Analysis of website snapshot appears three kinds of reasons and treatment methods


we can see the Chinaz website snapshot also stay in, but a few days ago, we can say that Chinaz sites do badly? In my opinion is not the search engine stalled snapshot sometimes does not recognize you this website, but for the adjustment of the need for this point we need to dialectical view. General snapshot within 10 days is no problem, but the snapshot beyond 10 days, then you should check your site if there is a problem, 10 days can be seen as a watershed website snapshot.

3, check the website exactly how many, such as more than 5 or above must be cleaned immediately.

The chain Dead link

1, check the content of the website is collected too much, website content is pseudo original too much.

snapshot stagnant for many webmaster feel frightened, in fact, sometimes the website is not updated snapshot and not the website, we also need to

second, website snapshot, pre

when we through the search engine search site keywords found different sites appeared multiple snapshots, I think this is mainly caused by the search engine, if your site appears the problem, so don’t be too concerned about. In July when my website appeared a total of three different snapshots, I was taken through the method of love Shanghai complaints, complaints after second.

third, website keywords appear different website snapshot

website snapshot is the webmaster has been a topic of concern, whether in terms of exchange Links, determine the site value and so on, the website snapshot is a major reference element. But many owners actually do not understand website snapshot the meaning of different forms, often dominated by some wrong ideas, I talk about how to analyze and judge the different forms of website snapshot represents:

this problem reasonably treated snapshot stagnant

website snapshot is a snapshot, I also encountered several website snapshot problem, when the first and second website snapshot I did not deal with, or as in the past to optimize web site, the two sites were K, so I think if the website snapshot is correction then, a sure sign that your site has problems, must change the site in all aspects of ideas, carefully check the website below, I put forward several key part of examination:

4, the space is not stable, it must be tested by the software, you are not alone 24 hours staring at their website.

first, the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner, and real time

2, quickly check the website is not stable recently.

.The right downA form of

The scoop buy links hidden behind

two to cancel the purchase link to how to handle the


B: love Shanghai (China largest search engine market share rate is above 80%, the main battlefield of Chinese station)

A: noble baby (the world’s largest search engine, the main battlefield of the domestic foreign trade site)

, a search engine for the link to purchase attitude.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for the chain he always pays more attention to keep from talking about, "user experience". But in a recent update to the head of the community "first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sources" proposed business connection harm. And make the following explanation: "buy links may use very improper means to make site to obtain a certain effect in a short time, but the search engine has a special program to identify the various means and behavior, once found, the site will not get the desired effect, and even be search engine punishment." In order to take their own petty profits, the website hit edge ball, will eventually lead to incalculable consequences.


is a very important link for the website optimization in terms of the "chain". The search engine that A website the links to the B web site, A is standing for a vote of confidence in the B station, can effectively enhance the authority of the B station, the PR value of search engine ranking. Baby Pagerank famous and noble love Shanghai CEO Robin Li hyperlink analysis of patent, are working this way based on search engine. Subsequently, the link trading emerged on the Internet now shine blossom everywhere. Almost all of the site advertising can see his figure. As we all know Shanghai dragon "hang link" for help in ranking, but Gu Jun for everyone here to buy secret behind the link to the site to bring worries.



09 years begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, noble baby is my first research object. At that time the rich owners "in the purchase of high PR link PR and improve site keywords ranking is a very common phenomenon, now the Shanghai dragon Er buy basically are in contact with the link. But since last year I believe that the purchase of friends also found links, external links for noble baby standard strictly, buy links play a role is not strong. At the same time, the noble baby also recently on this behavior to do a crackdown (my site has been shot), and updated in March 9th of this year’s "noble baby" webmaster guidelines emphasized that the punishment for the purchase link. The search engine is in progress, the noble baby from time to the semantic keyword search times, for the needs of users and web content more and more attention, so the degree of attention to the outside of the chain are weakened. The purchase link has rarely play a role, even on your site has been counterproductive

See how I can use other people’s experience to do web work

site, first of all to make sure what you do, when I set up before, I in the big webmaster nets, BBS, bubble for at least 2 weeks, the hard won’t say. When I decided to make a website about men, I was confident that I would go on with it. Only by sticking to it can I win. I have seen many posts online celebrity understand, his book "earn 500 yuan", my heart would certainly like to have such a result, but I just hope to see his book, do not expect to have this shortcut, really can earn 500 yuan, read a lot, see the most when he give the idea is how to analyze the pros and cons of the website.

I saw him say, "you just have to do the following steps and you can do it well.". Yes, I follow his steps, after doing, Baidu included my website, 15 days, is indeed a long period of time, but I am not discouraged, is to do so, so, I insist, my website, Baidu included. Google included. Sougou included. YAHOO also included, however, this is only the beginning, I have done, but also a lot of my site, was included in the Baidu. But the flow has not been much improved, and now is the initial construction stage of the site, and do not expect sudden traffic surge, this is too abnormal.

Don’t just care about the Tucao thing, pocket shopping, but also to subvert Taobao!


Lao Ji believes that pockets are trying to subvert the Taobao from two areas of mobile, community, and its killer also has two: more open, free.

these days, Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pocket) founder Wang Ke Tucao VC attracted widespread attention. Some time ago, the old Ji and colleagues Liu Yiming in an interview with Wang Ke, think about it: why is the electricity supplier in the field, dabbled quite widely known as VC bought the entire runway for investment pockets so hesitate? Listen to the old Ji to carefully decomposition.

pocket, the company was founded by Wang Ke and Lei Jun, and at the beginning is also dependent on the development of Taobao. Taobao’s success was due to a platform strategy that began in 2009. Old Ji was still in another media, very impressive, that is, the former vice president of Taobao Lu Peng speech at a forum. At the time, Lu Peng said, "


"so I talked about Taobao also reflect on the past we want to do more and more, everyone here, Taobao became the Chinese preferred shopping paradise, which seems to have a problem, we are now thinking of changing, Taobao’s future is to create China e-commerce infrastructure service provider, we provide utility, allow yourself to build their own e-commerce, but do not have to worry about the IT problem, buy equipment problems, problems, development, database search, data mining and so on, these technical problems you don’t worry, you are offered today, it seems like one hundred years without electricity before our backyard safe motor, more important is the Taobao products and services has become a standard can be used completely."

to this end, Taobao officially launched the open business platform, will open their own ability to three types of businesses: the first category is an independent external shop, the second category is developers, and the third is the community electricity supplier.


open strategy to help Taobao eventually turnover from 2008 to 100 billion yuan to 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan in 2013, hatching out of the Tmall B2C platform, let China, the one and only Alibaba became the largest e-commerce platform.

and now, Lao Ji believes that pockets are trying to subvert the Taobao from two areas of mobile, community, and its killer also has two: more open, free.

old Ji found, in this interview, Wang Ke said no less than ten times "infrastructure", rather than "electricity supplier"". Wang Ke revealed that the goal of pocket entrepreneurship is to make a trading platform (Marketplace), rather than a simple electricity supplier website.

pocket first do a App pocket shopping shopping guide, Wang Ke was sitting in a Baidu cafe nearby, with the name of Lei Jun "Huyou" Baidu technology giants out of business, and later was succeeded in persuading senior technical staff to join the Baidu flying horse, through the personality >

China’s personal webmaster on four big when

first big when: CN domain name

09 years ago in December, registered CN domain name means what? That means you have one of their own domestic top-level domain name. Yes, when everyone thinks so, as long as you have time and renew, this CN domain name belongs to you, and is protected by law according to the official statement.

CNNIC began 07 years of "1 yuan CN domain name registration" promotions, the domain name CN pushed the climax, in December 09 people from suddenly notice cannot register CN domain name, and has registered CN domain name must also be in the name of the company under. Of course, this is not the worst, the worst is that your site has been using CN domain name for a long time, if you abandon the CN domain name, it means great loss, but if you continue to hold, just like holding a time bomb.

CN was asked why the domain name open to individuals, and use a variety of promotions, let Chinese crazy to register? Why? Don’t you see this two years CNNIC repeatedly issued CN domain name registration data, said CN Chinese of the domain name registration is the first in the world, to the root node or face job. They are COM to the number of registrations, our CN is not bad, how to get the number of CN domain name than COM? A total registered, open to individuals, with hundreds of millions of Chinese, also do not believe that not on the list. Later found that the price advantage is not good, simply do not do two endlessly, and engage in a 1 yuan promotional activities.

individual open CN domain name registration, plus 1 yuan promotion, these two years CN domain name registration volume explosive growth, CNNIC complacent unceasingly. When CCTV suddenly announced that individuals registered CN domain name is the root cause of pornographic websites flooding, when pointing to CNNIC, CNNIC was somewhat unprepared. Or their own importance, simply directly prohibited individual registration CN domain name, and later on what matters and he does not matter. Of course, individual Adsense hands in a lot of CN domain name to do, how to do after the site, and CNNIC has nothing to do with it. This time, you’ll regret why you didn’t choose COM at first, and you would know what despair is.

second big when: advertising alliance

when a personal webmaster finally began to sigh: advertising Union Day is better than a day, can only rely on some pop and click mixing rice, and even the site cost is not earned back. MAOY here is very responsible to tell you, rely on a variety of advertising Union, has long been not personal Adsense enrichment means.

some people say: Hey! You don’t know much about advertising, the high price does not deduct the amount, you see many sites not live very moist? Oh, I do a website on the Internet for seven years, did not alliance 100, but survived, and now is a good advertising alliance also, Baidu and Google Advertising alliance. But the beginning a lot of good effect of explosive union, a few months time to put up the shutters, rely on this.

How to build a high traffic Sina blog

in the past, the Bo Yang station is one of the methods of webmaster website promotion, because in the past, blogs generally have had a relatively high weight, the chain is quite good, but the blog search engine access is quite high, because the construction of blog group can increase the number of net station chain from the above a certain degree also increased the weight of the website, so early webmaster through the blog group built to get a good ranking in the search engine, but also because the search engine from getting good traffic. Since this year, Baidu and Google algorithm after adjustment, the weight of the blog has been adjusted in the past, good blog PR value can reach PR7 or PR8, but it is almost impossible, and the number of the most important point is that Baidu and Google access blog was significantly reduced, and Baidu search algorithm on New changes in the Sina blog as an example, Baidu on the Sina blog of the division level, lower than the 16 level of the blog in what direction to visit, what time of the visit, more than 16 level access to a point above the blog crawler, and access frequency the corresponding increase, so some owners will be very strange, what his article soon included, my article is not included, but also the original, because Baidu is the grade Division, and, for less than 16 blog, but also an observation period, so why delay is included in one of the reasons. So, if you still want to use your blog as a branding tool, then you have to master a tip to quickly upgrade Sina’s hierarchy and publish more original articles.

How does

improve the rank of Sina blog? The rank value of Sina blog is a comprehensive formula, which is related to the number of blog posts and the number of blogs visited by users. Therefore, from the perspective of a do not say, as long as the blog post as well as the number of visits reached a certain level, will be able to create a search engine love blog, your article will be fast search engine included, but this process may take some time, it might take a long time, the introduction of a I get tips, for friends reference.

source to obtain the original article: many friends as the source of the original article is the original article headache, why need to spend a lot of time and energy to do, need to write the level can be quite a good article, including sometimes for some number according to the background analysis and sorting, because a lot of people. Used to pass past some excerpts of others change as a false original, of course this is one of a good way, but it is not a good way, because, after all Chinese Internet reprint situation is very serious, and now the search engine is very intelligent, therefore, the chances of being recognition is greatly increased, so and what good way? The best way is to find a foreign article developed in their own blog, such as by special software to some foreign The Chinese Web site extracts some of their articles, and one

A novice webmaster helpless

Hello everybody, see many webmaster are posting. This evening at two o’clock, and see these webmaster hair these posts, a lot of emotion. I have asked myself over and over again what I am doing now. However, I have never been able to find the answer.

for an Internet bubble in the eight years of worms, others see the website, my heart itch, always wanted to own a website, but he is no money, no time is two, three is not technology. Ha ha, seems to be nothing, right?. But I was with great enthusiasm. Before college, always want to go to a computer and other professional, because I too love the internet. But they do not live up to expectations, and finally transferred to the most reluctant to go to their own professional history. In this way, mixed in the University for four years. I’m going to graduate, but I still do nothing, and I feel more and more useless. Previously, the enthusiasm for the network has gradually faded.

, but in June last year, by chance, you registered a domain name on the Internet. You didn’t know anything at first. That a web site has its own website, just know later, but also to space, then spent three hundred yuan to buy a space, but still do not know what to do because of own website, love playing PW, finally decided to do it, but still can’t do it, no way and money to buy a set of procedures, what has been, a small site is initially built, see finally have their own website Bengtiyouduo happy.

but I haven’t been happy for a few days, but I’ve found the problem. No one on my website, I began to worry. I am a person just to see what ah, come to know the need to promote, so according to some predecessors advice and methods of webmaster posts, to start your own website promotion, it is positive to find friendship connection, but people see my PR, just ignore, when I was in I think, although it is a small, not so much traffic, you should not discriminate against us. You are the stationmaster, I am also stationmaster. Which website is from the very beginning, very good, there is a process. This point, let me see, in fact, the network is a microcosm of society. I decided not to look at other people’s faces. Then I put my own website to the search engine submission, I almost did not miss a chance to let included, but included my site is scanty, originally thought it was their own website, and then optimized, then one by one the submission, so I am very pleased that Google included my site although, only one page, but it gave me great encouragement, it is because it gives me the confidence to continue doing it. But Baidu I submitted many times (two months to submit at least 100 times), often hope to see whether it is included, but every time I’m very disappointed, I don’t know what is where to offend him, have not included my site. So far, he didn’t include me. (I checked it out just now). On site days, I almost <

Actual combat a low cost strategy for small and medium sized enterprise website construction

enterprise website construction, as one of the most important contents of enterprise informatization construction, often puzzles the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises. It’s a common complaint, spent thousands of dollars or even million yuan in the construction of enterprise website, discount is not well with the visitor interaction effect; the development of enterprises, the website needs to upgrade, upgrade costs much higher than expected; the security is not high, is frequently into the Trojan and submit spam, etc..

to really reduce the cost of small and medium-sized enterprise website construction, first of all from the enterprise website construction way. At present, the enterprise website construction methods have the following three kinds:

fool self help station. In the early days of Internet application, it was welcomed by the users because of its low cost and zero technical threshold. As time went on, his shortcomings gradually emerged. Unable to translate upgrade, limited by the platform framework; data can not be completely autonomous control; template rich, but very similar, inflexible, can not meet the needs of enterprise personality image; the site can not be long-term operation guarantee.

Personalized customization of

network company. Because the network company is not good, the price is also very different, and usually more formal network companies, the initial construction costs and late site upgrades higher, generally higher than expected.

purchase open source management system built on its own. Relative to the previous two ways, regardless of the site cost, system flexibility, have a very prominent advantage.

ASP is still the most widely used China enterprise website development language, and almost all of the ASP virtual hosting space support free ACCESS database collocation, is fully capable of carrying the data quantity and safety, and can effectively reduce the construction and maintenance cost, should be the preferred site for small, first from the ASP+ACCESS website operation platform to reduce website construction cost.

ASP but without special treatment, is completely open source, so there is little technology company issued a completely open boutique program, most of the network spread through early system changes renamed released, which can not guarantee the security of the system, it can not guarantee the subsequent upgrades. As mentioned in recent years, the enterprise website management system, as a rare ASP open source boutique program, has entered our line of vision. It has almost functional blocks of small and medium-sized enterprise website, such as enterprise information introduction, news, product display, product ordering, Download Center, recruitment information, membership management, guestbook, advertising management, Links, database maintenance, traffic statistics and other practical columns, taking into account the minority enterprise website to release other unknown information, therefore specially designed a similar news release bar unlimited extension bar. It is worth mentioning that all the classified information item with infinite classification management, each information edited by complete online editor, and membership management to achieve seamless integration, information view object constraints, and information storage management is the enterprise website information management problems, there are corresponding solutions. Enterprise with perfect function and friendly management interface

Grassroots article station from the daily average of 1500IP to 8000IP point of experience

first make a self introduction, I grassroots Adsense a, the current operation of the small station is "80 inspirational network", and many grassroots webmaster, the site’s profit source basically rely on Baidu alliance income. In June this year when A5 published a "4 of the weight of the grassroots webmaster website how to talk about the inspirational operation and optimization", then your daily traffic of about 1200~1500IP, after six months of operation, the current flow is basically stable at around 8000~9000IP. The average daily income of 100 yuan a little more, although not much income, but from 500 a month to 1000 a month, 2000, 3000, looking at monthly income is gradually rising, for grassroots Adsense, is a great motivation. Here are some of the recent data from the web site:




my site is the integration of about 80, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other aspects of the inspirational article sites, many webmaster to this website called "content station", content websites compared to services (such as games, tools, etc.) technology website viscosity is relatively low, these articles mainly for visitors read, read the one or two articles on general visit off to leave the service, technology, such as web site is to help visitors solve problems for the purpose to get some more visitors browsing depth. Improve the flow of the site, earn more money is every webmaster hard to do optimization, update the purpose of the article. The following six years to share the experience of improving the flow of the site, the level is limited, not good, but please criticize me.

summed up a few of the ideas that had been published before. Let’s say the following. For individual webmaster content management station, my advice is: 1, site positioning clear, try to do fine do fine; 2, the contents of the original or not is not important, the key is to resonate; 3, by the early mining long tail keywords improve website weight, this article has beenincluded favorable.

Here’s the topic of

: how to improve website traffic.

one, try to increase the number of articles


is content sites, the relative number of other types of websites will be much more, because the content does not depend on a keyword to improve traffic flow, most of the source is not from the home page, but the page content. My station is about IP1500 per day, and the monthly income is about 500 dollars. At that time every day and ran A5 to see the others where the use of SEO technology, H1, where the use of H2, where the increase keyword density, which places should pay attention to alt with no keywords, layout is right…… I look at these things every day, but I’m confused. I haven’t figured out 456 yet. By chance, I asked a webmaster who had done better to say how to flow