Web site keywords from the long tail word of how to get traffic

C, the internal anchor text links to the long tail keywords ranking effect is very big, we do internal links can be used in reference, the latest articles etc.. The purpose of the article is the long tail keywords can progress B and anchor text links in the A article, it needs a process, it is very powerful.

F, a website to reach a >

a, we should optimize the long tail keywords, the first thing is to need to know roughly content of this page, what is your hair this web content? Not all content can as long tail keywords bring you flow, "a lot of content just to make the site more lucrative. For example, some industry news, some hot topic, so the content often flow will be large portal away without your job. Often your content is from them over there. Like this, did not consider the ranking necessary. But most pages are the keywords to find.


B, when we write the contents of web pages, needs to emphasize the purpose of keywords, we should also pay attention to the keyword density, as far as possible in each paragraph are the key words. On the site before and after the best present to the long tail keywords, first presented to the long tail keywords can bold, black. To define a H tag in the title of the article, you can use the H1, H2 that the long tail keywords. The best is in the content appropriate to achieve progress in the long tail keywords, keyword density and content correlation.

is generally a few words long tail keywords combined together, and will give website bring some high quality flow vocabulary, long tail keywords on the site in general are not the main keyword and popular keywords,

popularity, such as website optimization this kind of words, flow, competition is very big, and the conversion rate is relatively low, while another such company, Shenzhen Website Optimization Website Optimization words expressed intent more strongly, so the relative conversion rate will go up, colleagues, more than just natural competitiveness a Shanghai dragon like much smaller. So visible long tail keywords in the process of enterprise website optimization is very important. Here are some views of thinking way of Shanghai Longfeng:

e, for example, we need to optimize the word "website promotion company", but a content page is often difficult to make a detailed brief words make up. So, we need to find the key words a little longer. We can use love Shanghai, Google search for "long tail keywords" the relevant search love Shanghai and Google, in the relevant search, find the long tail keywords more suitable for me to do.

D, the internal page, do, need to do is to do the anchor text appropriate external links, important elements ranking also is the anchor text, whether external or internal anchor text anchor text is very important. We can set up a few customers, such as Sina, news and NetEase, can send some false original article in the above, plus the long tail keywords link

Liu Jun linkbait allows users to help you do the Shanghai Dragon

common linkbait:

the number of the chain and to enhance the quality of the website for the benefits of needless to say, so many webmaster every day to do a lot of the chain, generally do link is the way to the forum posting replies, build your blog articles, to answer a classified information link, but deviate from them it is a webmaster, article, perhaps to write their own, perhaps is the ISM, and then add their own website in the article links to any place where you can send the article to. Every day the chain will let the webmaster friends feel heart tired, never seem to have endless chain, chain is so mechanical and boring, made a lot of links with the effect is good, if not better feel terribly fatigued, the endless links the days when is the end. What method can make the boring chain work more interesting? Might as well try to do something about the link bait work, the chain will be more changeable, not boring, would do much better to link.

make some open source cms template, for example, do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends love WordPress to do with a blog, but not everyone will do the WordPress template, the template is made of very good linkbait. Of course, if you can do it better, the effect of an open source cms such as phpcms dedecms, their official website PR 8 is because they have very strong link bait. Only in this way is not suitable for the grassroots webmaster.

to carry out network marketing activities


how to do link bait?The following

for your website a station.

submission, go to the webmaster website such as A5 submission Chinaz webmaster portal, write some relatively strong professional articles reproduced the effect is very good. Contribute to the more you want to do outside the chain site, such as your website is the medical nature of the site, you can write some articles like analysis of the medical industry, submission of the website to choose medical industry portals, websites and contribute articles and make your own website have correlation. From the analysis of Shanghai Dragon angle, so the chain effect will be good.

what is linkbait

for example more easy to understand, for example, you contribute to a portal site, at the end of the article add your own web site, then the portal hired your article, we all know that large portal article is very easy and various websites, and a little larger sites will not get rid of you the copyright is the link at the end of your article, so you send an article, you can automatically increase effective for many backlinks. This behavior is to do a link bait, in a nutshell, is that you make a chain, the chain of automatic reproductive growth function, we call the linkbait.

The Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia details

, a document type definition

four, the chain optimization

, Title and Meta two page title tag

The application of

encyclopedia weight high, so that each of the Shanghai dragon Er drool with envy. But Wikipedia links difficult but almost inaccessible. This also reflects the importance of the link between export encyclopedia. With the word "Internet" as an example, the first reference is >

content in the keyword anchor link to its Wikipedia page, which is a common method of Encyclopedia products. With the keyword "Internet" as an example, the author statistics about the keyword anchor link, a staggering more than 300, while Wikipedia only has more than 160, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love chain network huge remarkable. In such a large chain network for both import traffic or transfer weights are pretty awesome, this is the high weight of the essence.

source code can be seen in the encyclopedia definition document type code, this definition not only backward compatible, and better than traditional methods to save 105 characters, this is very effective for page size compression, visible love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng details on hold.

three, H1, H2, H3, H4 Tags

love Shanghai encyclopedia in H tags and B tags compared to Wikipedia more stringent. With the keyword "Internet" as an example, the entry for "Internet" using the H1 tag, a directory "development" using the H2 tag, two directory "Overview" using the H3 tag, "technology definitions" using H4 tags. The encyclopedia is perfect for H label application.


with the keyword "Internet" as an example, the title is "the Internet Encyclopedia _ love Shanghai encyclopedia", namely "keywords _ website name form. The delimiter used "_", "love of Shanghai is also visible _ favor". Wikipedia does not define the keywords and description, compared to the high weight of Wikipedia, also omitted two labels. We can see that the search engine on its weight reduction.

thus, the good performance of the search engine, not only because the encyclopedia Wikipedia (hereinafter referred to as the Encyclopedia) "two rich generation" in the background, but also from its own optimization excellence.

five, outbound links between

it is no exaggeration to say that love Shanghai 70% popular keyword search results, you can see the figure of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in the first place, its weight is remarkable. After all, their own products, thus giving high weight, it is It’s only human. If you simply think so some one-sided, we use the word "Internet" as an example, look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in other search engine performance. The noble baby ranked first, Sogou ranked first, it ranked first, Bing ranked second, ranked second in soso… .

For O2O Entrepreneurs how to build $one billion enterpriseA 26 year old boy’s 3 year history of webm

product guide /shark Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship course, taught by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology. The first day of the course has now been completed…

, /shark

1, "you should not go to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, in fact, if you simply want to make money, so there is a lot of simple methods, but if you choose to start, the most important thing is to have out of the ordinary passion, and entrepreneurship should be put in the second."

2. stumbled, trial and error,

in order to allow readers to easily understand some of the essence of the classroom, the author summed up 11 very helpful suggestions, may wish to see what it is:

1. early into rivers and lakes, the first pot of gold

2011, sh419 blocked a large number of Taobao guest website, my station was plucked, traffic fell miserable. With the homogenization of countless sites, my station does not have any reason to allow users to stay. So I started looking for a new industry, a site navigation station, although I try to website interface is very fresh and very beautiful, but the navigation station competition, major stations are behind the Internet gangster, I as a personal small webmaster no advantage. People have browser binding, others have input method, others have sh419, others have security guards. And I, I have only one heart not to know good from bad.

I began to recognize reality and decided to narrow it down and put my sights on my city, Changzhou. Did a Changzhou Group buy Daquan, use API to collect the data of each big group buying website, depend on >

I’m in luck, catching up with Taobao’s final madness. With a pure static Taobao crown shop Daquan procedures to do a station, and then build a shopping recommendation blog with worldpress. Fortunately a blog Taobao custom shop recommended soft article be included in sh419 keyword ", when the November 11th Taobao promotion row to sh419 home third, first suddenly bring tens of thousands of traffic, the Taobao passenger Commission close to 9 thousand yuan, I was in shock, victory came too suddenly, so that virtual hosting once collapse. The web page isn’t open phenomenon has occurred.

in 2010, the first site for the trip was the Taobao site on the rotten street, as a rookie. From the purchase of the domain name, host to the FTP upload is a little bit to learn here, I think I was the epitome of countless small personal webmaster, network code cannot read, network technology has not learned, a little Photoshop, the technical level that will do the website, the reasons for the most is the Internet business chiefs flourishes story to flicker.

has always had an argument that the founders of a startup are very persistent and passionate about their creative ideas. Moskovitz also expressed his views on this point of view. Unless you think if we do not develop this product you can not live, but you know, if your company to survive the most difficult thing, you do not live, but if you really want to get, one way to black, certainly no one will follow you.

actually, the first business course is well worth seeing, whether you want to start your own business trip or have a strong interest in technology.

in Silicon Valley, there are many shortcuts that can make you a millionaire, and if you put ten years into an idea without testing, the risk is very high.

, Altman, and Moskovitz, two, have cited a compelling example of how startups will make money as a major strategy, and the results will certainly not be too optimistic. Moskovitz shows a chart showing that a good person can reach 100 employees in a $one billion company.

Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship program, taught by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology. The first day of the course has been completed, the famous investor Sam Altman in which tells us some secret entrepreneurship in YC incubator, another Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz also made a wonderful speech. Those who teach in Entrepreneurship classes have built billions of dollars in businesses.

2, "what does the world need you to do? If you don’t do what the world needs, do something that the world needs."."

blind luck that I am sure that network too easy to make money, but the good times don’t last long. Second months commission income was reduced to 5 thousand, third months more than 4 thousand…… Six months later, the income into 3 figures, and I have been blind. It’s easy to see that my outburst was pure luck, and I didn’t have anything left after my luck. Just use your quiet mind to study SEO and content construction silently, and this is the most boring thing.

is 26 years old, graduated from university has yet to enter the industry in thirty years of age, 3 years. Among them, I am afraid that nobody knows except the sweets and bitters of life. 2010 graduated from the university to do network editor in a small company, a month after the start of the so-called "quit entrepreneurship", 3 years there were 5 stations have earned had lost the excitement of a lonely, dare not say do webmaster for a lifetime, but also on the permanent identity difficult to let go of the webmaster.

3, "most excellent company will stick to a good idea, or creative, they will often transition, if your company from time to time to transition to, then they wouldn’t be.

Talking about the three elements of bigger and stronger local students’ gathering network

site now where classification is various, the author in July according to their students’ background to establish a local student gathering network, I do the main purpose of this website is to enhance communication between students through this website, so I will be the city’s students are divided into three types, namely three columns: the students, the city high school students, junior high school students in the city of the city. The three column Division I want to be able to attract students crowd into the website to find suitable exchange positions, now I this part of the student network has more than 2 months, the daily traffic also has more than 200 operators feel good, I think I now to talk about the local students gathered and three strong network elements.

the first element: accurate positioning, specializing in students

I do this website is based on the location of my own, I am a college student in the city, is that many college students spare time every day, when I was in idle boring to have my own website is not a student can see a lot of beauty, so there is the birth of this website the. At the time when deciding the location of our website is also hesitant, student-centered orientation or school as the main position, then after reflection, I think the local students gathered network can only by the students as the main body, if the school as the main body, then these students will enter the school according to the fixed thinking column, it is not up to the the purpose of communication, so there will be a college student website localization, I think I should not have the positioning error.

second elements: with the help of students, save money

as a student, I don’t have much money, this site is currently not profitable, there is a stationery shop called my advertising, I didn’t do a month, tens of dollars of advertising I certainly do not want to, we have 8 bedrooms, one with my three personal relationship is very good, I will my website for their share of this website that want to grow, do not know what, after some discussion, they give me the idea is to use the students to manage the website, not only to achieve the purpose of saving money, you can also add more students group. Yes, if a student as a petty officer on the site, then the student must be very hard to attract more students to appreciate his work, so I think the local students gathered website wants to become bigger and stronger second elements is to learn how to manage the website by students.

third elements: with the promotion, out of rivers and lakes,

for the site promotion elements I take is Post Bar, QQ group, I and several friends ran dozens of school I printed publicity paper posted on the campus of the Post Bar, then go to the local Internet Post Bar made a few ads, but soon after I was removed, the friends go to launch different the class QQ group to promote my website, did not think this method is good, although less than the media promotion, but also let me this website now small famous student, after understanding, some students in class are now back to the bedroom.

First, the search engine starts with the search engine

, let me elaborate on the idea of personal servers:

first, let’s analyze why the server spread so fast. It’s easy to use a search engine. More than 70% of the columns sold in the ADMIN5 link are private servers. What’s the role of linking? That’s for keyword search rankings.

I always do not understand why only erecting governance governance PW, but forget the most direct communicator PW (PW release station), we all know that PW release station is profiteering multi day earning millions more, the less there are hundreds of. It’s all about propaganda.

if the game operators see you can think of this article if the attack from a PW release station this profiteering industry, if blocked PW communication channels, the commercial value of PW can reduce the number of


we all know that the phone station mainly rely on Baidu, who is the first one who will have more advertising, for this purpose, between the station is constantly attacking each other, in order to be the first. After all, it’s money. As long as Baidu, the first can do anything.

from the first blow from PW PW release station to station, Baidu claims to clean up every day how much garbage station, PW release station is regular warfare? PPC, theme promotion have PW release station figure. So, the first release station from the search engine,


above is a personal point of view, welcome to judge!


[exclusive] webmaster essential 100 Bangui language advertising section


advertising section is one of the necessary forums for many websites and forums. No rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, if the advertising section does not have the corresponding rules and regulations, it will cause confusion, and may even affect the entire website, BBS development. Therefore, according to the actual site owners need to establish a set of effective rules.

              for the convenience of the webmaster friends Shao Guihu, we collected 100 advertising section Bangui, hope to have the benefit to the webmaster. The following terms are Bangui post, seller subject classification, merchandise, reply system, account strategy, external links, trading tips, dispute coordination, warning, illegal disclaimer and supplement of 11 kinds of common phenomenon.


;       seller post

1, the seller repeated the content of the post, only one.

2, this site does not allow any seller to repeat the issue of stickers.

3, for expired goods, information posts, please sell the initiative to delete.

4, prohibit duplication of the same information, repeat more than three times, all deleted.

5, the same page should not post more than three stickers, similar products must be posted in a paste.

6, please sellers update their posts in time, expired, invalid to delete in time.

7, each seller in the layout of the first page can only send two stickers, illegal will be ShanTie treatment.

8, with ID, with the same page "shop stall long queue", repeat posting, how many deleted.

9, please users do not send repeated posts, the sale of a number of items to be placed in a post.

The same content of

10, with a ID release or similar content, not on post release, only one.

11, forums, a page (page), at most retain the same seller 2 themes post, superfluous paste will be deleted.

12, strictly prohibit repeat the behavior of posting, otherwise it will be regarded as malicious promotion, moderator reserves the right to deal with.

13, the home page of the same user (including vest) up to two posts, please do not top too many of their own posts to the home page.

14, any seller’s information shall indicate the limitation of the information, and if the information has expired, please make sure that it is stated in the first post.

15, the same page, the same ID only appear a trading post, please put the product information and information merged into a post, found that 2 paste and above, stand delete.

16, please seller >

Analytic Pinterest the big article behind the interest paradise


to count the domestic two months to introduce and learn from the most foreign models, Pinterest absolute list. Where the customer Master said, mogujie.com, Taobao, beautiful wow so you can see its shadow, yet, many smaller fight fan net and so on are also in learning the essence of it, even have a number of small developers have begun to develop generic template imitation Pinterest to push it into a step the pace of Chinese.

Pinterest is rapidly growing as a new star in the world, and its potential is not, according to conservative estimates, below Linkedin, Twitter and Tumblr. Andreessen Horowitz, a top investor, claims that, throughout the history of the Internet, they have never seen a more rapid and robust growth like Pinterest except for the early performance of Facebook. Its Pageviews (PV) maintains an alarming 50% increase each month, and this month’s monthly view has easily crossed the 1 billion mark.

Pinterest because of this, a new $27 million round of financing, many investment institutions have shown a fanatical interest in this company just like their eyes are bread, fight a fight at outrance. Its valuation has also risen rapidly to $200 million. And that’s just the beginning. This site in the end what magic let users and investors have so much of it, has a special liking for


"nail guest" interest Park

Pinterest has clearly indicated its function in its name, Pin (tack), +Interest (interest), and the thing that is "interested" is nailed on the nail plate (PinBoard) with "tack". In fact, Pinterest is just digitizing this logic, which helps you save everything you see on the web in pictures. Because of the fiery Pinterest, China has even come up with the word "pin" to describe Pinterest’s PinBoard model and its fans.

‘s idea of the project comes from the founder Ben Silbermann looking for engagement rings for his girlfriend. He found a lot of pretty rings, but needed to compare with each other, so he developed Pinterest and posted them on the same page. Later, he also used the Pinterest to help their wedding planning, plans for future holiday travel, record those family members most love things, even to build a "I love the little things" list.

interestingly, Pinter>

Electricity supplier operators change from traffic to the community, mobile providers in the rise


I world network operators review electricity supplier in this four years, we found that the electricity supplier is fast slow trend, return to this change is essentially operation. When it comes to operations, the founder of the pocket white crow often says, "go to consumers, stay with them, and be friends with them."". This idea seems simple, but many enterprises do not, with the mobile Internet, had increasingly concentrated electricity providers also have a new opportunity to contact of the mobile network to contact the consumer, brand building.

text / pocket founder, white crow


China’s electricity supplier development has been ten years, the beginning is to help consumers find low-priced and more commonly difficult to buy goods, in such an opportunity, began to rise rapidly.

first round of electricity providers are centralized, from multiple platforms / independent B2C, gradually focused on Taobao / Tmall / Jingdong and other large platforms. Businesses have almost one platform to play, that is, the mall model. Whether it is Tmall, taobao.com, Jingdong, vip.com or Amazon mall, shop No. 1, almost all is such a model, in the mall on the platform, although there are amazing traffic, but each play on sellers are unable to control traffic, it is difficult to control their own destiny.

with the first wave of electricity providers gradually occupy the market, some new trend is starting up, for example, now a sudden increase in the several retail platform and mode, instantly entered a new inflection point, or second climax – mobile community electricity supplier. Although the mobile community electricity supplier is still in the bud, but on the Internet, and the electricity supplier brand rise, never fight is speed faster, who is the first to seize the market, seize the terminal users, who can take the initiative.

, when the second round of electricity supplier reform is under way, the big platform still plays an important role, "low-priced" + "long tail" products of comparative shopping still occupy the main share. But relying on the electricity supplier platform, such as the existing Taobao Tmall, the platform or the flow of information, such as micro-blog, WeChat brand stores, businesses will become a powerful strength, this is mainly due to the electricity supplier, payment, logistics, credit mechanism environment and mature, consumer shopping psychology matures and gradually formed a brand of "circle", and "tribal" consumer demand, rather than blindly pursue low-cost products.

for sellers, with the increase in the platform, with the outbreak of fan economy, you may suddenly find that businesses also have the possibility of self-control customers and traffic.

from buying traffic to finding customers,

marketing costs more expensive, customers demand more and more personalized, whether it is based on the view of marketing, or to grasp the consumer demand perspective, or to deal with future trends based on the flexible supply chain, we need to establish communication channels to rely on customers to improve, to keep customers and traffic control, at least in part control.