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The wiki

content page: Taiyuan wiki Shanghai Longfeng submission can get 100 yuan – New Year red envelopes construction sites in Taiyuan, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon consultant Research Center – Wikipedia (training content page title can also act as "Taiyuan Shanghai dragon wiki submission can get 100 yuan new year red envelopes – dimensional base Shanghai Longfeng research center", or "Taiyuan Shanghai Longfeng wiki contributors can get 100 yuan.

page title is a very important part of search engine optimization, whether in Shanghai or love this noble baby and other mainstream search engines are equally important, the title tag is generally placed in the HTML code in the page header (head) tags (Figure 1), if a user searches for a keyword there, your page in the search results, then the title will usually be in the first row shows that the user search keywords Su will be bold or standard red display, which helps the user to distinguish this page and whether he had to know the subject (Figure 2).


4. long but meaningless Title

on our website as an example




Figure 3


Keywords large accumulation of


Figure 2

so when we write the title should pay attention to what? What kind of title is a good title. This and other mainstream search engines actually also does not have what difference, need to have the title accuracy and uniqueness, accuracy can make your title effectively convey the content of your website, and it is unique and can make the search engine is very good for all of our website page to separate. In addition to the title if to streamline it as concise as possible, because the title search engine can be displayed in bytes is limited, more than the number of words will be an ellipsis (Figure 3).

titleNothing more page title don’t

5. in the title, this in the past for keywords ranking is very helpful, but at present only as a kind of punishment standard.

3. of all web pages have the same title, which is now most enterprise website the most easy to mistake.

Figure 1

2. do not use such as "Untitled", "next page", "on the page" default document title.

home: Taiyuan website, Shanghai dragon consultant, promotion, training and research center of Shanghai dragon

page classification: website construction service – construction sites in Taiyuan, Shanghai dragon consultants, promotion, training and research center of Shanghai dragon

Web site keywords from the long tail word of how to get traffic

C, the internal anchor text links to the long tail keywords ranking effect is very big, we do internal links can be used in reference, the latest articles etc.. The purpose of the article is the long tail keywords can progress B and anchor text links in the A article, it needs a process, it is very powerful.

F, a website to reach a >

a, we should optimize the long tail keywords, the first thing is to need to know roughly content of this page, what is your hair this web content? Not all content can as long tail keywords bring you flow, "a lot of content just to make the site more lucrative. For example, some industry news, some hot topic, so the content often flow will be large portal away without your job. Often your content is from them over there. Like this, did not consider the ranking necessary. But most pages are the keywords to find.


B, when we write the contents of web pages, needs to emphasize the purpose of keywords, we should also pay attention to the keyword density, as far as possible in each paragraph are the key words. On the site before and after the best present to the long tail keywords, first presented to the long tail keywords can bold, black. To define a H tag in the title of the article, you can use the H1, H2 that the long tail keywords. The best is in the content appropriate to achieve progress in the long tail keywords, keyword density and content correlation.

is generally a few words long tail keywords combined together, and will give website bring some high quality flow vocabulary, long tail keywords on the site in general are not the main keyword and popular keywords,

popularity, such as website optimization this kind of words, flow, competition is very big, and the conversion rate is relatively low, while another such company, Shenzhen Website Optimization Website Optimization words expressed intent more strongly, so the relative conversion rate will go up, colleagues, more than just natural competitiveness a Shanghai dragon like much smaller. So visible long tail keywords in the process of enterprise website optimization is very important. Here are some views of thinking way of Shanghai Longfeng:

e, for example, we need to optimize the word "website promotion company", but a content page is often difficult to make a detailed brief words make up. So, we need to find the key words a little longer. We can use love Shanghai, Google search for "long tail keywords" the relevant search love Shanghai and Google, in the relevant search, find the long tail keywords more suitable for me to do.

D, the internal page, do, need to do is to do the anchor text appropriate external links, important elements ranking also is the anchor text, whether external or internal anchor text anchor text is very important. We can set up a few customers, such as Sina, news and NetEase, can send some false original article in the above, plus the long tail keywords link

What domain names are appropriate for GGAD accountsThe online travel business of old community touri

online travel is the hot spot of venture investment in recent years, but it is affected by two aspects. One is the development trend of tourism industry. Relative to the rich, people are willing to spend money on tourism, there are trillions of output value. Domestic booking services through the Internet is far lower than the level of developed countries, the online tourism itself has hundreds of billions of market scale, an annual growth rate of more than 60%. The second is the impact of the mobile Internet, mobile applications emphasize its outdoor attributes, just to better cut into the tourism activities.

OTA in addition to booking air tickets, hotels, travel routes and services and traditional travel agencies with the set of services including ticket + Hotel + travel arrangements, in the tourism industry also known as tourism products, or selling line. In order not to confuse the Internet products we discuss, I call this product "travel service".

often sees a lot of friends complaining on the Internet, saying that GGAD has failed to apply for many times. I feel very puzzled, don’t GG want more webmasters to do GGAD? The answer is yes, because a lot of GG’s profit is ggad. What is the real reason why many people fail to apply for the shlf1314 Adsense account? As far as I can see, the problem lies mainly in the domain name used to apply for the GGAD account.


3, you use the domain name to do the station, must have content, not too little, at least 50 or more, the interface is not bad, and make it more substantial.


of the way cattle, donkey mother, is to this mode of online sales, tourism services or can be called the tourism business. This market is mainly to line up resources and services, mainly the electricity supplier model competition.

some friends say that using a new domain name to apply for an GGAD account is generally not possible. To this end, I deliberately made a small experiment, with the latest new CF game station to apply for GGAD, the result is second days received GG reply and opened the GGAD account. Well, what kind of domain name is suitable for GGAD accounts? My experience is that as long as the domain name meets the following 3 criteria:

process of tourism activities, can be divided into three stages, before the line after the line. The main line is the itinerary, travel booking service, especially the ticket hotel; line is the tourism activity itself, the whole travel process of the user; the user after friends and to share travel experiences and spread their stories, photos and so on.

travel according to the autonomy of the itinerary, can be divided into group tours and self-help travel. Of course, in recent years, there has been a similar semi autonomous, travel agencies are responsible for air tickets and hotels, travel schedule all their own arrangements, such relatively small, tentatively placed into the self-help tour. Group tour is a tour agency that manages everything and naturally doesn’t have online travel products. Online travel product contends for, it is the user that self-help swims.

I have been doing travel products for some time. Recently relatively idle, just go out with friends, a trip back, they come to pull their own online travel products entrepreneurial views.

online travel industry chain analysis

2, the domain name must be your application shlf1314 Adsense on the real name of all


also need to remind that, GGAD account is very valuable, we must treasure. For general cheating methods, GG can be identified. Hope that webmaster friends can stand good, make reasonable income. Finally, I hope everyone can make a lot of money through GGAD!

, OTA and tourism electricity supplier are now a competitive market, and even

real name 1, you apply for a user in shlf1314 Adsense that did not enter the blacklist that is not registered and have been K, if it is registered, but you forget, not K, that can give shlf1314 Adsense group letter, explain the reason, so you can still register

so the earliest online travel tycoon, Ctrip, eLong is such a travel booking website, referred to as "OTA-Online Travel Agent". A big head of OTA or a business travel user?. But this part of the user’s commercial value is not the same, belong to another category, it is not discussed carefully.

, which can make money, is naturally accounted for the bulk of the ticket, hotel reservations. This part of the book, in the "line" part of tourism.

Based on the

Keywords Enterprise Station mentality January quickly love Shanghai Google home

. The content of the website to update: This is needless to say, I believe we all know! But some enterprises built up and then update the two on the shelf, there is a good ranking that love Shanghai certainly not! The website wants to love Shanghai Pro Lai, updated every day the best original content is essential. The contents of my; now I usually update two or three articles, three or four products, basic love Shanghai five minutes included are now updated articles; there is a tip: if you do that you will love Shanghai keywords in the news search, then there will be a day of the earliest news, the news network on this website a revision to the title, content, and a little changed published in your station, pseudo original high, love Shanghai included too fast;

four. Links: essential quality Links; of course as a new enterprise in order to obtain high PR Gao Quanzhong, one is not easy! You can add some sites in different regions of the same industry Links; if the company money can go to buy some high weight links is also quite good; there are a lot of Links trading platform, there are sold and exchange, you can go to see

two. Insist on the chain: A5 forum to do outside the chain where a push 28 push BBS forum, WHY forum, Shanghai dragon and so on; the signature leave your own web site, and then post in the forum, of course, not recklessly Oh, the spirit of learning the spirit we can communicate with each other at the same time. Increase your chain;


May 26th love Shanghai included in the seventeenth page, June 22nd two keywords are on the home page, a fourth bit of a fifth bit, here I share with you this month I have to do, specific actions we are only talking about the actual

three. Wikipedia, know I do love Shanghai: encyclopedia Wikipedia, SOSO encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, know: love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer; the love of Shanghai know Soso Ask the weight of very high, love Shanghai now more stringent, leave the chain also depends on the skill and good luck, and Search ask leave link probability in more than eighty percent, and released the same day can be included and will have a good ranking;

blog: six. To a relatively high weight of the blog message or comment, because personal blog.

five: a few years ago. Blog blog promotion have been webmaster familiar, some webmaster have ten hundreds of blogs; here I recommend NetEase blog, blog, blog, and love Shanghai love Shanghai space space, of course to be careful, too much advertising words easy to be blocked in recent years; to micro-blog, everyone will be more respected Sohu micro-blog, indeed its weight is very high, but included fast, I just registered in my first blog on the micro-blog keyword Sohu just row on the first page, we can try to do micro-blog every day, there will be a good harvest;

How to change to high-end Web links

3: the other sites have Links modules, but must do other website links, then apply in other website or send e-mail! Resulting in a waste of time, may the other site e-mail, is a N for a long time do not log on e-mail, even happened to run into full compliance with the requirements of each other again leave QQ number, sometimes it is very difficult to get a reply, mainly because they do not think too much of Links. If the application of this kind of link, may cause a waste of time.


4: the other requirements are traffic restrictions, basically because of PR6, the world ranking within 10 thousand website >

2: the other sites do not pay attention to Links, not even Links this module, there are also several links for timely, scanty do the station at the beginning, and will not be considered for new links. This is the basic personal connections and relationships when

with the Alexa world rankings limit, so I think in the beginning is limited, a look from the top to the bottom of the beginning of the idea is provided in the home station list in alexa. Then, this is a mistake. Mainly encountered the following problems.

links, each other to my position is: PR is greater than or equal to 5, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 10 thousand, the love of Shanghai included the normal IT website. And frankly, large change link, very difficult, at that time I did not care, careful observation of the site, re positioning in the other side of the base, and only for PR is greater than or equal to 6, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 8000, the love of Shanghai is greater than or equal to 5000 sites included. Did not expect to increase the difficulty, bring me a lot of trouble is also larger.

1: the other side too many restrictions on the site, such as he is the forum website, then he can only change the forum site, the other a little bit, do not take into account. Also some e-commerce sites, it is only in the same industry, for the industry almost to the point where harsh restrictions.

How to change

to high-end Web links

change link problems in

some time ago because the public training out of the 28 push, this thing has become a pity in my heart, especially seen in the public training area, some feelings and harvest the others hair, is envy envy hate feeling. Because before he made dozens of large and small sites, so for the exchange links related matters relatively is more familiar. Today have the opportunity to do the exchange links for a well-known Web site, just 2 hours, also have a little of his own mind, so in my blog to share the encountered problems and related techniques.

The discovery process

website link changeThe

Liu Jun linkbait allows users to help you do the Shanghai Dragon

common linkbait:

the number of the chain and to enhance the quality of the website for the benefits of needless to say, so many webmaster every day to do a lot of the chain, generally do link is the way to the forum posting replies, build your blog articles, to answer a classified information link, but deviate from them it is a webmaster, article, perhaps to write their own, perhaps is the ISM, and then add their own website in the article links to any place where you can send the article to. Every day the chain will let the webmaster friends feel heart tired, never seem to have endless chain, chain is so mechanical and boring, made a lot of links with the effect is good, if not better feel terribly fatigued, the endless links the days when is the end. What method can make the boring chain work more interesting? Might as well try to do something about the link bait work, the chain will be more changeable, not boring, would do much better to link.

make some open source cms template, for example, do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends love WordPress to do with a blog, but not everyone will do the WordPress template, the template is made of very good linkbait. Of course, if you can do it better, the effect of an open source cms such as phpcms dedecms, their official website PR 8 is because they have very strong link bait. Only in this way is not suitable for the grassroots webmaster.

to carry out network marketing activities


how to do link bait?The following

for your website a station.

submission, go to the webmaster website such as A5 submission Chinaz webmaster portal, write some relatively strong professional articles reproduced the effect is very good. Contribute to the more you want to do outside the chain site, such as your website is the medical nature of the site, you can write some articles like analysis of the medical industry, submission of the website to choose medical industry portals, websites and contribute articles and make your own website have correlation. From the analysis of Shanghai Dragon angle, so the chain effect will be good.

what is linkbait

for example more easy to understand, for example, you contribute to a portal site, at the end of the article add your own web site, then the portal hired your article, we all know that large portal article is very easy and various websites, and a little larger sites will not get rid of you the copyright is the link at the end of your article, so you send an article, you can automatically increase effective for many backlinks. This behavior is to do a link bait, in a nutshell, is that you make a chain, the chain of automatic reproductive growth function, we call the linkbait.

Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization should avoid these two mistakes

you know, love Shanghai pays great attention to the website authority, that is to say, the more authoritative website, more easy to get keywords ranking, this is the consensus. So, why are there so many people have in the fight against the Shanghai dragon, with so many authoritative websites, and there is still a chance? In addition to unremittingly efforts to make their website more authoritative, the possibility of opportunities exist where is


two, Jianwai chain anchor link

keyword ranking things!

chance, when I check the site outside the chain, left found previously in the A5 published the article "small website profit information product evaluation model" is part of the cervical vertebra health supplies chain text. It is foreseeable that this article is not only by the chain, gained the love of Shanghai Pro gaze, and text but collocation anchor link chain, and finally let love Shanghai trust this column and give a ranking. But, as we all know, love Overseas chain found is the pure text outside the chain, it is enough to love Shanghai for text value chain.

from the opposite side to prove the optimization, keywords, website more often than the column page to column page article pages more often than easy. So, especially when we are still small website, once a keyword is column page or web page in the front row, don’t hope to take a page to fight, even if the word index is very low. Because of you, usually for this keyword in the number of the chain, row up the chance is very small. Of course, if the row in front of the article page, then you according to your article page, dedicated for the chain, have a great chance to row up.

Although column

in fact, the more the big site, the less likely. So, after Sina, Sohu and other portals, with 39 healthy, with Youku Video etc.. That is to say, we can through the small website, use website to segment, and portal station channel confrontation with columns to the page with portal access against keyword ranking.

onlyThe author This

said that Shanghai dragon is very simple, eight words: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Is the core reason Shanghai dragon really so simple. Whenever you are, to win in the details, and today we want to talk about the details, is two little-known Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, especially love optimization in Shanghai. Understand and avoid these two mistakes, perhaps can let you Shanghai Longfeng work more effective, so you win in the details —


, a page against the website or

e different, cervical spondylosis, after 3 months of effort, has finally had a lot of keywords ranking. But I remain perplexed despite much thought is just the cervical column page health products won the "health cervical pillow" ranking, and other columns such as "the prevention of cervical spondylosis" than "cervical health care pillow" index words failed to get low ranking. Because of the author for the chain, each column is almost even keeled.

How to prevent search engines

the above content by TTleyuanbaby original writing, please indicate the source link: daily Le Parenting Network 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝/ thank you


to allow other search engines display snapshot, but only to prevent the love Shanghai display, please use the following tags:

robots file is actually a spider like warning file, as we all know, when spider crawling our website, is to check your site robots.txt does not have such a file, the file is written to you don’t want to be included in the search engine’s content. Of course, if your site does not exist in the content, do not establish a robots file like this, otherwise… Oh…

not to me, is actually very simple, only need to set the robots.txt file, so how to set up the robots file, I would like to introduce the following:

1.robots.txt file in

perhaps, these points set for most of the webmaster is not very useful, because more Adsense or want the site to be included in search engines, this knowledge may be useless soldiers. The above is only a little knowledge of my recent study, as experience and harvest and share with you.


robots.txt file in the root directory of the site should be relatively easy to find, and also can do, such as your URL 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 (my site, for example, by the way), then your robots.txt files should be in 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝/robots.txt, which defines a spider to read a range of robot.

2. prohibited search engines display snapshot in the search results, but only on the web pages indexed by setting the "love Shanghai support meta, to prevent search engines display a snapshot of the site. The method is as follows: to prevent all search engines display a snapshot of your site, please send this page into Meta Tags:

The so-called

every one of Shanghai dragon, simply said as long as have a website, no one does not want their website is not indexed by search engines, of course this is correct, but some other factors when we site some confidential data or website do not want to be included in the search engine and what should we do? How to prevent search engines


How to do the analysis of several of the local substation substation mode

disadvantages: 1. applies only to a small part of several large sites such as car site of main station and substation of repeated contents less abundant information resources, 2. content to maintain the size of the information company website general died.

advantages: applicable to all sites, does not affect the master, master station and substation level included good no number limit

this way is actually on the way and is about the station without the use of the two level domain but use the directory but the two effects are high

disadvantages: less, the new station included little effect, effect of master station and substation substation number can not be too much

we agree on the website set up around the station will be more confused, I do not know what to do? Especially the master station and sub station duplicate content issue, there is a sub station model may be relatively simple and clear we may first think of is the city category website because this website without master as long as each two level domain name assigned to the corresponding sub station can be. Then the master station www by IP to judge the city by 301 to the station, for this website we don’t have to say what. We still focus on that station sub station + mode. Are the following:

Demo: specialty portal www.tutese贵族宝贝

+ content does not display the master substation substation


domain name: www master station plus two domain

technology advantages: low implementation difficulty, clear thinking, if the station content updates quickly rose too fast

Demo: www.15hr贵族宝贝

Demo: may refer to several large automotive website

there is a kind of method is not used, I have tried, not by search search because of complex structure

disadvantages: substation ranking rose slowly but long-term adherence can have good rankings, difficult to change chain

has the advantages of clear thinking, suitable for most web sites, content update does not need to consider the master station, included and rankings, if not good station competition will also have certain ranking

The main contents include: the content of + sub station

content: master the content of independent independent

+ content does not display the master substation substation

domain name: www master station plus two domain


master stationThe main contents include: the content of

domain name: www directory


with 2 kinds of similar dimension is not the same when the master station display content using station of the two domain names, but the channel and two domain names are not the same as this way in addition to > two

The old domain in the medical website optimization really do have a role

because these do not dump the old domain what ranking or flow, just keep playing, so never optimized, have no time to do optimization. The station had included over yuan, also experienced by K home page ZhengZhan even by K’s tragedy, but has not shut down any one station. The station gives me more experience is proved some general rules:

peak has reached over 10000 included.


two: the importance of persistence, can imagine, these have a little history of long-term collection and maintenance station, there will still be collected and updated snapshot, at least proved the importance of persistence, although this result because the content of garbage is lost more than half.

old domain name in the end there is no use to talk about the problem is an old growth, there are pros and cons. This is actually a simple practice will have the answer.

of course, this does not mean that the old domain name do stand will be successful, the detailed summary of the future articles will continue to analysis.

is below the current usage in the medical industry to summarize the old domain. In fact, from the first entered the medical industry promotion, except for the hospital name protection must be registered the domain name, the rest of the station especially optimization station I use more old domain name do stand, the first is the aforementioned cost is not high; the second is the old name really good. Because early do the old domain hospital station no screenshots, said effect wucongkaozheng. Screenshot two last month this month old domain name registration, ranking gradually advancing.

have no effect? ;

, content is king, even the old domain, long-term acquisition and maintenance, and also does not work, out of the mix always has

old domain name so roughly divided two kinds, one is from the registration date has been renew real old domain name, the domain name is generally expensive, especially more than 10 years; two is the initial registration expires earlier, was registered by the domain name, domain name registered by the old cost is not high, such as 22 to grab a 70 note A5 yuan, domain name trading area general goods with cybersquatting with record number, but also a lot of seventy or eighty dollars. Of course, the best products, or residual chain except extreme overbearing. The network describes the old domain benefits but there are so few, the domain name history old love Shanghai included early, there are also some weight, with a large number of the chain, then these so-called benefits in the end of the old domain name to do the new

is not in love with "brothers

has been one of the best on page third.

two domain names are registered last month.

a few years ago I just entered the network or white, with a domain name, but mostly for the tuition fee. But it also saved some old domain and made a number of stations. In recent years, because of work reasons, I made the station have become station group software maintenance station and at least two and a half years. Here are some of these old garbage station today included a screenshot of the domain name: