Chongqing Chen Hao Shanghai Dragon learning experience

in these two months, I really learned a lot about Shanghai dragon understanding and how to publish news, how to promote a little understanding, such as keyword optimization, keywords optimization, description optimization; global optimization, keywords layout, code optimization, key word density optimization, the optimization optimization: bottom; Links optimization, anchor text optimization etc..

is now more and more people learn Shanghai Longfeng, at the beginning, very confused, don’t know how to do, and no one to teach, always can’t find it, don’t know where to start, only one step of the study or find their own way. For veteran, will say, look at some of the forum, to learn, to ask the people, will progress, otherwise you will never progress, never learn Shanghai dragon, but you want to have, Shanghai dragon forum again a few can really understand, not too much nonsense that is too deep, it is very difficult to understand, so for the future is really very confused, I do not know where the front.

introduction: Chen Hao, is my group of friends, it is just in this line is the Shanghai dragon, he learn some experience in the process of Shanghai dragon, can hope to some just into the Shanghai dragon line to help a friend. Shanghai Longfeng exchange group: 65710850


blog: www.xiaolang贵族宝贝

sometimes is not good even one of the most simple keyword positioning, but also everywhere ask, how will the good keywords, keywords is directly related to the future of the company, and later learned to know the benefits of keywords, or keywords >

later met a classmate, he is also learning Shanghai dragon, but he than I learned early, he knew more than me a little more, so do not understand, I will learn from him, and then he told me that Shanghai dragon forum is a good place to study, there are many the master, do not know you can ask a person, they will be the fastest speed to answer your question, so I went to the Shanghai dragon forum learned, saw a group inside, feel good, and then add the inside, I know a lot of people are learning very much. So thanks to every group of friends.

Shanghai dragon is a very strange word, for we seldom contact network in this area is and is strange, for Shanghai dragon is not heard before, because we do not use this, I had studied graphic design, for this turn, will have to thank me this is the boss, he let me on the promotion of Shanghai dragon, now the study for two months, but I am a novice, no one to teach, and not what the foundation, only their own feeling.

text: life is spent in turning the life is not always a straight line only learn to turn to learn to grow up.

Shanghai Phoenix Coyotes

Love Shanghai auction case bidding novice how to make money fast

!Here we use the

love Shanghai bidding from entry to the master is a three-dimensional interpretation of advertising circle of love for Shanghai. The essence is our experience and summary. This series of articles showing the skills from the shallower to the deeper, love Shanghai bidding for everyone to use the actual way for everyone to step by step to demystify love Shanghai for

graphic way in detail.

he said, directly determines the success or failure of bidding account optimization. If such blind delivery, the results must suffer. Combined with our practical experience, we believe that it is imperative to construct high-quality advertising account! How to build a high-quality advertising account, please refer to the "circle of love of Shanghai advertising bidding from entry to the master (four): the construction of high-quality love Shanghai

, April 27, 2012, at 14:33 in the afternoon, in order to verify the accuracy of our online advertising! Experiment, we are to love Shanghai screenshot backstage:

object is an experiment to read the oil lines Junior, of course, is also my friend. Well, we started to enter the actual trip!



explain background: we believe that the love for Shanghai understanding of the auction, not only stay in theory, there should be more practical. The most challenging, than to a network of people into the door absolutely ignorant of bidding, and give the advice. This article is an attempt of our advertising circle, we think this article especially confused in Shanghai love in bidding for people, for all the people of

account when advertising just on the line, only to build a series of advertisements. Modify the historical records of the account, we can see the actual situation. In April 28th, most of the new advertising account operation plan and unit. We look at April 28th to account.

!We give


this article is our advertising circle for a real analytic depth operation novice love Shanghai bidding.


let’s look at advertising accounts instead of the experimenter, and in the course of the experiment, some of our dialogue. All of the experimental advertising circle that is absolutely true, without any PS components, if we feel that the data error can be checked, because all the data are based on the same project, so we can withstand any scrutiny! Is responsible for the authenticity of the data of the

advertising line on the first day, without any consultation, click rate, click on the high price of


the beginning of the experiment, we can see 51 statistical start time is April 27, 2012 14 points clear, advertising through the audit and on-line time is 14:30.



360 search push independent brand search is intended to insinuate industry chaos too bad

is to record the users and the industry criticized the medical field as an example, due to the rapid development of private medical institutions in more than 10 years, the rapid increase in demand for advertising, but because the "human life", so the medical advertisement has very strict regulations, makes a lot of private hospitals lack channels to promote, plus medical category accounted for is a considerable proportion of Internet users search, search engines become private medical institutions advertising channels are very important. Data show that the search giant annual revenue of about 30% from the medical advertisements, the total size of more than 10 billion yuan.

analysts believe that due to Chinese has not been established as the United States and the EU as a standard anti monopoly environment, a lot of monopoly abuse of dominant market power and resources, by sacrificing the interests of the user experience and to maintain the profits of enterprises, and to suppress competitors. China search engine market especially, 360 search share of more than 30% in two years, Shanghai love toward breaking down a dominant monopoly, has taken the most important step.

Qi Xiangdong, former U.S. President Reagan cited the words: Guns don’t kill people, is killing people. The search engine this gun, master in good hands is a tool, is the weapon in the hands of the wicked master. This is the 360 launch of the beginning of the heart, this is the "search" of the origin — a good search, not to do bad things! The protection of information security, the protection of consumer safety, do not let the bad search only hand over


January 6, 2015, 360 search announced the official launch of "good search, independent brand new brand logo, LOGO also simultaneously debut. This means that the 360 companies search business after more than two years of rapid development, have their own independent brand name. Qi Xiangdong said, "a good search" in the future will be to search the first brand China attack, the mobile search is very likely to become "good search" to complete the main battlefield of subversion giants.

in the bidding mechanism, many popular keywords such as painless, cosmetic etc., each click of up to ten yuan to dozens of yuan, more often provide false medical advertising agencies, to rely on profits to bear the high search promotion fee. November 2008 CCTV "News 30’" for two consecutive days, reported that a search giant PPC shady. 2011, CCTV financial channel once again focused on the problems of a search giant promotion link, medical and pharmaceutical industry and consumer health and life and death, become the hardest hit again.

Qi Xiangdong said that in 2015, the "search" to search all the bad war. We firmly believe that the survival of the fittest, Good prevails over evil when users become more and more rational, and more able to distinguish right from wrong, bad living space search will be more and more narrow, out of the mainstream market. "We want to search PC growth to 40% in 2015, mobile search to reach 30% in 2 years. From the long-term goal is to become the first search, Chinese brand.

Google update algorithm Penguin 2.1

not long ago, Google released 3 years the biggest update algorithm named "hummingbird", Google in 2010 to improve their search algorithms, and it is named Caffeine (caffeine), but this time Google will upgrade the algorithm called Hummingbird (hummingbird), declared that this is to rethink the page based on the index and ranking.

how to recover from the 2.1 Penguin algorithm in

at the same time, another action Google is Google new algorithm Penguin 2.1 officially released in October 4, 2013, Matt Cutts in the Twitter update news shows: baby penguin algorithm update aristocracy to version 2.1, this algorithm updates about affecting about 1% ".

thank you for your cooperation! The purpose of this update is

many webmaster after seeing a new algorithm to update, often there are so few problems: 1. new algorithm; 2. how to deal with the new algorithm? 3. how to recover from the new algorithm? It is very simple, often official when the release of a new algorithm often through the new algorithm against the exposed object the new algorithm and the new algorithm means, after release, when the owners in the operation site, try to avoid some of the "red line" to touch the new algorithm, so as to avoid the consequences of The loss outweighs the gain.

this paper by Zhang Dongfang in breaking Jun blog (贵族宝贝pzboy贵族宝贝/sem/ /penguin-2-1/: Shanghai dragon), welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

this update should not only check your URL page, also check the inside pages of your website, and check the inside pages of the reverse link. So, if your website backlinks only home URL pages and has no link, you are likely to face punishment.

or major combat web spam and search results in the webmaster by Shanghai dragon cheating ranked ". Unfortunately, even if it is legitimate or through the site if the white hat optimization inspired Penguin 2.1 algorithm, Google also said without hesitation.


algorithm to update the algorithm often has come into effect. So is the latest search results of one of the best methods of the new algorithm, according to the latest search results show the corresponding website keywords, anchor text, external links, website structure and a series of information analysis, analysis of the latest search engine algorithm preferences, next is simple to optimize their websites information.

anyway, this once again updated target anchor text. According to our analysis, this update will affect more than 10% main keywords you set in the ranking ranking.

When the official release

Discussion on the trend and course of media development

media is now becoming an indispensable content of rash and too much in haste, producers in the Internet industry. The unlimited scenery upstream, do the entrance, from the media industry and hard efforts to generate content from the media brokerage, already in the industry to take root, or long roots.

has now become the most mainstream high-quality content production methods and means from the media. Why do you see that? We might as well discuss it from the following aspects,

1, Phoenix downsizing reform, compared to this incident, we are no stranger to, Phoenix in the competitive market strategy has undergone significant changes, with particular emphasis on self media platform specifications and applications. Thus, since the media platform is currently in an important position.

2, emerged many from the media platform of enterprise and build up the family fortunes, another round of financing, to the pinnacle of life. For example: Tiger sniffing network, 36kr and so on. Tiger sniffing network and 36kr is now a well-known self media platform, through high-quality content has created a wealth of wealth for them.

3 and four major portals have been fully developed and utilized from the media platform to promote the application of personal and business nature, and push high-quality content to the PC and mobile terminals. Move the four portals the "unified", it is not difficult to find, since the media after the present situation and the development trend, the four portals will from the media platform to another level.

4, mobile media platforms emerge, such as: WeChat public accounts, headlines today, etc., compared to everyone has been concerned about. The current user base continues to accelerate and move away from the mobile Internet market, for the mobile Internet market, from the media, it is easier to occupy.

talks to the development of this, have to talk about from the media, bitter years how proud the glorious moment.

first, we have to mention the rise of blog, blog is the first course of development from the media, to 2000 began to enter the China blog, and began to develop rapidly, then from the media people to blog applications are not familiar with, just as in the network log function, and then a few years, people from the media gradually feel the blog’s charm, emerged a lot of talent use blog marketing. Of course, many of them depend on the domestic portal website and blog business at this time, thus entering the blog of the spring and Autumn period and Warring States period.

blog era gradually transition to the webmaster moment, since the media started from the blog marketing, blog has found more and more unable to meet their needs, so most people from the media to start the individual owners, individual owners initially similarly to the personal blog rise, gradually developed into the follow-up platform, platform nature comprehensive and widely spread.

so, since the media platform came into being, at present, from the media people include two major categories, namely the individual and enterprise nature. More and more people from the media to discover the advantages of the platform, with hundreds of millions of platforms

A brief talk on the development strategy of Chinese online games

08 years past, this year for me and the people of Sichuan are in the year. I don’t want to talk about career in space, but online games aren’t my own field. It’s OK to share my views here.

talk about Chinese network game, must begin from Chen Tianqiao, from him, can reflect the development track of Chinese net swims. First statement, I have not seen Chen Tianqiao, nor have been to Shanda, all understand from the media. His 26 year old registered company to do the Internet, one is three years, three years down, a little success, but not much. 28 years old to do online games "legend" agent, the first monthly profit of 1 million, the first year profit of one hundred million. At this point, Chen has become a successful businessman. In Chen Tianqiao’s words, "grab an opportunity" can become a successful businessman, but to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to seize every opportunity.

later, Chen Tianqiao’s grand company was listed on the Nasdaq, and Chen Tianqiao became China’s richest man at the age of 31. Doing business as the rolling stones on the hillside, behind, Chen also understand this truth, his ideal is to make a grand network of Disney, I think at the grand enterprise culture should be considered: in addition to the pursuit of money, but also the pursuit of ideal.

The main thing to do next is Chen Tianqiao

, the acquisition of upstream development companies, Internet related software, capital operation: the acquisition of sina 19% of the shares, the key is to do a thing too far ahead: big box, big box failed, so grand loss of 5 hundred million. Although the strategic failure of the grand box, the market value of Shanda’s tens of billions of dollars, 5 hundred million of the loss is not enough to hurt internal forces. Network game is a life period, as long as 35 years, while the short one or two years, the "legend" is close to life, and a good game "grand agent BNB", the end of life is a matter of. On the one hand, facing the strategic failure, the other direction, network game aftereffect is insufficient. At this time of grand, have to face a turning point.

we will look the same as a NetEase, the domestic online games, the perfect time, long journey, jinshan.

with a grand similar starting time of the NetEase, the CEO Ding Lei is a technical background, focus on independent research and development from the beginning, although the grand development agency South Korea started the game a step slow, but the accumulation of a strong R & D team. "Westward Journey" is not very successful, but "Odyssey Westward Journey 2" succeeded.

journey, which later became the giant network, the boss Shi Yuzhu is a good use of money, thought is not constrained to attract talent to madman, very realistic, do the "journey" and "giant" two games.

the perfect time, its predecessor is the human software, development and production of 3D in terms of talent accumulation, the game "perfect world" is a very beautiful 3D game, very unique, successful.

The development route of

like you and grand, the agent of a good game: "World of Warcraft".

Do station experience self-confidence is critical, the webmaster insisted

see the people around you have been successful, you are echocardiography, and you are complaining: others have succeeded, why I can not, God brought me unfair ah,


is this? Do you really think so? Perhaps this is also one of the reasons you have not yet reached the point of success so far with it, don’t complain about others, don’t complain, save energy and effort than to complain about the action, with real action to prove that he, I also

!You will learn

also said that doing so would not seem too arrogant? Don’t worry, can change yourself not others, can change only their own, has been controlled by the environment, what time to have your own life? What time can you succeed? Arrogant? Young arrogant is not what arrogance! People often have the value of the strength of his arrogance! Down to complain not necessary, really to do with practical action to prove everything,


, you will first think what problem? Why am I so unlucky? How am I? Can I? Can I? Absolutely not wrong!! have problems, we must first think of is to how to solve the problem, how to resolve the problem, believe in yourself, you can do it! Success is based on their own faith! Nobody can casually succeed, not that successful people don’t believe in yourself!

can be said that Bill Gates’s story is not only influenced generations of people, it is not necessary to investigate he can affect several generation of people, we consider why he has such influence is because Microsoft!?? Because he is rich? There may be reasons for this, but it is not important! His faith has inspired us, is his confidence in the affect of generations of people, perhaps say if there had been no belief now there is no Microsoft


. At that time, Bill Gates, in the computer, he — he is not good, his flash point is mathematics, his father is a lawyer. He is the father’s expectations, cross culture a lawyer, he didn’t give up? No, I may say that the strength is not the most powerful, but my faith is people who have can not be shaken! Written numerous day and night, day and night and countless tests, can he succeed? IBM the giant market, can have such a boy to spearhead a place to live in? Do the procedure, he is not a professional technician, to seize the market, he is not a professional business salesman. His advantage in there, do you change, you can then find yourself even if it is just a bit of confidence why?! congratulations, you have to step forward to the success of


has a problem, why can’t I? Can’t I? Can anyone else do that? I’m going to fight my own problem. I can’t escape anyone. Why not believe in yourself, believe in yourself ever more often than complaining people can succeed faster


said, "modesty may be a traditional virtue of our people. It’s good, but humility is heavy."

Liu Liang Ali mother said the flow of the meeting


           ;     Liu Liang said, first of all, the rational use of search engines, this is the first step. Although Baidu is a Alibaba of competitors, in order to increase the flow of people, I will say that Baidu, we have done for SEO, but the technical content is not too high, but this was diverted, so you don’t have to do SEO. Specific method, I said a few, the first is stick, Baidu inside paste it, the flow is very big. You can either find a Guan Jian word and write something that the user really wants to see. Here is a link to your website. Read this manuscript, feel good people, 30%, 40% of people will go to link. The second method is hao123, with 1 million 200 thousand hits per day. He wrote out his own website in Baidu hao123 to keep abreast, if your site quality is good, and there is no trojan virus, is easy to pass on their two grade classification page. There is one channel is QQ chat room, the NetEase, Tencent and so on chat rooms can find some suitable groups inside the message, the message sent is really useful to others, don’t separate a web link.

Fang Xingdong new media is coming, Instant Internet era

blogger China Network CEO Fang Xingdong delivered a keynote speech at the second China Media Summit Forum 2009.

instant network era, the name of our internal temporary names defined, we believe that the third wave of Internet is instant network era or other era, has no internal, not too mature.

several of us began to study the new economy, the Internet, the revolution and culture in the 96 and 95 years. In 2001 2002, when we began to study the blog and 2, we focus on the study of the future of the Internet, including the short term of 1 years in the future, and the 3-5 interim and long-term future, 10-20 years in the future, hope to be able to make their own unique results in quantitative and qualitative aspects.

10 years, we basically predict the future more accurately, this point we are more pleased. The last two years, we mainly hope to grasp the next 35 years, the Internet in the world, China’s major changes are about to happen. At present, the industry, academia and the government focus on the Internet in the past and present, but very little research on the future. At present, only a very few people realize that the Internet will soon undergo third major industrial changes and a larger scale change. If this change is merely a fusion, it is not enough.

third wave, Web1.0 era to 2 era to the instant network era, is divided into three stages. We think the original portal represented the network media to social media in the age of 2, to instant network media instant media, this change is not in itself because of major technological innovation, but because of the development of the Internet to a certain stage, the most important is the number of Internet users has reached a certain critical point. Internet users around the world reached about 600 million, the network portal to determine, and is relatively shaped. In the Web2.0 era, Internet users reached 25%, because there was enough content to grow. In 2008, the number of Internet users was 1 billion 600 million, which was similar to that of China, and then entered a steady period of development and maturity. In the future, the critical point of the instant network is the popularity of Internet users to 50%, reaching 3 billion internet users worldwide. We expect to reach this stage around 2015. As far as the whole communication mechanism is concerned, the 1 era is mainly about the mechanism of "less to more", and the "2 age" is a mechanism of many to many, and the era of Instant Internet is the time that all people spread to all.

is a model of interactive control compared to Web2.0 and traditional media, where 2 and 1 differ in content sharing, but Internet applications are an asynchronous internet. But the real time network will really synchronize applications.

Instant Internet era is likely to be the birth of the next Google or a bigger heavyweight company out. We are currently concerned about micro-blog (, which will bring a new large number of instant network centers. This is a direction for change in the future. The inevitability of change is >