From the angle of analysis of Shanghai dragon micro shop merchandise search ranking optimization


is also provided in the micro shop in the search box, the majority of buyers can search through the function of the goods they need, so this problem — what to search and other search engines of the same commodity row in the front, which has become the first choice of goods, it is traffic high, at the same time, the corresponding micro shop and commodity turnover rate is higher. Naturally, each micro shop will be trying to make their goods search ranking by as much as possible before people refer to this ranked "Shanghai dragon" – product search optimization. (see figure 1–1)

promotion articles in the keyword

Keywords More and more sellers

buyers in search of goods usually enter one or two words (in fact we search for anything is basically like this), then according to the search results to select the target commodity. So, in the name of commodity is the first keyword search target, the seller must set up.


1. in the name of the

so, how to describe the goods more attractive? How to set keywords, Taiwan aims to make their products in similar products in the front? We use the "gold" micro shop platform as an example, we provide some suggestions.

the seller in the name of the commodity can be set according to the characteristics and advantages of goods to set, such as a brand, the seller can be set into the commodity name "summer women’s fashion".

as everyone knows, the search target in the search box on love Shanghai next time, we will be from top to bottom to browse, as a result, the row in front of the page title will first enter the majority of users view, be a priority target. Not only love Shanghai so, other search engines or web search box is no exception. As a result, which is the search results on the front row, the hit probability is greater.

commodity settings and in the description of the goods in the name of the keyword set is also a reason, grasp the characteristics and advantages of goods to set. Compared with the product name, description of goods play a larger space, the more words can be described.


2. in the description of the goods the keyword

can say that soft promotion is to optimize the product search the most common means of ranking, but also one of the very effective means. Appropriate to add some key words in the promotion of soft paper, can improve the micro shop search box and other search engines.

now open micro shop in the intelligent mobile phone, but most visited shops are generally low, ranking by comparison, most of the time is not good because of the commodity display page optimization result. In fact, optimize the commodity search rankings generally is set to add keywords, keywords can also be just perfect in the search box, or search for effective capture rate of engine, improve product search ranking.

The enterprise website optimization Website optimization promotion effect analysis and optimization

we know what is the user experience? Is that user can obtain valuable news or information on the website, the content is a key enterprise website must strictly, content value reflected in the above access depth for web content users, users love the text, the text is relatively high content of content richness, whether can let customers enter the website to obtain a lot of valuable knowledge, these are the basic details of our enterprise content show.


third, the website can effectively improve the conversion rate of the long tail word. We know that the enterprise website optimization core word competition is very intense, and the core keywords said to bring traffic is very limited, in this case as a webmaster how to open a new path, collect some value of the long tail word for enterprise website, can be targeted for certain products or services are optimized by optimizing the long tail word long tail word the conversion rate in this case is that we can fully enhance the thing to do, because of the long tail word optimization competition is small, good content and keywords layout, relative to add some outside the chain, you can get ranking. This is the author in the optimization of enterprise products often choose the mode of operation of the station.

first, constantly enrich the enterprise web content to provide users with value.

second, continue to shape the corporate brand image itself. All Internet marketing methods are to enhance corporate brand image, enterprise core words do love Shanghai home by Shanghai dragon, but love Shanghai is not calm all obvious to people, we have to do is to continue to enhance the brand value of enterprises, the purpose is to reduce weight even if the site or love Shanghai right down, but we the brand has long been popular, customers need only through the brand can be found on our website, the website completely get rid of the shackles of love in Shanghai, let the image of their own enterprises to bring a lot of valuable traffic to our

as everyone knows, the enterprise website optimization is one of the key enterprises of network marketing, as a webmaster how can we do the optimization of the corporate Web site for the optimization of the teacher staff is an urgent need to solve the problem, the enterprise website optimization a lot of the time we are to establish a work based on the user experience, as a webmaster must understand what users want through the website to know and get those valuable things, I think this is the enterprise website stationmaster must be deeply thinking about the problem, well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

fourth, Qiao concentrated weight or specification page standardization website with some of the weight of the label. We know that there is no need for a lot of enterprise website column spider, for example, contact us, a single page document we like, this time it is best to use nofollow tags to control, don’t let the spider put the URL index into their database, so as to enhance the efficiency of the spider crawling in the author also introduces a label that is when many companies stand on the product page page will appear in a product because of the different picture >