Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng sex is ranked six points three points a luck technology implementation


You may see the title

first, writing content, every day you need to write high quality content, high quality content including users are most concerned about the content, can solve the problems of user content, various content of value to the users are called high quality content, but also need to continue to dig some long tail keywords, and then according to your writing dig out of the long tail keywords content.

second, the construction of the chain, a website ranking of the two most important content and the chain, this need not say much, so the implementation of the most important and the most difficult is the construction of the chain, the chain construction is the need for continued growth, because each chain is the life cycle (there are some links will disappear, along with some factors such as people put your Links withdrawal, you people in the web site to do the chain, their site closed, you do outside the chain, in the blog by reason of all aspects of K and so on all will result in the loss of the chain). For example, you do a 100 chain, this month a chain do not lose 30, then your chain loss rate is thirty percent, this will cause the site to drop right, so that the keywords ranking drop. In order not to use the site to drop right at least you have to maintain the rate of ten percent lost in the chain, if the new station in red ranking, it needs more energy to do the chain.

fourth, diversity of promotion, the pet phrase is "do Shanghai Longfeng website is a dead station, only the Shanghai dragon website shengburusi". Shanghai dragon is just a means of promotion, we can not put the egg in one basket, should look for more ways to promote, so as not to be too dependent on Shanghai dragon, not to mention the future of Shanghai, the road gets narrower, take the love of Shanghai open platform and application platform of the two open platform, grab much traffic. "

third, data analysis, but also the need for network data analysis, the user is the page from which came in, and leave the page from which the user, how long is your site in the residence time, your bounce rate is how much, how much is the loyalty of users, IP every day, how much is the number of PV. Is the conversion from these data to the structure of the web site or the user experience to make adjustments.

ask, do not do Google like this? In the end to answer (to leave a suspense). Shanghai Longfeng implementation is the most important, so I have to score is the highest, the technical level of the thing you learn is that, just at the beginning of the may need to spend some time every day, and the implementation is needed, one day does not fall, the last is also need a little good luck, the next three points to start for everyone to read.

is the most important part of the execution in Shanghai Longfeng, write the program before the website do Shanghai Longfeng, then you need to press this program to execute, execute the author here it is divided into four aspects:

Buy the domain name two points pay attention to the weights of the domain name and user friendliness

many users in the search site will direct search site keywords, such as sites such as QQ, when user input of the word QQ in love in Shanghai, ranking the first site is QQ and COM, can be seen from the users attention to the website domain name, many web site because of the importance in the early do not pay attention to domain name the random selection of domain name registration, website development to the final maturity, and spend a lot of money to buy the domain name and website main keywords, which is typical of a waste of money, I suggest that no matter what type of website, we should be in the early site will be located, choose a good domain name, let users in search of website brand, our keywords can be ranked first love Shanghai, before a rival pig site, every day they spend huge sums of money Promotion in love Shanghai, seize the pig first, but not to the 1 months, the site will not go, why? Because users are aware of the real pig King’s domain name on the zhubajie and COM, other websites can also seize this position? Not

novice webmaster all know the pig’s website, his domain name is zhubajie, with the A5 website, his domain name is Admin5, have a great relationship to enhance the visibility of these sites and sites of the domain name, the domain name itself starting from Pinyin, brand and website we can see the website domain name Pinyin is complete as such, it constructs the search weights of the site itself, the search engine keywords that these sites should occupy the first place, because his site is for this keyword, so I suggest you novice webmaster can then purchase the domain name to establish brand keywords, the choice of the domain name, the final achieve the domain name itself in Shanghai home to love.

buy domain name has been a headache for many webmaster, entering the Internet webmaster friends is even more so, they do not understand how to choose the domain name to be able to cause the attention of the search engine, but they do not know what kind of domain name can cause user friendliness, improve the user’s memory, so today specifically to analyze some novice webmaster domain selection points, hope to be able to help more webmaster friends.

when we select the domain name in the search engine should also pay attention to a little weight and user friendliness of the premise, that is the choice of domain name confusion, China letters and numbers have several very characteristics, such as 0 and O, 2 and Z, when we select the domain name as the domain name don’t take this letter, because now there are many Internet users are in a state of careless, inattentive will confuse your domain, finally he will think your domain is not logical and perfect, so I suggest that we can learn the domain name of the website and Sina Admin5 domain name choice and so on, their names will not easily confused, there are relatively well-known Sohu, 163 and so on, these domain names.


Webmaster, please don’t just love Baidu

on the road as if there is a word of spoken language All the world knows. out of the mix, not easy, use our webmaster body is we do grassroots webmaster is not easy. The station is up. Even every man small station not ten stand There are plenty of people who not only to busy update, collection and promotion every day, but also pay attention to the boss face Baidu. A little bit ill for his place, the heart must be careful, is not tonight will be their K off?. Often listen to some cattle man say, do the highest state of the station is forget to search, forget Baidu. I’m strong. Baidu dare not bird you… Do… That almost close to Buddhist arent you will succeed. But I beg to differ, as a small grassroots webmaster of our time, no money, don’t know to estimate a few large webmaster. If a station for N months, Baidu boss or birds do not bird your words. How many people have patience to continue to do it, and how many people can reach the point where Baidu dare not bird you?. In a word, it’s difficult to be a grass root webmaster in China. It’s more difficult to be a grass root who is famous. It’s very difficult to be a grass root like wang. Blew it off and dragged it back to the point.

Baidu in everyone’s mind, almost everyone’s life-saving straw, I also experienced a station from dozens of IP to tens of thousands of IP instant glory, but also to understand the strong and helpless Baidu. But you do stand and look for the girlfriend of a truth, why hang in a tree, not a good girl to you, do not search you a Baidu, since they don’t love you, why not indifferent to you in another direction, a change of thinking, may achieve no sown realm. (looking for the girl, I still agree, only to find the one you love, even if hanged, but in reality there are many helpless), this is not just a luxury. Let me give you an example: I’m doing a sentimental aspect of the forum, the web site is not posted. Have done for some time, because of the so-called promotion, SEO all don’t understand, just in love, and then slowly in the webmaster online mixed for a long time. Also understand the slightest promotion and the so-called optimization. Modify the title of the web site. To the site also set up several so-called keyword set description… All the work… Everything is ready only Baidu to give the boss a good position, Baidu is the charge snapshots are updated every day is not what traffic, so it is poguanziposhuai put it didn’t notice, anyway, every day so a few posts.

is at work today, and a friend sent QQ to say if your forum was lined up by Baidu. How have 100 personal online (usually 10) to make website statistics a look in the first row is not Baidu, but SOSO.



is usually come to a few ah, read the keywords and antecedents

How do poor children start their own businesses

yes, can see the media continue to release who and how much financing every day, who got what risk investment, to be honest not heart that is false, but I had never admired. It is good for financing, like golf, it is rich playing entertainment, not suitable for the ordinary people to the Internet. Besides the concept, but also to tell the truth, the concept that things can only let us go and see about the rich people is how to play with the entertainment, and we ordinary people do not follow the concept of go, go down that you are a dead end Qiongshao money.

I was poor, so I have to open a company, a separate two halves. Penny to raise money hard usually are tightly in the bosom Chuai for fear of being robbed. The family usually also for their special concern, always said: the children outside the bitter ah, every day and night work overtime… It makes me think of it, I can’t help feeling sad.

so, after seeing so many people start the journey, and sum up some of their own experience, if we poor people’s children to start a business, the most important points, we must pay good attention to:


1 project must be real. Don’t get out of order what things, it is rich playing entertainment, why is entertainment, because it is made out of public entertainment. Rich people burn money on a city now ran away, we get buried? Honestly to do their own projects, make money besides.

2 is a project, must bring profit to you in the beginning. We have no money to burn, we also can not afford to burn, we can only rely on our project in the early stage will help us maintain profits, regardless of whether you earn. Enterprise the only way to survive is to make money.

3 don’t go along with others, don’t follow the concept of running, look for their best with the market project, to tie down, hard to do, there are always others achievement, the success of the project that is because they take the money to drop out of the people, the concept of success is because they use the capital relationship our success is the most advanced, we flutter in the market, make the most in need of the user application or product.

4 for your partner. Unless you are super man, all aspects are very good. But, you are a man of iron, a day to 48 hours of non-stop operation. If not, let the children of poor people that have to find a consensus, assured the partner to the strength of the team the assault capital toward the world market in order to survive. We must always remember: personal heroism era has passed, do not try.

5 the last point, insist on is victory. No no Everything is going smoothly., the boundless plain, there will be no more pie in the sky. Do the hard work to do as well prepared, isolated posterior preparation, rolled up trouser legs, go ahead.

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Know about Huang Jixin the next five years, how do we read


editor’s note: Huang Jixin, for example, read the daily newspaper and shares the future of what he understands. He believes that the next is an era of integration, content producers, producers, consumers, the boundaries between increasingly blurred. This article is authorized to reprint from WeChat public time offline (theoffline), according to knowledge of the co founder and chief operating officer Huang Jixin in the "OFF2015·, offline future conference" speech finishing.

this topic is the content of the future, Hello, I am Huang Jie, I am the co-founder of know. It’s a great honor to be invited by an offline magazine. I will never say thank you for inviting these two words. Be invited to such a beautiful event, they just talk about the future, about the theme of STORIES, was also thinking and we recently passed outside things, especially have the opportunity to talk with you our thoughts.

How does

read? It’s really close to this. The future of content is actually better than my own title, and we need to think about what follows.

speaking of reading this thing, reading is a very long period of attention. But when it comes to attention, some time ago, my colleague sent me a link, is the national biological information technology center in a report published in May this year, that is today’s average people attention time. Originally, I wanted to ask you, today people keep their attention for 8 seconds, and as the animal kingdom is famous for attention deficit, 9 seconds, we do not even have a goldfish.

, as a very nervous speaker on the stage, I asked my colleagues if I should take a break every 8 seconds, play a cell phone or something. But it’s not fair to those who buy tickets.

well, we talked about our future, we do a lot of content related things. Knowledge is actually the production of content, and the new products we see from the knowledge, from the daily to the present, read the daily newspaper, and whether our content will spread or not. What is the spread of the content next?

from the past to the present: the evolution of content communication

, speaking of communication, say what we think. We say that in the past few years, because of the progress of science and technology, the role of content production and consumption has changed greatly, and the change of the role of production and consumption has led to changes in producers. How did this change come about? From the earliest days, I took the Internet portal as an era, with newspapers, magazines, radio and television in a period of time. There are two roles for content, one for content consumers, and one for content producers. Most people in the world are content consumers, and very few are trained professionally. Very few people are producers, and most people, such as >

Cao Guangyun the way to success for stationmaster from the perspective of success (three)

this article is for Cao Guangyun in the "webmaster Success Road" to share third articles. For the last two articles, see


;       Cao Guangyun: from the perspective of success


;       Cao Guangyun: from the success of the station to see the success of the road (two)

this article for "webmaster success study" Ninth to twelve success, hope to help everyone:

success nine: the success of the past is not equal to the future

everyone has different experiences, perhaps brilliant, may fail, but for entrepreneurs is not important, the success of the previous or lost just represent a phase, and can’t decide one day in the future. Before I founded, I had many small achievements, creating power, network CEO, many enterprises, network marketing consultant, several successful cases, etc.. But since the choice of the web578 business, decided before the glory and I have no relationship, only the attitude and strategy is the most important thing for me, if someone can tell me the specific method of the success of web578, I am willing to take my 50% assets as a reward for him, but this person is not there. The failure of the past does not mean the future can not succeed, past success does not mean that the next will be successful. So the past doesn’t mean the future, because the future is in your hands.

success ten: success is used to doing what others can’t do,

to do with not only a wrong thought in passing aggression period, China, arms behind millet plus rifles can beat aircraft artillery, with what, a strong proletarian revolutionaries with conviction, finally succeeded. (although I see it on television, I believe there is no absolute belief that it is impossible to succeed.). During the Wenchuan earthquake, "pig strong" was once popular with the internet. As a pig, why would humans distinguish him from the average pig?. As "star pig", he is with strong will, in others seems impossible, but he did so, so human respect, is regarded as’ strong pig’. As a man who desires success, he must have the character of "pig strong", determined to walk on himself, until he arrives at the stage of acceptance and attracts the attention of all.

success Eleven: Knowledge + contacts,

knowledge is very important, more important contacts, I contacted many webmaster, if there are 2 million Chinese grassroots webmaster, so I should have one percent people through the QQ or understand me, I was such a person. I have seen a lot of comments about this group of people, some of them are quite right, but some of them are >

Dating sites how to operate profits – talk about my local friends site

in the webmaster net bubble for some time, has not made a speech, tonight talk about my dating network operation, a little suggestion, hope everybody communicate together. I stand now just new revision, looking for a promising station, friendship link.

is now dating sites, can be said to be a variety of types such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, making the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, a dating column or channel, here is not for example now dating sites, can be said to be such as various types of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, making the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, a dating column or channel, here is not for example

this kind of dating station, audience, a wide range of people, the flow is also very large, then I do regional friends station, how should we respond to?

, first of all, site positioning. That is must have the audience base clear, just like the traditional product marketing must first determine the market, if you are not sure what people see your website, this website is not sticky, what is the significance of such as advertising on websites such as

?Study on the

after a period of time, I found a long-term fixed residence of the young people are more receptive to local youth friends, friends do stand flow and the crowd are fixed, targeted advertising will be relatively more.

second, overall planning. The local portal website, and I almost at the same time, launched a dating channel, let me complain incessantly, as we all know, the local portal has a great flow, home page ads, so that he has a very high click. This will take into account the website design style, program development and process is suitable for users, I found that the local portal friends, relatively few columns, style, to tell the truth, in general, and this is one of my breakthrough. I immediately made a new revision of the program, the main increase of users, clubs, sections, as well as super group column, so that the interactivity of the site has been greatly improved, users slowly returned.

third, user focus. You want to keep the user, you should have a good website operation mode, for example, in a certain period of time, improve the column read permissions, and play the announcement, inform the column at a time of open reading, please look forward to and so on.

not regularly open permissions to certain columns, so that users will have a sense of mystery, a look, often come up to see. Those curious users, impatient users, have paid to buy VIP members, this method, in my actual operation process, has achieved better results.

of course, column setting, we must have new ideas, there must be substantial content, otherwise, people will feel a sense of deception.

tell me a little bit about my regional friendly station promotion method,

I’ve tried many different ways,

1. friends net friend propaganda: make full use of your colleagues, friends. Let the website have vitality at first, let oneself see the hope.

tell him when you see him

How to operate local websites — Preparation

There is an old saying in

: success always belongs to those who are prepared.

means so simple, you should have the plan and the preparation before you do anything.

only in this way can you do things to get twice the result with half the effort! Not just website so, even you have to have a plan to get the girls, first of all have to understand each other.

knows her age, personality, hobbies, etc. if you’re looking for someone to marry, you probably need to know about your family background. Then come up with an implementation plan.

the reason is clear. Let’s get to know some preparation and investigation before making a local website.

number 1: determine your site’s goals, that is, what type of site you want to do.

What is the target, the age, and the target group of the


second: survey on the number of the population of the area, the area proportion of men and women, the number of Internet users, and the number of your site type circle of the target population, the target population has much room for development, and they have much demand for such products, such as the now target population of 50 thousand people, according to their needs, how long will it take can grow to 100 thousand people.

third: analysis of the level of the region’s economy, if the region’s economic level is too low, even if you put the corresponding products do good, I am afraid not many people can afford play! This is the so-called market total


fourth: the pace of local planning and development, if the number of Internet users in this region is growing very fast, then your target user growth rate will be proportional to


fifth: competitors analysis, now competition in all walks of life is very fierce, just popular years, the Internet is even more so. So it is a must to consider any type of site before the problem! Analysis of the number of competitors, and the ability of competitors! If you like innumerable competitors like QQ site, as strong as the Hangzhou 19 Building, eight Tongzhou network. Then you should consider where your strengths lie when you compete with others. Why would the user choose you instead of someone else? If your competitors are as many as QQ sites, like Hangzhou, 19 floor, and Tongzhou eight links as powerful. For the beginning of you, if you do not have their own unique advantages. Then I suggest you change your goal. Because in this case, chances are you’re going to grow too low,


here also to my site, Beijing area SNS outdoor sports community (about the weekend) send out for your reference is the first area differentiation, no longer for the users, and then is the type of differentiation, only to create outdoor sports circle. Three is time differentiation. Events are organized only on weekends and during major holidays. Other time only for Internet users to communicate on the site,


above is my last few years

Make a profitable clothing store

opened a clothing store has always been a good project to start a business. But business clothing store is also a knowledge, want to make money must pay attention to some basic details of how to manage the clothing store? How to manage the clothing store? The following Xiaobian to introduce five points must pay attention to open clothing store!

now many clothing store in the shop image design are very casual, but according to their own imagination or copy other shop decoration, no investigation shop in actual position at, let alone examine competitors. How to manage the clothing store? In the shop image design, not mechanically previously formulated standards to set, but need to visit shop itself and the surrounding situation, look at the flow direction, sunshine, obstacles, shop around color, style, according to these specific elements, according to the standard design.

may make a lot of people think the trouble, but a lot of clothing store in the decoration are not free kit materials method, in order to save money and ensure the quality of decoration materials, mostly to buy himself. While the use of AI Tong method in this work did not increase a lot, but left at least 1000 yuan of investment, and the hand of small investors are not well-off, may be the first month of business profit, so don’t underestimate the decoration of various methods to save money.

An electricity supplier practitioners dissect the traditional enterprise electrical injury logic


How did

‘electrical injury’ come from,


, an electricity supplier practitioner, anatomy of the traditional enterprise electric injury logic

sequence: last night had a dream, dream of a black and white beard old man gave me a riddle: what network wide sky? What goods buy not sell not? What dreams do not wake up?…… Thinking of me, I lost sleep.

usually, we are accustomed to describe a revolution that can subvert or erode many people’s ideas and change or break many institutional rules". Such as the sexual liberation movement in the United States in 1960s and the reform and opening up in China in 1980s. I have been wondering whether this fire – making e-commerce is a revolution, and that any revolution in nature and form has its victims. People are immersed in the kiss the moment full of joy at the end of World War II, who also thought to cherish the memory of those comrades who pay for life? When people indulge in their data to a loaded mesh tongue business news time, who would have to pay attention to those dead comrades even covered all over with cuts and bruises in this revolution?

has hurt

Spring Festival I gave a manufacturing friend he excited with my pay New Year’s call, said: brother, I finally business! I say congratulations to you; then he said: Oh, I was injured! I say congratulations to you, because you are not the first one. In the face of increasingly complex business environment, in the dazzling business platform, bear all kinds of marketing expenses, in the electricity supplier hurt by electricity is not what new thing; but I think, you are not hurt but not normal power. Iron stores, mattery wound. A great degree of electricity supplier is directly proportional to the injury it suffered.

for some enterprises, can heal or recover quickly after the electricity supplier electrical injury, can I do, the conditions are ripe and then not later; but for some enterprises, this kind of injury, not half will heal well, and even some life cannot be restored, such as brand enterprises.

electricity supplier price war period, the prices of which goods will touch consumers, is undoubtedly brand products. Tmall [micro-blog] over the years "double 11", the brand contribution ratio is always accounted for 80%. The terrible thing is, as far as China is concerned, the so-called brand names in all walks of life can count on your fingers and fingers. In your 50 percent off, he must be almost the same. Customers behind the brand loyalty and perception, or interest in driving. When the brand is mixed to each electron business platform, unbridled all sorts of activities, who can care about the retention of your brand value even?


to a well-known sports shoes brand, for example, a year in Taobao even self, plus distribution and so on, sold to 2-3 billion yuan, a pair of shoes were sold to 99 yuan, also mail. You know, these shoes are at least 289 in the specialty store, when consumers are gradually accepting and recognizing new prices