The harvest of value behind one profit an experience from 500 to 600 of ad cost

as webmaster of us, every day must do three things: use site command check included, check website keywords ranking, check advertising alliance income.

as webmaster of us, every day the most painful three things: included reduced, keywords ranking dropped, the League seal off my account.

these, for our grassroots webmaster is the most common thing, we in addition to efforts, can only passively accept the results. For this reason, I once worried, anxious, looking at some grassroots webmaster success, thinking about why not me?. Looking at their own website built, thinking about why not make money?.

in the beginning of 2010, unable to suppress the inner dream, prepared for more than a month, the site finally on-line. My goal is very clear, according to the two kinds of people, one is blind, blind and provide information surrounding the tutorial; one is a group, let people understand the way to provide the blind, to pass the self-improvement of positive energy, there is no thinking through this site to make money, just as their doing a hobby. In the first three years of website development, I have the time to update the website every day. Besides updating the content, I also regularly collect the articles by keywords, which greatly improves the quality of visitors’ browsing. This is three years, the site didn’t bring me a penny of income, but to hear the blind because I opened the website and give them convenience, people have learned from the blind, blind and can get along better in life, these gains than I earn money directly but also happy, I know what I to the.

National Day on 2013, I received a call from a businessman selling blind products. He wanted to buy an ad for my website. He was speaking to me in part as follows:


he said, "I’ve seen your website. It’s very rich. Do you have any ads available?"

me: "where do you want ads on the website?"

he said, "can you recommend a


me: "then I suggest you put up the whole station ad so that you can see more people."."

he said, "no problem."

I: if you are a public service ad, I will not charge, but selling products, I must be charged."

he said, "that’s for sure.". We’re here to buy advertising positions."

me: "then, I’ll take you 600 yuan for the annual advertising fee. Do you think it’s ok?"

he: (silence) "we are not unwilling to give this price, but the company is now in the early stages of development, advertising fees, we have limits."."

me: "how much do you think fit?"

he said, "if you think about it, can you lower it again?"."


Talking about the three elements of bigger and stronger local students’ gathering network

site now where classification is various, the author in July according to their students’ background to establish a local student gathering network, I do the main purpose of this website is to enhance communication between students through this website, so I will be the city’s students are divided into three types, namely three columns: the students, the city high school students, junior high school students in the city of the city. The three column Division I want to be able to attract students crowd into the website to find suitable exchange positions, now I this part of the student network has more than 2 months, the daily traffic also has more than 200 operators feel good, I think I now to talk about the local students gathered and three strong network elements.

the first element: accurate positioning, specializing in students

I do this website is based on the location of my own, I am a college student in the city, is that many college students spare time every day, when I was in idle boring to have my own website is not a student can see a lot of beauty, so there is the birth of this website the. At the time when deciding the location of our website is also hesitant, student-centered orientation or school as the main position, then after reflection, I think the local students gathered network can only by the students as the main body, if the school as the main body, then these students will enter the school according to the fixed thinking column, it is not up to the the purpose of communication, so there will be a college student website localization, I think I should not have the positioning error.

second elements: with the help of students, save money

as a student, I don’t have much money, this site is currently not profitable, there is a stationery shop called my advertising, I didn’t do a month, tens of dollars of advertising I certainly do not want to, we have 8 bedrooms, one with my three personal relationship is very good, I will my website for their share of this website that want to grow, do not know what, after some discussion, they give me the idea is to use the students to manage the website, not only to achieve the purpose of saving money, you can also add more students group. Yes, if a student as a petty officer on the site, then the student must be very hard to attract more students to appreciate his work, so I think the local students gathered website wants to become bigger and stronger second elements is to learn how to manage the website by students.

third elements: with the promotion, out of rivers and lakes,

for the site promotion elements I take is Post Bar, QQ group, I and several friends ran dozens of school I printed publicity paper posted on the campus of the Post Bar, then go to the local Internet Post Bar made a few ads, but soon after I was removed, the friends go to launch different the class QQ group to promote my website, did not think this method is good, although less than the media promotion, but also let me this website now small famous student, after understanding, some students in class are now back to the bedroom.

Real testimonials after the trial of the blue mans CDN

our website Zhaopin recruitment because of the northern Shanghai in the vicinity of the user and the user more, our server in Dongguan telecommunications room, many customers say slow reaction site.

so holding the attitude of trying to find a more well-known domestic CDN supplier, Xiamen blue mans do CDN test.


website began testing at 9 in September 23rd and was tested at 14 in September 24th and found many problems. Originally decided to test for three days and found the following problems, the company decided to terminate the test ahead of time.

1. site traffic is true and accurate, because according to their flow chart shows, at 15 p.m. traffic is particularly large, but from the cnzz statistics, there is no obvious change.

2. site synchronization, a customer released the post, re login after the position can not be found, but we can clearly see the job information in the background and foreground. Later, after deleting, post normal.

3. cannot resolve pan domain names.


4. really have an acceleration?. Many of my friends and customers have tested it, and only one Unicom customer said it was much faster than before, and that the local customers were almost twice as much from the original 10ms to 20ms.

5. price is too high, at present in the Chinese market to do CDN acceleration of the company is not a few, the price is not very transparent. There are two ways to pay for blue awn, by traffic or by bandwidth. According to the results of the day test, every day 3G traffic, we need to spend 3G*30 days per month *50 yuan /G=4500 yuan, or choose bandwidth charge 400 yuan /M, according to 5M flow calculation, also need to spend 2000 yuan per month. And our average daily traffic is about 10G, speed up the day, the site is only 6G traffic, plus accelerated 3G basically belongs to the normal state.

, but not so much after the monthly investment.

blue awn CDN quotation sheet:

1, 1G-100G 231, 50/G 1. are available to the user traffic monitoring system

2, 100G-500G 531, 40/G 2. provides customers with real-time self-service CDN

3 500G-1000G 1031 30/G 3. CDN self renewal system provides users with

4, 1000G-5000G 1531, 20/G 4., charged at actual usage, fair and reasonable,

5 5000G above 2031 20/G 5. does not limit the time, the price for one-time purchase flow price

Webmaster should from three stages self-discipline soft writing level

said to write text, I believe that many owners are very troublesome, we as a grassroots in website early belly can squeeze the water out, but more to the back feel no content can write, reprint the rely on search engine that we get throught a thing carelessly, but the strange temper, this idea can only be buried in the heart, every thought but to write some articles like white boiling water, do not blow self-confidence, but also a waste of time. I love studying soft, wrote a "network promotion combat tutorial is very lucky to be", A5, was very excited, feeling the soft level is very good, and then wrote a few articles, but have been deleted, still upset why my article not carefully think about. Write your time to understand, I write "old" tender it, I began to analyze the article why included, finally summed up the characteristics of their own text, also to the direction of high quality soft wen.

In fact, each

came into contact with soft webmaster is the need to practice, good harvest does not represent good soft, small sand that from a new soft, transition to the master still need to experience this three period, claiming to be the "trilogy", during which time the practice platform portal blog, the reason is very simple free, and high popularity, not too bad, well can help your site to increase the chain, a lot of good ah, do not talk nonsense, below, under the three stages to practice.

The first step:

reprint period, during this period, I believe that many owners have experienced it, but don’t think that is the reprint someone else’s article on your blog was wrong, every time you choose an article all visitors need to stand on the point of view to think about the problem, your traffic is to visitors, must let them be taken care of in your blog, even if they know your article is reproduced, but see your content to give them a great help, loyal support still give your blog, this is not a carp, but a habit, develop good habits when the customer experience will let you in the future the stage is easier to get traffic than others.

The second step:

transformation period, is actually a pseudo original period, many of my friends are very talented they can make the transformation, improved the classic without losing its charm, become their own, but how many webmaster can do it, just change the title, bad words, the destruction of thought not to say, the quality is also plummeted this article is written, is also the network will gradually eliminate the garbage. I am glad that I have done before a period of time the typist, money a few, but the real training about the transformation ability, that is to change some of the beauty, shaping the post, each thought, the beginning is very slow, one hour two, speed is very slow, but the quality of the home very satisfied, and have a sense of achievement will continue to do, then faster and faster, the rewriting is also more abundant, 2 months after the things to do, my pseudo original ability has been improved, is to follow the original soft laid the foundation, many owners may be more willing to direct >

The ten trick is to double the content page traffic

in "Jiang Likun: the Ten Secrets of" traffic explosion of a text, under an article on Optimization of website content page article in today. Many people believe that only the content of the good, traffic can come up, this is not accurate, the reasonable settings for the web site traffic also plays a decisive role in the use, especially the final page of the article, is the most important. Today let me lead you to understand the mystery.

, paging the article

if the text content page is too long, will not only increase the page size, the page opens become slow; but also enables users to browse inconvenient; (the most important one, a page on behalf of more N PV) so that the appropriate page is very necessary. As for how long a page, everyone according to their actual situation, as long as do not cause user resentment on the line. Personally, it is appropriate to keep the text content of each page at the two screen.

two, automatic page setting,

many users are not used to flipping pages while browsing more pages, especially for pictures. So, if we set up an automatic paging function, it would be convenient. And a considerable number of Internet users in open a new web page, forgot to shut down the old web page, this time, if that page can automatically page, traffic is equal to white pick up.

three, learn to do the picture news.

add pictures in the paper has three main benefits: one can let the life become lively illustrations; two can increase the length of the article is that the paging easier: three); increasing the viscosity of users. Because the content of graphics and text is more than pure text content, more attractive to users:) I strongly recommend that you do more graphic content. In fact, the major websites have already popularized this method very well, such as QQ, MSN, and some news directly in the form of picture + description. Four. Add hyperlink to the content keyword

if the conditions permit, the article will be some of the hot keywords, articles, pictures and other hyperlinks, you can link to the relevant column or topic. This requires some technical support, so personal Adsense may need to find someone to cooperate in achieving, and now many advertising alliances have this form of advertising, we can try.

five, set graphic recommendation bits, advertising bits.

make full use of the main page of the article, add appropriate amount of graphic recommendation and ad position, these recommended bits and advertising sites can be used in station promotion, also can link with other websites. There are four key positions:

1, under the title. Text link based.

2, in the text. Text link based. Note that the link here and the fourth keyword links are not a concept.

tips: the Jiang Likun (MESS) original, want to see more.

Passion burns again

said to me very ashamed, access to the Internet has been for many years, but in the past ten years has been focused on the field of graphic design, to the establishment of the interest in the last 07 years is gradually mature, thanks to friends, then see a lot of paper was determined, especially figure of Comrade Wang, although not met with, but are confident that he is very promising, as can be seen from the started his strategic vision, can be seen from his insist he is a trustworthy person, I passed in April 30, 2007, he purchased the domain name and space, and the opening of my first website: display art network.

this is a professional website, because I think the design on the website is very much, a display design, display art website aims at creating a design field of market segments. Because usually busy work, the domain name space after the convenience of 51 days of the vacation to do a few pages, quickly passed up, I thought, and then use CMS to do a complete site, and then pass up.

I can’t do SEO. Fortunately, about half a month later, goolge and Baidu have included the art gallery. The day after I have used CMS to study many times, want to do a complete website, also pay attention to the site a few days, found that there are ten or twenty traffic sites each month, the heart anxi. But later, because of work and family reasons, really busy, the site just like that, and never asked.


between a year and soon, a year to rent a space will expire soon, so today to check the Internet, is also considering whether to do it anymore, don’t know, a look surprised, especially in the months of the end of last year, the monthly traffic has to more than 300 for me, this is a novice, it is actually really happy ah.

, that’s why I feel so ashamed. For nearly a year, I’m sorry about my website,


more importantly, the few pages on my website have not only never been updated, but also have poor content. I don’t believe we can go and have a look at them., it’s really rubbish.

today, I was ashamed, and re ignite passion and dream of my website, I not only do I display art network, also want to plan the new site project, because the unit opened a new strategic project last year, and his wife was pregnant, so work and family are too busy, not too busy working now. The baby is almost half years old, is to take some time.

then I’m going to find a space graph king continued, the display art network formally, and then apply for a new domain and new domain name space, what to do, for confidentiality, etc. make up, with all the sun.

Forum positioning in the end is to do add or subtraction

took part in the Ningbo SEO alliance last Sunday and discussed the operation and promotion of the Ningbo online forum. Ningbo online forum is a project of Ningbo SEO alliance established the first collective long in the business promotion, is similar to the Oriental hotline and a forum of Ningbo local life forum, the original Ningbo GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu’s personal website, after five years of operation for a long time, also accumulated a lot of resources and popular, but because of the limited time and energy, has not been able to maximize the use of these resources. Therefore, the main person in charge of Ningbo SEO union Lin Bo proposed the integration of resources, integration of all the owners of Ningbo alliance spare resources and energy, Ningbo online as the league’s first collective project promotion, then the implementation of revenue sharing. Ningbo webmaster are very supportive of this activity, because to understand that now is no longer one time, a man of ability, executive ability is again high, only small achievements, and a group of people, a team can create more business.

but these two discussions haven’t made much progress yet, but they still stay in the discussion about website positioning. The dispute is divided into two factions, the electronic commerce department Shanshan Group the main responsible person of Wu Yin faction headed by the support "subtraction", namely a differentiation strategy, first find a subdivision into the subdivision market foothold again after the addition, to other broad areas of development. That is, the forum can open a single plate, such as the first open plate or plate or pet idle away in seeking pleasure, the theme of the forum is just a single segment of the industry, etc. in this sub sector to Ningbo after the first, we go to other life extension plate. Led by GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu has sent another support "addition", not only to the "surface" covered with a large number of popular information to attract traffic, traffic is large enough to push or focus on a particular field. Sheng believes that the forum must be in initial stage to attract popularity, and popular to a broad surface to drive, with a large number of different industries in different sectors to drive the long tail word, with the popularity will be based on user preferences from the existing section inside, suitable for hot plate to the main push. These two views have been rhetoric, just stuck.

here, Liu children according to Ningbo online this case, but also to discuss some of the views of the forum positioning. In Ningbo online positioning this argument, I support the Shanshan Group Director of business operations. Now the rookie forum suitable for subtraction, go subdivision, should not do add, go broad. The reasons are as follows:

one, subtraction strategy helps the rookie forum avoid the direct competition of local forum bigwigs and find a foothold in niche areas

is now the Internet is so developed, social elements has penetrated into all aspects of life and entertainment, basically all of a second tier city has its own local authoritative forum, some of the three line of the city and county level city have their own forum, such as the Nanjing Bourbon.

Before the operation director of watercress Pro Grant how to get high-quality seed users

currently has roughly six seed users, essentially covering mainstream entrepreneurial projects and gaining the intent of seed users. Each class of users corresponds to different features, and the needs of the seed users are reflected in the operational data corresponding to different KPI and different data. So it’s very instructive.

these six categories are: the construction of seed users, proof of seed users, diffusion type seed users, community seed users, marketing seed users and data type of seed users, have different value and significance.

1, a constructive seed user,

the construction of seed users, generally applicable to large UGC (User Generated Content) community, UGC community demands for seed users, want users to be able to have the quality of seed (UGC socket bacteria understand content production capacity and active community atmosphere, ability) can make a web site has a very good start atmosphere.

here is a classic story, but the story is not the seed user operation is a story, details, seed user operation is airbnb, share it as a P2P housing community, with visual appeal is very important, is to ask the photos of the house has a very good visual experience, in this case next, they found many photographers to take pictures, do so after the turnover has increased significantly.

can see from this story, this kind of constructive seed user needs to guarantee the quality of a certain original content.

then, the way that constructive seed users acquire is actually two famous websites, for example: watercress, which I used to work for, and one that knows about it.

watercress in the early days, in fact, there is very, very good community atmosphere, we all know that the most early watercress is "book" based web site. As a web site, it is not easy to get high quality, multi – dimensional book reviews and Book reviews. At that time, watercress looking for the first batch of seed users, more from the North (watercress founder Yang Bo) their own life experience.

north is actually a very famous programmer in the Pascal community in the country, so watercress’s early users almost all came from the Pascal community. The programmers here are different from the programmers now. If you are looking for some programmers to do the reading forum, I’m sure it will be a comic con. But at that time the entire Pascal community members covered a wide range of literature, philosophy books, very high quality, humanities books are covered, and the entire community of programmers at all in a product called Blog, so these members have good UGC literacy, they have very long habit of writing.

So they

these two attributes: first, they are good at writing habits and long, second, they are out of school.

Ancient Yue million households, micro business is how refining into

students, micro business development also has more than a year, a large coffee with white cattle, people are busy in their circle in the widening, every day business came to the door; and the mice are still in an endless scraper circle of friends, friends of their own consumption of trust value. White, do not design Tucson broken (too young, very silly, very naive), accompanied by customers playing together is the truth. The two sides have a "you come", "I’m going" can be a step closer.

1, what is "you come", "I go"?

, here’s a simple explanation. You mean the customer, and that means coming to me, the business we usually refer to. Now a lot of e-commerce to do so, especially micro business, is the original product line in the online sale, does not change the essence of commercial real, the so-called "you come to me".

you come, most of the time, businesses are playing a better role than discount customers. Because customers come to you to buy things, need a lot of problems waiting for you to solve. Customers need you to help them locate, explain, and speak in order to achieve the goal of paying the bill. For example, materials, manufacturers, raw materials, and so on.

I go, generally speaking, refers to the business initiative to go out to find customers, to find traffic to buy their products. This time is the business will generally active positioning in their customer group attributes, to understand which customer groups are their own goals, customers what needs, and then in accordance with the demand for product sales.

2, "I’m going to " bigger than" you come "

!"Why does

say so? There are three problems in it.

1; now the customer demand has been changing, not easy to understand the business needs of customers will be products produced has become a historical demand.

2; the customer does not participate in the production, do not harass the people and waste money.

3; businesses are not likely to understand all of the customer’s needs; this is fundamental. Therefore, the products produced only meet the needs of a small number of customers.

so frankly, most of the time, the business remains at the point of "wishful thinking" rather than "your love, I wish."".

3, refining age attributes, creating value in "play"

The age frame level of

can be roughly divided into four levels. 50, after 6 for one, 70 for two, 80 for three, 90 for four. Customers of different age groups have different characteristics of consumption.

50,60 can be regarded as an educated generation, the idea is very conservative, can be persuaded by facts. For example, even if one day they buy a piece of clothing, the quality is poor, and it is not easy to sympathize with the business of businessmen, so they will not mention it again, buy decisively.


70, most people will have higher quality requirements, of course >

Case study teach you how to design a movie director’s studio home page

1, final effect and PSD file


PS: because the file is relatively large, so I will design PSD source files placed in the flying fish sonar group shared file, welcome to download. Group number: 168083758

two, design requirements

creates a film director’s home page to reflect nostalgia and loneliness. No Logo, no pictures, all material collection.

three, design ideas and material

according to the design requirements, we can imagine a scene, a room with the pan old floor and mottled walls of the room, a director chair empty quiet in there, beside the chair stood in the film Mike and abandoned the film, also a leaning against the wall, quiet lying in the dark corner. A beam of light fell down from the top and landed on the chair and floor, making the whole atmosphere even more lonely. Based on this idea, we collect the following material to create this scene in our mind.



crack brush

director chair




film brush


related fonts (font, Xue Jun, pixel font)

four, create method

followed by specific implementation steps.

1, open Photoshop, create a shortcut Ctrl+N 960 pixels wide and 800 pixels high empty document, use the move tool (V) in the document on the left and right sides of the reference line is pulled out, and then select the image canvas size > command, in the dialog box will change the width to 1400 pixels, click determine. So we have a blank document with a width of 1400 pixels, 800 pixels high, and a reasonable reference line. Next, all of our designs are developed within these two reference lines, so it is important to create the reference lines in the first step. As shown in the following picture:


2, press the D key to adjust the foreground and background colors to default and the previous black and white States, and then use the Alt+Delete key to fill the layer with black. Using the file >, the insert command imports our already good floor material into the document to create the first element of the entire scene. Since the floor material file is very large and exceeds the size of the document, you’ll see that the placement command automatically adjusts the picture to the right size. In addition, this command also uses floor pictures as "smart >"