site type

?We had an interview with Young Entrepreneur


3. we have good cash flow.

The first company


failed, this is very common in the body around the founder of a startup on things. In Silicon Valley, it has almost become an honor. But according to statistics, failure of the venture company or a terrible data, what is the reason that these poineering companies really failed? What lessons can we get from

my first company failed because at that time was just a very creative prototype early to enter the market. We want to help people understand the risks of social media in the enterprise level. But we did not expect is that people in these enterprises still do not know what social media. So we need to spend a lot of time for people to explain what social media, no chance for us to explain what we really want to do.

shlf1314 Adsense the realm of cheatingShare from Taobao to customer rebate network development exper


guest was born in 2009, is a new industry and Taobao are inseparable, basically are young people, Taobao customer operation mode is simple, without cost, as long as the master of promotion skills, you can start anywhere on the internet. With Taobao customers more and more, more and more intense competition, and one part of Taobao – turned rebate network.

      but soon shlf1314 Adsense developed a set of methods to analyze through the proxy server click, so if you are still so dry that it is too outdated, but also too dangerous.

what is the rebate network, in short, is a kind of online shopping transaction intermediary network, online shopping transactions through the rebate network, the seller delivers the promotion expenses the trading of goods returned to the rebate network, the rebate network in a portion of the return to trade buyers. Here I tell you how to change from Taobao customers to do rebate network, and experience summarized to share with you. If the views and cognitive errors, please understand more, I am also a novice, bird level.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, online has become a hot topic in electronic commerce. A while we’re going to talk about today is the higher types, Taobao customers.

one, contact Taobao

      3; encourage click

      according to the present situation we observe, we can divide the cheating methods of shlf1314 Adsense into the following categories according to the level of the realm:

      this way the worst effect is not to earn what money, if a single point or by myself every day is limited to a few friends to click on ads, your income is over $100, is estimated to be several months. Unfortunately, the accounts were stopped when they were paid for themselves, because such cheating was too easy to spot, especially through long term data analysis.

through proxy server


      this is the most ignorant of practices, but also the most beginners like to take. Common cheating is to click, change IP, click, or let friends click.

2, mass advertising, then add a variety of group, directly in the group, the group was T, and later learned to each member of the group in the advertising, remember the tired hands are weak. Later, too many groups, resulting in as long as the line, will crash.

1, go to the major forums post, not afraid of deleting posts, not afraid of downstairs curse, as long as the thick skinned, deleted in the hair.

      1; click

two, transition period

on these 3 stupid methods, I insist on sitting down every day. Every night after 2, and then shut down to sleep, second zenith panda eyes to go to work…. Many beginners in the first month of low income, or 0 income, the author’s first monthly income broke through the 300 yuan mark. Now in retrospect, it is really a thousand regrets ah, in the absence of Web sites, no software case, relying on pure hand promotion to earn the first pot of gold Taobao customers.

, the author is 2010, began to contact Taobao passengers, and the beginning of the author will not stand, had to simply take Taobao promotion chain naked battle. At that time, Taobao competition has not been so fierce, and promotion methods are not as good as it is now, full of tricks, basically the traditional 3 methods of promotion. PS: actually, these methods are very useful now

      there are many ways to encourage click, such as advertising close to the unlimited download link, or use the lure of the picture to mislead users; have some more advanced, such as click advertising to become a registered account or download the software, click on the ads can increase the integral etc.. Using traffic in Chinese spam or SEO leads to the destination site, and then causing delays also belongs to this type.

      this is the way to cheat once effective, but also shlf1314 Adsense first released by the most cheating, of course, there are a lot of people use, which is obviously cheating method.

      the members of the shlf1314 Adsense anti cheat team want to say something like: "I hate you guys who are cheating, and I don’t have any technical content at all.". Putting shlf1314 on the Adsense is a technical activity. Don’t assume you can just get a few pages and throw in the code. The check will come.

3, go to sh419, NetEase, Sohu build blog, and then write blog every day, for promotion. Later, I did not adhere to, but the effect is still there, it is better than the front.

because of work reasons, the middle of a period of time was forced to abandon Taobao off work, but after half a year later, in 2011, the author from the foreign employment when it was discovered that Taobao customers very fierce, the traditional promotion method basically has no effect, the blog is not connected in the post with Taobao, so on the promotion of 3 months after.

      even cheating, there is a level of difference.

      2; cheat

How to win the user’s love at first sight, the title of the article writes experience

sentence can be properly described in an article entitled "the role of reading skin, read newspapers and watch", not only to the content of the novel moving rich title should start". A good article is good or bad, or whether it can hold the user’s interest in continuing to browse, a large part of the factor is to see whether the title of the article can arouse the desire of readers. It can be said that there is a proper title, also can enhance the position of the article in the user center, concise description of the central argument, and "still hold half of the pipa", lead to reading interest. An article on how to win the customers at first sight, should carry on the title of "psychological strategy xianshengduoren".

allows users to love at first sight, like the title of the article, it must have its original place, what is the original place, including the user needs of effective information. What kind of information is the effective information of Internet users browse the web? Reading is nothing more than two objective: to relax and meet the needs of entertainment, or life, is a kind of public interest information, another is the importance of public information. The public interest information requires an interesting title, which is often more likely to arouse the curiosity of the user and click the article. The public important information may often involve their own interests, even if they do not involve, they will also care about the information of the people involved in reading analysis.

1: how does the title write


, a simple example, is also an article on a platform. But why do some articles click rate very high, and some articles are very few? They face the user is the same, however, a title written by another click rate is very different.

1, title do not contain

if you put the theme to response the contents of all tell the user who wants to point? The title writing can stimulate people’s interest in reading, but that does not reveal, it is the best way, regardless of whether the content is enough words, only the title we can win over a large part of the people. For example: "campus cohabitation is good or bad, campus Tousijinguo brought what" one more title to a user clicks on an immediate, only comment is good or bad, and the other is the vivid exposition will bring what is thought-provoking." The title of the article presents temptation, more easily attract the user’s eye, if all the theme of the center to achieve the title of the article, then the article is not worth mentioning.

2, avoid spelling the primary

often sees some "title party" writing headlines long enough to get the attention of the user’s eye, but it does make a lot of useless nonsense. In essence, only the long value, whether or not people want to look at the title will make people feel very vulgar". Who will read this article? Avoid duplication of keywords, and provide useful information is the most important. Sentence length, not with useless nonsense, otherwise it is better to write short and fine. The so-called sparrow is small, dirty and complete, short and fine title can also do the subject predicate integrity.


Through activities to save the right to drop site

since 2008 April, my 5 star online essay, I’ve been looking for ways to promote it. Because someone said: "wine is also afraid of the alley deep.". If you don’t promote or don’t promote a website, it will be difficult for more people to know it, unless you do it early or have your own unique features. I believe my friends also know how many similar writing websites have. How fierce is the competition of two key words in composition and composition net? Since you have chosen it, you should do it well and do your best.

when 5 star network composition in 2009 March, often appear unable to open the phenomenon, the specific reasons for not elaborate. So find the so-called master, change the program to the site. In the process of converting the program, the expert made all the mistakes of all the original pages, so it caused the website to drop the rights on Baidu. Here, I also remind you webmaster friends, if you can’t handle technical problems, that is to find a real master, would rather spend more money, but also to web site safety. In the webmaster online, some technical personnel have blown the leather, but his technology is really not flattering.

because of this, the website a day is better than a day, the home page has been K, the weight has not, send to the composition on the web site, Baidu also not included, I also to 5 star composition net completely lost confidence. So in 2009 June, he founded Baoding 123 with his friends. These were also mentioned in previous articles. No more words here. 5 star composition telepresence regardless of it? This is like their children, which can say that no matter whether the


in order to resume the 5 star composition nets weight, I used some methods, the effect is not bad. But it’s always a search. Let everyone know you can do it. Right? Human transmission, that works best. So I got the idea of the fourth essay contest, before a game, but the game is on the Internet, the prize is the QQ coins. The effect is not ideal. Some people in order to obtain the qq COINS use unscrupulous divisive tactics. This time I get the advice of friends, the game no longer send qq COINS, but the real prize certificate is issued.


certificate, the attraction for students better than QQ coins. Because the award-winning students will be very happy, will be as a certificate to the students, relatives and friends to show off their talent capital. You said (students love learning) can withstand this sort of temptation? Because it is 5 star network composition contest certificate, so I think this is the best way to attract more people to pay attention to the station. Pay attention to the game on the website, students can participate, even if this time missed, but also concerned about when to hold the next game. Students attend, but teachers should have a good escort, right? If the teacher recommended to participate in the competition of 5 star online essay that effect is not better? People don’t give the teacher students’ composition competition? I also learn from the practice of others, to the winning students instructor certificate, issued guidance award. Because the teachers want to evaluate the title, the certificate is a big treasure. So this certificate should have some uses. It is better to evaluate with the teacher

Do a local portal three

the first: play emotion cards, so that the feelings of users common return

local comprehensive portal, geographical advantages, mobbing also have a strong heart. Chinese in the traditional sense of family consciousness feeling. Therefore, the success of a local portal, never lost "home", "local", "field", "Hometown", "hometown today fellow", "homesick", "hometown", "development of wandering" and other words, these words are not for you to do SEO, but let you think about how to skillfully applied to every corner of the local portal, of course everyone’s usage is different. You can take him to the section of the website use the settings, you can also put him to use the high gathered popularity of place forum. Here do local station friends have a feeling of deja vu? Believe that everyone understands. Operation means: one is the creation of this news, local name People in the hometown, hometown scenery, home of the humanities, local literature column, two is the construction of the local forum, set up in the forum, Chinese love, hometown gathered forum. Let fellow who wrote in the country days wandering mood and feeling in the home and foreign minister, development and change regular discussion home and hometown of focus, you do for the forum administrator, of course it will use the press speculation and news sensitivity of these two methods in the forum is just set up, you need to register more than one vest, regularly published some home to attract eyeballs to attract participation of views and opinions. Friends. You can also use the resonance techniques, the number of online forums into virtual. In the forum of course can not be stereotyped set into the local area, but also some auxiliary, entertainment section, such as the original literature, Irrigation district, the original maps, music and other sections. In order to achieve the effect of the spider like SEO. The three is the establishment of a small circle of fellow, the following page must add local QQ group number. Four is left webmaster contact, such as QQ, e-mail, mobile phone is beneficial to others. You know, you find five. Is a serious patient do a miss service. If you are a male webmaster, you treat yourself as gentle as Miss service, patiently answered your questions, even if you feel very hate the problem you have to answer one by one. This is beneficial to the establishment of word-of-mouth marketing, don’t treat every call the role of every friends as their own God.

second, absorb heroes, strengthen communication and their ability to join rebels juyee.

this is a kind of means, the first ideas and a more or less relevant, we play the emotional card can get a certain popularity, these people, there are full of wit people, some of them may be very successful on the outside, I went through my local station, met some people. For example, on the outside of an officer, to succeed in business, in the arts and culture is also very successful, but also in sports home success. These people have long life outside, homesick mind is very deep, they tend to cultivation and quality each >

Do stand, we must adhere to the principles, do not let thinking beyond the pace

with the pace of the information age continues to accelerate, the Internet has become increasingly powerful and popular, and online shopping has long occupied a place in the minds of Internet users for its own convenience, fast and so on. However, everything has two sides, and there are advantages and disadvantages. Popular with the people at the same time, there are also many negative effects followed, the media frequently reported.

this is not, from the network of sellers shop operators exposed in the credit rating of the hidden tricky shady, torn a large number of occupation "credit brush hand" in the active network, trying to "demystify brush" high seller credit level, showing the dark side. They use different IP addresses to commit crime, so it’s hard to spot them. In charge of the brush, different, never worry about customers not to pay, because he can bring you brush "black", and then through the bad way of revenge, as long as no one report, "credit brush hand who can survive.

the author according to a friend of Taobao shop on the understanding, the seller’s credit rating is through the buyer’s evaluation generated. The so-called evaluation refers to praise and reputation, good reputation, which contains the sale of various links sold, and real opinion feedback customer service service, each transaction with the seller for the seller buyer can score, a praise is a fraction, accumulated to a certain extent can make the seller’s credit level growth. Of course, buyers in the purchase of goods will certainly put higher credit shop as the preferred, naturally click rate is high, the store credit is high, in the online shop ranking is in front, this is very beneficial for the shop’s business. And let a large number of "credit brush hand" there is an opportunity is this, they use the buyer eager to improve their shop credit psychology, thereby helping to fake its credit. Some sellers also employ "credit brush hand" to fight against competitors, whether the brush is "brush hand" or "killer"? This problem is not talked about. What can make "brush hands" without fear of the spread of the spread, I think this and website operators irresponsible "creative thinking" is inseparable.

a tango, the phenomenon of the emergence of thought is not only "credit brush hand" caused by the seller, if the site first establish the correct management idea, the right to do business, do not have opportunistic luck, then it does not contribute to this is the wind. As a webmaster network sellers, perhaps because of a moment of weakness, could not resist the temptation of interests, so that the suffering of its victims, but after he broke out to this ugly, one thing is worthy of recognition, it is clear he essence of business website is to adhere to the principles, but embodied in him precisely the body is to should have the correct attitude of the shop owners thought principle. Speaking of principle, in our side can be seen everywhere, for example, for example in the business website is to insist on seeking truth from facts, the principle of pragmatic duty station, which makes the casting stand webmaster world monument. The principle is the foundation of the station and the way of management. Whatever >

Enlightenment of public relations Sanya rip off the door event replay deduction micro-blog crisis

Dragon Spring Festival at the beginning of Sanya’s "cheating incident" is like a heavy bomb thrown public opinion in the East China Sea, has repercussions of the April 19th Sanya government specially organized the event FuPan deduction activities, the purpose is to let the relevant departments and leading cadres to improve media literacy and media leadership, improve the handling of the crisis public relations ability. According to media reports and review of this activity cheating scandal, draw inspiration for the following micro-blog crisis public relations.

, don’t let the official micro-blog enter hibernation,

as a cheating scandal in Sanya municipal government information office official micro-blog @ Sanya Municipal Government Information Office released the latest micro-blog time at 17:09 on January 30th, the micro-blog account for 3 months has not released, also could not be updated, so a considerable regret, with more than 130 thousand fans of the official micro-blog account into hibernation in such a state, is conducive to the monitoring of network public opinion platform so to abandon micro-blog. Whether a few multitray deduction, if the lack of monitoring of network public opinion, do not understand the Internet users in micro-blog and other social media behavior, the next crisis appeared in or will be taken by surprise.

two, to promptly and accurately understand the feelings of Internet users

we only need a little note, all will be found, every time the public event occurred two times of crisis are most netizens feel neglected or respected cause, such as the Sanya incident has been obviously cheating, complaint cases, the relevant departments of Sanya, the official micro-blog compact but followed the release of a zero the complaint "micro-blog, so it is easy to let users will be discontent once again into the crisis communication process, the escalation of the crisis. In the failure to accurately understand the negative feelings of Internet users, in micro-blog on the subjective, hastily released response, easily exacerbate the crisis situation.

three, if necessary, hold a media meeting in time,

because of word restrictions, and sometimes in micro-blog can not effectively defuse the deep-seated crisis, it is necessary to hold a media meeting. "Cardiff City of tiger Ming Yi, but three people said a tiger", to timely comments from continuously appear on the network "the people" of the situation, will meet the media as micro-blog public relations, and then will meet the video on micro-blog, micro-blog and so form interactive.

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