I’m on the way. I’m an Internet marketing practitionerSEO people’s business road of bitterness three

Part 1: because my friend was self-employed before, he had some clients on his own. After I started the business with him, the customer in his hand naturally became a client of the company. We were preparing to start a business, and when I was working in the same company, my friend just talked about a client. Say you want to come to our company to have a look. I remember asking for a half day’s leave. Because I will give a "natural" website to the customer to prick, so the website to find a lot of unreasonable places. They listened and thought I was right. We reached a preliminary agreement and their company’s list was initially determined by us. At noon that day, the customer invited us to dinner. It’s not easy for us to start a new business. Finally, the customer asked us to sort out a plan and go to their company for further negotiation in a few days. Sending away customers, I went back to work in the afternoon.

began to promote the website for the first time. Do not know what is network marketing, do not know what is called network promotion. Just blindly pursue more people, open my website to browse. It was 2008, and the space was very popular. I use the mobile phone every day to step on other people’s space, leaving the site. There is also a large mobile phone dating site – Gaga City, now is a bit like renren every day to others, is the "home". After three months, I got the "first pot of gold" in my life, 597 yuan, an advertisement for a dating website, a registered 2 cents also known as advertising union at this time. Later, popularity declined, and they also need to review the college entrance examination, no longer manage the site.

remember another client is the agency company. How did he get there?. This is our company just prepare registration consulting to this house, later discovered that this company to do a website, we just do the construction business so we reached him to help us registered company, we help them to do a website to exchange. But finally, because of a bit of a problem, we went to another company to register. Finally, we got this site. This customer is not far from our company.

had written "SEO road" and "bitter entrepreneurial SEO entrepreneurial road two" were mentioned my bitterness is a step by step how to decide to start a business venture, how to do after the early, and early start problems. Today, let’s talk about how we started our business in the early stages of our business.

I think if you can build a web site, the more good! After careful search data, finally found a platform – site service, to provide two level domain name this kind of website, a few years ago a lot. New year’s Day holiday three days, bubble Internet cafes one day to complete their first site in life, all hyperlinks and pictures. Just three pages, home page, message, beautiful picture. The news and weather functions on the homepage are all news and information resources that are opened by the door. It’s very simple. Light, news, categories, weather, ads make up a website.

another client was introduced to a friend of Taobao. They are all local words in Hefei. Not difficult. At first I said I could do it. My partner read the website and said the site was K. I refuted him at the same time. I said no K was normal. In this way, this list will become. This list is by the month, pay two months deposit. It turned out that the site was indeed ">."

I wrote a website modification program based on the client’s website. You can see what I wrote at the time. A few days later, I went to the customer with my friend. We listed 34 keywords at the time of the customer’s needs. Finally, because some keyword customers do not need to be finalized, the key words to be made are 12. The final offer is 24 thousand. We should be in accordance with the prior advance to charge twenty percent but customers feel that we are a new company so not assured payment just give us ten percent, then we’ll agree. Website pays specific website to sign a contract to pay ten percent that day. Two months later, the optimization up six keywords pay twenty percent. Four months to optimize all keywords to pay thirty percent. All keywords remained stable for three months, paid twenty percent, and all keywords remained stable for six months to pay the remaining twenty percent.

, like many people, I started as a webmaster. And a lot of people are not the same, I started from the mobile phone owners. At that time, I was a senior high school, full-time school, very little opportunity to use a computer, I often use the mobile Internet, weekend half day vacation to soak Internet cafes. 2005 first heard Ding Dong voice thrilled. Later know computer there is a tool called "drawing", when excited by a night bubble Internet bar, in order to use "drawing" tool to a few pictures of the background with the eraser, and then download a GIF animation software, the synthesis of a flash animation, often see a unique sense of accomplishment! "Computer", although it cannot read a lot, but still enjoy the. That’s why you know what code is and what is a HTML page. Often use the mobile phone online reasons, when it is a few big mobile phone portal, many are personal sites.

I don’t have a college degree, no professional training, no very good family background. All my network knowledge comes from the network, and all the network skills come from the network, and all the jobs come from the network. I am not the earliest contact with network marketing that group of people, I am in the era of network marketing competition outbreak, of course, is also in the era of network marketing knowledge explosion.


my mother will know that I like to surf the Internet and have a website, so I suggest I read it in the future. I was Alice culter: I wouldn’t, these are just my interest.

finished college entrance exams and volunteered

How does a startup wizard implement a long-term strategyNetwork money replication mode can also be s

finally AD under their own site Vagaa network to make money: vagaafilm.cn/ is not vagaa movies, oh, ha ha.

two, how to do a better job of marketing

1. The division of shares

1 looking for project

according to their own level and ability to choose the project, do not blindly imitate others, you do not necessarily line.

4 improves

therefore, it can be said that the division of shares will directly affect the direction of the Future Ltd and the ownership of the company’s controller. I have always believed that only the founder can make the company go further, so in order to control the company, we must pay enough attention to the division of shares. Through the actual situation of the team, combined with the company’s development strategy to divide shares, this approach is scientific.

as a start-up company, the problems to be faced are endless and unpredictable. The founder put the mentality, and continue to recruit talent available after start-up companies should do what adjustments in order to survive in order to achieve long-term development in the fierce competition in the society? For this problem is inevitable. Next, the author will do some analysis on how to share division, do startups need to pay attention to product marketing and corporate financing in the process, the hope can give you some inspiration, so as to realize the strategic goal of the long-term development of the company.

as many items, you basically understand the model, so do other different projects, according to their own experience to improve. Patterns can be copied, but operations are not necessarily specific to each project. So it’s time to think carefully about the strengths of yourself and others, as well as the detailed analysis of specific projects.

network has a bad quality, that is, copying is serious, and it is difficult to copy. So when you see a good money making project, you can do it by copying it. For example, do shlf1314 Adsense money, see other people hang up on the website, you can also hang. See all in doing UUSee network TV download promotion, you can also push. You can do it when you see Adwords+CPA+CPS products making money.

information is valuable, and the information is also time sensitive. So, to see more well-known sites or predecessors in what to do online money making project, there is more to see shlf1314, Adsense, sh419 promotion theme such as advertising. Since others have been advertising, then this project must be profitable. Therefore, we should change the views of online advertising, we can not be disgusted, but the source of information access.

first of all, when you really set foot on the establishment of the company at that moment, you must not be a person, you must have a very good team. The importance of the team, it is known to all, we do too much to say. What we want to discuss is how to divide the shares of the company, so as to ensure the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company. I believe that the division of shares should not only take into account the problem of team cohesion, but also should take into account the long-term development of the company. First of all, to ensure team cohesion and combat effectiveness, which is the foundation, but also in any case should do. Second, we should consider how the corporate finance and the shares of the financiers will be divided in the future. The share of the founder must have an absolute advantage, so that the Finance Companies’s control is in the hands of the team no matter what the future holds. Taking into account these factors, the division of shares and ownership is scientific, in order to achieve the greatest extent the company’s long-term strategic objectives of sustainable development.

as for the reality of the promotion, walk in the street, a little bit up, you can see, you can do some summary, you can get different

2 election project

has found the N project, and then you have to analyze the project. Some projects require people with specific resources and technologies to do it, such as clicking on advertisements, cheating, selling products, etc.. Do not rule out the project, there is the problem of aging, there is a lot of money network project is timely, as an advertisement is offline or no profit space such as Firefox, you don’t need to enter. Eliminate what can not be done and what is not worth doing, and the rest is to analyze the level of competition. The project profits also competitors, the so-called profiteering place is a galaxy of talents.

3 executes

marketing, we can simplify it for promotion, but it is not limited to general promotion. So, how do you do the marketing work for startups? That’s the problem and problem that every startup has to face. Marketing, and now the channels are diverse, and now no doubt is that the Internet belongs to the times. For many start-up companies, funds are limited, human resources are limited, so how to make good use of the limited resources to create the maximum benefit value? The Internet with this line in the reality of the marketing can learn, after all, as start-up companies, how to use the least resources to get the maximum the return is our desire.

some projects need to be done ahead of schedule, some projects need to be done quickly, and some projects need to be done step by step. For example, shlf1314 Pack spread abroad, you must determine whether after promotion in other places, this is too early to grasp the information, when the product line is waiting for money, while others are just getting started, when the competition of no value to the flash out.

Analysis of the development of Chinese personal websites

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, the personal website belongs to the grassroots type, lack of funds and professional care team, so many personal websites can only be a little groping forward. Half the time, we choose a number of unique personal website, quality model, direction, they were analyzed and evaluated in detail, these sites can be said to be a microcosm of personal website survival status, review sites, and half a year to comment to communicate with many webmasters, we try to sort out the personal website in the process of the development of the crisis and confusion, hope to provide reference and inspiration for other friends. In the process of combing, we deeply feel the personal website is still a long way, but also more meaningful.

Three new phenomena in the development of

personal websites

1. advertising revenue fell

we found that a lot of personal websites had a downward trend through surveys of multiple websites. The personal website of the profit model is still relatively simple, most still profit through advertisement and advertising is also with the help of Google Adsense, including Baidu Union, Ali mother, advertising alliance on, they accounted for a large part of the income source. As the economic downturn brought advertisers advertising unit price reduction, the current profit situation is not optimistic.

, a personal webmaster who runs websites for years, told reporters that his ad revenue was $20 thousand a month in the same period last year. But this year, due to the lack of advertising delivery, while the alliance provides advertising content and low price, although lead flow did not change, but the income level is significantly reduced, the monthly advertising profit only hovering around 10 thousand yuan.

The decline in

advertising revenue will affect the development of the website, especially many newly started websites. But on the other hand, this will speed up the survival of the fittest, and for those who are focused on the site, it is easier to show their advantages in the competitive environment.

2. site threshold continues to decrease

because there are more and more free website building procedures, it is not necessary to build a website without complicated technology. Such as the use of open source PHPCMS and DedeCMS station program code, only a PHP program to support web space and database, it can easily create a blog as a full-featured Web site, coupled with the current domain name CN the first year of registration fees still need only 1 yuan, the construction of a new the cost of the website becomes very low.

Continue to lower the threshold of

station, let more people have become the webmaster may, for example by UCenter Home (a PHP+MYSQL constructed by social network software) ready program like this, can be easily produced similar to the Facebook’s website. Reduce the threshold for most of the stations

The ten trick is to double the content page traffic

in "Jiang Likun: the Ten Secrets of" traffic explosion of a text, under an article on Optimization of website content page article in today. Many people believe that only the content of the good, traffic can come up, this is not accurate, the reasonable settings for the web site traffic also plays a decisive role in the use, especially the final page of the article, is the most important. Today let me lead you to understand the mystery.

, paging the article

if the text content page is too long, will not only increase the page size, the page opens become slow; but also enables users to browse inconvenient; (the most important one, a page on behalf of more N PV) so that the appropriate page is very necessary. As for how long a page, everyone according to their actual situation, as long as do not cause user resentment on the line. Personally, it is appropriate to keep the text content of each page at the two screen.

two, automatic page setting,

many users are not used to flipping pages while browsing more pages, especially for pictures. So, if we set up an automatic paging function, it would be convenient. And a considerable number of Internet users in open a new web page, forgot to shut down the old web page, this time, if that page can automatically page, traffic is equal to white pick up.

three, learn to do the picture news.

add pictures in the paper has three main benefits: one can let the life become lively illustrations; two can increase the length of the article is that the paging easier: three); increasing the viscosity of users. Because the content of graphics and text is more than pure text content, more attractive to users:) I strongly recommend that you do more graphic content. In fact, the major websites have already popularized this method very well, such as QQ, MSN, and some news directly in the form of picture + description. Four. Add hyperlink to the content keyword

if the conditions permit, the article will be some of the hot keywords, articles, pictures and other hyperlinks, you can link to the relevant column or topic. This requires some technical support, so personal Adsense may need to find someone to cooperate in achieving, and now many advertising alliances have this form of advertising, we can try.

five, set graphic recommendation bits, advertising bits.

make full use of the main page of the article, add appropriate amount of graphic recommendation and ad position, these recommended bits and advertising sites can be used in station promotion, also can link with other websites. There are four key positions:

1, under the title. Text link based.

2, in the text. Text link based. Note that the link here and the fourth keyword links are not a concept.

tips: the Jiang Likun (MESS) original, want to see more.

Forum positioning in the end is to do add or subtraction

took part in the Ningbo SEO alliance last Sunday and discussed the operation and promotion of the Ningbo online forum. Ningbo online forum is a project of Ningbo SEO alliance established the first collective long in the business promotion, is similar to the Oriental hotline and a forum of Ningbo local life forum, the original Ningbo GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu’s personal website, after five years of operation for a long time, also accumulated a lot of resources and popular, but because of the limited time and energy, has not been able to maximize the use of these resources. Therefore, the main person in charge of Ningbo SEO union Lin Bo proposed the integration of resources, integration of all the owners of Ningbo alliance spare resources and energy, Ningbo online as the league’s first collective project promotion, then the implementation of revenue sharing. Ningbo webmaster are very supportive of this activity, because to understand that now is no longer one time, a man of ability, executive ability is again high, only small achievements, and a group of people, a team can create more business.

but these two discussions haven’t made much progress yet, but they still stay in the discussion about website positioning. The dispute is divided into two factions, the electronic commerce department Shanshan Group the main responsible person of Wu Yin faction headed by the support "subtraction", namely a differentiation strategy, first find a subdivision into the subdivision market foothold again after the addition, to other broad areas of development. That is, the forum can open a single plate, such as the first open plate or plate or pet idle away in seeking pleasure, the theme of the forum is just a single segment of the industry, etc. in this sub sector to Ningbo after the first, we go to other life extension plate. Led by GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu has sent another support "addition", not only to the "surface" covered with a large number of popular information to attract traffic, traffic is large enough to push or focus on a particular field. Sheng believes that the forum must be in initial stage to attract popularity, and popular to a broad surface to drive, with a large number of different industries in different sectors to drive the long tail word, with the popularity will be based on user preferences from the existing section inside, suitable for hot plate to the main push. These two views have been rhetoric, just stuck.

here, Liu children according to Ningbo online this case, but also to discuss some of the views of the forum positioning. In Ningbo online positioning this argument, I support the Shanshan Group Director of business operations. Now the rookie forum suitable for subtraction, go subdivision, should not do add, go broad. The reasons are as follows:

one, subtraction strategy helps the rookie forum avoid the direct competition of local forum bigwigs and find a foothold in niche areas

is now the Internet is so developed, social elements has penetrated into all aspects of life and entertainment, basically all of a second tier city has its own local authoritative forum, some of the three line of the city and county level city have their own forum, such as the Nanjing Bourbon.

How to do a website on the road of sustainable development (end)


micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) some time ago wrote four website how to walk in the sustainable development of the Internet on the article, respectively, from the analysis of Internet marketing in all directions, the contents of strategic planning, and how to operate, but also how to do publicity, actually do the most basic network marketing is how to do, I have to nag about what to do today, network marketing work ready, or how to do.

wrote this before the end I have been thinking, why the mechanism of network marketing is changing, the development of the Internet too fast or network marketing thought Daniel’s avant-garde ideas, according to the results of my own, neither, because some Internet marketers are trying to use the network to profit. The various means of network marketing has become the product of modern marketing. Well, talk a little more, directly into the topic. The rapid development of network marketing today, old-fashioned marketing gradually unable to adapt to the new environment, how to promote the network, has become a familiar challenge for many marketers. Whether the traditional marketing and network marketing you have to recognize their own position, market, people, find your advantages in the peer competition where you are, what your strengths are a good summary, even a little can, you can then you must expand the sentence describing momentum filling, the complete the color of the vivid tell to a search engine and you tell these content should accord with the search engine users search habits and search engine spiders crawling training of intimacy, to try to meet him. Only you go to cater to it and let users like it so that users can find you in use.

The main premise of

network marketing is that you have to have their own advantages, a significant advantage to have the market, big market, if you can not attract customers something, then the good marketing to play, so the network marketing in the process should pay attention to innovation, to explore the source of innovation. In network marketing should pay attention to the point: "the three aspects of market positioning, brand image, product differentiation" is the three objective factors can do network marketing, is the three index directly affect consumer purchase sales promotion, is also the core content of network marketing communication. Establish a unique brand image, word of mouth, and the effective dissemination of information to potential customers, which is the network marketing in the dissemination of a unique internal marketing.

One of the "

network marketing two criteria: the attraction attraction" is a kind of network communication means, in a clear understanding of consumer demand analysis, targeted to make the event marketing theme, effectively seize the attention of consumers, let us in a number of similar talent shows itself information, has become the focus of attention of the target audience groups. To improve our communication more effective, more powerful. Two of the two major principles of network marketing: "external reputation": good word-of-mouth is a good brand information to pass on to the outside world, and brand reputation is one side

Exploring data to offline recruitment model requires more new vitality

innovation ability has been our evaluation of a product excellence index, because now the face of the impact of capital pressure, simple presentation mode and not well fit the needs of the development, the user can love you, but not necessarily because you lose the opportunity to choose, as now, ecological and inclusive so strong, very to separate applications will not need to replace the others.

as a network to recruit people from the industry, their own understanding of the industry although not deep enough, but how much has its own personal experience, polished for so long, not as reckless as before. The separation from the original three, then the network of excellence decline, 100, failure to network and now the line with the new model, the network bidding industry is looking for a new breakthrough in the throes of transformation.

of course, things are not as simple as we say. First of all, there is a big drawback to the Internet development model, and this disadvantage will not be solved at one and a half. As we now say innovation is nothing more than profit, will be disguised advertising package, called innovation, but time is nothing more than a superficial reform.

from the Internet recently frequent capital acquisitions, the future is not just a problem of data, but a product system through time, flow from one port to another port, for a variety of in the middle of the cash, instead of the accurate flow based approach, will expand the scope, let consumers choose service. So what’s the inspiration for net trick?

and a few friends in Yixing before it is tried to recruit network industry theme in the form of transformation, is no longer a simple job resources were presented, but by our customer to choose, choose the third party, for members to subscribe to businesses and to love yourself, and your suggestions and feedback through the ideal this data to do the next step index, this preliminary model results were good, but when the late development is relatively deep, we will find that capital and product system is essential for supporting ideas.

first, no capital injection, it is difficult to improve website service coverage; second, above model for funds a lot of pressure, it can be said that we do not make money with a behavior to bet on the future, but this does not mean that the flow has no value, the product chain will be more or less use of the hands of the resources in the to a certain extent; third, is also a problem of data analysis, how to best place to flow, not to waste every flow is what we should think of something.

employment talent network can not get to the top of the pattern of success, but we more or less can find their own future from the shadow, will put more initiative to the user, make full use of them to give us data thinking, then contact the next line of business, through such a seemingly strange playing mode to achieve innovation a development of ideas.

web recruitment as a platform for utilizing requirements and data >

Decoration industry, local portals should be how to make money

I do local decoration portal, is a small city, we open the Jiaxing decoration mesh (http://www.573zs.com), this is my website, it is not difficult to see, like our area decoration industry portal is already in the subdivision subdivision. Of course, there are big benefits, small and small benefits, the more refined decoration site, we can make the content of our website more professional.

below is the decoration of the site’s current profit points, share with you:

advertising profit point

is a subdivision of the decoration net I think website promotion advertising mainly lies in the webmaster line of publicity, to attract some decoration companies, building materials businesses and designers in your website with pictures advertising, advertising to show the benefits of doing so, the user viscosity can increase the net profit of these enterprises and can increase the station business the invisible also created brand publicity.

decoration bidding section

in almost every decoration portal can see this section, it must have its unique value. Personally believe that the decoration bidding should be a relatively large site to make money. Need to decorate the customer groups through the release of information at the same time decoration, webmaster recommended to ensure the quality of decoration decoration company and eventually signing success, decoration company must give rebate.

home building materials group

owners renovated the house not to purchase Home Furnishing and building materials, building materials business owners and or Home Furnishing enterprises reached a cooperation mode, to ensure the quality of customers and get certain concessions, puerile, give businesses a commission. As a businessman, what can he do if he can make money?.

value-added services

is now part of the decoration site is mainly by the sale of the site itself value-added services to make money, such as the opening of their own independent shops, senior member, to join the site through the credit certification and so on many aspects in the decoration on the station.

finally, I think there are a lot of website ways to make money, is not limited to these aspects, characteristics and cultural development for their own personal webmaster can place some of the activities, as long as we work hard to do, success will be closer and closer to us


from this article: Jiaxing decoration network http://www.573zs.com webmaster hands, reprint need to link,


Classification information station elimination rule – be drowned by garbage and illegal information

, a friend of an advertising company, asked me, "why don’t you develop a software that can be sent out on classified information sites? I think it’s very promising."."

In fact, the

mass software, currently on the market there have been many kinds of every hue, count the development of basic function of sale, users need to add their own information sources; there are mass function + information source + Crack code package; and more is to charge a service fee, for mass commercial company, for example mainone package extension service.

for friends "good intentions" of the proposal, I feel helpless, heart five miscellaneous chen. Because the author operates the classified information website Chinese earliest will launch in March 2005 will reach enough net, net, fair, 58 city, haven’t launched kijiji. At that time, is the classification information, website information most "lack" of the era, once half a year, the amount of posting every day but a hundred. At that time, yellow pages station, second-hand station also occupies half of the enterprise network propaganda platform, the customer has not yet publicized in the network consciousness, Baidu’s bidding promotion just started. At that time, the enterprises advertised on the Internet were the most affordable, and the effect was obvious.

Baidu bid success, so many companies tasted the sweetness of network marketing, but gradually rising bidding costs, most of the SMEs discouraged. Thus, advertisements in the classified information platform, also become the choice of small and medium enterprises, not only because the release of information classification site visitors can see, but also in front of the search results ranked in the search engine keywords in some industries. As a result, the free classified information website has gradually become the best propaganda field for smes".

free things are easy to be abused, there are friends on QQ to say: "now our company a lot of information are ranked in front of Baidu promotion, the website classification we have registered, a thousand times a day the registered post I am not afraid to fall." For this kind of violence marketing problem, founder of the Great Outlaws Xici (Liu Hu) before the study, he said: "in fact I killed thousands of ID, for these small businesses or entrepreneurs have great sympathy; but, this is a kind of Internet education".

for a large number of low quality and repetitive information, classified information website there are two main kinds of attitude, one is "turning a blind eye", because of low quality information as long as the red line is not against the network and search engine, can bring certain flow and short-term benefits. So there are many sites in addition to remove illegal information, of low quality and repetitive information was spared. And the other is the strict examination of information classification site, and will be enough network is to delete information directly, lock user accounts, and the phone number as a "blacklist", so that the phone number can not register again post.

I don’t think it’s the early days of early when the classification, information, user, and information are scarce