Metronomys Joe Mount Breaks Down Surviving Music Festivals

first_img Metronomy’s Joe Mount Breaks Down Surviving Music Festivals News Facebook “I would encourage people to bring a jester’s hat, to be honest. Something quite fun,” the singer/guitarist/festival veteran writes in his fest guide that allows for fun and functionality Ana YglesiasGRAMMYs May 27, 2019 – 8:55 am If you’ve been preparing for one of the many amazing upcoming music festivals this season, you may be all too familiar with the challenge of marrying style, comfort and practicality as you plan your looks. And if you’ve ever been to a camping music festival, you understand how this challenge can become even more harrowing, without modern luxuries like hot showers and full-length mirrors.If the stresses of being prepared for the uncertainties of the great outdoors have left you thinking about opting for the livestream instead, festival veteran Joe Mount, of U.K. electro-pop band Metronomy, has just the guide to keep your fest experience fun, comfortable and rather Zen-like.Related: Glastonbury Festival 2019 Announces Headliners Janet Jackson, The Killers & MoreIn his sensible yet humorous guide, published recently in The Guardian, Mount breaks down the eight must-haves for camping fest; a hat, tent, sleeping bag and mat, a “bumbag” aka fanny pack, wet wipes, a “compact” rucksack, wellies (rain boots) and a jacket or two. He offers some sage wisdom on the style versus comfort debacle: “I can’t stress enough how much I believe that being sensible is the only thing you should think of doing at a festival.”Along with Mount’s line of thinking, if you are comfortable, warm, relatively dry, and have a warm place to curl up at the end of your musical adventure, you’ll have plenty of stamina to have all the fun dancing to your favorite artists. And if you want, you can accessorize with some flare for your head.”I’m quite particular about hats. I would encourage people to bring a jester’s hat, to be honest. Something quite fun. But if I was picking one for me I’d go with this classic [knit] bobble hat. I remember the first festivals I went to seeing people with jesters’ hats and not really understanding it. Obviously now I do,” he told The Guardian.Metronomy have played a prime selection of festivals across the globe in their 20 years together as a group, including the famously-muddy-yet-epic Glastonbury in 2014. Mount shared that he has been to many festivals as a fan as well, experiencing his first Glastonbury experience back in 1998. He shares that there is a key difference between the fan and artist experience, as well, he’d never wear white tennis shoes across a muddy field:”I went to the first festivals thinking it would be a good place to meet girls, so I was thinking about how I looked. But with camping and fashion, the two are mutually exclusive. As soon as you put on wellies you lose all sense of style, unless you’re doing the vaguely right-wing man of the country look. But onstage I’d wear my white trainers. That idea of, like, ‘we’re all out here together in the mud’ is just not true. To keep the artifice of performance, you should always be going on stage like you would at any other show.”You can catch Mount rocking clean kicks on stage with Metronomy at several festivals across Europe this summer, including Luxembourg’s Siren’s Call and Glasgow’s Electric Fields.Your 2019 Guide To The Best Summer/Spring Music FestivalsRead more Metronomy’s Joe Mount On Surviving Music Festivals metronomys-joe-mount-breaks-down-surviving-music-festivals Email Twitter last_img read more