How to prevent search engines

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to allow other search engines display snapshot, but only to prevent the love Shanghai display, please use the following tags:

robots file is actually a spider like warning file, as we all know, when spider crawling our website, is to check your site robots.txt does not have such a file, the file is written to you don’t want to be included in the search engine’s content. Of course, if your site does not exist in the content, do not establish a robots file like this, otherwise… Oh…

not to me, is actually very simple, only need to set the robots.txt file, so how to set up the robots file, I would like to introduce the following:

1.robots.txt file in

perhaps, these points set for most of the webmaster is not very useful, because more Adsense or want the site to be included in search engines, this knowledge may be useless soldiers. The above is only a little knowledge of my recent study, as experience and harvest and share with you.


robots.txt file in the root directory of the site should be relatively easy to find, and also can do, such as your URL 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 (my site, for example, by the way), then your robots.txt files should be in 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝/robots.txt, which defines a spider to read a range of robot.

2. prohibited search engines display snapshot in the search results, but only on the web pages indexed by setting the "love Shanghai support meta, to prevent search engines display a snapshot of the site. The method is as follows: to prevent all search engines display a snapshot of your site, please send this page into Meta Tags:

The so-called

every one of Shanghai dragon, simply said as long as have a website, no one does not want their website is not indexed by search engines, of course this is correct, but some other factors when we site some confidential data or website do not want to be included in the search engine and what should we do? How to prevent search engines


Shanghai Longfeng keyword density standard

in its essence, the reason of punishment is the so-called keyword density is too high to allow search engines to eliminate those arising because stack keywords spam. Because a lot of keywords will inevitably lead to the sentence would be meaningless like this: "I Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng effect Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon" similar to this is lost the meaning of these words completely pushed to the user must also allow the user to generate solutions to the search engine, any punishment mechanism is to let the user cannot see who will let users do not trust the content of the search engine. But if we give to such a mechanism on the line like this sentence "I as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to take effect, Shanghai Longfeng method Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon strategy skills is recognized by other Shanghai dragon. "This sentence semantic structure is true but the concentration of the word it Shanghai Longfeng reached 30% is this way of expression will be punished? Some pages of picture elements accounted for the majority of the rest of the text with keywords, this page will be K website ranking, what? This is not

! What 3%-8% ?

myth, the concept of density. Then suddenly the site is K or drop right began to wonder whether keywords concentration is too high, too high keyword density search engine that cheated? Every webmaster in dealing with the concentration of keywords is always a bit hesitant, more afraid of punishment, less afraid of keywords optimization up is very awkward. A real reason for the embarrassment caused by such shilly-shally or because they don’t understand the search engine keyword density and the relationship between punishment mechanism or principle. Any one know Shanghai Longfeng people know keyword density is not too big, big will punish, but why? How to a degree? Why at this level will be punished? It is never good to want, just blindly remember this from 3% to 8% this from some foreign textbooks Shanghai Longfeng translated data (these materials or for 5 to 6 years ago the noble baby) to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, such behavior is tantamount to kezhouqiujian. Below we take to study this on the density of the punishment mechanism discussion.

language and language, sentence structure and language to complete words are relatively clear, such division is quite clear, so as to search engine is very easy to make a mechanism, such as all words or adverb nouns >

A concept of

universal is now the external keyword density is the content word count, total number of words appear divided by. Specific words is the case "my notebook is the apple notebook" word out is "I, the notebook, apple, notebook," a total of 7 words as keywords is notebook appeared 2 times that of the ratio 2/7. English is also calculated after segmentation. But we really need to care about the concept of density

Fuzhou decoration company by analyzing the needs of users ranked first

4. users decoration company in Fuzhou. This site is for you to do what the crowd? The female white-collar male students???? so, good location of users, the content of the site optimization is crucial

3. Fuzhou decoration company. It is the characteristic of the website, the website can bring a unique viscosity

then you need to think about is:

using the keyword optimization tool love Shanghai promotion, love and love Shanghai webmaster tools 5188 keyword mining tools by keywords heat analysis of user needs.

8, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

2. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

Hello, I am Fuzhou decoration company, Shanghai dragon ink for webmaster optimization, the most important is the needs of users, but in the website of Shanghai Dragon technology optimization when you build this site first need to know is what to do? What is the audience positioning your

5. Fuzhou decoration company need to update what. The core of a website’s content, a weight high website is the most important quality content, you update the content users love to see? What problems could be solved by

analysis of the row in front of your site;

analysis of user demand:

? format

2. Fuzhou decoration company website. You can build a website to there is traffic, money orders, or simply to share, to consider the site has not developed, after how to optimize the operation of

7. Fuzhou decoration company market analysis

3, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation.

1, do 301 redirect zhiliaomt贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝zhiliaomt贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

1. you are familiar with what? What are you good at? Gehangrugeshan, if you are not familiar with what, what is not good, so you don’t do, find a point of interest, so that you know what you want to do website

The ultimate goal of

analysis of search keywords index;

analysis of search engine keyword drop-down box;

to the user?

6. Fuzhou decoration company with what procedures in order to achieve the desired effect. Blog, DEDE, store, do the best to share words or blog program, do a product or company if you dream! Do website XML site map, submit in Shanghai webmaster tools, 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml

Fish refused to swim the Internet needs dumb Masters

in January 11, 2009, by the Shanghai Owners Association, China Fukuoka, calmly co sponsored by 365, caifutong, net results NSFocus, Chinese net, Gu Le nail network and a number of units, Chinese red Union, as marketing planning agencies, online press releases and other partners to jointly support. Carrying a lot of glory and dream China grass-roots Internet Conference, will be the first Shanghai Cultural Festival to a climax and small website gorgeous closing. A total of 1000 colleagues from more than 800 sites participate in the conference, the theme of the web site for the upper and lower search. The following is a speech by the founder of the founder who refuses to swim.


, everyone in Shanghai, the elite, old friends, and new friends, good afternoon. For Shanghai, I don’t have much, but I have special emotions in it. Although I’m from Zhejiang, my mother is an educated youth in Shanghai, and I also have a certain lineage of Shanghai.

we did the Internet website income investigation in 2007, 5000 stationmaster participates in the investigation, in 2007, the investigation result has 47% stationmaster not to make money. We did another survey at the end of 2008, and the number of people who did not make money rose to 49%, but the annual income of more than 500 thousand increased by more than 20% from its own proportion. These figures tell us, in fact, there are many webmaster in the evolution, but there are many new people come in, he may not always make money. Of course, do not necessarily make money Adsense, may also be your hobby, may also love to make money at the same time.

so what I want to share with you today is how to get a breakthrough from an individual webmaster. Why is the economy in the bar when I talk about breaking it? Because I think the economy when the bar, we are more suitable for practicing internal strength, and put their own internal skills training. If you have new opportunities, you can take advantage of them. Personal Adsense from its essence, more than 90% are technicians, many technicians are born. At first, you probably made a website for your hobby or for what purpose, and in essence, you were a technician. You made a website. Later, you will encounter, for example, you need to care about traffic, you need to care about your user groups. Personal Adsense is basically all powerful, from technology to marketing, to after-sale to customer service, including to talk about advertising, are doing their own. But there are a lot of problems, we communicate in the middle of the station, there are many, he does not mean that can not go on, many webmaster, he is often in the evolution of accidentally frozen. What is the reason? Because the technician has his advantage, our personal webmaster never say hard, right? In fact, many technicians are not afraid of hard work, in turn, I put it bluntly, a security guard, he is also a technology. Why? He has to remember the faces of many people. He wants to remember the faces of a leader’s family, and he distributes newspapers. Therefore, the technician is one of the largest groups, and many of the webmaster are technicians

A brief talk on the experience and ideas of operating local talent network

after nearly 2 months of development, Songjiang real estate network has been on-line, and today began to enter the promotion period, I hope this blog can truly record the growth track of this local property network!


had developed a local talent network, after nearly six months of operation, IP has now stabilized reach about 1000, more than PV10000, has reached a preliminary set before the first stage of

!The next

on how to achieve our second goal — is IP/2000/ problem, I made a deep thinking, it should be said that now all kinds of keywords relating to our area, and talent recruitment related we are ranked in the first page of Baidu before three, and local sites are exchanged links. This area of the line recruitment we have done a preliminary cooperation, the new IP is going to come from that? Feel done, find a breakthrough from


study of a large number of local recruitment network and local portal, I found a phenomenon, is to promote each other, this person want to publish rental property, the results released after the rental property, by the way to the other channel website to see the results of a fit for his position found in the recruitment channel, registered a resume this is not the first person, wants to find a job, but is that by the way, add a resume, may also be done in a job; and this phenomenon has been driven by each other to do a lot of good local portal or indirect direct use, which is why many of the early to do now now more and more channels of good local portal, talent, family, real estate, second-hand, decoration, car and so on


is actually a local portal, the crowd after all is limited to one area, population quantity and number of people is limited, only for a number of industries, soon to a ceiling, but if a channel, promote each other, mutual influence, then, whether the influence or the flow of people soon a grade, of course, the premise is another channel do you have to do the


based on the above ideas, I chose the real estate, in fact, talent, property, classification information, forums, this is the most basic four basic areas of the forum

welcome local webmaster exchange QQ:84011052, Songjiang real estate network

A netizen’s post has rekindled my passion for being a station

today in Webmaster tools to see my BBs reverse link, suddenly found in the Tencent BBS on a netizen’s post, a look at posting time since it is 06 years, 9 copies of the matter. The post is probably about being a Hunan person when you see the Hunan dialect forum, and he says he’s really "very happy, excited",


this article probably probably wrote copious and fluent hundreds of words between the lines, put some architecture comments I write the forum. To be honest, I’m not a professional website, I do not understand technology, just use a home DZ forum code + indiscriminately engage with! But didn’t really think he can bring so many feelings! I have been thinking about how to improve the level of technology to the forum, art design, forum function so, this article has given me great inspiration. Now I find that as a forum, the content of your target group is the most important,


, the purpose of this station was simple. I am a Hunan person, I hope I can give my friends around Hunan all the happiness, so I want to make a forum based on Hunan dialect communication. Ask some webmaster friends, spend a bit of money to engage in a virtual space, bought a Hunan local distinctive domain name "that pet phrase". (oh, foreign friends probably cannot read), and then installed a DZ code, so quickly on-line forum. So I put my studies from the station all things on the move, on the Post Bar post, QQ group website, attracted a lot of slobber, of course also brought a lot of friends and a group of love that the forum moderators and people! They don’t what to expect from this, only hope that the Forum can ask development stable, give them a dialect of the exchange space, they always gave me the motivation of


but good times don’t last long after a fight, to bring it in the cradle of the forum. Because at that time the sharing of space has been less stable, the server often can not open! With the help of a member of the forum, a circle of friends volunteered to support me forum space to help the development of the forum. I was really happy for many days, the forum members also but also because of this, as cheerful as a lark!, I also relax the protection to the forum data! Six months later, sponsored friends server hard disk is damaged, the first half of the data can not be restored to the original, this content is rich enough that it’s fatal. Half a month without access to the forum, one day, more than 200 IP loyal members left in succession. My confidence dropped to the bottom,


what should I do?!?!? At the end of the support of friends I was to re build up Forum (or virtual space), but the forum is absolutely empty!! he has disappointed! The maintenance time is reduced repeatedly, I don’t want to spend too much time. Let the forum think! Because a station are so tired!

, it took about a month or so for the forum to send

How to pick 1U chassis server chassis

many friends mentioned how to buy 1U rack type server accessories, especially how to choose the 1U server’s chassis, power supply, ultra-thin radiator, transfer card and other special equipment. Today we have again has a very rich experience in engineer Zuotang server, make a detailed explanation for us.

you know, the case for PC have been placed in the most important position, but in the case of the server status is very high, the 1U server is even more so, the quality of the chassis can be said to some extent greatly influence the stability of the 1U server, but now the 1U server chassis Market it is quite confusing, so many consumers do not know how to choose, here I will aim at this topic, according to reader focused questions, as far as I know some of the answers, so this article is mainly aimed at the level of the assembly enthusiasts friends to write the server, it is not worth that day with thousands of yuan a dual Xeon motherboard aristocratic veteran and pass completely is an old DIYer biased opinion, inappropriate hope can hardly be avoided. Please correct me.

classic query one: buy 1U rack type server chassis, the most important thing is to inspect the products of those indicators

this is one of the questions most readers ask. I think that the most important factor is the first heat – heat is the most important index to buy 1U case, if the heat is not good, everything else is wasted, the problem in the P3 era is not obvious, the general 1U case only 2, 3 fans with a P3 ultra thin radiator. We can solve the problem, but now has entered the era of high temperature P4! I feel after P4 clocked into the 2.8G temperature, resulting in a jump, if not seriously consider the thermal structure of the chassis, the scientific design of the wind path, crash, burn element is hard to avoid, especially for the new Prescott core P4, such as P4-3.0E and P4-2.4A, casually temperature up to 90 degrees! In 1U such a small volume inside running such a strong thermal stability of core, and we talk about it? So for the heat, not accidentally .

then, how can you identify the heat dissipation of 1U chassis? For most compatible chassis, it is impossible to make a cooling hood for a particular type of motherboard, as in the case of a brand server chassis.

Because if

chassis is particularly suitable for a motherboard hood, is sure that the compatibility is not good, not suitable for more application of the motherboard, the motherboard layout now is not to say that the myriads of changes, but there are many types, as the case for DIY, will have a particularly good compatibility, in order to meet the cooling demand of most of the main board, which is why DELL, HP and other famous brand 1U rack server server, can be heat as well, because the internal chassis cooling structure of them is for them "

Innovative development of vertical maternal site

at present, an ordinary mother users, through various channels to online real friends, maybe she is an old netizen, because of the special status of the mother, she went to the family channel to obtain information; she may also choose to search in Baidu free, came to the Pacific Ocean parent-child network or Parenting Network; and or, her friend introduced her to a baby tree, or mother network in Guangzhou maternal and child supplies free trial activities, which translates into where the users.

In addition to these

transformation way, a large part of the original mother users don’t do the Internet, because their daily shopping needs, go to the official website of the brand, or B2C shopping site can be found through a variety of network behavior, such as posting, diaries, photos and so on, for trial, coupons, and they go to the online activities, network guides on the Internet to share, exchange, record. From the "source" of these users can see that, at present, China’s mainstream maternal and child web site has four major categories:

, a professional vertical maternal portal, such as Pacific family network, cradle network, Parenting Network, they need to focus on maternal and child professional knowledge and content, to create a professional and friendly online learning, communication atmosphere, get a large portion of her customers.

two, portal parenting channels, represented by Sohu and sina. The Sina integrated channel to parenting known, and the Sohu to the forum for the king; there is a more interesting phenomenon, the two portals have tried maternal electronic business, including Sina Mall (now part of parenting Sina mall), and Sohu to build online mall compararive marriage initiative.

three, the mother said, the Web2.0 community as the representative of the baby tree, pay attention to user communication, through user generated content is its typical characteristics, the mother receives more and more recognition, but the biggest problem is the problem of profit.

four, traditional brand manufacturers or E-commerce mall penetration into the mother and child network, typical representatives include good children, Beingmate, red children.

no matter what kind of mother site type, we can see that the website contains content in more professional and rich; in addition, there are attempts and maternal actual consumption associated, including online personalized products order, e-commerce cooperation etc..

Here we come to the

analysis has been neglected in traditional maternal and child products manufacturers, the brand manufacturers mother only focus on the production and sales of milk powder, diapers, food etc.; but these manufacturing enterprises "heartache" in advertising for the huge cost ratio, is a huge "energy" is the energy produced by the network you can see, some enterprises have begun operations, such as Johnson’s $1 million acquisition of the famous American website, the China version also launched in 2007; or as a subsidiary of Beingmate China nursery network, as well as 07 years of on-line good parenting website, with respect to the special >

From grassroots webmaster to perfect network

recently, about the search for my name in Baidu and Google, there are a lot of articles, they also don’t know that my QQ and E-mail where every day received a lot of emails asking me how to "success". Today take this time to write a little personal feelings, in hopes of new friends and my juniors have a little help or inspiration.

personally, I’ve had a hard time this year,


last year this time, I was thinking about the candidates where a company, I still apply for time is occupied by class time and worry, today at the moment, I just finished the general meeting of shareholders sitting at the desk to summarize this year difficult. I feel very deep at this moment,


first wants to talk about personal management. I think everyone’s success has one thing in common: good at self – management. This is the conclusion I have drawn from many successful people. Everyone has a bottleneck, and good self-management is to break through their own bottlenecks and achieve self-improvement. I can’t say I did a good job of managing myself, but at least it wasn’t bad. I get up at about six every morning, and there is no exception. This can be confirmed by my friends. Of course, I said that this does not mean to let everyone every day at six o’clock, but to tell you must manage themselves very accurate, including the very wide, covering the living habits, work style, work and rest time, and even can be considered in the dress. I am treasuring the people. I think the most precious thing in life is the time, so I arranged my time very tense, nervous, even to the toilet time, I used to see the news. A friend said a word to me, and he said that the heights which the great men reached and kept were not flying, but that they climbed up step by step when their companions were asleep. I think it makes sense, so I’ve been climbing up and down while someone else is sleeping. This spirit comes from self management, and I feel that a good self-management is the foundation for your success. We must never see the successful side of a great man, but the most important thing is to see the hardships and struggles behind them.

has done personal management and wanted to talk about the distance between ideal and reality. The ideal and the reality so far, really far, never expect you to achieve your ideal! I say it could be a lot of opposition, but I ask: ten years ago you achieve your ideal? If true, twenty years ago you achieve your ideal? Your answer may be to prove that you just want to compromise yourself! Never compromise yourself! You want to do what you must do, then put your energy into all come in, this is a success, regardless of the outcome, you have triumphed over their


a year ago, when I was working for the perfect station, I was just thinking about the fun. I just wanted to know what I could share with the Internet, and then I poured my feelings. I think the perfect station

How is the portal optimized

portal optimization strategy for internal connections

portal is a large web site with a wide range of knowledge and a wide range of knowledge. Here we have to analyze the more successful domestic portal " Sina " how to optimize keywords.

Sina, as one of the larger portals in China, has a large number of users and traffic. However, Sina’s internal technical staff has done relative optimization. You can see Baidu optimization and Google optimization for the importance of the site.

well, let’s start with sina. Take an experiment, search Baidu and Google for your favorite star, Richie Ren (I’m his fan), Andy Lau, or search for the latest movie. You’ll see, God, how can Sina’s position be so good? Don’t be surprised. That’s the quality, skills, and skills of a real SEO team.


keyword with "Richie Ren" as a case, we can see many connections in Sina’s Richie Ren page, is connected to the Richie Ren and other relevant internal pages, and each TITLE and description of all included Richie Ren, and a large number of internal connection connection. This is the importance of internal connections to related pages. But there is also one point to note, not too dispersed connection, try to focus on several pages to optimize.

and then we’re looking at Sina’s Richie Ren page, and it’s not pretty. That’s right. Don’t make too many pictures, code. Spiders know the text, Sina this point in the page has a very good expression. The connection appears in text. Avoid spiders can not find the phenomenon of the north.

sees other pages and finds that many other "Richie Ren" stars are connected to this page by keyword tracing. Import connections and export connections are highly relevant. And the weight of these pages in search engines also have a big advantage.

conclusion: in the process of optimization, we should not just see external connections, but the internal connections of our websites are very good resources in themselves. For SEO, the waste of resources is wasted if the optimization of the internal connection is wasted. SEO does not advocate wasting resources.

comes from: