The wrong content is king is not trusted not to let the content become burden optimization

for many people to understand the word content is king is the original, this is a point of view is very sad, we all know that the original site is not so good to do, but also the two month three day in and day out, month to, or even longer if you insist, not for this particular station can you really love this stick? I believe that few people can! Even if it is for a station of my earliest, also is the debut in time and slowly lost his love for his original. Another misunderstanding is that many web content are junk content, which the content is not related to the content or keyword accumulation content, these content is disdain and do in our regular do stand webmaster heart, but he is good, so some webmaster began noisy say content is king is nonsense, don’t believe such nonsense, in fact can not blame them, because they see a corner of this site of the iceberg, in fact for this site does not play a decisive role, but outside the chain, such as Links high weight, the chain, or buy some chain weight high, even some people hang a number of black chain, if we put this down to the content of this one is quite unfair. There may be other content for the wrong point of view, these views are not credible, we must be aware of this point.

content is not equal to the original, it is not only the pseudo original, but can not be copied and pasted, content is king is only for web content we have very high requirements. The search engine has a good evaluation for the website, first I think it would be an evaluation of the website content, to the content is really for the user role is qualified, then I think the search engines love some new original content, may also be so much knowledge, but more expression more, the perspective will be recognized by search engine.

If the

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. I have been busy with many things, for the optimization of catch loose a lot, many fell in the rankings, has been thinking about for optimization of the road how to better go. Recently I feel the most is that many of them will be on the content of the site is very important, high quality content search engine most likely to be evaluated as a good website, there will be a good ranking, we all know this, so we have to content "content is king" said, but this sentence it is also sometimes take out a lot of criticism, because some people think that this word to mislead a group of people, let some people live every day in pain, today I will, to this point to talk about their views on the content on the website: wrong content can not be trusted, don’t let yourself become content optimization drag.



The king trusted content of

2, content for the website content requirements of the real

content is king in the world of martial arts which should be regarded as one of the most basic > we webmaster


The scoop buy links hidden behind

two to cancel the purchase link to how to handle the


B: love Shanghai (China largest search engine market share rate is above 80%, the main battlefield of Chinese station)

A: noble baby (the world’s largest search engine, the main battlefield of the domestic foreign trade site)

, a search engine for the link to purchase attitude.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for the chain he always pays more attention to keep from talking about, "user experience". But in a recent update to the head of the community "first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sources" proposed business connection harm. And make the following explanation: "buy links may use very improper means to make site to obtain a certain effect in a short time, but the search engine has a special program to identify the various means and behavior, once found, the site will not get the desired effect, and even be search engine punishment." In order to take their own petty profits, the website hit edge ball, will eventually lead to incalculable consequences.


is a very important link for the website optimization in terms of the "chain". The search engine that A website the links to the B web site, A is standing for a vote of confidence in the B station, can effectively enhance the authority of the B station, the PR value of search engine ranking. Baby Pagerank famous and noble love Shanghai CEO Robin Li hyperlink analysis of patent, are working this way based on search engine. Subsequently, the link trading emerged on the Internet now shine blossom everywhere. Almost all of the site advertising can see his figure. As we all know Shanghai dragon "hang link" for help in ranking, but Gu Jun for everyone here to buy secret behind the link to the site to bring worries.



09 years begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, noble baby is my first research object. At that time the rich owners "in the purchase of high PR link PR and improve site keywords ranking is a very common phenomenon, now the Shanghai dragon Er buy basically are in contact with the link. But since last year I believe that the purchase of friends also found links, external links for noble baby standard strictly, buy links play a role is not strong. At the same time, the noble baby also recently on this behavior to do a crackdown (my site has been shot), and updated in March 9th of this year’s "noble baby" webmaster guidelines emphasized that the punishment for the purchase link. The search engine is in progress, the noble baby from time to the semantic keyword search times, for the needs of users and web content more and more attention, so the degree of attention to the outside of the chain are weakened. The purchase link has rarely play a role, even on your site has been counterproductive

Analysis of enterprise website how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization from four aspects

: a web site layout optimization and the appearance of

enterprise website both in Shanghai Dragon

for the enterprise website is concerned, in fact, keyword density is very easy to control in a reasonable range, such as 2% to 8%, because when the business involved in the presentation, it is easy to control, but if you do not pay attention to the control, it is difficult to achieve reasonable keyword density of key words usually! The density of serious thin, or keyword density is not serious to stack the website optimization.

enterprise website has now become the main force of the Internet, after all enterprises relative to individuals, regardless of the strength and financial resources are much more than the individual, once the enterprise website operation force, its influence cannot be underestimated, but the enterprise website after just a transition from the traditional to the operating platform based marketing platform, or the difference between great, so many companies appear a variety of problems in the operation, especially in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often become the bottleneck of enterprise website development, optimize the construction of Shanghai dragon how to do enough business website

good website title, keywords and description of these three elements, mainly divided into two aspects, one is the home page, a column page, for home page, usually using the name as the title of the website, did not appear to have what problem, but this will undoubtedly reduce the searching scope of enterprise website, so better the method is the site keywords, long tail keywords and the name of the enterprise together, as the title of the website, so it can increase the search scope at the same time, also can let users more accurate find websites, but for keywords and description of the two aspects, and basically similar title, we must seize the main aspects play the advantages of long tail keywords,

keyword ? !

a lot of company website favorite website dressed to the nines, extensive use of flash, java small program and so on, these technologies, has now become the edge of the web technology, can improve the appearance of the website looks, but in fact has become the bottleneck of the development of the website of Shanghai dragon, in fact the site appearance is mainly simple, clean and tidy, beautiful picture can not help what busy, in order to improve the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, distribution should do the site keywords, layout reasonable standard, another website should use more text, it is more easy to search engine crawlers! The only way to become a basic qualified enterprise website

for the website column page title, keywords and description of the set, of course, also need to follow certain principles, such as a column is a keyword, relevant content is done around the keywords, the best is the title page title is expanding, ten million cannot be the same, the same is true for the description and keywords


two: the three elements of the



three: the distribution and density of

Analysis of the construction site outside the chain of high quality diversification mode

when the website operation gradually on track, then you should pay attention to the chain optimization on the web page, the reason for this is.

two, operation began to focus on creating the mid chain


three, operating on track to build the chain of

a home page, the chain is the site optimization key early

at this stage is generally longer, is also the focus of the site optimization, in fact the website optimization is to optimize the core content of long tail keywords, the optimization of the column page is to create more from the search engine entrance, also can further enhance the website traffic conversion rate.

The duration of column page

how can better improve the quality of the website chain? Many optimization personnel think leaving the website homepage link on the platform of high weight can be, in this way I believe that only understand one thing, the correct approach should be adopted in the construction of the chain of diversified mode of high quality, specific to from the following aspects.

a website in the new stage, as far as possible to enhance the website visibility, because the home page for the site, is the most important part, is also the site of the highest weight part, recommended to the website home page through the platform of those high weight, can obviously enhance the weight of the website, this is the most direct and effective, generally on the site just on the line, and by writing quality articles to some high weight site, with links to their web page, even text links, also often play a multiplier role, not more than a week this new station will be included.

love Shanghai innovation site outside the chain is one of the important factors to judge the quality of the target station love Shanghai, because the way to Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. website ranking is the most fair principle, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is the love Shanghai algorithm principle, using the garbage the practice of the chain, let the chain many website looks rich in number, also has the effect of diversification, but it is not the quality of how high, causing the site’s ranking and declining with the updating of love Shanghai algorithm, which is obviously the website optimization failures.

when the website operation period, this time the website has accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but also get some rankings in the love sea, but because home competitors too strong, if optimize the home page chain blindly, have a negative effect perceptibly at this stage will, at this time to build according to the website, began to build more entrance website on the Internet, that is to say through the optimization model of long tail keywords, the chain website column page recommendation to the high weight of the platform, and the specific recommendations and method of entry is not to spend money to help others and contribute, website construction at the same time, they can also get some help.

No matter how the algorithm

Love Shanghai included the main domain and with index.html index.php solution

Of course, my home is the default

three: the structure of the website, there is no unified method of online home page, the God given is to unify the home page, the home page is the best place for the absolute path, directly to the main domain name written up. (the beginning I bypass this, finally found a few days or the problem)

home Xenu tool chain detection tool, this love can direct sea search, Download everywhere.

: a space without default homepage, the solution is to set index.html as the default home page, my space is all the default home page is set to index.html

but suddenly one day I found the website www.oruifine贵族宝贝 love Shanghai snapshot shows 2015-2-04, but through the webmaster tools query but display a snapshot of the time for 2015-2-17. then I site my website, found that the first page is the domain name without index.html, included time is 2015-2-14, the second page appeared with the domain name index.html the love of Shanghai snapshot, time is 2015-2-17. and before the weight is 1, now 0, keyword ranking also fell.

two: the chain in other sites made a lot of index.html, I also domain my website, my chain is the main domain name, not index.html

had been set in the browser, input.

said, this also included the domain name and index.html, then a few solutions online, so we have a try.

four: is the direct use of robots to take index.html to disable

love Shanghai also included the domain name and index.html, found that many people are asking this question, some people say that this situation will lead to the website decentralization, is not conducive to the optimization, it was also said that this is not what the relationship. But just take, so I love Shanghai everywhere see resolution.

five: 301 jump, jump to the index.html domain name (because I was white, that I am not

I use the )

I was a white, before the site is from the company website in Dali, then you want to take care of, the source took over.

more than a few solutions can refer to (how to avoid the website home page with index.html lead to weight scattered)

now I want to say is how I found the problem, and solve, because many online methods just said about, there is no detailed steps for us this white, I think it can give detailed steps for good.

In the love of Shanghai blog included test

this simple test.


then take a look at my statistics! Love Shanghai after the update, the previously released blog stand ninety percent included is cleared, only a few accounts, there are a few papers, several anchor text content is still included with low quality content. Take these and included in the account, enable the same number of new love Shanghai account, daily published 8 essay collection content and anchor text. The old and new account account each side 4, a week later, all the contents of the old account is deleted, the new account number eighty percent was included in Monday, Tuesday. Don’t be happy, is just the beginning, after Wednesday not included. In second weeks, or Monday and Tuesday are included, and included rate is very high, including Thursday query included, last week, that included twenty percent of the content to be filtered out. There have been a week, and now all been filtered. Similarly, I also tested the form of link to reprint the same effect.

in the optimization of the anchor text search engine, there are many methods, such as: blog, forum, favorites, exchange platform etc.. I believe these methods all know, and for some good webmaster, know more, just like the blog can be said to be a method of anchor text in the most simple and most effective release. The next step is to link the forum issued, this method is more trouble for the novice, because most of the new Adsense to directly publish signature links, or be deleted, or banned. And I want to favorites, for the novice to know this method is very small. The latter approach is not to say, the first list of the three methods.

love the search engine, now let us do the domestic webmaster for both love and hate. This love is helpless! Who love Shanghai is the largest search engine, this hate, as long as the owners, we have the unified thought, this not much said.

believe that the novice webmaster and old webmaster including me, in love before Shanghai did not update, is love method blog anchor text, because the publication is simple, and included also quickly, especially love Shanghai’s own blog, the effect is the best. But you put all the anchor text into the blog, so in this love Shanghai update, you have the cup.

for the love of Shanghai update, I think most of the webmaster will be affected. My website is not much change, but I found my anchor text has shrunk dramatically, do not know the anchor text of your site is not affected? I often see some small sites included in the forum overnight to zero. To send so many of the anchor text, anchor text cleared overnight. Hey! Let the webmaster in hekan feeling


my site although not affected too much, but I still love Shanghai for later update anchor text this piece to do a simple analysis. Share here, deficiencies in the hope that a lot of advice.

Facing the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng occupation when will we have the spring

Hello, I am Xie kai. See this title perhaps a lot of people are feeling, the bottleneck of almost every occupation of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon people are hard to avoid, the occupation itself is so, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry to hot. We always follow the love of Google or Shanghai’s footsteps, rely on love Google or Shanghai live last night and a few colleagues drink, nonsense, talk to the prospects of the US occupation bitter, more and more young people joined the industry, with the pressure of competition. This industry is facing various occupation bottleneck, found in the usual communication, some friends have done a few years of the so-called chain specialist. Of course the salary is relatively hard, I also made a Commissioner of the chain of more than two years, if we do not think how to change, then certainly not many predecessors footsteps. The reason I do not long winded, everything is for money or the future.

step by step, this industry is the changing process of

environmental factors we can’t change, I do the chain specialist in a small network company, may I contact the little knowledge of the industry, the most is to listen to the leaders of a few lines, long down leaders view will become your own. In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, will let you become really well, in this new people’s most outstanding performance, many new friends can not integrate into the occupation, just a day to complete the task amount specified on the line. I want to say is that this is a good occupation, want to point in this industry, people should be more to learn and exchange, QQ group and stationmaster net is a good choice, it can gradually understand the industry. But you will soon encounter the bottleneck of their own, this time to go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, for example: writing, establishment of common sense, to learn these basic skills, the most important thing is to do something to think about, so you will progress very quickly. In short, we should start from their own reasons, too much blame seems to have much effect.

their own reasons we can change

is the bottleneck in Shanghai Longfeng people often feel confused, gradually lose confidence in the industry, and the work characteristics of this occupation is boring, whether the chain construction, or website editor, all day is a matter of repetition. But think carefully what occupation not so? Basically are repeated, I dare not say how long the industry still exist, once love Shanghai or Google algorithm change, then we can go to silently accept, but I think at least ten years will not die. Only Shanghai dragon will be more difficult, the cost will be higher, more often to pay attention to search engine dynamic we do this line of friends, and all day thinking about what moment love Shanghai will completely eliminate the Shanghai dragon, as well as to prepare for the network marketing is our way to learn this. The knowledge is not bad. In the eyes of many, this is a bitter.

regardless of environmental factors, only

Fuzhou decoration company by analyzing the needs of users ranked first

4. users decoration company in Fuzhou. This site is for you to do what the crowd? The female white-collar male students???? so, good location of users, the content of the site optimization is crucial

3. Fuzhou decoration company. It is the characteristic of the website, the website can bring a unique viscosity

then you need to think about is:

using the keyword optimization tool love Shanghai promotion, love and love Shanghai webmaster tools 5188 keyword mining tools by keywords heat analysis of user needs.

8, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

2. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

Hello, I am Fuzhou decoration company, Shanghai dragon ink for webmaster optimization, the most important is the needs of users, but in the website of Shanghai Dragon technology optimization when you build this site first need to know is what to do? What is the audience positioning your

5. Fuzhou decoration company need to update what. The core of a website’s content, a weight high website is the most important quality content, you update the content users love to see? What problems could be solved by

analysis of the row in front of your site;

analysis of user demand:

? format

2. Fuzhou decoration company website. You can build a website to there is traffic, money orders, or simply to share, to consider the site has not developed, after how to optimize the operation of

7. Fuzhou decoration company market analysis

3, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation.

1, do 301 redirect zhiliaomt贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝zhiliaomt贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

1. you are familiar with what? What are you good at? Gehangrugeshan, if you are not familiar with what, what is not good, so you don’t do, find a point of interest, so that you know what you want to do website

The ultimate goal of

analysis of search keywords index;

analysis of search engine keyword drop-down box;

to the user?

6. Fuzhou decoration company with what procedures in order to achieve the desired effect. Blog, DEDE, store, do the best to share words or blog program, do a product or company if you dream! Do website XML site map, submit in Shanghai webmaster tools, 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml

As of Shanghai dragon Er three kind of situations you should have the mentality

I also want to give you a suggestion, is to change your attitude to the website ranking, this sounds may make you feel ridiculous, some people may feel that this is a failure to give an excuse to evade their own. But please listen to the explanation.

we usually only think is Shanghai dragon ER technology is very important, in fact, the technology is on the one hand, as a Shanghai dragon Er has good attitude is more important. Many times we find that why my site in YAHOO, Google, soso search engine keywords can be found, but in Shanghai can not find love, is not love Shanghai to see my site not pleasing to the eye? Before I site in the search engine rankings good, now in sight, if I search engine punishment? We often encounter these problems, in the face of these problems, it is important for us not our technology is good, but we have a good attitude.

two: in the face of the site is K

is for more highlights, as we cannot have the Shanghai dragon Er more slack mentality, when we have a few keywords ranking good, absolutely can not be satisfied, because they don’t know that your keywords ranking will be dropped, if you have the key words enough to replace, then don’t worry traffic to the site’s influence is too big. This strategy is very important in our Shanghai dragon in the competition.

In the traditional

: in the face of a decline in ranking to have a good attitude

to have a good attitude If you

optimization is a type of e-commerce site, or even your own personal website, then you have to have a clear understanding of your site in the search engine rankings or by the flow of the search engine will is not immutable and frozen, they are constantly floating. One day you find your site on the front page of the row, you can be very happy, but never assume it would have been in that position, this is the reality of the problem. As for the drop, may be just the search engine algorithm updates or your competitors to find a new opportunity, you should have a good attitude, analysis of opponents, find out the reasons for the decline in ranking, in order to find the reasons for the decline in ranking in the source.

three: in the face of success can be our attitude

as a successful Shanghai dragon Er, which did not meet the conditions of the site is K. The site is generally not K, unless you use some black hat technology optimization. The so-called black hat is through the use of some means by hiding some means to deceive the search engine. If your site is not because of the use of these methods has suddenly disappeared, so maybe this is caused by the search engine algorithm update. In order to update the site search engine algorithm and improve the user friendly experience regularly competitors emerging, fluctuating site is normal behavior. At this time there is a good attitude to face the site’s ranking is also very important to disappear.

Analysis of the grade of drop right novice webmaster see website

for webmasters, the site is like another myself, believe that as many webmaster would do the same thing, that is every morning to look at the keywords ranking, snapshot, included, the chain, why the site is like another? When we see the search results within our expected, we work for the day the mood will be very relaxed, otherwise the day will be very depressed. Especially when we see the site light is K weight was reduced when the taste of heart is really meaningless complete ah. Here I take my own experience for everyone on the site right down the level of analysis, the hope can help some novice webmaster.

itself is not what Shanghai dragon world Master, but today’s absolute is their own personal experience and summarize the knowledge, but also master hope people don’t laugh at me. Well, I in the College of education website optimization GUI door, internal optimization and promotion of the main duty is responsible for the site, two days before the work is smoothly without what unusual, strange things happened on the third day, the morning gate network station GUI included the number has declined but within the normal range, at about ten o’clock when I almost fainted when site:www.***贵族宝贝, included into 1, that is to say only the home page, although I also understand before the site is down right or be K of the situation, but when the storm comes or some cannot resist.

three, love Shanghai serious drop right. The site is serious drop right is directly in K sea, this is my.

two, Shanghai intermediate love right down. Intermediate drop right is called when we site site appears only home, that is to say the search engine only included the home page, other web pages are shielded, but outside the chain, snapshots, keywords ranking is normal, this is in love with the Sea red warning signal issued to us, that will appear on the home page then we have to do is to find and solve problems from the home page, after the previous work can continue, this is the problem, after the author’s efforts finally restored.

: a love of Shanghai website mild right down. The so-called love is mild for the website of Shanghai warned that website optimization excessive or other unfriendly behavior, then he will be mild punishment, a common phenomenon is: the site site is not the first home page, the website included snapshot, and the chain is abnormal, then we have to do is find out wrong places such as excessive or update the optimization keywords excessive accumulation, continue to maintain daily update and the chain construction work, waiting for recovery.


happened to face and find solutions, on the Internet to collect a lot of relevant information on the site right down, finally I would say my station was really serious drop right. Why serious drop right? Because the site right down there are differentiated. (here only to love Shanghai for example)